[Bug 353326] Re: Please sync aircrack-ng 1:1.0~rc3-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).

Alessio Treglia quadrispro at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 1 19:19:04 BST 2009

This release fixes a great number of bugs.

upstream's changelog since 1:1.0~rc1-2ubuntu1:

Version 1.0-rc3 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.0-rc2) - Released 26 March 2009:
* airodump-ng: Added Active Scanning Simulation.
* airodump-ng: Added support for kismet-newcore netxml files (DTD v3.1.0)
* airodump-ng: Changed file extensions for CSV (.csv instead of .txt) and for kismet CSV
  (.kismet.csv instead of .csv).
* airodump-ng: Fixed WPA tag parsing and added QoS detection based on direction.
* airodump-ng: Added option to only disable capture file; all other files
  (CSV, kismet CSV, kismet netxml, GPS) will be created.
* aircrack-ng: Fixed -w with WEP.
* aircrack-ng: Fixed useless memory allocation.
* aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation with gcc 2.95.
* aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation on 64 bit (SHA-SSE2).
* aircrack-ng: Fixed errors when compiling on OS X 10.5.6 PPC.
* aircrack-ng: Added an option to write the key to a file.
* airolib-ng: Fixed a bug where database is created even if parameters are not correct.
* airmon-ng: Added wifibox to the list of network manager.
* airmon-ng: Updated iw download link (0.9.11).
* airmon-ng and airdriver-ng: Move them in script/ directory.
* airmon-ng: Bypass interface checks when ps command returns an error. Needed for BusyBox limited ps command.
* airdriver-ng: Update legacy RT73 driver to use rt73-k2wrlz v3.0.2
* tkiptun-ng: Allow padded arp packets to the client.
* airserv-ng & osdep: Fixed compilation on FreeBSD 7.1
* easside-ng & wesside-ng: Fixing again "Error Wrote 39 out of 30" error message.
* manpages: Fixed manpages titles.
* Makefile: Only compile and install wesside-ng, easside-ng, buddy-ng and tkiptun-ng with "make unstable=true".
* patches: Updated sqlite (v3.6.11) patch for cygwin.
* patches: Added patch for aircrack-ng on MacOSX
* scripts: Added a script to automatically patch and install SQLite in cygwin.

Version 1.0-rc2 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.0-rc1) - Released 22 Jan 2009:
* aircrack-ng: Added SSE2 supports (WPA cracking speed is improved a lot) thanks to nx5.
* aircrack-ng: Fixed detection of the number of CPU (especially with recent CPUs).
* aircrack-ng: Fixed long lasting WPA bugs: cannot find the key with SMP computers,
  wasn't exiting correctly, ...
* aircrack-ng: Fixed usage of a dictionnary with WEP.
* aircrack-ng: Now only display ASCII WEP keys when 100% of the hex key can be converted to ASCII.
* aircrack-ng: You can now specify the number of threads for cracking even if you have a non-SMP computer.
* aircrack-ng: Now output an error message if using -r and it wasn't compiled with sqlite support.
  It was a problem on some ubuntu.
* airdecloak-ng: New tool to remove wep cloaked frames from a pcap file.
  For more details see http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=airdecloak-ng
* airodump-ng: Added kismet csv output support.
* airodump-ng: Fixed power value display (for ath interface with a high number, more than 99).
* airodump-ng: Can work on the new frequencies (allowed by frequency Chaos patch).
* airodump-ng: Now display if the network has QoS enabled.
* aireplay-ng: Fixed crash with too short packets (seen with zd1211).
* aireplay-ng: Fixed STP usage in fragmentation attack.
* aireplay-ng: Fixed bug with deauth attack.
* airtun-ng: Fixed STP conversion.
* airolib-ng: Added sample database in test/ directory.
* tkip-tun: New tool to inject on WPA1 with QoS enabled networks. Full description:
  decrypt packets comming from the AP in a TKIP network, which uses QoS (ieee802.11e).
  It also breaks the MIC Key for sending packets towards the Client correctly encrypted and signed.
  Stores plaintext packet and keystream in seperate files.
* airbase-ng: Several improvments ( See http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/ticket/466 ).
* airbase-ng: Added compatibility with some clients. added random source IPs and MACs for cfrag attack (-N) to evade simple flood protection.
* airmon-ng: Fixed some 'unary operator expected' errors.
* airmon-ng: Fixed channel number setting with mac80211 drivers.
* airmon-ng: Recognition of 4 new chipsets: acx1xx, at76_usb, adm8211 and AR9001U (otus).
* airmon-ng: Fixed some chipset naming inconsistencies between ieee80211 and mac80211 drivers.
* airmon-ng: Fixed display of "airmon-ng check".
* airmon-ng: Improved mac80211 driver handling.
* airdriver-ng: Fixed madwifi-ng driver download URL.
* airdriver-ng: Updated openSuse information.
* wesside-ng: Fixed open() with O_CREAT that needs 3 arguments.
* osdep: Added TAP/TUN MTU getter.
* manpages: Fixed misspelled airserv-ng manpage filename.
* manpages: Added Airbase-ng, Tkiptun-ng manpages.
* manpages: Updated description of all manpages.
* Makefile: Fixed errors when compiling on OSX 10.5.
* Makefile: Now ensure that make 3.81 or higher (mandatory) is used when compiling on OSX 10.4.
* Makefile: Only install airolib-ng manpage if airolib-ng is installed.
* Makefile: Added 'make check' that tests key cracking against files given in test/ directory.
* general: Fixed 'evalrev' on Solaris.
* general: Fixed compilation on Sun SPARC.
* general: Fixed compilation on some distribution (with a recent version of gcc) due to warnings (because of not getting the return value of some functions).
* general: Several compilation fixes.
* patches: Updated ath5k patches
* patches: Added rt2570 patch (kernel 2.6.24).
* patches: Updated madwifi-ng patch for r3745.
* patches: Updated mac80211 patches.
* patches: Added zd1211rw patch for 2.6.26, b43/b43legacy for 2.6.26-wl.
* patches: rt73, r8187 patches for fedora kernels (should work on 2.6.27).
* patches: Added Defcon 16 patch (more frequencies than the usuals) for ath5k called frequency Chaos.
* patches: Added injection patch for rtl8187 (mac80211).
* patches: Added a universal mac80211 fragmentation and injection speed patch.
* GUI (windows): Fixed: Windows GUI gives "please specify dictionnary".

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