[UBUNTU-ART] Introduction

Andy Fitzsimon andyfitz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 01:10:37 CDT 2005

>   Hi Andy, I'm noone important (also, it's 6 AM and I'm drinking beer;-)
>  and more important I'm not an artist. I'm a programmer. :-(

that doesnt make sense mate.  Like volvoguy said,  all programmers are
welcome, and are in no way less important than anyone else on the

>   OK, OK. I have to write a few sentences here, since I know few artistic
>  souls. First, they are unaware of patents, closed software and other
>  things. For them, being creative is about using The Right Tool.

Commercial artists learn about paying for closed software and
respecting patents quite quickly .  this stuff will be sold,
redistributed and modified.  we've got to respect the law

>   Maybe one of the points of Ubuntu-art group should be a Wiki page for
>  people who are dedicated to digital art, but can not find good software
>  in OSS.
good idea!   we do need an introduction to developing ubuntu artwork
page written.  It should describe the tools , where to get them and
the process of using them for the various types of art content we need
to produce.

>   A metapacakge ubuntu-art? You know: apt-get install ubuntu-art and
>  there you go -- Inkscape, GIMP, Blender, useful plugins, whatever
>  you're using on daily basis.

another good idea,   since im not a programmer  perhaps you could make
said metapackage.   inkscape, gimp, imagemagik and pngcrush is a good

>   Since I'm a programmer I would start from building a ,,common ground''
>  for all you art-skilled-people. I like that some parts of Ubuntu
>  artwork are standarized (take a look at Wiki, there's a logo, colour
>  values in HTML hex values, and vector logo, IIRC). You need to extend
>  it. I was once die-hard AmigaOS user. Some AmigaOS artist had thier own
>  icons set, same goes for Linux ones. But you could get templates for
>  thier icons. You know, few thinks are common, like backgrounds or
>  colour sets.

publishing a working directory of assets in the artwork repository is
a smart move.  hopefully when we get a repository to call our own we
can put all that good template and  content up there for others to
brainstorm with.

>   IMHO artwork is one of the most important things in winning mindset of
>  undecited people. We're fools that pick up whatever we *like* and then
>  we justify it. ;-) The trick is to have lots of flavors for everyone.

Yes,  packaging other themes is the key to keeping people with varied
tastes happy.
however, the ubuntu-art team has been formed to create the default
ubuntu theme . so we'll do that.

>  Artist should provide a way to
>  extend thier artwork (like templates) but we should have all the varity
>  of art, from simple and plain to rich and eyecandy. From gray'n'black
>  to green'n'blue.

I agree  and thanks to us using only the hex values in the palette for
our icons  simple tools can be written to completley change the
appearance of our vector icons through colour ( this cant be done for
raster versions unfortunatley.

we have a powerful palette,  you can get almost any colour you want by
putting layering one shape with semitransparent black, white, grey or
other palette colour and still have the same hexidecimal values in the

Thanks for your input Emil,

cant wait to help you participate in this project with us.
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