rejecting zope.intid zope.server zope.size

Gediminas Paulauskas menesis at
Thu Feb 4 11:55:24 GMT 2010

2010/2/3 Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at>:
> I'm rejecting zope.intid zope.server zope.size.  The upstream files
> say "A copy of the ZPL should accompany this distribution." but this
> isn't the case.

So what can I do to satisfy this?

I have added a debian/copyright file to each package, it contains a
complete copy of the ZPL.

Upstream tarballs do not contain the ZopePublicLicence.txt file, very
few of the hundreds of projects from Zope do. It is their choice to
include the licence or not, all files have the copyright notice and
the short version of the license.

Packages accepted to Debian long ago do not have the licence file in
their upstream tarballs. I am doing everything the same like existing
Zope packages. Yet my packages are rejected.


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