[Bug 333596] Re: Please remove disk-manager: dead upstream, buggy

YannUbuntu yannubuntu at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 03:16:31 BST 2010

There is a Debian maintainer for Disk-manager :  David Paleino
http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/p … /changelog

FYI, here is the procedure to build the Disk-manager DEB for Lucid :

1) Download Disk-managerform Debian repositories
2) dpkg-deb -x disk-manager_1.0.1-4_all.deb disk-manager_1.0.1-5_all.deb
3) dpkg-deb -e disk-manager_1.0.1-4_all.deb disk-manager_1.0.1-5_all.deb/DEBIAN
4) Modify the dependancy list in control (python2.5 -> python2.6, add python-notify & hal) and in the program (python2.5 -> python2.6)
5) Then reconstruct the package : dpkg-deb -b disk-manager_1.0.1-5_all.deb disk-manager_1.0.1-6_all.deb

Anyone interested in maintaining a PPA for Disk-manager ?

** Bug watch added: Debian Bug tracker #519439

Please remove disk-manager: dead upstream, buggy
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