[Bug 636894] Re: please sync libvpx 0.9.2-1 from debian experimental (main)

Fabien Tassin fta at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 16 17:50:21 BST 2010

from http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/14/%23ubuntu-desktop.txt:

[10:10] <fta2> slomo, hi, will you put libvpx 0.9.2 in maverick?
[10:11] <slomo> fta2: would be a good idea, yes

[10:25] <slomo> fta2: ok, well, if you have the time to get it updated... it's definitely a good idea to do so
[10:26] <fta2> slomo, what's left to be done? you already have it in the gst ppa (and i have it in the 4 chromium ppas, it's working just fine)
[10:27] <slomo> fta2: no idea, ask someone who knows the ubuntu procedures better than me :)
[10:27] <slomo> the package is ready, if anything is left it's paperwork
[10:27] <fta2> didrocks, ^^
[10:28] <didrocks> fta2: can you summarize quicky please? I didn't follow the conversation, it's a new package/feature?
[10:30] <fta2> didrocks, libvpx 0.9.1 -> 0.9.2 bump, lots of performance improvements, welcomed for chromium for the video codecs (WebM)
[10:30] <didrocks> fta2: are there new features or just bugfix?
[10:30] <slomo> and bugfixes, including some rather important ones
[10:30] <slomo> is a performance improvement a bugfix or a new feature? ;)
[10:30] <fta2> didrocks, and it's been tested for at least a week without issues
[10:31] <didrocks> slomo: I wouldn't say a feature ;)
[10:31] <didrocks> if it's that, you just can sync from experimental
[10:31] <didrocks> fta2: requestsync
[10:31] <didrocks> no paperwork needed apart from describing in the bug why you want it to get synced

please sync libvpx 0.9.2-1 from debian experimental (main)
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