[Bug 137436] [Sync Request Universe] traffic-vis 0.34-20

Barry deFreese bddebian at comcast.net
Wed Sep 5 05:28:34 BST 2007

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: traffic-vis


Please sync traffic-vis 0.34-20 from Debian unstable.  Component: main.
Target: Universe.

Fixes FTBFS on -19 revision around bpf.h differences in libpcap0.8.

Debian Changelog:

 traffic-vis  (0.34-20) unstable; urgency=medium

   * QA upload.
   * collector/packet-parse.c: Let pcap.h include the correct bpf.h
     (net/bpf.h in pcap 0.7, pcap-bpf.h in pcap 0.8).  Closes: #439460.
   * debian/templates: Apply corrections from Hermann J. Beckers, thanks.
     Closes: #428593.
   * debian/po/de.po: Translation by Hermann J. Beckers.  Closes: #428591.
   * debian/po/pt.po: Translation by Americo Monteiro.  Closes: #434192.
   * Switch to debhelper 5.
   * Remove dependency on perl; perl-base is enough.
   * debian/rules: Don't ignore errors from `$(MAKE) clean'.
   * debian/changelog: Remove obsolete Emacs local variables.

 -- Matej Vela <vela at debian.org>  Sat, 25 Aug 2007 11:20:22 +0200

Package builds clean in Gutsy pbuilder.

Thank you!

** Affects: traffic-vis (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

[Sync Request Universe] traffic-vis 0.34-20
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