Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 18 00:35:59 BST 2006


python-scipy                    397241  Debian Bug report logs - #397241


mdadm                           385951  Fail to scan array in some case when partition is at the end of the disk


cyrus-sasl2                     364395  sasl2-bin failed when upgraded
matplotlib                      382400  ImportError: No module named numarray (return of bug 353043?)
nullmailer                      383859  Failed to install nullmailer 1:1.0.3-2
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy  383855  nvidia-glx-legacy-dev: Missing GL/glext.h file
octave-gpc                      385757  octave-gpc: not installable in sid
xchat                           387063  uninstallable because of binNMU-unsafe dependency on xchat-common


divine                          272393  Conflicts with ifupdown
fgfs-atlas                      375616  fgfs-atlas: FTBFS: Failed to satisfy Build-Depends dependency for fgfs-atlas: xlibmesa-glu-dev
hwinfo                          387872  hwinfo - FTBFS: doxygen: command not found
hwinfo                          387952  FTBFS (sparc): redefinition of serial_struct
jadetex                         384332  jadetex: Missing path setting, therefore problems building format when cslatex is installed
jadetex                         384334  loading existing base format breaks tetex or texlive packages
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy  383860  x86 binary packages built from pre-release source package
somaplayer                      356255  somaplayer-doc upgrade chokes on /usr/share/man/man1/somaplayer.1.gz
vlc                             387844  libvlc0: installation fails
xfe                             384358  xfe: fails to purge
xsoldier                        346763  xsoldier: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev


colordiff                       368973  colordiff: colorization makes some output lines disappear
galeon                          378722  Recommends unavailable capplets
jadetex                         352845  jadetex: Still calls fmtutil unconditionally
kipi-plugins                    385201  kipi-plugins: Flickr upload fails
sdr                             353956  A lot of buttons don't work
x11proto-fonts                  387597  x11proto-fonts-dev: missing dependency on x11proto-core-dev
xchat                           331267  xchat: bashisms in debian/rules
xchat                           376375  xchat: FTBFS: bashisms in debian/rules


bochs                           250194  'bochs-svga' needs a little info on how to use it.
bochs                           380380  bochs-doc: Broken HTML links in DSSSL generated files
cl-statistics                   383957  cl-statistics does not compile in SBCL
colordiff                       303837  colordiff is not showing colors with diff -y
debian-edu-config               365140  debian-edu-config: enable-nat ignore other script that may exists to set up firewall rules
dvdbackup                       376987  dvdbackup: author section of manpage is missing author
fgfs-atlas                      376801  diff for 0.3.0-3.1 NMU
gnustep-dl2                     383414  ITA: gnustep-dl2 -- GNUstep Database Library 2
gst-plugins0.8                  318800  muine: should recommend gstreamer0.8-mad
jadetex                         335225  jadetex: Runs fmtutil instead of fmtutil-sys in postinst.
jadetex                         343104  strange error message on installing tetex-bin
kasablanca                      387328  /usr/share/menu/kasablanca is missing
libimage-exiftool-perl          369427  very badly named
libimage-exiftool-perl          381086  libimage-exiftool-perl: New Upstream Release (6.30)
matplotlib                      385590  python-matplotlib: missing dependency on python-gst
matplotlib                      387440  python-matplotlib : bug
meta-gnome2                     387049  Please add dependency on libgnomevfs2-bin to gnome-desktop-environment
mono                            380617  mono-gmcs: build with -O2 despite DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nostrip debug noopt"
mono                            387277  incomplete package removal
nullmailer                      386635  nullmailer:  Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script
openssl                         386365  libssl0.9.8: more services to restart
openssl                         386400  libssl0.9.8: services to restart: ssh (not openssh-server) and tor
openssl                         386513  openssl: Fails to detect ssh as service to restart on upgrade
pcb                             367617  .desktop file
powermgmt-base                  387943  Missing dependency on makedev
sdr                             275365  sdr fails with IPv6 support
xchat                           385374  xchat not picking random server out of rotations
xchat                           387705  Broken package - Version conflict
xsoldier                        386181  xsoldier ignores kill signal


bochs                           198766  bochs-doc: Small typo and broken images
colordiff                       378563  colordiff: causes lossage if the diff is redirected
debian-edu-install              383973  debian-edu-install: package description problems
modlogan                        381790  unnecessary message to stderr
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy  352903  nvidia-kernel-legacy-source: depends on old version of debhelper
shadow                          383045  [INTL:de] login: wrong translation of "Sorry".
shadow                          387480  Please add commented pam_selinux line.
shadow                          387635  popularity-contest: [INTL:he] Updated po-debconf Hebrew translation


dvdbackup                       376065  dvdbackup: more robust error handling
gst-plugins0.8                  370545  gst-plugins0.8: please bump libswfdec0.3-dev build-dep to 0.3.3
jadetex                         375037  jadetex: support TexLive
muttprint                       262485  Please add some UTF8 info to the documentation
muttprint                       350631  muttprint: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
muttprint                       381690  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for muttprint (debconf)
openssl                         215618  openssl: No man page for c_rehash
openssl                         374364  [INTL:lt] Updated Lithuanian debconf templates translation
openssl                         378689  add support for m32r
pcb                             386585  pcb: new upstream version available
pcb                             387219  pcb: new upstream version available
pcb                             387315  pcb: new upstream ersion available
phalanx                         387421  [intl:fr] phalanx debconf template translation
shadow                          383812  shadow: [INTL:es] updated Spanish debconf translation

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