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volvoguy volvoguy at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 15:23:17 CDT 2005

On 8/30/05, bmgz <bmg2x at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Has a gnome splash screen been finalised yet?
> I have some suggestions and will contribute some mockup ideas (for what
> it is worth...).

Nope. Nothing but the icon set have been finalized. Our initial goal
when we started was to have our community art website up and running
and be able to pick and choose (and maybe tweak a little) the artwork
that would make it into Breezy. Unfortunately it took over a month to
get the server, and it's been at least a few weeks (maybe more) since
we were asked what software we wanted on the server. That's the last I
heard about the issue. By the end of this week we'll have less than a
month to get all our stuff together without the benefit of the art

In fact, why don't we try and make a concentrated effort to be
available for discussion on the IRC channel between now and next
Tuesday. I'm typically online between 0100 - 0800 UTC (with the
exception of my geek fix on "sci-fi fridays"
Firefly/StargateSG1/Stargate Atlantis). :o) If I could get Ubuntu
installed on my laptop, I wouldn't have to disappear for a few hours
Friday. Oh, that's a different support group. Sorry 'bout that. hehe.

> A little box of a splash screen does little justice for a full-fledged
> desktop like Gnome and it just looks a little tacky. For those in
> disagreement, I will supply some mockups later this week and post again
> when they are ready..

I'm not sure how we're going to be choosing artwork at this point, but
I'd love to see some mockups.

By the way, you might want to find a "screenshot tour" of VLOS (a
Gentoo based distro). It seems I remember them using a less
traditional Gnome splash screen like what you're talking about.


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