[ubuntu-art] gnome splash

bmgz bmg2x at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 12:53:51 CDT 2005

Has a gnome splash screen been finalised yet?
I have some suggestions and will contribute some mockup ideas (for what 
it is worth...).

I think the splash screen should _not_ be a silly little box in the 
center of the screen, but should incorporate the entire screen.

Something similiar to the login screen where you have the full-screen 
ubuntu background and the login dialog. Perhaps We could even use the 
exact same background but have the brown bar at the bottom display the 
loading status and icons and the login dialog swapped for something like 
"starting gnome"/or whatever..

A little box of a splash screen does little justice for a full-fledged 
desktop like Gnome and it just looks a little tacky. For those in 
disagreement, I will supply some mockups later this week and post again 
when they are ready..

Brendon G

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