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Sun Mar 25 16:01:45 UTC 2012

I'm sorry to inform you that this package is being rejecting for the
 * debian/copyright does not correctly enumerate the different     
   copyrights within the source. Eg pki/base/tps/lib/perl/PKI/TPS/*
   are LGPL but use the default GPL-2 copyright. Please use the
   licensecheck command to check for other omissions
 * some patches in debian/patches do not have DEP-3 comments
 * while the package uses a watch file, the source does not match
   what is available upstream. Please either use an upstream
   tarball with a patch bringing it up to the git commit version
   you want or specify how the source was generated in debian/changelog
   or provide a get-orig-source in debian/rules. This is needed to
   verify the source integrity of the package.
 * the source contains many byte-compiled .class files and a few ELF
   files. These should be cleaned out and generated during the build.
   See suspicious-source for details

After making these changes, please feel free to reupload.


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