[Bug 480482] [NEW] Sync r-base 2.10.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Wed Nov 11 03:23:39 GMT 2009

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 affects ubuntu/r-base
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 importance wishlist
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Please sync r-base 2.10.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)

Explanation of the Ubuntu delta and why it can be dropped:

Changelog entries since current lucid version 2.9.2-3ubuntu1:

The Revoultion Linux provided changes we included for Karmic are not yet (and
may not be) available for 2.10, so we need to go ahead and sync so newer R
packages can get synced and built and then if the Revolution stuff for 2.10
shows up, we'll add it back.

r-base (2.10.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version released this morning

 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd at debian.org>  Mon, 26 Oct 2009 07:31:30 -0500

r-base (2.10.0~20091019-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * First release candidate of R 2.10.0 expected for October 26

  * debian/rules: Configure with R_BROWSER=xdg-open as default HTML browser
  * debian/control: As html documentation is now dynamically generated, the 
    r-doc-html package is no longer six mb in size and can be promoted from
    Suggested: to Recommended: (thanks to Michael Rutter for the suggestion).

  * debian/control: Add Conflicts/Provides/Replaces for r-base-core 
    on r-base-latex to uninstall existing (and now redundant) packages.
 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd at debian.org>  Mon, 19 Oct 2009 10:15:03 -0500

r-base (2.10.0~20091013-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * First beta release of R 2.10.0 expected for October 26
  * debian/rules: No longer call 'make html' or 'make help' as starting 
    with R 2.10.0, documentation is now rendered on-demand by the R engine
  * debian/rules: No longer fix modes on help-{links,print}.sh as these
    script are no longer shipped
  * debian/control: Removed entry for package r-base-latex
 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd at debian.org>  Tue, 13 Oct 2009 12:41:48 -0500

r-base (2.9.2-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * configure: Re-insert xdg-open into list of pdf viewers tested
    for at build time -- thanks to Sebastian P. Luque for the heads-up!

 -- Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd at debian.org>  Tue, 06 Oct 2009 17:21:20 -0500

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** Affects: r-base (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Wishlist
         Status: Confirmed

Sync r-base 2.10.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)
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