[UBUNTU-ART] Humility Icon feedback

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 22:56:28 CDT 2005

Hey all,

I just played with the latest icons from Andy and I have some comments:

1. The new X for close looks quite nice
2. I like the gradients on the folders
3. The sxw icon look quite nice.
4. The gedit icon looks quite nice 
5. The programming icon is more clear

1. The folders look "odd". They look like if they were viewed from teh
side, they would look like this

|   |
|   |

instead of this:


2. The whole theme looks a little washed out.
3. In the firefox icon, the world and the mouse are about the same
size, and the make an odd shape
4. The sound icon is much much too dark and not enough colours
5. The trash looks odd
6. The screen resolution dialog is not as clear as the default clearlooks one
7. The Games icon looks like a boomerang with coloured dots. The
clearlooks one of the joystick isn't the greatest, but it is clear.
8. You change the Inkscape icon for no apparent purpose

1. I like neither terminal icon
2. The new totem icon isn't bad, but could be a little clearer

Truly, I really really hate to say this, but I think the entire theme
is a regression from the clearlooks default, as it is muddy and


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