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Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 10 02:46:09 BST 2006


geda-gschem            57879   Recompile of geda-gschem required after libguile6 update.
geda-gschem            59237   Recompile of geda-gschem required after libguile6 update. (again)
sysvinit               386347  initscripts: BOOT FAILURE: checkroot.sh can't fsck /dev/shm/root because /dev/shm is mounted nodev
sysvinit               386649  sysvinit: Dangerous instructions in NEWS.Debian, removes packages
sysvinit               386699  initscripts: checkroot.sh broken by fix for #386347 (patch attached)


kazehakase             380466  kazehakase: quits when going to any HTTP AUTH page
libgeda                166225  No upgrade!
libnss-ldap            377895  libnss-ldap: Problem with "-" in LDAP Base DN
libofx                 385667  libofx2c2a: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libofx3
libofx                 385880  grisbi: Grisbi is not starting since libofx upgrade
pympd                  385643  No longer works with python 2.4 as the default
pyrad                  380915  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
stardict               249236  stardict-tools: hardcoded library dependency list, broken on alpha/ia64
stardict               249237  hardcoded dependency on libc6 - uninstallable on alpha/ia64. must use ${shlibs:Depends}.
tntdb                  385777  FTBFS: missing build-dep libtool


amavis-ng              383565  amavis-ng-milter-helper: Missing dependency on libc6
catdvi                 291040  catdvi: Missing dependencies
duplicity              386607  fails to restore
ebview                 355323  FTBFS: undefined reference to `pango_x_font_map_for_display'
geda-doc               199310  geda-doc: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends-Indep
geda-gnetlist          135074  FTBFS: libgeda-config found unexpectedly
geda-gnetlist          142383  Dependency not present
geda-gnetlist          168897  geda-gnetlist_20021103-1(unstable/ia64): different version of libgeda-config
geda-gschem            168898  geda-gschem_20021103-1(unstable/ia64): different version of libgeda-config
geda-gschem            346732  geda-gschem: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev
geda-gsymcheck         134743  geda-gsymcheck_20020209-1 (unstable): fails to build
geda-gsymcheck         168899  geda-gsymcheck_20021103-1(unstable/ia64): different version of libgeda-config
geda-gsymcheck         231521  geda-gsymcheck_20040111-1(unstable/sparc): broken build-depends
geda-utils             87022   geda-utils: fails to build
geda-utils             168843  geda-utils_20021103-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends
geda-utils             169558  geda-utils_20021103-2(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: undefined reference to `atan2'
geda-utils             231520  geda-utils_20040111-1(unstable/sparc): broken build-depends
ggz-client-libs        386126  libggzmod-dev: unsatisfiable dependencies due to binNMU
gnutls13               386680  libgnutls13: SEGV in asn1_read_value
hostapd                386156  hostapd is missing versioned depends: on lsb-base
libgeda                104826  Build failure on hppa (at least)
libgeda                164499  libgeda_20020825-1(mipsel/unstable): out of date config.sub/config.guess
libgeda                219602  libgeda: FTBFS configure: error: **Upgrade Guile** At least version >= 1.3.2
libgeda                221063  libgeda: FTBFS: "Upgrade Guile"
libgeda                295057  libgeda_20041228.orig.tar.gz is missing.
libgeda                300256  libgeda: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): static declaration of 'logfile_fd' follows non-static declaration
libofx                 385821  package build-depends on g++-4.0, which is not available on hppa
ocamlcreal             376398  Uninstallable due to dep on unavailable ocaml-nox-3.09.1
remctl                 386438  FTBFS: assignment of read-only member '__in'
squirrelmail-locales   385165  squirrelmail-locales: FTBFS: msgfmt: found 1 fatal error
stardict               198113  stardict: FTBFS with g++-3.3
stardict               263820  stardict: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'python-dev'
stardict               347109  stardict: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev
stardict               347109  stardict: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev
swfdec0.3              370438  swfdec0.3: Build-Dep on mozilla (library), please transition to xulrunner
swig1.3                382096  swig1.3: FTBFS: /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make: No such file or directory
swig1.3                385080  swig1.3: FTBFS: missing build-dependency on quilt
vsftpd                 386267  FTBFS: sysutil.c:604: error: assignment of read-only member '__in'
vsftpd                 386719  calls update-inetd without netbase dependency
wordtrans              385841  package build-depends on g++-3.4, which is not available on hppa
xen-3.0                243048  package xen build-depends on gcc-3.2/g++-3.2
xen-3.0                243048  package xen build-depends on gcc-3.2/g++-3.2
xen-3.0                380990  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !


fsh                    380798  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
geda-examples          209495  The package description does not follow Debian policy
geda-gnetlist          50396   geda-gschem: recompile for libguile6
geda-gnetlist          67003   geda-gnetlist_20000704a-1(unstable): error in build dependenciesMissing build dependencies
geda-gnetlist          68459   geda-gnetlist_20000704a-2(unstable): Missing build dependencies
geda-gnetlist          136572  geda-gnetlist: depends on nonexistant libgdgeda1
geda-gschem            50396   geda-gschem: recompile for libguile6
geda-gschem            67004   geda-gschem_20000704-1(unstable): Missing build dependencies
geda-gschem            68460   geda-gschem_20000704-2(unstable): Missing build dependencies
geda-gschem            126781  gEDA-gschem: Junk appears in .sym files
geda-gsymcheck         50396   geda-gschem: recompile for libguile6
geda-gsymcheck         67005   geda-gsymcheck_20000704-1(unstable): Missing build dependencies
geda-gsymcheck         69806   geda-gsymcheck_20000704-2(unstable): Missing build dependencies
ggz-client-libs        384671  ggzcore-bin has circular Depends on libggzmod4
gimp                   380816  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
insserv                350188  insserv: The content of .depend.start and .depend.stop is correct, yet the symlinks are wrong.
libgeda                79415   libgeda_20001006-1(unstable): wrong build dependency
libgeda                281584  pkg-config info file belongs into -dev
libuser                380854  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
linux-wlan-ng          386054  linux-wlan-ng: can not set encryption key using gnome-system-tools
linux-wlan-ng          386057  linux-wlan-ng: should default to "managed", rather than "ad-hoc" mode
netris                 345305  netris: segfault on amd64 in curses.c:RefreshWindow (patch)
stardict               105008  Build failure on hppa (at least)
stardict               105008  Build failure on hppa (at least)
stardict               250063  startdict: FTBFS with gtk+2.4
stardict               264735  Please use gcrypt11/gnutls11 instead of gcrypt1/gnutls7
stardict               357328  FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification
stardict               380962  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
transfig               385655  transfig: rgb.txt expected in wrong place
xen-3.0                271245  xen: build-deps on kernel-source-2.4.25
xen-3.0                272299  kernel-patch-xen contains no patch at all
xen-3.0                280733  samba: Vulnerable to CAN-2004-0930
xen-3.0                317468  xen: Missing Depends: iproute
xen-3.0                323698  xen: Unstated build-dep on gcc-3.4


backup-manager         381820  postinst should update and enable BM_TARBALL_DIRECTORIES
backup-manager         382050  backup-manager-upload lacks File::Basename import
backup-manager         382150  backup-manager: During svn backup method, svnadmin should be quiet
bugzilla               374985  Should suggest to edit "urlbase" in `README.Debian'
bugzilla               385904  bugzilla: fails to install with debconf/dbconfig
debconf                382328  INTL:vi
debconf                384370  debconf: [L10N, DE] Updated german debconf-translation
debconf                385549  debconf: missing Russian manpages
debmirror              294974  --skippackages doesn't work at all
debmirror              295423  failure mode leaves Packages files out of date
debmirror              299342  debmirror needs to be run multiple times (error: " missing")
debmirror              322714  debmirror: --ignore-release-gpg doesn't
debmirror              366855  Please support mirroring of pdiff files
debmirror              376495  Caching of Release and Release.gpg
emacs-snapshot         386496  e3em <-> emacs-snapshot alternatives priority
evms                   385706  evms-gui: GUI sometimes doesn't appear, has to be killed with SIGKILL
evms                   386598  evms-gui: 'Move Mapping' dialog doesn't change starting extent when PV is changed
geda-gnetlist          125927  geda-gnetlist: Local additions to pcb's component library don't show up.
geda-gnetlist          169725  geda-gnetlist: can't (load "gnet-partslist-common.scm") in gnet-partslist[1-3].scm.
geda-utils             67006   geda-utils_20000704-1(unstable): Missing build dependencies
kphotoalbum            332754  kimdaba: Does not create an item in debian menu.
kphotoalbum            364371  kimdaba: Online help doesn't show up
linux-wlan-ng          386058  linux-wlan-ng: hotplug detection is garbled in /etc/wlan/shared
localechooser          269972  localechooser: should warn users that English is temporarily used on floppy installs
localization-config    299320  debian-edu-config: Some localization in /etc/mozilla/prefs.js breaks the config file
localization-config    303474  Sarge RC3 Installl report - Graphic card resolution selection and german keymap selection failed
localization-config    317436  xserver-xfree86: It's not configuring XF86Config-4 right for pt_BR
localization-config    323237  localization-config: Improve Hebrew defaults
localization-config    372685  kpasswd does not work with an LDAP backend
localization-config    377454  localization-config: Thai localization config
menu                   354403  [doc] various editorial errors (typos, grammar and punctuation problems)
menu                   386446  menu: Debug option of update-menus does not work
pilot-qof              385861  pilot-qof: FTBFS with libpisock9 (pilot-link 0.12.0)
redcloth               367670  libredcloth-ruby1.8: Using _STRING_ to emphasize a string doesn't work if STRING spans multiple lines.
redcloth               368442  libredcloth-ruby1.8: The regexp for strong (*) and bold (**) is greedy, which produces very strange results.
stardict               170130  stardic: Build-Depends on xlib6g*
stardict               206479  assumes char is signed
stardict               233445  Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package stardict
stardict               289996  stardict: 'debian/rules clean' is not clean enough
swig1.3                361482  swig1.3: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: unsatisfied Build-Depends
xen-3.0                253924  kernel-image-2.4.25-xeno-p2-modules: missing support for xfs filesystem
xen-3.0                299384  Error in post-install script for xen 2.0.5-1 from home directory
xen-3.0                300488  xen: Missing dependency for Xen networking scripts
xen-3.0                364875  Pae disabled in pae build
xen-3.0                372524  Lots of inaccurate information in /usr/share/doc/xen-utils-3.0/README.Debian.gz


backup-manager         385269  backup-manager: Outputs useless error message on first purge
bugzilla               385341  bugzilla: CSS style not found
bugzilla               385343  bugzilla: missing image padlock.png
debmirror              349856  debmirror: ftp hashes get printed to STDERR
debmirror              360451  [Patch] Make debmirror aware of ubuntu directory structure
debmirror              362561  Typo in an error text
evms                   385708  evms-gui: main window intrudes into status area
evms                   385710  evms-gui: main information pane is empty at startup
evms                   386096  evms-gui: "Create segment" dialog doesn't update Partition Type ID when Partition Type is changed
geda-symbols           130606  geda-symbols: Mis-aligned symbol in library
kphotoalbum            351170  kimdaba: typo ("greed" for "greet") in help screen
kphotoalbum            364160  Spelling mistake in package description
libgeda                220725  dependency problem (for source package)
localization-config    302591  localization-config: Preconfig of X keyboard settings confusing
localization-config    372503  localization-config: Minor typo in description
otags                  372592  /usr/lib/ocaml/3.09.1/otags: otags still ship with an empty /usr/lib/ocaml/3.09.1/otags
redcloth               357631  does not install rdoc
stardict               207928  /usr/share/gnome/help/stardict/C/stardict.xml: assumes network connection
xen-3.0                304285  xen 2.0.5-3 is package-compatible with xen-docs 1.2-4.1
xen-3.0                317066  Erroneous short description
xen-3.0                321157  WARNING: Package 'fig2dev' is required


aria2                  383595  ITP: aria2 -- High speed download utility
debconf                375064  [INTL:km] debconf translation
debconf                375066  [INTL:km] debconf translation
debconf                380344  [l10n:ca] Catalan update
debconf                380352  debconf: estonian gettext translation updated
debconf                380378  [INTL:ko] Korean translation update for debconf
debconf                380381  [INTL:ar] Arabic (ar) debconf template translation update
debconf                380427  [INTL:ru] Updated Russian translation debconf template
debconf                380432  debconf: [INTL:sk] Slovak translation
debconf                380437  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of debconf's debconf messages
debconf                380453  debconf: [INTL:fi] Updated Finnish translation
debconf                380477  debconf: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation
debconf                380495  Please update debconf PO translation for the package debconf 1.5.4
debconf                380592  [INTL:gl] Updated Galician translation of debconf's templates
debconf                382002  [INTL:da] Updated Danish debconf template
debconf                382459  debconf: [l10n:eu] Debcond debian template basque translation update
debconf                382504  debconf: [INTL:uk] updated Ukrainian debconf templates translation
debconf                382623  debconf: [INTL:dz] Dzongkha debconf (program) templates translation
debconf                382713  debconf: [INTL:es] Spanish translation update
debconf                386509  debconf: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf template translation
debmirror              316528  debmirror: fail immediately if the signature cannot be verified
debmirror              316529  debmirror: show gpg error message on failure
debmirror              360453  debmirror: [Patch] implement ftp authentication with user/passwd
debmirror              369061  debmirror: sync selected architectures and amd64 not present on older ones
debmirror              382271  debmirror: --include-di-source option
firefox-sage           350207  ITP: firefox-sage -- lightweight RSS and Atom feed
freetype               386379  libfreetype6: Checking if /usr/X11R6 is a symlink
gdrae                  381087  ITP: gdrae -- dictionary of the RAE 
geda-gnetlist          133234  geda-gnetlist: Please include docs/ 
geda-gschem            133043  geda-gschem: Please add example files 
gpscorrelate           385488  ITP: gpscorrelate -- correlates digital camera photos with GPS data filling EXIF fields
kphotoalbum            346391  kimdaba: Too heavy recommendation on kdegraphics
kphotoalbum            370136  new version of kimdaba available
libgeda                197807  geda-gschem: please build with libgdgeda support
libstring-format-perl  385627  ITP: libstring-format-perl -- sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions
list                   360687  ITP: list -- linux-stats.org client
localization-config    301262  Please consider also preseeding keymap for Gnome (and KDE?)
localization-config    331347  localization-config: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
localization-config    340635  localization-config: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf PO file
localization-config    367352  localization-config: [INTL:th] Thai Translation
localization-config    369591  [INTL:hu] Updated Hungarian localization-config templates translation
localization-config    374922  [INTL:km] localization-config translation
lua-curl               383798  ITP: luacurl -- libcURL bindings for the lua language
lua-expat              384350  ITP: luaexpat -- bindings for the expat library to the lua language
lua-filesystem         384496  ITP: luafilesystem -- filesystem library to the lua language
menu                   352464  menu: Please document su-to-root's choice of su-like program to call
menu                   377427  menu: [INTL:ar] Arabic translation of sections
menu                   377511  menu: [INTL:th] Thai translations
menu                   382337  [INTL:tl] Tagalog menu-sections translation
midish                 385121  ITP: midish -- shell-like MIDI sequencer/filter
msntp                  370469  ITP: msntp -- a very simple and portable SNTP client for UNIX
netris                 304224  netris: [patch] add line count
obexfs                 385609  ITP: obexfs -- mount filesystem of ObexFTP capabable devices
photoprint             373810  ITP: photoprint -- Image printing utility
python-dateutil        386256  ITP: python-dateutil -- powerful extensions to python's standard datetime module
stardict               199468  stardict: new release 2.2.1 available
stardict               289104  stardict: Please add icon for menu
stardict               289451  New upstream version 2.4.4
stardict               300358  stardict: FTBFS (ppc64/gcc-4.0): Please remove the Build-Depends on libstdc++5-3.3-dev
stardict               328649  stardict: please provide a new binary package without GNOME library dependence
stardict               330501  New upstream version 2.4.5
stardict               361667  New upstream version 2.4.8
stardict               361667  New upstream version 2.4.8
tango-icon-theme       335555  ITP: tango-icon-theme -- Tango icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
tango-icon-theme       338448  ITP: gnome-icon-theme-tango -- Tango icon theme for GTK+ 2.x
tecnoballz             382198  tecnoballz comes with no .desktop
xen-3.0                230345  Upstream phpPgAdmin is up to version 3.2.1
xen-3.0                311336  New upstream version 2.0.6 is out (my .diff.gz attached)
xen-3.0                327493  xen: new upstream version available
xen-3.0                342249  Xen 3.0 released
xen-3.0                366019  xen-hypervisor-3.0-i386-pae: "pae enabled version" how is it any different ?
xen-3.0                368496  xen-utils-3.0: Include support for HVM-based guests

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