[Bug 198202] Re: Please sync wesnoth 1:1.4-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 6 16:55:05 GMT 2008

Note that almost everything are bug fixes, not counting the new songs and updated translations. From reading the changelog I can only see this as a non-bug fix:
   * revised maps: Cynsaun Battlefield

Also note that 1.3.19 was aka 1.4rc2. This is the first stable release
for the new 1.4 series.

Version 1.4:
 * language and i18n:
   * new translation: traditional Chinese
   * updated translations: Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto,
     Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian,
     Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Valencian
 * graphics:
   * more elvish portraits
 * multiplayer:
   * revised maps: Cynsaun Battlefield
   * messages will no longer default to the private channel when observing
     or joining a new game
   * fixed an invalid vector access, which could happen since linger mode
     didn't reset the player_numer_ (bug #11094)
   * random maps can no longer crash if two teams have the same starting
     position (that happened if 2 teams didn't get a starting position.)
     bug #11166.
   * when the number of players for a random map can't be placed the engine
     tries maximal ten times before giving up.
 * sound:
   * added new music track, "Knalgan Theme" by Ryan Reilly.
   * added new music track, "The King is Dead" by Mattias Westlund.
   * updated music track, "Traveling Minstrels" by Mattias Westlund.
   * changed the default story screen music from loyalists.ogg to revelation.ogg
   * added new music track, "Nunc Dimittis" by Jeremy Nicoll.
   * added new music track, "The City Falls" by Doug Kaufman.
 * WML engine:
   * fixed a bug where addons with recusive INCLUDES could no longer be loaded
     (bug #11160)
 * miscellaneous and bug fixes:
   * units with a death sound but no death animation now play their death
     sound correctly
   * selection animations are not directional when standing animations are
     disabled (bug #11151)
   * Fixed parser problems with \r\r in files
   * cleanups and a compiler fix based on patch #911
   * the detection of the savegame version was done after parsing the savegame
     this could lead to crashes when loading 1.2 savegames (debian bug 467088)
   * fix a bug where the random map generator could place a keep on the border
     (bug #11150)
   * Fixed UI sounds toggle crash on Windows
   * when a new unit is spawned when the attacker dies and the new unit has
     a lower number of weapons then the weapon number used in the attack an 
     wml_exception was thrown (bug #10926).
   * truncate names in the load dialog utf8 aware, might be related to 
     bug #11186
   * fix bug #11187 play_once=yes and fix musical cross-fading

Please sync wesnoth 1:1.4-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).
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