[ubuntu-art] Re: Usplash Gone Wild!

volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 22:09:32 GMT 2005

On 12/19/05, Travis Watkins <alleykat at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's just a creative use of the 16 colors they have available. There
> are no new features there.

Wait, don't say "just"! :-) After all, we're mostly "just" creative
people working on Ubuntu stuff. hehe. That said, I thought it was
really creative - and that there's been an explosion of creativity in
the Linux world in just the last few months. That's a good thing (tm).

By the way, I'm not dead. My spine is fused, I'm on lots of drugs, and
still in a fair amount of pain (even with the drugs). I'll most likely
be sitting on the bench for the Dapper release, with the hope of
getting back in the game for the release after that. In the meantime
though, if you don't mind slow replies, feel free to email me if you
have any questions about anything. I'm also going to *try* to drop
into the IRC channel when I can - especially if there's a meeting
planned - but go ahead and plan without me, because I never know what
my asleep/awake schedule is going to be like from day to day.

Merry Christmas, and in the spirit of Ubuntu - Peace on Earth, good
will toward men. :-)


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