Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 14 02:39:40 BST 2006


mdadm                385951  Fail to scan array in some case when partition is at the end of the disk
moodle               387177  Moodle 1.6.2 is available, fixes vulnerabilities


bzrtools             384905  bzrtools plugins do not register
dvipsk-ja            340253  dvipsk-ja sets wrong path (TEXPSHEADERS.dvips)
dvipsk-ja            383266  dvipsk-ja: Couldn't find header file texnansi.enc
freetype             379920  freetype: buffer overflow [CVE-2006-3467]
gnucash              387232  binNMU-unsafe dependency on gnucash-common
gparted              372516  gparted is not installable in Sid


adacontrol           382466  adacontrol: FTBFS: dpkg-genchanges: failure: cannot read files list file: No such file or directory
adacontrol           382763  adacontrol - FTBFS: Incomplete binary-arch target
alcovebook-sgml      321771  [NONFREE-DOC:OPL] alcovebook-intro is licensed under OPL 1.0
amsn                 383569  amsn: Several missing dependencies
bzrtools             368201  bzrtools: New upstream release 0.8
djvulibre            386032  FTBFS on alpha
dvipsk-ja            384309  dvipsk-ja: Restores admin-removed conffile
lynx                 384725  lynx: [CVE-2004-1617] remote DoS-fix missing from etch/sid package
mapserver            383140  Uninstallable due to unmet dep on libgdal1-1.3.1
mapserver            383830  mapserver: FTBFS: build-dep on missing libgdal1-1.3.2-dev
mapserver            386073  mapserver: bad build-dep, FTBFS
mdadm                385994  mdadm: Missing versionned dep on debconf
ocamlnet             387295  ocamlnet needs rebuild
phpunit2             386803  phpunit2: missing pear packages
tetex-base           387150  Superfluous versioned Conflicts on older tetex-bin; breaks some upgrades


classpath            387033  FTBFS: cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp//usr/lib/classpath/gjar': No such file or directory
dcc                  387198  dcc-client: circular dependency hell
fai                  311524  /boot/fai should probably be changed to /srv/tftproot/fai
fai                  336650  fai should not use /boot
fai                  340608  fai: nfsroot should not be in /usr
fai                  384624  fai-server: make-fai-nfsroot checks if '$(uid -u) != "0"' instead of '=='
guile-1.6            224591  guile-1.6: Putting guile-config in guile-1.6 breaks libguile-dev
ivtv                 385454  ivtv-source: package provides several unwanted /lib/modules/$KERNEL/modules-files
kaffeine             338756  embedded kaffeine crashes konqueror on exit
kaffeine             366993  kaffeine: frezees on DVB channel selection
lynx                 238057  lynx: FTBFS on GNU/Hurd (and GNU/k*BSD)
mapserver            373461  Python policy transition
mdadm                384614  tries to create non-default v1 superblocks, even if unsupported
phpgroupware         314417  phpgroupware: postinst doesn't restart apache2
phpgroupware         386061  CVE-2006-4458: Directory traversal vulnerability in calendar/inc/class.holidaycalc.inc.php
slgtk                387199  FTBFS: cannot compile a simple Fortran program


alcovebook-sgml      321770  conflicting license statements in alcovebook-intro
amsn                 378702  asmn: no manual page
atanks               362084  ITA: atanks -- tank-battling game
classpath            387318  Native library `gconfpeer' not found
dcc                  304237  errors when installing with apt-get
dcc                  365893  dcc-client: during installation, tries to use user/group dcc.dcc before created
fai                  286692  fai: known_hosts incorrectly generated from /etc/hosts
fai                  290449  LOGUSER home should be /var/log/fai
fai                  315000  don't run prepareapt on softupdates
fai                  332837  fai: reasonable default for installserver missing
fai                  340609  fai: /mnt2 not FHS compliant
fai                  358765  make-fai-nfsroot: $cfdir is assumed to be a full path
fai                  366823  updatebase does not obey $debug anymore
fai                  369534  Logs accumulate in /var/log/fai/current
fai                  374415  the dry-run option of fcopy with $FCOPY_DRYRUN does not work correctly
gcc-snapshot         370105  [mips] ICE in schedule_insns, at sched-rgn.c:3038
gcc-snapshot         382950  [s390] in extract_insn, at recog.c:2077
gcc-snapshot         383283  [powerpc] in extract_insn, at recog.c:2077
gcc-snapshot         383848  ICE: tree check: expected ssa_name, have struct_field_tag in verify_ssa, at tree-ssa.c:776
gcc-snapshot         385182  c++: rejects VLA in template class's member with using
gcc-snapshot         385306  ICE: gimplification failed, c++
gcc-snapshot         385339  ICE in compare_name_with_value, at tree-vrp.c:3557
gcc-snapshot         385513  rejects valid arrays
ggz-kde-games        386082  ggz-kde-games: Not binNMU compatible
gnome-blog           335346  gnome-blog: Wordpress xmlrpc URL invalid
gnudoq               369571  gnudoq: prints empty grid
gv                   148533  gv fails to honour resources
ivtv                 387162  broken tar command in debian/rules
kernel-package       387286  postrm_hook is not run
libmp3-tag-perl      386328  typeset_audio_dir does not correctly process option -n
mdadm                385017  mdadm: warning about initrd while I don't use initrd
mdadm                386468  initramfs creation from chroot renders system unbootable
moodle               386476  moodle: missing commented config file
octave2.9            368843  octave2.9: info-emacs-info doesn't work
octave2.9            387137  spkron(a,b) not working when arguments are scalar
phpgroupware         328439  Bad pendency on phpgroupware
phpunit2             386516  phpunit2: Please add php5-cli in Depends
procps               386341  init.d dependency header include obsolete script name
procps               386637  procps: Outdated init.d dependency information (mountvirtfs->mountkernfs)
spamass-milter       378460  spamass-milter: dependency on sendmail
tetex-base           384130  tetex-doc: contains outdated documentation for jurabib


dcc                  363225  Spelling mistake in package description
dmake                363257  Spelling mistake in package description
fai                  373596  fai-server: fai-chboot fails if $pxedir is not present
fai                  381261  hostmask calculated in make-fai-nfsroot is always '/24'
libconfig-file-perl  387044  wrong rendering of newlines in description
procps               384920  procps: add lsb logging
spamass-milter       373812  Milter Socket connect error, if /var/run on tmpfs


bzrtools             344217  bzrtools -- Collection of tools for bzr
bzrtools             351079  bzrtools: New upstream release 0.7
fai                  309554  FAI proposes use of /usr/local/share/fai for its configdir
fai                  322634  support and document a FAI-Installation into a local chroot
fai                  353535  define classes on the fai commandline
gnome-media          387097  gnome-media: Apply patch from upstream, 'Audigy 2 mixer duplication and inactive mixers shown'
gv                   201439  wishlish: please make escape equivalent to cancel button in dialog boxes
mapserver            360576  please transition to new python policy (support multiple python versions)
mdadm                384754  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of mdadm debconf messages
mdadm                385690  mdadm: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
mdadm                387017  mdadm: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation update
moodle               371834  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of moodle debconf messages
moodle               372713  moodle: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
moodle               381194  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for moodle  (debconf)
phpgroupware         342037  phpgroupware: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
phpgroupware         364914  [INTL:nl] New dutch po-debconf translation
phpldapadmin         385683  [INTL:nl] New dutch po-debconf translation

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