[UBUNTU-ART] Hello !

Andy Fitzsimon andyfitz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:39:21 CDT 2005


I love your work mate. Thanks for joining the list.

The team is in very early stages right now but stay posted for lots
more detail about the project.

I would love for you to help with the calendar backgrounds as well as
other artwork.

Thanks again for signing up Fred!

On 7/19/05, Frédéric van der Essen <fred at mentalwarp.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone !
> I'll first quickly present myself  :
> So my name is as you guessed Fred, and my pseudo is "efbie"
> I live in Belgium, and i use Ubuntu since warty :)
> My portfolio is quite old, anyway here is it
> http://www.mentalwarp.com/~fred/
> I also made the blender2.37 splashscreen.
> My favorites programs are blender, inkscape & photoshop.
> I think the current ubuntu artwork is great, but it could be far better
> :) so i'd like to contribute in the general ubuntu bling.
> - Fred -  efbie -
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