[Bug 158562] Re: PVR-350 Video output fails

w.jason.srutz w.jason.strutz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 01:56:42 GMT 2007

I had mythtv with the PVR-350 tv-out working on Fedora core, but
"accidentally" upgraded the kernel and broke it.  I decided to try
Ubuntu Feisty with a fresh install for unimportant reasons.  I was
thereafter able to get mythtv working, but the tv-out wouldn't display.
At one point, I installed Mythbuntu, which again got most of what I
wanted working rather quickly, but no tv-out.  About two weeks ago, I
reinstalled again with Gutsy, and was able to get mythtv running, but
again without tv-out.  Finally, this evening, I ran a google search on
"saa7127 test_image=1" to see what kind of other cool test patterns I
could find, and accidentally found this bug fix.  I thought WTF, and
installed it.  And it worked.

After nearly ten months (and two major kernel releases) of trial and
error, this patch solved my myth problems (the big one anyway).  I
understand that the update needs to be tested, but I specifically bought
the pvr-350 (and started toying with Linux in the first place) in order
to use my old computer as a DVR with output to the full size TV.  Please
get this built into the next Ubuntu release!

PVR-350 Video output fails
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