[Merge] lp:~broder/ubuntu-archive-tools/backport-helper into lp:ubuntu-archive-tools

Evan Broder evan at ebroder.net
Tue Nov 16 06:48:14 GMT 2010

Evan Broder has proposed merging lp:~broder/ubuntu-archive-tools/backport-helper into lp:ubuntu-archive-tools.

Requested reviews:
  Ubuntu Package Archive Administrators (ubuntu-archive)

The backports team (plus backporter wannabes like me) are trying to attack any delays we can find in the backport process.

To that end, I've implemented backport-helper.py, intended to be a sync-helper for backports. It finds all bugs in any of the backports projects with a status of IN PROGRESS and ubuntu-archive subscribed, and prompts for any information it can't guess (i.e. which source package to backport). It takes as an argument a filename, to which it writes a list of instructions that can be piped into mass-sync.py.

Right now each bug requires some manual handling. But we're also planning to add scripts for filing backports bugs. Hopefully as the form of backports requests is standardized, we'll be able to add more automatic detection to the script.

I'm registering this merge proposal primarily to get process review - am I understanding how the tools work correctly? Does this workflow line up with how backports are currently processed? What else can backporters do to make the archive admins' lives easier?
Your team Ubuntu Package Archive Administrators is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~broder/ubuntu-archive-tools/backport-helper into lp:ubuntu-archive-tools.
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