[Bug 489047] [NEW] Sync librep 0.90.2-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)

Fabrice Coutadeur coutadeurf at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 04:38:57 GMT 2009

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 affects ubuntu/librep
 status confirmed
 importance wishlist
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Please sync librep 0.90.2-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)

Explanation of the Ubuntu delta and why it can be dropped:
Default with-stack-direction is -1 on powerppc, according to Debian maintainer.
So the specific Ubuntu change is of no use (see Debian bug #528157)

Changelog entries since current lucid version 0.17.3-3ubuntu1:

librep (0.90.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream Release.
   - Improved ffi-binding
   - Added support for tar.xz and tar.lzma, improved regex for parsing tar
   - Save/load readline history in interactive mode.
   - Other misc improvements and bugfixes.
   - Update symbols file
   - Update build-depends
  * Remove libreadline5-dev build dependency (Closes: #553801).
  * Add ${misc:Depends} to control entries.
  * Adjust packages' dependencies per lintian's recomendations
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3. No extra changes.

 -- Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo at debian.org>  Wed, 11 Nov 2009
18:55:35 -0800

librep (0.90.0-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New Upstream Releases.
    - Updated build system.
    - UTF8 support.
    - Updated documentation.
    - Code cleanups.
  * Reintroduce the rep package, removed in 0.17-12 (Closes: #511016).
    As far as I could see, librep.so does not depend on having the rep
    binary installed. Any program emdbeding librep that DOES require the
    standalone interpreter must now depend explicitly on the rep package.
  * Add a -dbg package (Closes: #510933).
  * Remove use of brace expansion in debian/rules.
    This fixes building with dash as /bin/sh.
  * Minor typo: Copyright for packaging said it had the same terms as rep-gtk
  * Bump Standards-version to 3.8.2. No changes required.

 -- Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo at debian.org>  Mon, 27 Jul 2009
10:24:30 -0700

librep (0.17.3-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add --with-stack-direction flag to mips and mipsel builds
    (Closes: #526962)

 -- Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo at debian.org>  Sat, 25 Jul 2009
12:50:36 -0700

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** Affects: librep (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Wishlist
         Status: Confirmed

Sync librep 0.90.2-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)
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