[ubuntu-art] Waiting for art.ubuntu.com? Why wait!

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 31 21:42:50 CDT 2005

<quote who="Jeff Hottinger">

> This website/server I think is a huger issue than ever.

Guys, while the art.ubuntu.com site will be set up soon, I think you're
pinning far too much on the existence of it.

We have this mailing list, which can be mirrored across at the forums if
it's not already. (If it's not, ask Ryan Troy.) That means discussion and
contribution is open for everyone, whether they prefer lists or forums.

Everyone here can set up free web hosting or blogs to host images and files.

I'm a little bit surprised at the lack of energy here, because there's so
much that can be done, and none of it depends on having an art.ubuntu.com
website! :-)

- Jeff

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