[Bug 966136] Re: Partial removal — some architectures no longer supported

Iain Lane iain at orangesquash.org.uk
Tue Mar 27 11:40:38 UTC 2012

** Description changed:

  Unfortunately some packages have grown dependencies on Haskell features
  that aren't available on all architectures, which means that their
  coverage is reduced with respect to previous versions. The main culprit
  is Template Haskell, a compile-time metaprogramming facility that relies
  on the GHC interpreter which is unavailable on non-x86 architectures
  currently (although porting work to ARM is underway -
- http://ghcarm.wodpress.com).
+ http://ghcarm.wordpress.com).
  Please remove the following OOD binary packages from Precise
  agda 2.2.10-4build1
  agda-mode 2.2.10-4build1
  libghc-agda-doc 2.2.10-4build1
  libghc-agda-dev 2.2.10-4build1
  agda-bin 2.2.10-2
  libghc-happstack-util-doc 6.0.0-1build3
  libghc-happstack-util-dev 6.0.0-1build3
  libghc-happstack-util-prof 6.0.0-1build3
  libghc-debian-doc 3.55-2build4
  libghc-debian-dev 3.55-2build4
  libghc-debian-prof 3.55-2build4
  haskell-debian-utils 3.55-2build4
  libghc-hjsmin-doc 0.0.14-1
  libghc-hjsmin-dev 0.0.14-1
  libghc-hjsmin-prof 0.0.14-1
  libghc-language-javascript-dev 0.4.5-3
  libghc-language-javascript-prof 0.4.5-3
  libghc-language-javascript-doc 0.4.5-3

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  Partial removal — some architectures no longer supported

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