[UBUNTU-ART] Hello, from the UK

Andrew Mason a_w_mason at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 03:39:23 CDT 2005

My names Andrew and I've been following Ubuntu's amazing progress since its
early beginnings, so when I heard the team were looking for creative artists
to help out I saw my chance to give something back.

Having recently (1 week ago) completed a degree in Creative Multimedia I, like
most post grads, am looking for employment, ergo, am currently unemployed and
have a lot of spare time on my hands.  I have years of experience with
photoshop and now GIMP, creating digital image manipulations and photography.
I've also been learning to harness the power of Blender and Yafray to create
3D images. On top of all this I also design websites, preferring to hand code
xhtml & CSS, avoiding Dreamweaver'esq applications (for cleaner code and l33t

Linux came into my life later on, firstly at University using Sun
Micro-systems running Unix then Slackware 9 on my home PC. Having tried
Mandrake and other distros I finally settled on Ubuntu and have never looked

So, to summarise: I'm a digital artist, proficient in photoshop/gimp, a
budding photographer and web designer who also works with 3D imagery.

You can view some of my work on flickr [ http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_mason/
] and I'm currently in the process of changing my website to act as on online
CV / portfolio which should be online in a few days.

That's it, thanks for every ones hard work on ubuntu and I hope I can be of


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