[Bug 48070] Re: [queue tool] Please accept multiple queue IDs to act on

Julian Edwards launchpad at julian-edwards.com
Fri Jul 6 16:26:38 BST 2007

As discussed with pitti, I will change the way the command line works
for using "override".

Instead of:
    queue override <filter> [override_stanza*]

    Where override_stanza is one of:
    source [<component>]/[<section>]
    binary [<component>]/[<section>]/[<priority>]

I will change this so that there are command line options instead:
-c or --component
-x or --section
-p or --priority
and change the order of the <filter> and <source/binary> stanza.

This does two things:
1. Makes it consistent with change-override.py
2. Makes it possible to process multiple overrides as per the bug requirement.

queue override -c universe source 5 10 667

[queue tool] Please accept multiple queue IDs to act on
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