Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 3 01:01:20 BST 2006


gcj-4.1                    4429    [Fixed in {gcc,egcc}-2.92.21] gcc argument validation could be better
gcj-4.1                    11525   Feature documented in wrong place
gcj-4.1                    20889   [Fixed in upstream {gcc,egcc}-2.92.21] Inconsistent results got by gcc-optimized code
gcj-4.1                    21122   [Fixed in upstream 2.92.21] g++: eg++ doesn't compile programs accepted by g++
gcj-4.1                    22513   g++ problem with -fno-implement-inlines
gcj-4.1                    26369   [Fixed in upstream version 2.92.21] g++: Error in file that compiles fine under egcs-1.0.3
gcj-4.1                    28261   [Solution in upstream 2.93] gcc: gcc/egcc should provide c89 alternative
gcj-4.1                    28417   [Fixed in upstream 2.93.21] g++ does not give an error while it should
gcj-4.1                    29240   cpp doesn't handle dos newlines after line continuation  backslashes
gcj-4.1                    31416   g++ crashes when no optimisation is used. hoewever it compiles with -O2.
gcj-4.1                    35068   Problem with -fno-implement-inlines in g++
gcj-4.1                    35261   [Fixed in upstream 2.93.21] g++ bails out on template code
gcj-4.1                    35900   libstdc++ shared object name / libstdc++-dev-config missing
gcj-4.1                    35906   BUGS.Debian problem nonexistant with current packages
gcj-4.1                    36182   gcc + glibc2.1 producing bad gmon.out files
gcj-4.1                    37358   [alpha] internal compiler errors when building vdk_0.6.0-5
gcj-4.1                    38872   [Fixed in gcc-2.95] gcc uses incorrect name in "might be used uninitialized" message
gcj-4.1                    39098   /usr/bin/genclass owned by both libg++ and gcc
gcj-4.1                    39526   [Fixed in 2.95-0pre3] g++: friend of many classes retains parameter names
gcj-4.1                    40659   gcc: 2.91.66 optimisation problem [fixed in 2.95 prerelease 19990625]
gcj-4.1                    40991   [Fixed in gcc-2.95 19990625 (prerelease)] Internal compiler error 980711
gcj-4.1                    41117   [Fixed in gcc-2.95 19990625 (prerelease)] Internal compiler error in g++ function chainon
gcj-4.1                    41290   [Fixed in gcc-2.95] g++ internal error
gcj-4.1                    41302   [Fixed in 2.95 prerelease] g++ internal error
gcj-4.1                    41313   g++ internal error
gcj-4.1                    42584   gcc: [Press any key to continue] during installation is a lie
gcj-4.1                    42585   gcc: ls: /usr/share/doc/gcc/README.Debian.gz: No such file or directory
gcj-4.1                    42602   gcc: Please only display warning when upgrading from an older version
gcj-4.1                    42622   libstdc++2.10-dev: stl_alloc.h: malloc_alloc out of memory handling abort()s instead of using exceptions
gcj-4.1                    42742   NEWS file out of date
gcj-4.1                    43478   [Fixed in upstream cvs gcc-2.96] GCC internal compiler error while compiling current qt1g package
gcj-4.1                    44463   Fails to comply with the proposed Java Policy
gcj-4.1                    44463   Fails to comply with the proposed Java Policy
gcj-4.1                    44670   libstdc++2.10-dev: a patch to remove some warning during compilation when using STL
gcj-4.1                    44690   gcc: New patch for ARM
gcj-4.1                    44782   Cannot build gcj
gcj-4.1                    45253   gcc: typo in README.Debian.gz
gcj-4.1                    46217   gcc: m68k bin-only NMU to fix serious bugs
gcj-4.1                    46444   libstdc++2.10-dev: warning: base init. will be reordered, when just including "rope.h"
gcj-4.1                    46720   STL deque implementation generates scads of warnings
gcj-4.1                    47088   [sparc] egcs64 relation causing continuous reinstalls
gcj-4.1                    49186   cpp does not accept ^M as a character constant
gcj-4.1                    49434   gcc doesn't get <linux/types.h> right
gcj-4.1                    50294   gcc: sparc needs newer cpp


gcj-4.1                    238621  [PR 14640] [3.3.4 regression] miscompilation of mozilla-firefox (deallocator problems?)
gcj-4.1                    238621  [PR 14640] [3.3.4 regression] miscompilation of mozilla-firefox (deallocator problems?)
gcj-4.1                    360895  ImportError: libstdc++.so.6: cannot handle TLS data
gcj-4.1                    361904  Failed to load application: libstdc++.so.6: cannot handle TLS data


asterisk                   385060  CVE-2006-4346: Asterisk MGCP AUEP Response Handling Buffer Overflow
beagle                     385097  beagle 0.2.8-1 doesnt't start anymore
gcj-4.1                    166703  g++-3.2 should depedens on glibc >= 2.3.
gcj-4.1                    176005  Package is empty
gcj-4.1                    176311  gcc-3.2: configure generated from broken libtool.m4
gcj-4.1                    179128  libstdc++5-dev: depends on libc12-dev, which only NetBSD has
gcj-4.1                    189183  libstdc++5-3.3-dev: /usr/include/c++/3.3/i386-linux/bits/atomicity.h missing an #endif
gcj-4.1                    191145  update-menus: relocation error: update-menus: error when upgrading to gaim0.61-1
gcj-4.1                    191147  update-menus: relocation error: update-menus: error when upgrading to gaim0.61-1
gcj-4.1                    191148  update-menus: relocation error: update-menus: error when upgrading to gaim0.61-1
gcj-4.1                    191149  update-menus: relocation error: update-menus: error when upgrading to gaim0.61-1
gcj-4.1                    210848  g++-3.3: Code miscompilation with -O0 -finline (discovered in QT)
gcj-4.1                    224593  gcc-3.3: xmmintrin.h has a "#include <emmintrin.h>" but emmintrin.h does not exist
gcj-4.1                    260497  gcc-3.5: file conflict with gcc-3.4
gcj-4.1                    321540  libgcj6-awt: uninstallable due to missing libcairo0.5.1
gcj-4.1                    321785  [PR 23369] hppa: Generates wrong code for fptr comparison
gjdoc                      171717  sourcepath parameter may only be used once
gjdoc                      171724  Depends on classpath sources
gjdoc                      188698  gjdoc could not initialize kaffe
ircd-hybrid                300638  segfaults after a few messages on ppc+amd64
java-gcj-compat            335570  java-gcj-compat: Missing dependency - renders package unusable
java-gcj-compat            365934  java-gcj-compat-dev: Dead links in /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/include/
libopensync-plugin-syncml  385359  opensync-plugin-syncml: after installing this package, msynctool --listplugins does not list syncml


cryptmount                 385157  cryptmount: Bashism in init script
gcj-4.1                    103568  gcc-3.0_3.0.ds9-4(unstable): fails to build from source
gcj-4.1                    106252  debian ia64 support for gcc-3.0 [patch]
gcj-4.1                    107012  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.1ds0-0pre010727(unstable): fails to build from source
gcj-4.1                    107124  gcc-3.0: build-depends-indep on non-free package
gcj-4.1                    110189  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.2ds0-0pre010825(unstable): outdated build-depends
gcj-4.1                    112462  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.2ds1-0pre010908(unstable): fails to build on mips{,el}
gcj-4.1                    112777  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.2ds1-0pre010908(unstable): build failure on powerpc (segfault on tradcpp.c)
gcj-4.1                    117503  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.2ds4-2(mipsel/unstable): libffi isn't built, but packages think so?
gcj-4.1                    117503  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.2ds4-2(mipsel/unstable): libffi isn't built, but packages think so?
gcj-4.1                    120452  please reenable shared libgcc for s390
gcj-4.1                    121924  serious gcc bug on ia64
gcj-4.1                    123155  gcc-3.0 does not build on PPC
gcj-4.1                    123685  gcc-3.0_3.0.3ds0 does not build on ia64
gcj-4.1                    130422  gcc-3.0: 3.0.3 does not build (nor does 3.0.2 install) on ARM
gcj-4.1                    131977  gcc-3.0_1:3.0.4ds0-0pre020127(powerpc/unstable): patch fails to apply
gcj-4.1                    131985  gcj-3.0 file overlap with libgcj2-dev
gcj-4.1                    133433  gcc-3.0: FUBAR on !i386, new arch any gcc-3.0-base is not built
gcj-4.1                    133435  [Fwd: [Patch] (3.0.4pre, arm) : get libstdc++ working]
gcj-4.1                    134005  gij-3.0: Should depend on libgcj2
gcj-4.1                    149159  alsa-lib_0.9.0rc1-1(mips/unstable): FTBFS: broken iatomic.h
gcj-4.1                    152198  libffi2-dev: Wrong Copyright/License information (and README)
gcj-4.1                    159354  gcc-3.2_1:3.2.1ds0-0pre1(unstable/arm): FTBFS: arm patch uses invalid arg to autoconf
gcj-4.1                    177036  Statically linking executable fails (no crtbeginT.o on m68k)
gcj-4.1                    178602  gcc-3.2_1:3.2.2ds5-0pre6(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: bad build-depends
gcj-4.1                    179931  libstdc++5-dev: locales are broken
gcj-4.1                    180048  fastjar-doc.dpatch: line 19: automake-1.4: command not found
gcj-4.1                    180129  g++-3.2: please use --enable-__cxa_atexit
gcj-4.1                    192347  gcc-3.3: gpc-2.1-3.3-doc not built from source?
gcj-4.1                    196915  gcc-3.3_1:3.3ds9-3(powerpc/unstable): FTBFS: treelang still fails
gcj-4.1                    207564  [alpha] internal compiler error: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175
gcj-4.1                    208717  gcc-3.3_1:3.3.2ds1-0pre2(unstable/ia64,alpha): FTBFS: ICE at src/gcc/p/rts/rtsc.pas:60
gcj-4.1                    217240  gcl doesn't build on s390
gcj-4.1                    224875  dchub_0.4.5-3(mips/unstable): mips{,el} spec file specifies -lthread, not -lpthread
gcj-4.1                    224875  dchub_0.4.5-3(mips/unstable): mips{,el} spec file specifies -lthread, not -lpthread
gcj-4.1                    274096  FTBFS in experimental
gcj-4.1                    290950  libgcj6-dev: missing conflict
gcj-4.1                    329108  gcc-4.0 FTBFS on, uh, i386
gcj-4.1                    329715  gcc-4.0_4.0.1-9(powerpc/unstable): fails to build without deprecated BSD ptys
gcj-4.1                    346171  gcc-4.0-base: Not installing changelog.Debian properly
gcj-4.1                    355439  gcc-4.0-base: Debian changelog and copyright lost after upgrade
gcj-4.1                    365388  gcj-4.1: FTBFS on amd64: mv: target `debian/lib32gcj7/emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib/.' is not a directory
gcj-4.1                    365780  gcc-4.1: FTBFS on amd64, sparc with "configure.in:2177: error: possibly undefined macro: AS_FOR_TARGET"
gcj-4.1                    366733  gcc-4.1: Ada unit duplicated in libgnatvsn and libgnatprj
gcj-4.1                    372152  g++-4.1: PR27935 appears to be unresolved (operator delete(void*, size_t) issue)
gcj-4.1                    372152  g++-4.1: PR27935 appears to be unresolved (operator delete(void*, size_t) issue)
gcj-4.1                    372559  gecode: FTBFS with g++-4.1: no suitable operator
gcj-4.1                    372559  gecode: FTBFS with g++-4.1: no suitable operator
gcj-4.1                    372605  FTBFS: parse.y: conflicts: 62 shift/reduce, 25 reduce/reduce
gcj-4.1                    378321  new error: C/C++ linkage declarations conflict
gcj-4.1                    384036  gcc-4.1: Contains non-free documentation
gjdoc                      183692  /usr/share/java/libgcj.jar symlink missing
gjdoc                      184823  gjdoc_0.0.20021217-3(unstable/ia64): FTBFS: file does not exist
gjdoc                      199673  XSLT processor from contrib (gjdoc depends on contrib package)
gjdoc                      199678  JAXP XML Parser from contrib
gjdoc                      204155  gjdoc: FTBFS -- Don't use javac but gcj or another explicit compiler
gjdoc                      212090  Build-depends cannot be satisfied in unstable
gjdoc                      319168  gjdoc unconditionally depends on kaffe, currently uninstallable
gjdoc                      328929  gjdoc: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'java-gcj-compat-dev'
gjdoc                      330140  gjdoc: error while loading shared libraries: libgcj.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
java-gcj-compat            321145  java-gcj-compat: FTBFS: Missing build dependency on fastjar.
java-gcj-compat            355972  undefined symbol: GC_pthread_create
java-gcj-compat            356640  undefined symbol: GC_pthread_create
krb5                       385039  doesn't restart on upgrade (uses --exec with --stop)
lastfmsubmitd              354371  lastfmsubmitd: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'python-dev'
libnfsidmap                384688  needs shlibs bump
libtk-img                  355593  FTBFS: ./configure: line 5340: syntax error near unexpected token `('
pymsnt                     385007  pymsnt: fails to configure
sablotron                  376166  sablotron: FTBFS: Undefined references
sablotron                  377485  sablotron: Fails to upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man1/sablot-config.1.gz', which is also in package libsablot0-dev
tclmagick                  274668  tclmagick: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'tk8.4-dev'
tclmagick                  347742  tclmagick - FTBFS: ./configure: line 28114: syntax error near unexpected token
tclthread                  353848  tclthread: FTBFS: syntax error from broken tcl.m4
tclvfs                     353849  tclvfs: FTBFS: syntax error from broken tcl.m4
tktable2.9                 368795  libtktable: Call a missing file


control-center             378718  Recommends unavailable gnome2-user-guide
fai-kernels                385613  fai-kernels: Missing ethernet driver sk98lin on 2.6.16-fai, Marvell gigabit cards don't work
gcj-4.1                    97603   [alpha, fixed in 3.0] can't compile with define gnu_source on alpha with stdio and curses
gcj-4.1                    104614  Build failure with g++ 3.0
gcj-4.1                    105285  [fixed in 3.0] libstdc++-2.10: <cmath> doesn't define trunc(...)
gcj-4.1                    105569  [fixed in g++-3.0] [mips] g++ exception catching does not work...
gcj-4.1                    107569  gcc-3.0-sparc64_3.0.1-0pre010801_sparc fail apt-get install
gcj-4.1                    115390  infinite loop in CSE optimization
gcj-4.1                    120333  [fixed in g++-3.0] [mips] update-menus gets Bus Error
gcj-4.1                    122547  [gcc-3.0] cc1plus segfault in strength reduction
gcj-4.1                    130415  [fixed in 3.0] g77 crashes
gcj-4.1                    131454  [fixed in 3.0] gcc -O2 produces wrong code on PPC (gnuchess example)
gcj-4.1                    134558  [alpha, fixed in 3.0] libc6.1: header coflicts on alpha with gcc-2.95.4
gcj-4.1                    135224  g++ does not compile stlport4.5 on ia64
gcj-4.1                    135404  gcc-2.96: verify_local_live_at_start, at flow.c:2733 ICE, fixed by gcc-3.0 or -O1
gcj-4.1                    136359  g77-2.95: [ALPHA] Please rebuild libg2c.a with -mieee
gcj-4.1                    136731  [patch] hppa patches to fix two important compiler errors
gcj-4.1                    144602  [fixed with g77-3.0] lapack-dev: cannot link on alpha
gcj-4.1                    146006  [fixed in gcc-3.0] optimization (-O2) broken on m68k
gcj-4.1                    151357  [fixed in 3.3/snapshot] gcc-3.x fails to compile virtual inheritance with variable number of argument methode
gcj-4.1                    152315  [fixed in g++-3.x] g++-2.95-3/4 template and virtual inheritance bug
gcj-4.1                    154767  [fixed in 3.x] cpp-2.95 fails to parse macros with varargs correctly
gcj-4.1                    157416  [fixed in 3.3] cpp: _Pragma within macros is improperly expanded
gcj-4.1                    157416  [fixed in 3.3] cpp: _Pragma within macros is improperly expanded
gcj-4.1                    160404  sparc: sparc64 (-m64) support disabled
gcj-4.1                    162919  [PR optimization/8599] loop unroll bug with -march=k6-3
gcj-4.1                    163422  g++-3.2 not compiled for Common C++ ABI!
gcj-4.1                    163883  gcc-3.2: support for i386-freebsd-gnu (Debian freebsd-i386 port)
gcj-4.1                    164009  gcj-3.2: gcj-wrapper-3.2 omits input files starting with .
gcj-4.1                    165635  [fixed in 4.1] segmentation fault on compiling bad program
gcj-4.1                    165829  [fixed in gcc-3.3] C++ error on virtual function which uses ...
gcj-4.1                    168310  [fixed in 3.3] [PR c++/8598] xmmintrin.h broken for c++
gcj-4.1                    169862  [fixed in 3.4, optimization/1823] -ftrapv aborts with pointer difference due to division optimization
gcj-4.1                    171203  Build-Depends: tetex-bin
gcj-4.1                    172953  gpc-2.1-3.2 recommends nonexistant package librx1g-dev
gcj-4.1                    175253  gcc-3.2 1:3.2.2-0pre3 should conflict with gcc-3.2-nof < 1:3.2.2-0pre3 or not include /usr/lib/gcc-lib/arch-linux/3.2.2/libgcc_s_nof.so
gcj-4.1                    175478  [PR target/9201] [fixed in 3.4, 3.2/3.3 regression] ICE compiling octave-2.1 on m68k-linux
gcj-4.1                    176387  [PR optimization/9279, fixed in 3.3] {sparc} gcc-3.2 regression (wrong code)
gcj-4.1                    177016  [PR optimization/9389] {m68k} Internal error while building hdf5
gcj-4.1                    177840  [PR optimization/9812] [3.2/3.3 regression] m68k - ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2148
gcj-4.1                    178596  [fixed in 3.3] {s390} operand out of range at assembly time when using -O2
gcj-4.1                    178830  [fixed in 3.3] {ia64} gcc-3.2 fails w/ optimization
gcj-4.1                    178867  libstdc++5: shlibs depends >=1:3.2.1-1 - compiling against 3.2.2 breaks running against 3.2.1
gcj-4.1                    178909  [PR 10114, 3.2/3.3/3.4 sparc regression] ICE when optimizing (mem_loc_descriptor, at dwarf2out.c:7903)
gcj-4.1                    178965  [PR 10113, 3.2/3.3/3.4 sparc regression] ICE when optimizing (gen_reg_rtx, at emit-rtl.c:662)
gcj-4.1                    179161  [fixed in snapshot 20030105] lcdproc_0.4.3-12(mipsel) regression from 2.95
gcj-4.1                    179807  maxima: [m68k] FTBFS with undefined references to libglc.a
gcj-4.1                    180375  gcc-3.2: [m68k] Internal compiler error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2148
gcj-4.1                    180493  [fixed in 3.3] m68k - ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3980
gcj-4.1                    180520  [patch] fix long millicode calls so that things like arts will compile on hppa
gcj-4.1                    180750  [PR target/9790] [3.2 regression on arm, fixed in 3.3] ICE with -O2 (change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1945)
gcj-4.1                    180937  [PR c++/9789] [3.2 ICE regression, fixed in 3.3] Error reporting routines re-entered
gcj-4.1                    181813  ICE patch from upstream
gcj-4.1                    184753  [PR 10084] [3.2/3.3 regression]: alpha ICE while building ddd/kseg
gcj-4.1                    184800  [fixed in 3.3] ICE while building mplayer
gcj-4.1                    185604  [PR c++/10199, fixed in 3.4] method parametrized by template does not work everywhere
gcj-4.1                    185662  libstdc++5: Illegal instruction on 386 CPUs
gcj-4.1                    185903  [PR 10194] [3.2 regression, fixed in 3.3] [arm] gcc optimization error with -O2, affecting bison
gcj-4.1                    186299  [fixed in 3.3] [PR 10315] [powerpc] ICE: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175 building php3
gcj-4.1                    186447  gcc-3.2: [3.2 regression] [HPPA] Internal compiler error in insn_default_length, at insn-attrtab.c:1203
gcj-4.1                    190818  [m68k] Another Internal compiler error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2148
gcj-4.1                    191684  libstdc++5 3.3 breaks optimized binaries compiled with g++ 3.2
gcj-4.1                    192568  [fixed in 3.4] ICE on alpha while building agistudio
gcj-4.1                    192576  gcc-3.2: 3.2/3.3 alpha: ICE while building libquicktime
gcj-4.1                    194330  g++: [mips/mipsel] ice: in propagate_one_insn
gcj-4.1                    194345  [fixed in 3.4] gcc-3.4 needs to much memory / gets killed by OOM-killer
gcj-4.1                    194513  [fixed in 3.4] Internal error: unbalanced parenthesis in operand 1
gcj-4.1                    195237  [PR 10890] ICE with kernel 2.4.20; sched.c
gcj-4.1                    195424  [PR 11052] [3.3 regression] [arm] ICE (segfault) compiling xfree86
gcj-4.1                    195483  [fixed in 4.0] installation of common headers in /usr/include
gcj-4.1                    195796  [PR 11062] [fixed in 3.3.1] libstdc++-v3 uses __attribute__((unknown)) again, instead of __attribute__((__unknown__))
gcj-4.1                    195911  [PR 11350] [3.3/3.4 regression] undefined labels with -Os -fPIC
gcj-4.1                    196090  [PR 11366] [3.3 regression] miscompiles XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 key generation and/or validation in XFree86 at -O2
gcj-4.1                    196091  gcc-3.3: ICE in propagate_one_insn, at flow.c:1639 on mips/mipsel
gcj-4.1                    197099  [PR 11183] [3.3/3.4 regression] [arm] ICE in change_address_1 (3.3) / subreg_hard_regno (3.4)
gcj-4.1                    199835  [fixed in 3.3] gcl doesn't build on arm
gcj-4.1                    201550  [PR 11634] [3.3/3.4 regression] [hppa] ICE in verify_local_live_at_start
gcj-4.1                    202696  [Bug c++/11645] [3.3/3.4 Regression] Failure to deal with using and private inheritance
gcj-4.1                    203351  [PR 11713] [3.3/3.4 regression] c++ parser error
gcj-4.1                    203835  [PR 11793] [3.3.1/3.4 regression] ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175
gcj-4.1                    203835  [PR 11793] [3.3.1/3.4 regression] ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175
gcj-4.1                    203840  Need newer gcc 3.3 branch version to fix important ICE on IA64
gcj-4.1                    205404  [PR 7618] [3.2/3.3 regression, fixed in 3.4] generic thunk code fails for method `virtual void Virt::p(const char*, ...)' which uses `...'
gcj-4.1                    207516  [PR 12158] [3.3 regression] [hppa] compilation does not terminate
gcj-4.1                    207915  g++-3.3: [mips/el] [PR11716] Error: Branch out of range
gcj-4.1                    210478  cpp-3.3: cpp generates files with weird characters
gcj-4.1                    210482  [PR 12375] [3.3/3.4 regression] cpp inserting a spurious newline
gcj-4.1                    211054  fails to link libraries with -pthread on powerpc
gcj-4.1                    211909  Java packages are not built on HPPA, MIPS, MIPSEL
gcj-4.1                    218219  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 12828] -floop-optimize is unstable on PowerPC (float to int conversion problem)
gcj-4.1                    220846  gcc-3.3: Missing header-file: unwind.h.
gcj-4.1                    224848  g77-3.3: Contains invalid libtool .la control file.
gcj-4.1                    224848  g77-3.3: Contains invalid libtool .la control file.
gcj-4.1                    225346  [fixed in 4.0] gnat doesn't implement tasking on powerpc
gcj-4.1                    225663  [PR 13544] [3.3.3 regression] "conflicting types" for enums in different scopes
gcj-4.1                    226148  [fixed in 3.4] ICE building altivec code in ffmpeg
gcj-4.1                    226273  gnat won't run on old gcc-3.3
gcj-4.1                    233633  gcc-3.3: recent ICE regression in 3.3 while building xfree86
gcj-4.1                    234333  g77-3.3: broken symlink for libg2c-pic.so
gcj-4.1                    234711  [PR 14711, fixed in 3.4] ICE in final.c:2117 when compiling a huge source file
gcj-4.1                    236547  gcj-3.3: lost dependency on libgcj4-dev
gcj-4.1                    236560  libstdc++6-doc: tries to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man3/std::allocator.3.gz'
gcj-4.1                    236798  libstdc++6-dbg: package overlap with libstdc++5-3.3-dbg
gcj-4.1                    239856  gcc-3.4: FTBFS on sparc64/sid
gcj-4.1                    248432  [fixed in 4.0] [m68k] ICE in add_insn_before, at emit-rtl.c:3598
gcj-4.1                    255801  [PR 16152, fixed in 3.4] perl-5.8.4 fails to build using gcc-3.3.4 on {ia64,arm,m68k}-linux
gcj-4.1                    260710  [fixed in 4.0] gcc-3.4: Internal compiler error building glibc's nptl on amd64
gcj-4.1                    270620  [fixed in 4.0] o32 ABI breakage in gcc 3.3/3.4
gcj-4.1                    270854  [PR17827, fixed in 4.0] ICE: in make_decl_rtl, at varasm.c:752
gcj-4.1                    274942  static libs and object files fail to link when xgot needs to be used
gcj-4.1                    275655  [fixed in 3.4] gcc-3.3: Compilation of valid code produces odd segfault on sarge
gcj-4.1                    276291  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3 internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    281445  [fixed in 3.2/3.4] generated object file cannot be linked
gcj-4.1                    283503  [fixed in 3.4] internal compiler error: in expand_call, at calls.c:3110
gcj-4.1                    291075  gij-4.0: /usr/bin/gij-wrapper-4.0 point to gij-3.4
gcj-4.1                    291077  gij-4.0: reopen bug #287644 libgij.so.0 still not found
gcj-4.1                    291497  gcc-4.0: FTBFS? in experimental (arm)
gcj-4.1                    293050  /usr/lib/libgcj.la: Wrong libdir in *.la file
gcj-4.1                    293466  [PR 19265] [fixed in 4.0] g++-3.4: mt_allocator + threads + dlclose = crash
gcj-4.1                    301140  libstdc++6-4.0-doc: dpkg fails to manage this package : filenames too long (on my box at least)
gcj-4.1                    303866  libstdc++6-4.0-dbg: not installable in sid
gcj-4.1                    307993  CE in gen_subprogram_die at dwarf2out.c:10913 building glibc 2.3.5 with nptl
gcj-4.1                    315140  FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
gcj-4.1                    315384  gcc-4.0: FTBFS on hurd-i386: MAXPATHLEN issue
gcj-4.1                    315386  gcc-4.0: [patch] hurd-changes update
gcj-4.1                    315646  java-gcj-compat: last upload of gcc-4.0 broke links in include directory
gcj-4.1                    316499  libgcj6-common: gcj-4.0 requires libgcj6-dev
gcj-4.1                    318443  gcc-4.0: hurd-changes.dpatch not getting applied
gcj-4.1                    318932  g++-4.0: [PR 22551] ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3843
gcj-4.1                    321016  Wrong priority
gcj-4.1                    321215  [PR 23454, fixed in 4.1] [4.0 regression] [sparc] ICE in invert_exp_1, at jump.c:1719
gcj-4.1                    321215  [PR 23454, fixed in 4.1] [4.0 regression] [sparc] ICE in invert_exp_1, at jump.c:1719
gcj-4.1                    321350  gcc-4.0: FTBFS on hurd-i386: MAXPATHLEN issue in gcc/ada/adaint.c
gcj-4.1                    322912  [PR fortran/23368] ICE with NAG routines
gcj-4.1                    323016  [m68k] while compiling tin
gcj-4.1                    323426  [m68k] ICE: gcc-4.0 segfaults with -O2 dealing with long doubles
gcj-4.1                    328684  g++-4.0: 4.0.1-7 chokes on code that compiles fine on 4.0.1-6
gcj-4.1                    328973  gcc-4.0: FTBFS on hurd-i386: parts of hurd-changes.dpatch applied upstream
gcj-4.1                    330279  gcc-4.0: #pragma GCC visibility isn't properly handled for builtin functions
gcj-4.1                    330826  [alpha] insane default of -mno-ieee instead of -mieee breaks many apps
gcj-4.1                    333954  gcc-4.0: on alpha, gcc generated lituse_jsrdirect relocation tag is killing the assembler
gcj-4.1                    336225  [fixed in 4.1] g++ needs lots of RAM
gcj-4.1                    340293  [PR 24912][m68k] ICE reload_cse_simplify_operands
gcj-4.1                    341710  gij-4.1: gij-wrapper-4.1 launches gij-4.0
gcj-4.1                    342121  [m68k] gcc-4.0 leads to segfault
gcj-4.1                    342484  Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.weakref'
gcj-4.1                    343313  libstdc++6: upgrade breaks existing applications with scim 1.0.2-3
gcj-4.1                    343692  [m68k] ICEs while building gst-ffmpeg -- regression
gcj-4.1                    344265  [fixed in 4.1] Segfault on -fdump-tree-all-all
gcj-4.1                    344986  gjdoc: FTBFS on mips/mipsel: gij-wrapper-4.0 failed
gcj-4.1                    353346  gcj can't make shared libs on hppa.
gcj-4.1                    353618  [fixed in 4.1] [m68k] gcc-4.0 segfault building glibc
gcj-4.1                    356435  g++-4.0: may fail to generate all versions of inline destructor
gcj-4.1                    356548  FTBFS with G++ 4.1: on mips: error: cannot bind packed field
gcj-4.1                    356896  [PR 26763, 4.1 regression] gcc-4.1 miscompiles apcalc
gcj-4.1                    359281  [m68k] Error: value out of range
gcj-4.1                    364412  g++-4.0: problem with #pragma interface and templates turning back?
gcj-4.1                    364820  Add /usr/lib/jni to the default java.library.path
gcj-4.1                    364820  Add /usr/lib/jni to the default java.library.path
gcj-4.1                    365900  priority standard libgnatprj4.1 depends on optional libgnat-4.1
gcj-4.1                    369547  gfortran: strange behaviour in unformatted writing
gcj-4.1                    369642  g++-4.0/alpha: -fvisibility-inlines-hidden segfaults on reference to static method
gcj-4.1                    369690  gcc-4.1: FTBFS on hurd-i386: hurd-changes.dpatch needs updating
gcj-4.1                    370308  bogus gcc error check breaks perl headers
gcj-4.1                    370320  gcc-4.1: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (CRLF in dpatch)
gcj-4.1                    370661  gcj-4.1: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
gcj-4.1                    373820  gcc-4.1: ICE on amd64 building cynthiune.app.
gcj-4.1                    373895  [PR28016, fixed in 3.1] g++-4.1: "multiple definition" linker errors with code that used to work
gcj-4.1                    375522  [m68k] error: insn does not satisfy its constraints
gcj-4.1                    376084  ICE (k3d, ia64): in add_insn_before, at emit-rtl.c:3479
gcj-4.1                    376660  [alpha] check whether compiler driver understands Ada fails
gcj-4.1                    376871  Wrong template constant as symbol (PR28016).
gcj-4.1                    377012  Having gcc-4.1 conflict, replace and provide libssp0-dev breaks cross compilers
gcj-4.1                    378599  [m68k] gcc-4.1 -O2 optimization problem
gcj-4.1                    381572  [m68k] ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2084
gcj-4.1                    381710  gcc-4.1: wrong code generation for perl on hppa/mips.
gcj-4.1                    385021  [m68k] ICE in output_move_qimode
gjdoc                      170287  gjdoc-native doesn't depend on libgcj.so.2
gjdoc                      186115  New Upstream Release
gjdoc                      309219  NullPointerException in gnu.classpath.tools.gjdoc.RootDocImpl.build (RootDocImpl.java:227)
gnome-vfs2                 379598  libgnomevfs2-0: uses 100% CPU, prevents login
gnome-vfs2                 385344  gnome-panel consume 100% CPU when GAMIN is use instead FAM
gnumed-client              383138  Recommends unavailable libextractor
gnumed-client              384886  gnumed-client: default fallback for --unicode-gettext option should be 1, not 0 (in /usr/bin/gnumed)
gnumed-client              385003  gnumed-client: missing Depends: on gnumed-common
ircd-hybrid                283738  ircd-hybrid: Client ssl support broken
ircd-hybrid                337912  ircd-hybrid: SSL build fails to build using instructions in CRYPTLINKS.txt
java-gcj-compat            313228  java-gcj-compat: lacks manpages, but tries to register them
java-gcj-compat            315646  java-gcj-compat: last upload of gcc-4.0 broke links in include directory
java-gcj-compat            315646  java-gcj-compat: last upload of gcc-4.0 broke links in include directory
java-gcj-compat            335610  java-gcj-compat-dev: typo in the Recommends
java-gcj-compat            358932  missing jni_md.h link
kipi-plugins               343949  kipi-plugins(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date libtool scripts
libextractor-python        380853  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
libextutils-parsexs-perl   385354  libextutils-parsexs-perl: Circular build-dependency on libmodule-build-perl
libopensync-plugin-palm    383882  opensync-plugin-palm: cannot add palm member to a group
mail-notification          376274  mail-notification: Uses URL handler for mailto to open mail reader
mail-notification          384133  mail-notification: Needs easy way of disabling autostart
nvidia-graphics-drivers    385114  incoming nvidia-glx conflicts with xorg 7.1 in experimental
page-crunch                384235  page-crunch: UI text is all in French
pyslide                    380918  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
sablotron                  311609  sablotron: Segfault when stylesheet import fails
scribus                    383152  /usr/lib/scribus/libs/libFOO.so symlinks missing
scribus                    384260  scribus: Fails to print or create PDF, missing plugin
slab                       374533  pam-dotfile: FTBFS: bashisms in debian/rules
tktable2.9                 380144  tktable: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD


beagle                     357530  beagle-search crash with the Contents call
beagle                     366486  daily cron job fails if beagle has been removed, but not purged
bison                      384567  bison: preinst breaks manually selected yacc alternative
clearsilver                384158  perl-clearsilver: please follow perl policy package naming
control-center             380284  gnome-control-center: Wrong commandline for Thunderbird
emacs-snapshot             384492  emacs-snapshot: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (due to unsatisfied Build-Depends on libasound2-dev)
emacs-snapshot             385542  sendmail-program set incorrectly due to removed mailx build-dep
evms                       385705  evms-gui: crash when creating a segment
f-spot                     312566  no f-spot(1) manual page
gcc-defaults               384278  gcc: postinst installs dangling symlink for manpage
gcc-defaults               384303  gcc-defaults: alternatives pointing to non-existent manpages
gcc-defaults               384923  Dangling slave link to cc.1.gz
gcc-defaults               384927  Dangling slave link to c++.1.gz
gcj-4.1                    2910    [fixed in gcc-3.1] GCC accepts multi-line strings without \ or " " &c
gcj-4.1                    20695   regparm/profiling breakage (fixed with gcc-3.0)
gcj-4.1                    21255   [fixed in 3.0] g++ has some troubles with nested templates
gcj-4.1                    22769   egcs exceptions don't work with Tcl
gcj-4.1                    26864   apcalc_2.10.3t5.45-4: uses ash in custom/Makefile
gcj-4.1                    33037   gpc crashes (internal error) when using -O
gcj-4.1                    33786   [fixed upstream 001117] uncaught floating point exception causes gcc internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    34876   [fixed upstream 001117] vtable thunks implementation is broken
gcj-4.1                    35215   [can't reproduce] jade: can't build tex docs of php3
gcj-4.1                    35477   [fixed upstream 001117] C++ class mishandling
gcj-4.1                    38246   [Fixed in gcc-2.95] zsh: "read i" segfaults on Alpha because of compiler bug
gcj-4.1                    42662   [fixed in 2.96 CVS 20000720] templated friend
gcj-4.1                    42946   [fixed in 3.4] Parse errors for "simple" code
gcj-4.1                    42989   [fixed  gcc-2.95.1: g++ 'internal compiler error' messages
gcj-4.1                    43001   [fixed in 3.0] [alpha] gcc 2.95.2 19990906 Internal compiler error in `fixup_var_refs_1'
gcj-4.1                    43170   [PR 40: deprecated in 3.0] Result naming doesn't work for functions defined in a class
gcj-4.1                    43863   man page doesn't document return codes
gcj-4.1                    45440   [fixed in g++-3.1] __attribute__((unused)) is ignored in C++
gcj-4.1                    47453   gpc: gpc fails to link programs because "undefiled reference to '__setbits'"
gcj-4.1                    47981   [fixed in upstream 20000518] [alpha] Mutt segv on viewing list of attachments
gcj-4.1                    48011   gcc_2.95.2-0pre3(unstable): m68k-pic.dpatch corrupted
gcj-4.1                    48530   g++ [fixed in 2.96 CVS Feb 2000] [alpha]: internal compiler error building open-amulet
gcj-4.1                    50529   [fixed in g++-3.0] volatile undefined...
gcj-4.1                    51456   [fixed in upstream gcc-20000114] another gcc optimization error
gcj-4.1                    52382   [fixed with libstdc++-v3] setw is ignored for strings output
gcj-4.1                    53698   [fixed upstream 001117] internal compiler error with templates
gcj-4.1                    55291   [alpha; fixed in upstream CVS] internal compiler compiling hatman
gcj-4.1                    55967   [fixed in 2.96 CVS 20000720] internal compiler error (testcase attached)
gcj-4.1                    56867   [fix with libstdc++-v3 20000720] program compiled -O3 -malign-double segfaults in ofstream::~ofstream
gcj-4.1                    58219   [fixed in upstream gcc-20000116] Compiler barfs with -O on specific file
gcj-4.1                    59232   [fixed upstream 20010109] gcc -c -MD x/y.c -o x/y.o leaves y.d in the current directory
gcj-4.1                    59776   [implemented upstream 001117] vector doesn't have the at() method
gcj-4.1                    61806   [fixed in g++-3.0] [PR114] __attribute__ ((constructor)) doesn't work with C++
gcj-4.1                    62309   [fixed in 3.0] Internal compiler error: program cc1obj got fatal signal 11
gcj-4.1                    64628   [fixed in 2.96 CVS 20000720] gcc -fpack-struct
gcj-4.1                    64832   [fixed in gcc-3.1] gcc optimizer bug on m68k
gcj-4.1                    65686   [fixed in gcc-3.1] Internal compiler error (signal 11)
gcj-4.1                    65687   [fixed upstream 001117] Internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    66175   gnat: GNAT miscounts UTF8 characters in string with -gnaty
gcj-4.1                    67631   [fixed in upstream CVS 20000720] Compiler error with -O2
gcj-4.1                    69530   [fixed upstream 001117] Error in stl_deque.h
gcj-4.1                    70743   [fixed in gcc-3.0 and gcc-3.1] [alpha] g++ -O2 optimization error
gcj-4.1                    72933   [fixed upstream 001117] Hash bug in gcc 2.95.2
gcj-4.1                    73065   [fixed in gcc-3.4, PR c/6897] Code produced with -fPIC reserves EBX, but compiles bad __asm__ anyway
gcj-4.1                    75759   [fixed with libstdc++-v3] problem with bastring
gcj-4.1                    76645   [fixed with libstdc++-v3] setw & ios::width fails with libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2
gcj-4.1                    79225   [fixed in 3.2] g++ handles &(void *)foo bizzarely
gcj-4.1                    80468   [fixed in gobjc-3.1] @protocol forward definitions do not work
gcj-4.1                    81122   [fix 3.1: PR c++/3494] Internal compiler error (with wrong code, though)
gcj-4.1                    83221   [fixed in 3.0] g++ dies with internal error
gcj-4.1                    83363   [fixed in g++-3.0] g++ breaks a simple sort program when compiling at -O2
gcj-4.1                    83550   [PR target/491] can't compile php4 on arm
gcj-4.1                    84969   [PR target/491] can't compile php4 on arm
gcj-4.1                    85445   [PR c/3504]: __alignof__ not working correctly
gcj-4.1                    85934   [fixed in g++-3.0] ICE on template class
gcj-4.1                    87300   gcj/libjava bootstrap error
gcj-4.1                    87540   [fixed in 3.0] ICE when using -mno-ieee-fp and -march=i686
gcj-4.1                    88260   [fixed in g++-3.0] No warning for missing return in non-void member func
gcj-4.1                    88694   [fixed] [PR c++/3936] flightgear: build failure on sparc
gcj-4.1                    90363   [fixed in g77-3.0] f77 miscompiles PIC on arm
gcj-4.1                    90666   [fixed in gcc-3.0] reproducible internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    93708   [fixed in gcc-3.0] man versus info inconsistency (-W and -Wall)
gcj-4.1                    94404   None of the gcc 3.0 packages should be Priority: required
gcj-4.1                    96539   [fixed in 3.0] libstdc++2.10-dev: Error in bastring.h
gcj-4.1                    99307   [PR libgcj/3419] unresolved symbols when gcj -static is used
gcj-4.1                    99307   [PR libgcj/3419] unresolved symbols when gcj -static is used
gcj-4.1                    99523   gcj-3.0: Missing symlinks for some man pages
gcj-4.1                    102620  gcc-3.0: package description claims C++ support
gcj-4.1                    103051  fastjar: Please include man page
gcj-4.1                    103468  libgcj2: gij links to itself
gcj-4.1                    103883  libgcj2: symlink loop problem with gij
gcj-4.1                    104250  g77: Creating a shared lib with g77 links in non-fPIC code from libg2c.a
gcj-4.1                    105741  [fixed in gcc-3.1] gcc-3.0 misscompiles the Allegro library
gcj-4.1                    106538  version numbering broken
gcj-4.1                    106716  gcc-3.0.1 refuses to compile Linux kernel
gcj-4.1                    109351  g++ -mcpu=k6 ICE
gcj-4.1                    109718  gcc-3.0: incorrect Conflicts: line
gcj-4.1                    111772  gcc-3.0-sparc64: kills gobjc-3.0
gcj-4.1                    111801  gcc-3.0: Fix crash in c-typeck.c:comptypes() (PR3952)
gcj-4.1                    113236  Fastjar extracts some file names incorrectly
gcj-4.1                    114099  gcc-3.0: ICE "Unrecognizable insn" with -O2 -march=k6 (ALSA modules)
gcj-4.1                    114216  gcc: exits successfully if there's no compiler for a language
gcj-4.1                    116798  Please re-enable gcj and libffi for ia64
gcj-4.1                    117765  [fixed in 4.0] Failure to detect use of unitialized variable with -O -Wall
gcj-4.1                    118670  [not a bug/fixed in libgcc1] libgcc.a symbols end up exported by shared libraries
gcj-4.1                    118781  [fixed in g++-3.0] internal compiler error using nested templates
gcj-4.1                    126218  Didn't you meant libgcc_s.so.1 and libgcc1?
gcj-4.1                    126703  <stdio.h> defines _GNU_SOURCE with g++-3.x
gcj-4.1                    127111  libgcj2: missing symoblic link
gcj-4.1                    127489  [fixed in g++-3.0] Another g++ Internal Compiler Error with templates
gcj-4.1                    127571  gij: No -I switch
gcj-4.1                    127805  libgcj2-dev: lintian error: package-has-a-duplicate-relation
gcj-4.1                    128178  gcc-3.0-sparc64 does not upgrade on sun4m/woody
gcj-4.1                    128367  [fixed in g++-3.0] aspell: trigger internal compiler error on mipsel
gcj-4.1                    128947  gij doesn't provide 'java'
gcj-4.1                    128974  Can we have a pic version of libXau?
gcj-4.1                    131890  [fixed in gcc-3.0/3.1] Internal compiler error at compiling sample code
gcj-4.1                    134197  gcc-2.95: gcc 2.95.4 cannot compile a bootable 2.4.17 kernel on some Alpha machines.
gcj-4.1                    135709  gcc-3.0: missing (?) replaces
gcj-4.1                    136630  [fixed in gcc-3.0/3.1] gcc chokes (internal error) on invalid extended asm
gcj-4.1                    136659  [PR target/9080] optimisation on sparc leads to unalligned access in memcpy
gcj-4.1                    138561  [fixed in 3.4] parse errors in nested constructor calls
gcj-4.1                    140427  [fixed in g++-3.1] Internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    141199  libstdc++2.10-dev: Missing some string::compare() members?
gcj-4.1                    141797  [fixed in g++-3.0/3.1] Internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    142844  [fixed in gcc-3.0 and gcc-3.1] [alpha] dead code removal in switch() broken
gcj-4.1                    146883  Kernel compiled for an Alpha SMP is not bootable.
gcj-4.1                    147249  libgcc1 should be split into libgcc1-sparc64
gcj-4.1                    148181  gcc-3.1: missing xmmintrin.h
gcj-4.1                    148603  [fixed in g++-3.1] crash when template declared after use
gcj-4.1                    148662  gcj-3.1 used wrong libgcj
gcj-4.1                    148664  g++-3.1: can not compile code with std::assert in it
gcj-4.1                    148682  gij-3.1: /usr/bin/gij-wrapper-3.1 tries to execute wrong gij
gcj-4.1                    148890  gcj-3.1: Error in manpage of gcj-3.1
gcj-4.1                    149002  gcc-3.1: Dangling symlink in /usr(/share)/doc/gcc-3.1
gcj-4.1                    149002  gcc-3.1: Dangling symlink in /usr(/share)/doc/gcc-3.1
gcj-4.1                    149151  cdrdao: confdir should be /etc/default
gcj-4.1                    149776  libstdc++4-dev: codecvt is missing some qualifications
gcj-4.1                    150142  gcj-3.1: gcj-wrapper-3.1 problem with -classpath
gcj-4.1                    150558  [fixed in gcc-3.1]  -O3 yields asm code mp.s:9605: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `div'
gcj-4.1                    151196  [fixed in gcc-3.x] gcc-2.95.4-9 ICE in kernel (matroxfb) code
gcj-4.1                    151675  [fixed in gcc-3.x] gcc: infinite loop with -O on arm
gcj-4.1                    152501  [[PR java/7304, fixed in 3.5] gcj-3.1 ICE
gcj-4.1                    152709  [fixed in gcc-3.x] __VA_ARGS__ stringification crashes preprocessor if __VA_ARGS__ is empty
gcj-4.1                    153472  [fixed in 3.4, PR c/4106] i386 -fPIC asm ebx clobber no error
gcj-4.1                    153965  [PR preprocessor/8602] incorrect line numbers in warning messages when using inline functions
gcj-4.1                    154599  [fixed in gcc-3.1] internal gcc error compiling perl 5.8.0
gcj-4.1                    156450  [fixed in 3.x] doesn't handle empty args in macro function if there is only one arg
gcj-4.1                    156734  Build-Depends should accept gnat-3.2
gcj-4.1                    157004  versioned dependency on libc6-dev breaks install on the Hurd
gcj-4.1                    157292  [fixed in g++-3.x] template function default arguments are not handled
gcj-4.1                    157982  gcj-3.2: bashism in gcj-wrapper-3.2
gcj-4.1                    158459  gcc-3.2: FTBFS as non-root
gcj-4.1                    158704  [fix in 3.2] gcc doesn't warn about unreachable code
gcj-4.1                    159395  FTBFS with MAKEFLAGS="-j2"
gcj-4.1                    159620  FTBFS: NetBSD libc does not have __cxa_atexit
gcj-4.1                    160175  gcc-3.2: missing message catalogs 
gcj-4.1                    160859  gcj-3.2: Wrapper will not compile some files
gcj-4.1                    161438  gcc-3.2 needs automake-1.4 Build-Depends
gcj-4.1                    161517  -classpath /path/to/some.jar eaten by wrapper script
gcj-4.1                    161615  [fixed in 3.3] -print-file-name sometimes fails
gcj-4.1                    161853  libstdc++2.10-dev: <cmath> header does not declare 	std::pow()
gcj-4.1                    162074  [fix in 3.2] Warning when including stl.h
gcj-4.1                    162843  man g++-3.2 returns manpage for gcc-2.95.2
gcj-4.1                    163172  gcj-3.2: Wrapper will not compile some files with path information
gcj-4.1                    163647  [PR 6890] xmmintrin.h, _MM_TRANSPOSE4_PS is broken
gcj-4.1                    164872  g++-3.2: Defines _GNU_SOURCE
gcj-4.1                    165110  [fixed in gcc-3.x] undocumented option -pthread
gcj-4.1                    165992  [docs fixed in 3.2] __builtin_return_address doesn't work properly
gcj-4.1                    166143  [PR 8601] strlen/template interaction causes ICE
gcj-4.1                    166766  [fixed in 3.x] Internal compiler error in `gen_tagged_type_instantiation_die'
gcj-4.1                    166940  [fixed in 3.4] x86/sse2 ICEs on vector intrinsics
gcj-4.1                    167116  GCC's Build-Depends: gnat-3.2, and automake
gcj-4.1                    167439  [fixed in gcc-3.x] stdbool.h broken
gcj-4.1                    168086  [PR target/9090] arm ICE with >= -O2; regression from 2.95
gcj-4.1                    168346  [fixed in 3.x] C99 symbols in limits.h not defined
gcj-4.1                    170994  [fixed in 3.x] ICE on __builtin_memset(s, 0, -1) (2.95 only)
gcj-4.1                    171748  gcc-3.2: GCC doesn't accept the -a option
gcj-4.1                    172956  [fixed in gcc-3.x] Sparc GCC issue with -mcpu=ultrasparc
gcj-4.1                    173475  gcc-2.95: ICE on ARM
gcj-4.1                    173844  gpc-2.1-3.2-doc: conflict between gpc-2.95-doc and gpc-2.1-3.2-doc
gcj-4.1                    174598  gcc-3.2-doc: Bad link in documentation - C++ Extentions
gcj-4.1                    175144  libstdc++5-pic: no version information available (required by specialmap-reader)
gcj-4.1                    175251  gcc-3.2: evil timeout avoidance script doesn't die!
gcj-4.1                    175799  package description deceptive
gcj-4.1                    176101  [fixed in 3.4] broken c++ code causes g++-3.2 and older to segfault
gcj-4.1                    176117  [PR optimization/9258, 3.2/3.3, HEAD ok] Internal compiler error in g77
gcj-4.1                    177303  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11943] Accepts invalid declaration "int x[2, 3];" in C99 mode
gcj-4.1                    177433  {m68} internal compiler error while compiling texmacs
gcj-4.1                    179597  [Fixed with 3.3 20030129 (prerelease)] Internal compiler error: Error reporting routines re-entered.
gcj-4.1                    180567  [fixed in 3.3] Broken zip file handling
gcj-4.1                    181679  [fixed in gcc-3.3] Preelaborate, exceptions, and -gnatN
gcj-4.1                    184108  [fixed in 3.3] ICE when warning about cleanup nastiness in switch statements
gcj-4.1                    184446  libstdc++5-dev has i486 specific asm code
gcj-4.1                    184862  [fixed in 3.3] static fpos_t gives internal compiler error
gcj-4.1                    186139  [fixed in 3.3] [alpha] va_start is off by one
gcj-4.1                    186185  [PR target/10206] [3.2 / 3.3 regression] [arm] ICE when compiling fftw
gcj-4.1                    187091  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11942] restrict keyword broken in C99 mode
gcj-4.1                    187910  [fixed in 3.3] ICE while compiling mozilla with -march=pentium4
gcj-4.1                    188527  [fixed in 3.3] [PR 10427] [3.2/3.3/3.4 regression] Stack corruption with variable-length automatic arrays and virtual destructors
gcj-4.1                    189059  libg2c0: no libg2c.so symlink
gcj-4.1                    189365  [PR 10587] [3.2/3.3 regression] [ia64] ICE in copy_to_mode_reg compiling libquicktime
gcj-4.1                    189424  libstdc++5-3.3-doc: dangling symbolic link
gcj-4.1                    189545  ICE with certain expressions as 3rd clause of for loop
gcj-4.1                    189702  [PR 10580] [fixed in 3.3] [powerpc] ICE with -O -Wunreachable-code
gcj-4.1                    189851  gpc does not build on hurd-i386
gcj-4.1                    189851  gpc does not build on hurd-i386
gcj-4.1                    189983  libstdc++5: symbol __gnu_cxx::_Atomic_add_mutex missing
gcj-4.1                    190066  gcc-3.3: missing support for x86-64
gcj-4.1                    190812  treelang missing man page
gcj-4.1                    191407  FTBFS: Pascal breaks on (at least) netbsd-i386
gcj-4.1                    191551  FTBFS: NetBSD files changed from 3.2 to 3.3
gcj-4.1                    192135  [fixed in 4.0] Convention Fortran matrices mishandled in generics
gcj-4.1                    192296  octave-forge_2003.04.28-3(hppa/unstable):
gcj-4.1                    193049  [PR 10888] [3.3/3.4 regression] [diagnostic] inlining failure for allocate in ~vector()
gcj-4.1                    193689  gcc-3.3: GCC 3.3 uninstallable on i386
gcj-4.1                    193804  octave: Octave segfaults at start
gcj-4.1                    193830  [PR 10849] [3.3/3.4 regression] specialization of private members structs fails
gcj-4.1                    194749  [PR 11054] [3.3 regression] [m68k] ICE in reg_overlap_mentioned_p
gcj-4.1                    195480  [fixed in 3.4] gcj-3.3 thinks a decl conflicts with itself
gcj-4.1                    196380  [fixed in 3.4] libstdc++5-3.3-doc: lower_bound is not well documented
gcj-4.1                    196600  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11370] -Wunreachable-code gives false complaints
gcj-4.1                    196600  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11370] -Wunreachable-code gives false complaints
gcj-4.1                    196744  gcc-3.3: should depend on binutils >= on mips
gcj-4.1                    197504  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11369] too relaxed checking with -Wstrict-prototypes
gcj-4.1                    197613  gcc: m68k: /usr/bin/ld: cannot open crtbeginT.o: No such file or directory
gcj-4.1                    197674  [fixed in 3.4] ICE in regenerate_decl_from_template
gcj-4.1                    198042  [fixed in 3.4] [3.3 regression] function fails to propagate up class tree (template-related)
gcj-4.1                    198172  [arm] gcc-3.3 miscompile pari with -O3
gcj-4.1                    198269  [PR 11368] -falign-* has no effect on i386
gcj-4.1                    200011  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11437] ICE in lookup_name_real
gcj-4.1                    200140  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11445] false positive warning with -Wunreachable-code
gcj-4.1                    200392  [fixed in 3.4/4.0] [PR 11459] -stdc=c90 -pedantic warns about C90's non long-long support when in C99 mode
gcj-4.1                    202762  [PR 11717] [3.3 regression] [alpha] unrecognizable insn compiling for.c of kernel 2.4.22-pre8
gcj-4.1                    203212  [fixed in 4.0] [PR 11941] libgcj handles timezones wrongly
gcj-4.1                    204407  [fixed in 3.4] [m68k] ICE in verify_initial_elim_offsets
gcj-4.1                    205402  [PR 11928] c++ typedef handling
gcj-4.1                    205643  gcj-3.3: Please remove gcj-debian-policy patch
gcj-4.1                    206377  libgcj4: NullPointerException detection broken with 2.6 kernel
gcj-4.1                    209152  [fixed in 3.4] Large array problem on 64 bit platforms
gcj-4.1                    209386  [PR 12451] missing(late) class forward declaration in cxxabi.h
gcj-4.1                    210844  [fixed in 3.4] [3.3 regression] Constraint error for valid input
gcj-4.1                    212406  [PR 12249] [3.3 regression] ICE in add_abstract_origin_attribute
gcj-4.1                    212912  gcc-3.3: [alpha] Linux linker/loader does not support -mieee-conformant
gcj-4.1                    212912  gcc-3.3: [alpha] Linux linker/loader does not support -mieee-conformant
gcj-4.1                    216105  [fixed in 3.4] Using streambuf / iostream to read from a named pipe
gcj-4.1                    217075  [PR 13070] [3.3 / 3.4 regression] -Wformat option ignored in g++
gcj-4.1                    218803  [fixed in 3.5] [PR 13072] Bogus warning with VLA in switch
gcj-4.1                    219508  long description for libffi2 and libffi2-dev are identical
gcj-4.1                    219949  [PR 13041] linux-2.6/sound/core/oss/rate.c miscompiled
gcj-4.1                    220000  [fixed in 3.4] libstdc++: largefile support (LFS) missing
gcj-4.1                    224413  [PR 13621] [3.3 regression, fixed in 3.4] cc1plus crashes when compiling a statement expression returning type string
gcj-4.1                    224576  [PR 13514] [3.3 regression] unable to find a register to spill
gcj-4.1                    225438  [PR 13512] not implemented interface methods of abstract classes not found
gcj-4.1                    225621  [fixed in 3.4] g77 sometimes generates invalid assembly code on m68k
gcj-4.1                    225935  [PR 456, fixed in 3.4] handling of constant expressions
gcj-4.1                    226244  [fixed in 3.4] [3.3 regression] gcc -O3 -fprofile-arcs causes an array initalizer to be miscompiled
gcj-4.1                    227129  [fixed in 3.4] some strings are not translateable
gcj-4.1                    227193  [fixed in 4.1] toplev.c: gettext interprets the two conditional strings as one
gcj-4.1                    227518  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: Doesn't find inherited inner class after template instantiation
gcj-4.1                    228018  [fixed in 3.4] [alpha] cc1 Internal error when building fceu-0.97.5
gcj-4.1                    228099  [PR 13944] exception in constructor of a class to be thrown is not caught
gcj-4.1                    228645  [fixed in 4.1.0] call of overloaded `llabs(int)' is ambiguous
gcj-4.1                    228645  [fixed in 4.1.0] call of overloaded `llabs(int)' is ambiguous
gcj-4.1                    229567  [PR 13877] [3.3 regression] miscompilation with -O -funroll-loops on powerpc
gcj-4.1                    229642  [fixed in 3.4.1, PR 13928] no whatis info in some man pages generated by doxygen
gcj-4.1                    230338  Request for newer SSP patch for GCC
gcj-4.1                    232615  [hppa/patch] java and ffi support for hppa
gcj-4.1                    232709  [fixed in 3.4] Undefined symbol: _M_setstate
gcj-4.1                    234709  [fixed in 3.4] Unable to parse declaration of inline constructor explicit specialization
gcj-4.1                    238432  [fixed in 4.0] gcj fails to wait for its child processes on exec()
gcj-4.1                    241255  gcc-3.3: miscompiles loop with bitfield counter
gcj-4.1                    242158  [fixed in 3.5] ICE with unsupported locale
gcj-4.1                    242916  [fixed in 3.4] ICE on invalid #define with -traditional
gcj-4.1                    243507  [PR 151125] [3.3/3.4 regression, fixed in 3.5] g++ -Wformat doesn't warn for different types in fprintf
gcj-4.1                    243795  gnat: Bug box from "with Text_IO" when compiling optimized
gcj-4.1                    243796  gnat: Nonconforming parameter lists not detected
gcj-4.1                    243797  gnat: Illegal use clause not detected
gcj-4.1                    243799  gnat: Compiler enters infinite loop on illegal program with tagged records
gcj-4.1                    243800  gnat: Compiler crashes on illegal program (missing discriminant, unconstrained parent)
gcj-4.1                    243801  gnat: Bug box at sinfo.adb:1215 on illegal program
gcj-4.1                    243802  gnat: Bug box at sinfo.adb:1651 on illegal program
gcj-4.1                    243803  gnat: Illegal program not detected (entry families)
gcj-4.1                    243807  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 10.1.1(14)
gcj-4.1                    243812  gnat: Bug box at exp_ch9.adb:7254 on illegal code
gcj-4.1                    244225  gnat: Bug box in Gigi, code=116, on legal program
gcj-4.1                    244483  [fixed in 4.0] gnat: Illegal program not detected, 12.7(10) (generic parameter is visible, shouldn't be)
gcj-4.1                    244496  gnat: Illegal program not detected, ambiguous aggregate
gcj-4.1                    244940  [fixed in 4.1] gnat: Bug box at sem_ch3.adb:8003
gcj-4.1                    244945  [fixed in 4.0] gnat: Bug box in Gigi, code=103, on illegal program
gcj-4.1                    245438  gnat-3.4: gnatchop invokes /usr/bin/gcc
gcj-4.1                    246031  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3 crashes with segfault on broken c++ code
gcj-4.1                    246188  gnat: Legal program rejected, overloaded procedures
gcj-4.1                    246388  [fixed in 4.1] gnat: Bug box in Gigi, code=999, on legal program
gcj-4.1                    246389  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 10.1.6(3)
gcj-4.1                    246639  g++-3.3: Spurious ctor/dtor warnings (fixed)
gcj-4.1                    247014  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 3.10.2(24)
gcj-4.1                    247015  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 3.9(17)
gcj-4.1                    247016  gnat: Legal program rejected
gcj-4.1                    247021  gnat: Legal program rejected
gcj-4.1                    247022  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 4.7(3)
gcj-4.1                    247562  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 3.10.2(27)
gcj-4.1                    247563  gnat: Legal program rejected, "limited type has no stream attributes"
gcj-4.1                    247565  gnat: Wrong output from legal program
gcj-4.1                    247567  gnat: Compiler enters infinite loop on illegal program
gcj-4.1                    247568  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 8.6(31)
gcj-4.1                    247572  gnat: Legal program rejected, visible declaration not seen
gcj-4.1                    247573  [fixed in 4.0] gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 8.2(9)
gcj-4.1                    248171  gnat: Wrong output from legal program, dereferencing access all T'Class
gcj-4.1                    248174  gnat: Compiler crashes on illegal program, RM 5.2(6)
gcj-4.1                    248677  gnat: Cannot find generic package body, RM 1.1.3(4)
gcj-4.1                    248679  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 3.4.1(5)
gcj-4.1                    248686  [fixed in 4.0] gnat: Compiler ignores legal override of abstract subprogram
gcj-4.1                    249108  [fixed in 3.4] ICE (segfault) while building atlas3 on sparc32
gcj-4.1                    250174  [fixed in 3.4] [amd64] Miscompilation of Objective-C code
gcj-4.1                    251266  gnat: Bug box, Assert_Failure at sinfo.adb:2365 on illegal program
gcj-4.1                    251707  including precompiled headers in package seems to be useless
gcj-4.1                    252764  gcc-3.3: buildd ICE on alpha building package fceu
gcj-4.1                    254626  gcc-3.3: wrong optimization on sparc32 when building linux kernel
gcj-4.1                    254659  [fixed in 4.0] [PR 16066] i386 loop strength reduction bug
gcj-4.1                    257012  [fixed in 3.4] [m68k] ICE in verify_initial_elim_offsets, at reload1.c:3367
gcj-4.1                    259789  [fixed in gcc-3.4/libgcj5] java.text.CollationElementIterator lacks getOffset()
gcj-4.1                    261693  libstdc++6-dev: Rename GCC 3.5 version to libstdc++6-3.5-dev?
gcj-4.1                    262441  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: ICE in lookup_tempate_function
gcj-4.1                    262934  [fixed in 4.0] unknown subjects in generated libstdc++ manpages
gcj-4.1                    262956  [fixed in 4.0] wrong/missing .so references in generated libstdc++ manpages
gcj-4.1                    263498  gnat: Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions.Log erroneout with -gnatN
gcj-4.1                    265939  file conflict with libffi3-dev
gcj-4.1                    266110  [fixed in 3.4] undefined symbols when using specials char_traits
gcj-4.1                    269775  [fixed in 4.0] gnat: Bug box in Gigi, code=116, 'Unrestricted_Access of a protected subprogram
gcj-4.1                    270795  [fixed in 3.4] monster-masher broken in fr_BE locale, Segfault at start
gcj-4.1                    275547  [fixed in 4.0] hang when rapidly calling String.intern()
gcj-4.1                    276225  gnat: Stack overflow on illegal program, AI-306
gcj-4.1                    276226  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM B.1(24)
gcj-4.1                    276843  [fixed in 4.1] -O2 disables warning "control reaches end of non-void function"
gcj-4.1                    277206  [fixed in 3.4] ICE (segfault) while compiling Linux 2.6.9
gcj-4.1                    278548  gfortran-4.0: 2 dangling symlinks instead of manpages
gcj-4.1                    278549  libstdc++6-4.0-doc: bad ROFF `.so' request in 4 *stream manpages
gcj-4.1                    281602  [fixed in 4.0] SocketChannel.get(ByteBuffer) returns 0 at EOF.
gcj-4.1                    281847  [fixed in g++-4.0] g++ does not check arguments to fprintf
gcj-4.1                    285238  [fixed in 3.4] [arm] gcc -O3 -fPIC produces wrong code via auto inlining
gcj-4.1                    285364  [fixed in 3.4] g++: hangs compiling k3d on amd64
gcj-4.1                    285692  [fixed in 3.4/4.0] [PR 19006] [3.3 / 3.4 / 4.0 regression] ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3255
gcj-4.1                    286715  [fixed in 4.0] [PR 19711] gcj segfaults instead of reporting the ambiguous expression
gcj-4.1                    288555  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: typeof operator is misparsed in a template function
gcj-4.1                    291374  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: nested struct with arrays initialisation asked for bugreport
gcj-4.1                    292958  [fixed in 3.4/4.0] [PR 20046] [3.3 regression] [powerpc-linux] 3.3 CVS miscompiles bind 9.3.0
gcj-4.1                    292961  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: vastly uninformative error message
gcj-4.1                    293076  [fixed in 3.4] g++-3.3: uninformative error when base class missing
gcj-4.1                    294560  [fixed in 3.4] ICE on array initialization
gcj-4.1                    296456  java wrapper script mishandles command line options with arguments
gcj-4.1                    298508  [fixed in 4.0] [arm] gcc-3.3 and 3.4 cannot compile glibc 2.3.4
gcj-4.1                    301983  [fixed in 4.0] Unaligned accesses with ?-operator
gcj-4.1                    302989  optimizer breaks function inlining
gcj-4.1                    305344  [fixed in 4.0] ICE on compile-time complex NaN
gcj-4.1                    306833  gnat: Wrong code generated with -O -fPIC
gcj-4.1                    306854  [fixed in 3.4] gcc-3.3: gets stuck when compiling xine-lib CVS HEAD
gcj-4.1                    307762  gcc-4.0-hppa64: postinst didn't find 'shell' cmd
gcj-4.1                    308002  gcc-4.0: lake of 'gnatgcc' build dependency (hppa)
gcj-4.1                    311128  [fixed in 4.0] [powerpc] ICE in extract_insn, at recog.c:2175
gcj-4.1                    312741  libgcj6: misplaced conflicts on libgcj[45]-dev
gcj-4.1                    314405  gcc-4.0: acats-killer.sh does not terminate
gcj-4.1                    314704  Assertion failure when calling JTabbedPane.addTab(null, ...)
gcj-4.1                    314706  Exception in JComboBox.removeAllItems()
gcj-4.1                    314983  STL is obsolete, shouldn't suggest its docs
gcj-4.1                    317455  [fixed in 4.1] ICE: in cp_expr_size, at cp/cp-objcp-common.c:101
gcj-4.1                    318488  [PR 22132] upcasting a const class pointer to struct the class derives from generates wrong code
gcj-4.1                    319087  [PR 22585] [4.0/4.1 regression] ICE with -O and -mno-ieee-fp/-ffast-math while building xaos
gcj-4.1                    319309  [fixed in 4.1, PR 22595] wrong warning: control may reach end of non-void function
gcj-4.1                    319818  gcc-4.0-hppa64: /etc/alternatives/hppa64-linux-gcc link is invalid (missing "-gnu")
gcj-4.1                    320398  [PR 23170] libmudflap should not use functions marked obsolescent by POSIX/SUS
gcj-4.1                    320915  [Fwd: Log for successful build of gcc-4.0_4.0.1-3 (dist=unstable)]
gcj-4.1                    321100  Fix mips libffi brokenness
gcj-4.1                    321486  [m68k] ICE when trying to build boost
gcj-4.1                    321591  gcc-4.0: gcc does not print messages in German
gcj-4.1                    321591  gcc-4.0: gcc does not print messages in German
gcj-4.1                    322576  [libgcj6-awt] Cannot load AWT toolkit: gnu.java.awt.peer.gtk.GtkToolkit
gcj-4.1                    322849  "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -laddr2line" (after "with GNAT.Traceback.Symbolic; ")
gcj-4.1                    324502  libgcj6-awt: [GtkImage] assertion failed in compiled code
gcj-4.1                    327254  gcc: manpages over-escapes hyphen
gcj-4.1                    329840  [PR 24284] [4.0 4.1 regression] [sparc] ICE (Segmentation fault) building zinc-compiler
gcj-4.1                    330800  gij-4.0: doesn't remove /var/lib/gcj-4.0/classmap.db
gcj-4.1                    331150  [m68k] gcc segfaults with -g -fomit-frame-pointer
gcj-4.1                    333536  [fixed in 4.1] [m68k] ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_lossage
gcj-4.1                    333564  ada,gnat: Visibility problem causes a crash instead of a warning
gcj-4.1                    333733  [fixed in 4.1] libgcj6-awt: gcj-4.0 / libgcj: Assertion error
gcj-4.1                    333951  with_libnof logic inverted for cross-compilation
gcj-4.1                    333952  Cross-compilers should not use biarch
gcj-4.1                    335078  gcc-4.0: [IA-64] ICE when building keynote
gcj-4.1                    335650  [fixed in 4.1] gij: assertion failure with rhdb-explain
gcj-4.1                    336915  [fixed in 4.1] Bogus warning "statement has no effect" with template and statement-expression
gcj-4.1                    337510  [fixed in gcj-4.1] ant code completion in eclipse generates nullpointer exception
gcj-4.1                    339046  libstdc++6-4.1-doc: postinst failure (version mismatch)
gcj-4.1                    342557  gcj-4.0: Upgrading gcj makes javah disappear
gcj-4.1                    343112  gcjappletviewer: fails to load "http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/medioambiente/ficheros_ima/consulta_ima2001.html"
gcj-4.1                    344041  [m68k] gcc-4.0: internal consistency failure
gcj-4.1                    345574  [PR25642][m68k] optimizer bug: registers are clobbered but not restored
gcj-4.1                    349083  g++: internal compiler error: in simplify_subreg, at simplify-rtx.c
gcj-4.1                    349087  g++-4.0: [ICE] segmentation fault with this 6 line long code...
gcj-4.1                    351786  libstdc++6: bad thousand separator with fr_FR.UTF-8
gcj-4.1                    353366  g++-4.0: yet another ICE (with a simple source)
gcj-4.1                    355297  Unaligned accesses with __attribute__(packed) and memcpy
gcj-4.1                    356231  ICE on 4.1 that doesn't happen with 4.0 (gnubik_2.2-5)
gcj-4.1                    356569  ICE on 4.1 that doesn't happen with 4.0 (3ddesktop_0.2.9-5.1)
gcj-4.1                    356569  ICE on 4.1 that doesn't happen with 4.0 (3ddesktop_0.2.9-5.1)
gcj-4.1                    360466  libffi4: purging removes some of gcc-4.1-base's doc files
gcj-4.1                    360498  gcc-4.1: FTBFS (ppc64): ppc64-biarch.dpatch does not apply cleanly
gcj-4.1                    362307  ICE on powerpc: error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2084
gcj-4.1                    362840  [fixed in 4.1] fails to compare reverse map iterators
gcj-4.1                    366744  GNAT is not mentioned in its copyright file
gcj-4.1                    367166  gcj-4.1: please support gcj also for GNU/k*BSD
gcj-4.1                    367999  libc6-i386: Can't upgrade package on amd64 arch
gcj-4.1                    368397  CVE-2006-3619: directory traversal vulnerability
gcj-4.1                    369817  [4.0,4.1,4.2 regression][mips] ICE in expand_expr_real_1, at expr.c:6864
gcj-4.1                    370649  gcc-4.1: cross-configure.dpatch failed on DEB_CROSS
gcj-4.1                    370681  gnat: FTBFS: bashism in debian/rules
gcj-4.1                    376148  g++-4.1: ICE with this 20 lines long code
gcj-4.1                    378698  should not recommend manual for the obsolete STL
gcj-4.1                    381117  bug in debian/rules.conf of gcc-4.1-source
gcj-4.1                    382352  gpp 4.1 does not compile boost::date_time
gjdoc                      167630  gjdoc-native: gjdoc should provide an alternative for /usr/bin/javadoc
gjdoc                      173454  quota: New quota file format aquota.user does not work: quotaon don't work
gjdoc                      174478  XSL Escape characters not converted
gjdoc                      176885  gjdoc-native: man page in double 
gjdoc                      209260  gjdoc: patch man page typos
gjdoc                      245204  gjdoc does not allow for java alternatives?!
gjdoc                      252309  gjdoc: javadoc alternatives not created in postinst
gjdoc                      293193  gjdoc: dh_javadoc tries to remove non-existing gjdoc_rawcomment_cache
gjdoc                      299426  Upstream URL outdated
gjdoc                      306371  NPE building lucene javadocs
gjdoc                      308913  /usr/share/java/gnu-classpath-tools-gjdoc.jar
gjdoc                      309903  /usr/lib/kaffe/bin/javadoc: bashism in javadoc
gnome-vfs2                 369812  libgnomevfs2-0: Fails to handle %% escape correctly in .desktop files
gnumed-client              385000  gnumed-client: should "Recommends:" gnumed-doc
gnumed-client              385587  improve in-GUI docs accessability by link from gnumed-client to gnumed-doc
gstreamer0.10              385428  python-twisted-core build dependency is sufficient
java-gcj-compat            317821  java-gcj-compat-dev: javadoc needs wrapper script to use gij vm to execute
java-gcj-compat            328743  java-gcj-compat-dev: 2 dangling symlinks
java-gcj-compat            335479  /usr/share/man/man1/rmic.1.gz is a dangling symlink
java-gcj-compat            336728  alternative rmic doesn't exist, dangling symlink
java-gcj-compat            342723  java-gcj-compat: dangling symlink to fastjar-4.0
java-gcj-compat            350801  /usr/bin/javac: Too many levels of symbolic links
kipi-plugins               344987  kipi-plugins: MPEG Slideshow does not work with mjpegtools 1:1.8.0-0.0 from ftp.nerim.net
kipi-plugins               374340  mpegencoder: fails to create SVCD from album
lastfmsubmitd              354033  lastfmsubmitd: Should depend on python-mpdclient
lastfmsubmitd              354033  lastfmsubmitd: Should depend on python-mpdclient
lastfmsubmitd              380310  fails to install
libtk-img                  359289  diff for 1:1.3-13.1 NMU for libtk-img
maildrop                   385487  maildrop: NEWS.Debian file not included in binary package
medusa                     132026  medusa: /var/log/medusa has screwed up permissions
quixote                    382325  empty package
rxvt-unicode               385481  ignores Rxvt resources it seems
sablotron                  311611  sablotron: Args/URI for user-defined scheme handler gets mangled
sablotron                  385676  sablotron: new version (1.0.3) available
syslog-ocaml               379459  New upstream version available
sysv-rc-bootsplash         382334  bootsplash: progress bar patch still missing from initscripts
tasksel                    381924  xfree86-driver-synaptics is deprecated, please use xserver-xorg-input-synaptics instead
tasksel                    385634  tasksel: The kde-desktop task should list k3b CD/DVD burner
tclmagick                  359295  diff for 0.45-2.1 NMU of tclmagick
tclparser                  359329  diff for 1.4-2.1 NMU of tclparser
tclthread                  359331  diff for 20030827-1.1 NMU of tclthread


control-center             378141  gnome-control-center: Unable to unpack .bz2 themes
gcj-4.1                    94891   [fixed in 3.0] %zd printf spec generates warning, even in c9x mode
gcj-4.1                    114029  gcc-2.95-doc: misleading documentation for -malign-{jump,loop,function}s on sparc
gcj-4.1                    121282  [PR c/9209] On i386, gcc-3.0 allows $ in indentifiers but not the asm
gcj-4.1                    123790  libstdc++3-doc: bad reference to HEADER_POLICY
gcj-4.1                    124136  Broken link in libstdc++ documentation
gcj-4.1                    137382  [fixed in gcc-3.0/3.1] -Q option to gcc appears twice in the documentation
gcj-4.1                    151671  [fixed in 3.x] g++ -pedantic-errors -D_GNU_SOURCE cannot #include <complex>
gcj-4.1                    169101  cluttered .diff.gz
gcj-4.1                    177674  Missing Build-Depends on autotools-dev
gcj-4.1                    177674  Missing Build-Depends on autotools-dev
gcj-4.1                    178326  Problems with __cxa_atexit conditionals
gcj-4.1                    178327  GNU locale workaround is overly aggressive
gcj-4.1                    179363  [PR other/9813] misplaced paragraph in Constructing Calls node
gcj-4.1                    194391  gcc-3.3-doc: info file still says gcc accepts multi-line strings
gcj-4.1                    195264  [PR 13081] [3.3 regression] forward template declarations in <complex> let inlining fail
gcj-4.1                    196271  g++-3.3: dangling man page symlink
gcj-4.1                    198261  [fixed in 3.4] ICE when using namespaced typedef of primitive type as struct
gcj-4.1                    202016  [fixed in 3.4] [PR 11635] [3.3/3.4 regression] Unnecessary store onto stack
gcj-4.1                    208981  [fixed in 4.0] typeof(nonconst+const) is const
gcj-4.1                    217360  [PR12867, fixed in 3.5] incorrect warning message (void format, should be void* format)
gcj-4.1                    243816  gnat: Illegal program not detected, RM 4.1.4(14)
gcj-4.1                    244894  [fixed in 4.1] [C++ standard defect 280] const_reverse_iterators seem to be broken
gcj-4.1                    267788  gnat: Bug box, Assert_Failure at atree.adb:2906 or Gigi abort, code=102 with -gnat -gnatc
gcj-4.1                    280910  [fixed in 4.0] libstdc++-doc: Some man pages are broken or perhaps shouldn't exist
gcj-4.1                    284777  [fixed in 4.0.2] ICE in uses_template_parms at cp/pt.c:4860
gcj-4.1                    293957  [fixed in 3.4] gcc-3.3: No warning when initializing a variable with itself.
gcj-4.1                    296047  [fixed in 4.1] gcc-3.3: grammer confusing in gcc(1): -finline-limit=n
gcj-4.1                    298263  [fixed in 4.0] libgcj.a contains repeated archive members
gcj-4.1                    308367  pointer truncation in treelang
gcj-4.1                    319082  libstdc++6-4.0-dev: mistakes in the long package description
gcj-4.1                    325545  g++-4.0: ICE on simple (ill-formed) code
gcj-4.1                    330099  gcc-3.0: manpage grammar -fwrapv
gcj-4.1                    347601  libstdc++6-4.0-doc: unreachable URL
gcj-4.1                    356230  ICE instructions tell you to read gcc _4.0_ README
gcj-4.1                    360906  provide java2-runtime
gcj-4.1                    361409  gcc-4.1-locales: Long Description too short
gcj-4.1                    363289  libgcc1 does not provide -dcv1 when cross-compiling
gcj-4.1                    375140  gcc-4.0: s/functions call/functions that call/ gcov.1
gcj-4.1                    376412  gcc-4.0-doc: s/DegaGnu/DejaGnu/; s/incorrekt/incorrect/; gccint.html
gcj-4.1                    382627  Building a cross-compiler for ia64 fails
gjdoc                      206424  Please remove javadoc-gjdoc reference from manpage
gjdoc                      352979  Remove Tora from uploaders
gjdoc                      363155  dh_javadoc man page has incorrect reference to debhelper
gtetrinet                  325662  gtetrinet: Minor corrections to man page
java-gcj-compat            356009  ftbfs: No rule to make target `/usr/share/java/com-sun-javadoc-0.7.7.jar'
lastfmsubmitd              377483  lastfmsubmitd: incorrect i18n of debconf templates
libtk-img                  221149  libtk-img: file install.tcl is missing from package
linux-patch-skas           281554  make kernel-patch-skas applyable to kernel 2.6.8 and newer
linux-patch-skas           293685  make kernel-patch-skas applyable to kernel 2.6.10
mail-notification          384946  mail-notification: wrong launcher's location in Readme.Debian
mayavi                     358945  mayavi: menu entry
mayavi                     358947  mayavi: Register the documentation with DHelp
tclvfs                     319798  tclvfs: uses man page section "n"
zope-debhelper             385554  zope-debhelper: Typo in /usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts/postinst-dzproduct


asterisk                   384283  asterisk: Please package Asterisk 1.2.11 and Zaptel 1.2.8
beagle                     385056  beagle: No Thunderbird backend
cutecom                    350943  ITP: cutecom -- QT-based terminal emulator.
ddccontrol                 322774  ITP: ddccontrol -- a program to control monitor parameters
eggdrop                    369678  New release candidate available
fai-kernels                385435  'USB keyboards fail, CONFIG_USB_HIDINPUT missing'
fmit                       280876  ITP: fmit -- Free Music Instrument Tuner
fmit                       380500  ITP: fmit -- Free Music Instrument Tuner
gaffitter                  384519  ITP: gaffitter -- file subsets extractor based on genetic algorithms
gcj-4.1                    12253   [PR c/6904, updated in 3.1/3.2] GCC attribute syntax
gcj-4.1                    12253   [PR c/6904, updated in 3.1/3.2] GCC attribute syntax
gcj-4.1                    27878   [new options in 20000109] automatic dependency dehairification request
gcj-4.1                    43119   [PR c/6902] stdcall function attribute doesn't work any longer
gcj-4.1                    46181   [fixed in 2.96] c++ error message improvement suggestion
gcj-4.1                    51651   [done with gcc-2.96] please use --enable-nls & --enable-c-mbchar
gcj-4.1                    59005   [fix with libstdc++-v3] compilation error in stl_alloc.h with -fhonor-std
gcj-4.1                    65406   [fixed in gcc-3.0] gcc -dumpspecs undocumented
gcj-4.1                    67206   [PR optimization/6901] [fixed in 3.5/tree_ssa] optimiser could be improved
gcj-4.1                    68963   [fixed upstream] libstdc++2.10 has no method at() in stl_=
gcj-4.1                    68987   [fixed in gobjc-2.97] Interface to garbage collector is undocumented.
gcj-4.1                    75120   [fixed upstream 001117] bad_alloc and std:: namespace
gcj-4.1                    76827   [fixed upstream 001117] Excessive warnings from headers with -Weffc++
gcj-4.1                    85535   builtin memcmp() could be optimised
gcj-4.1                    94701   [fixed in 3.4] Duplicate loop conditions even with -Os
gcj-4.1                    94701   [fixed in 3.4] Duplicate loop conditions even with -Os
gcj-4.1                    95318   inefficient code with and
gcj-4.1                    102271  wrong description: this is the GNU Compiler Collection ;)
gcj-4.1                    105309  [fixed in 3.4: PR optimization/3995] i386 optimisation: joining tests
gcj-4.1                    105309  [fixed in 3.4: PR optimization/3995] i386 optimisation: joining tests
gcj-4.1                    105371  gcc-3.0: grammar & spelling fixes for README.Debian [patch]
gcj-4.1                    112758  wrong description?
gcj-4.1                    118391  libstdc++3; do we really need to depend on the up-to-the-minute lastest version?
gcj-4.1                    118648  Please use /etc/alternatives for the name 'jar'
gcj-4.1                    127263  man pages for libstdc++ would be nice
gcj-4.1                    128993  [PR9073, fixed in 3.4] Can __STL_ASSERTIONS come back, but with more than rope?
gcj-4.1                    159650  gcc-3.2: Please disable 'make check' for hurd-i386
gcj-4.1                    167932  Please include /usr/lib/jni in default JNI search path
gcj-4.1                    171477  gnat: support for other debian architectures
gcj-4.1                    171699  gcc-3.2: please include the stack-protector patch
gcj-4.1                    177679  NetBSD/i386 does not successfully build Ada or Java
gcj-4.1                    178325  LIBC_DEV value for libc12
gcj-4.1                    178328  NetBSD support patches
gcj-4.1                    179298  gcj-3.2: provide "jar" command with gcj
gcj-4.1                    180218  gcj-3.2 should provide javah alternative
gcj-4.1                    189494  Add stack protection to GCC
gcj-4.1                    196381  libstdc++5-3.3-doc: "Main Page" is a bad title
gcj-4.1                    201882  gnat-3.3: Missing the Ada run-time shared libraries
gcj-4.1                    212260  [fixed in 4.0] [PR 13518] "virtual functions but non-virtual destructor" warning incomplete
gcj-4.1                    213994  [fixed in 4.1] Please provide an overflow protection in the stock compiler
gcj-4.1                    213994  [fixed in 4.1] Please provide an overflow protection in the stock compiler
gcj-4.1                    233208  [fixed in 4.1] Request for stack protector enabled by default
gcj-4.1                    233208  [fixed in 4.1] Request for stack protector enabled by default
gcj-4.1                    242318  [fixed in 3.4] gcc could generate better code for if(!p) return NULL;return p;
gcj-4.1                    251293  Portability fixes.
gcj-4.1                    251294  GNU/k*BSD patch
gcj-4.1                    264025  Fixes for GNU/k*BSD.
gcj-4.1                    268023  gcc-3.4: Please enable biarch support on ppc
gcj-4.1                    273004  Minor kbsd-gnu fixes
gcj-4.1                    305690  gcc-4.0: Please change the Build-Depends
gcj-4.1                    305690  gcc-4.0: Please change the Build-Depends
gcj-4.1                    308948  gcc-4.0: Please add Ada support for the ppc64 architecture
gcj-4.1                    318603  gcc-4.0: FTBFS (ppc64): parse error before 'TARGET32_MACHINE'
gcj-4.1                    322890  gcc-4.0: Please do not use '/emul/ia32-linux' on ppc64 
gcj-4.1                    323945  gcc-4.0: Please install 'altivec.h' on ppc64
gcj-4.1                    328705  gcc-4.0: [patch] Please enable libffi for hurd-i386
gcj-4.1                    328705  gcc-4.0: [patch] Please enable libffi for hurd-i386
gcj-4.1                    330730  gcc-4.0: Please add big-endian arm (armeb) support
gcj-4.1                    333922  gcc-4.0 - please provide gcc-source-4.0 package
gcj-4.1                    341356  gcc-4.1: Please add Ada support for GNU/kFreeBSD
gcj-4.1                    347484  gcc-4.0: Give option not to depend on system -base package for cross compiler
gcj-4.1                    367595  gcc-4.1:Disable Ada for m32r
gcj-4.1                    374535  gcc-4.1: FTBFS (ppc64): Please use '__powerpc64_linux_gnu__' instead of '__ppc64_linux_gnu__' in debian/multiarch.inc
gcj-4.1                    383705  please provide debugging symbols somewhere
gdtclft                    312894  gdtclft: Please link with libfreetype6 if possible
gjdoc                      156411  ITP: gjdoc -- Free drop-in replacement for Sun's 'javadoc'
gnumed-client              385585  gnumed-client: add menu entry for documentation ?
gnumed-client              385586  gnumed-doc: add menu entry for local documentation ?
gphotofs                   383561  gphotofs: 'adduser <user> camera' should be suggested in README.Debian
ircd-hybrid                225185  ircd-hybrid: don't always start at boot
ircd-hybrid                265406  Please --enable-ipv6
ircd-hybrid                312033  ircd-hybrid: Vietnamese translation for debconf
ircd-hybrid                314778  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of ircd-hybrid debconf messages
ircd-hybrid                338627  ircd-hybrid: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
ircd-hybrid                362987  ircd_hybrid [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages
java-gcj-compat            332499  java-gcj-compat-dev: Include placeholder jdb script for tomcat5
lastfmsubmitd              350466  ITP: lastfmsubmitd -- submission daemon for the Last.fm social music network
lastfmsubmitd              374421  [intl:fr] lastfmsubmitd debconf templates translation
lastfmsubmitd              382235  [l10n] Czech translation for lastfmsubmitd
lastfmsubmitd              384429  [intl:fr] lastfmsubmitd debconf template translation
libofa                     370261  ITP: libofa -- The Open Fingerprint Architecture library "LIBOFA"
linux-patch-skas           257583  kernel-patch-skas: Make it applyable to kernel 2.4.26
lua5.1-policy              384743  ITP: lua5.1-policy -- lua5.1 policy for debian packages
maildrop                   153501  document that old eximconfigs didn't put return_fail_output in address_pipe
markup                     383947  ITP: markup -- python XML-based template engine
medusa                     369996  ITP: medusa-cracker -- speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer for network services
nfs-utils                  385377  nfs-kernel-server: Document group staff being root-equivalent
perlindex                  382927  [l10n] Czech translation for perlindex
poa                        378288  ITP: poa -- Partial Order Alignment for multiple sequence alignment
pykerberos                 384589  ITP: pykerberos -- A GSSAPI interface module for python
python-musicbrainz2        370255  ITP: python-musicbrainz2 -- An interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service
qemuctl                    384586  ITP: qemuctl -- a controlling gui for qemu
quicksynergy               384245  ITP: quicksynergy -- GUI for easily configuring Synergy
scribus                    296377  scribus: templates require non-debian supplied fonts
sysv-rc-bootsplash         385459  ITP: sysv-rc-bootsplash -- Bootsplash patches for rc files
tasksel                    380093  Debian branding
tasksel                    381099  New openoffice.org-help-xx packages. Please include them in tasksel tasks
tasksel                    381906  please add gnome-power-manager to laptop task
tntdb                      374132  ITP: tntdb -- C++ class library for easy database access
xcache                     384884  ITP: xcache -- a fast, stable PHP opcode cacher
xulrunner                  377269  firefox: Please include the certutil commandline utility in the package

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