[ubuntu-art] Introduction: Trae "occy" McCombs

Trae McCombs occy at occy.net
Mon Aug 1 09:24:08 CDT 2005

Hello gang,

I am interested in helping out with the Ubuntu Art project.  If I 
understand it correctly, this will be where the bulk of the decisions 
are made regarding the overall graphical presentation to the world for 
Ubuntu?  This is what I am concerned with.

Is Jdub going to be involved with this project as he is the overall 
Project manager for Ubuntu right?

For now, most of my time will simply be in giving feedback on various 
things as I see them.  I don't have too much time to devote to graphics 
creation, but having someone with a good eye to bounce things off of can 
be quite helpful.

My background?

Well, I started themes.org back in... 97/98, and went on to found 
Linux.com.  I sorta helped get Sourceforge.net off the ground too. (I 
hired Tony Guntharp to found and build the project).

Currently I am simply building web pages and don't do much with themes 
per se.  I wouldn't mind getting back into it.  My idea is to have a 
good default setup so that people don't have to worry about their theme 
and can concentrate on simply getting work done.

I'm on #ubuntu-artwork now, and will see you guys around.

Thanks for your time,

Trae "occy" McCombs || http://occy.net/
       Founder - Themes.org // Linux.com
            got nerd? http://gotnerd.com
              Web Design and Development

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