Backports, timeliness etc

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Tue Mar 6 13:11:35 GMT 2007

* Martin Pitt 

| > We can either discuss this here or have a short meeting on
| > #ubuntu-meeting; whatever people prefer.
| I haven't touched backports yet because I'm not yet familiar with the
| policy. Also, it's quite infeasible for archive admins to actually
| test backports, so I guess there are some community people we can
| trust, like jdong? has a little bit about
it.  Basically, as long as a backport has been approved by a member of
the backports team (and it's not something which should be done as an
SRU), it can be done.

Are you familiar with how the backports are done in practice, or do
you want to have a small session on doing that?

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