Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 27 13:00:53 GMT 2006


xpuzzles                 50826   xpuzzles 5.5.2 available
xpuzzles                 60281   xpuzzles_5.4.4-5(unstable): Missing build dependencies


nginx                    400103  nginx: Overwrites files in /var/www without warning.
phpmyadmin               399329  3 security issues: PMASA-2006-7, PMASA-2006-8, PMASA-2006-9


blam                     400176  crashes on startup
language-env             399907  language-env does not install
libphp-adodb             399174  libphp-adodb cannot be installed on unstable
open-iscsi               397636  Please update the open-iscsi version
open-iscsi               398733  /var/lib/open-iscsi/node.db world-readable
rrdtool                  397781  python-rrd: rrdtool module fails to import
splashy                  337486  splashy: missing dependency
splashy                  349517  splashy: Splashy is uninstallable in sid (wrong dependency)
torrentflux              399169  torrentflux: create/delete/overwrite arbitrary files
xterm                    400375  fails to install


acidbase                 398619  acidbase: postinst fails: No pgsql createuser to execute. (have you installed postgresql-client?
advi                     398695  FTBFS: latex errors
angrydd                  400237  angrydd: Incorrect licensing information
bigloo                   391642  bigloo: FTBFS on hppa, segfaults in c-tests
bigloo                   400377  bigloo_2.8c-3(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: make errors
coq                      399919  coq_8.1~gamma-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: test failures
dissy                    400381  dissy: missing dependencies on binutils and python-gtk2
emacs-snapshot           400060  emacs-snapshot_1:20061117-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: mark_memory
gnomesword               400179  gnomesword: FTBFS: unsatisfiable build dependency libsword-dev (<<
gresolver                400134  gresolver: missing dependency on libgtk2-gladexml-perl
haskell98-report         397628  haskell98-report: FTBFS: ghc-6.6: unknown package: lang
icedove                  400090  icedove: FTBFS: ld: cannot find -lnss3
jabref                   393676  jabref: ships undistributable font
libextractor             400174  libextractor-java: FTBFS on AMD64: /bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/libgobject-2.0.la: No such file or directory
libgeda                  400252  libgeda: links against libgd instead of against libgdgeda
maxdb-7.5.00             398413  maxdb-7.5.00: FTBFS: 'sqldbc.mac' not made because of dependency errors
mbr                      392776  mbr: FTBFS [i386]: Syntax errors in vm86.c
mol                      400376  mol-source - missing dependency on m4
python-support           400001  python-support should warn and not fail when some files can't be byte-compiled
regina                   399841  regina: FTBFS on powerpc: expected ';', ',' or ')' before '*' token
remote-tty               400211  remote-tty: contain top-level directory /share
sitebar                  398545  sitebar: postinst fails: missing depend on mysql-client
smlnj                    308877  smlnj: Build relies on network connection
smlnj                    308877  smlnj: Build relies on network connection
smlnj                    362445  smlnj: Builds broken package which can't rebuild itself
systemimager             398147  systemimager-server: FHS violation: writes new boot data under /usr/share/systemimager/boot at runtime
systemimager             398219  systemimager-server: si_getimage fails to get /dev when client is running udev
systemimager             400069  systemimager: FTBFS: make[1]: rsync: Command not found
tetex-bin                399897  Number of fonts supported by pdftex is limited
ttcn3parser              398833  ttcn3parser: should include ${python:Depends} in Depends line
twinkle                  394153  twinkle: FTBFS: undefined reference to gsm_decode
udev                     369479  upgrading from Sarge prompts without using debconf
udev                     395889  udev cannot be set up in a chrooted environment on 2.6.18
up-imapproxy             400459  imapproxy: init script sources /lib/lsb/init-functions without dependency on lsb-base
uswsusp                  397214  overwrites values in /etc/uswsusp.conf
xlogmaster               399413  FTBFS etch: waits for stdin
xpuzzles                 86330   xpuzzles uses /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults


advi                     398920  advi: Documentation not available
advi                     398922  advi: Installs arch-independent files in /usr/lib
audacious-plugins        400482  Please build audacious-crossfade
brickos                  396358  FTBFS: /tmp/ccuT6jNb.s:312: Error: cannot create floating-point number
cdw                      340051  cdw-common has circular Depends on cdw|gcdw
cjk                      399447  tetex-base: Latex hyphenation is wrong
cmake                    392624  cmake: Cmake segfaults when configuring kdepim
configure-debian         395587  configure-debian: missing binary-arch target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)
configure-debian         400223  configure-debian: use old path to su-to-root
cron-apt                 400465  syntax error in /usr/sbin/cron-apt
gauche                   393601  gauche: [m68k] libgc needs an update
gnomebaker               399225  gnombaker uses wrong drive
gnomebaker               399880  gnomebaker: Can't create Audio CD projects
gnomesword               372732  gnomesword: Gnomesword crash wenn choosing File -> Open StudyPad (missing dependence on gtkhml3.8?)
gproftpd                 400351  gproftpd: Wrong path of proftpd.conf
gtranslator              400048  gtranslator: Segfaults very often when editing
haskell98-report         306029  haskell98-report: ToC is missing from pdf/postscript versions of report
language-env             318542  language-env: Missing Build-Depends
libxslt                  398327  libxslt1.1: 1.1.18-1 sometimes segfaults, sometimes pegs CPU
linux-libertine          400469  linux-libertine: outdated information in .hints file for defoma
linuxlogo                397080  linuxlogo: FTBFS on ARM
listadmin                379915  listadmin: Incorrectly flag some messages as spam with spamlevel 14
mbr                      382586  mbr: FTBFS: bashisms
mldonkey                 394543  init script broken in various ways
mp3blaster               385738  sound "stutters" after some time of playing
nukeimage                382860  mozilla-nukeimage: Dependancy information is incorrect: incompatible with firefox 1.5.dfsg+
open-iscsi               380162  Description field needs to provide a description
openal                   346109  libopenal0: Please provide default /etc/openalrc file
openal                   368626  openal: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
php-xajax                395789  php-xajax: missing build target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)
postgresql-common        399978  does not recognize Debian 4.0
python-numarray          399440  python-numarray: _dotblas.dot calls spoils Py_None refcount
rdd                      400125  rdd: rdd_test_get_writer() return implicitly converted to int
rpm                      399750  rpm: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
splashy                  354856  splashy: FTBFS on amd64: conflicting types for 'int64_t'
splashy                  354856  splashy: FTBFS on amd64: conflicting types for 'int64_t'
splashy                  367571  splashy: FTBFS on i386: (.text+0x1c6c): undefined reference to `sysfs_get_mnt_path'
splashy                  373987  splashy: why depend on console-tools?
systemimager             398225  systemimager-client: si_updateclient fails due to reference to /dev/ram
sysvinit                 388761  initscripts: Moving NFS mounts to /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs breaks my diskless system
sysvinit                 393532  initscripts: mountnfs in /etc/netword/if-up.d failed with multiple network cards
typo3-src                374137  typo3-src-3.7: copyright file does not list copyright/licence info of the fonts
udev                     321642  udev: partitions on a removeable media belongs to the wrong group
udev                     395136  udev: postinst fails on xen image
up-imapproxy             399362  imapproxy: Bashism in init script
vtun                     319449  vtun: Extremely insecure; false-sense-of-security risk
vtun                     344784  vtun does not work without legacy PTYs
xorg-server              356300  xserver-xorg: Hurd support for Xorg 7.0 X server
xorg-server              358015  xorg-server: FTBFS on non DRM capable systems
xorg-server              395564  Broken ffs() implementation in dix/ffs.c may deadlock
xserver-xorg-video-s3    377386  s3 driver does not work after upgrade to xorg 7.0/7.1
xserver-xorg-video-tdfx  392871  xserver-xorg-video-tdfx: FTBFS on hurd-i386: Unsatisfiable Build-Depends libdrm-dev
xserver-xorg-video-tdfx  395044  glxgears creates a blank window
xserver-xorg-video-via   392859  xserver-xorg-video-via: FTBFS on hurd-i386: Unsatisfiable Build-Depends libdrm-dev


adduser                  212872  passwd: adduser should ask for password again if there is a mismatch
boa                      312719  boa starting at the wrong time
boa                      351192  boa: should use invoke-rc.d
boa                      357470  installation of boa gives stange output
brickos                  387769  ITA: brickos -- alternative OS for LEGO(r) Mindstorms RCX. Supports devel. in C/C++
bsdmainutils             400077  ITA: bsdmainutils -- collection of more utilities from
cdw                      400136  cdw-common, gcdw depend on dummy cdrecord, can't remove it.
cmucl                    113928  self-referential alien struct crashes compiler
cmucl                    389991  cmucl: (read "a") --> SIGSEGV
dictionaries-common      399303  dictionaries-common: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese program translation update
dnprogs                  399665  libdnet{,-dev} should not assume the user wants to *use* DECnet
drscheme                 399926  mzscheme won't install with existing slib
frozen-bubble            398025  frozen-bubble: option --chain-reaction: no chain reaction enabled
gauche                   388474  gauche: package build fails if slib is installed
gnomesword               123423  man page
gnomesword               253447  gnomesword: Assertion hangs program: 'GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed
gnomesword               329243  gnomesword crashes when left-clicking on any word in any russian module
gnomesword               331177  gnomesword bug bookmarks
gnupg2                   398493  gnupg2: info files improperly installed
gramps                   398423  update-desktop-database is not run after installing a *.desktop file
haskell98-report         322945  haskell98-report: missing references
hostname                 400078  ITA: hostname -- utility to set/show the host name or domain name
iceweasel-l10n           400095  mozilla-firefox-locale-all: Improved Finnish translations
ipw3945                  400328  Please add a module-assistant override
kid3                     397325  Please support libtunepimp5
language-env             339410  language-env: display manpage in use lv
language-env             360835  problem in /usr/share/language-env/dot.inputrc
language-env             393043  language-env: Japanese emacsen configuration fails on UTF-8 environment
libcrypt-gpg-perl        264166  libcrypt-gpg-perl: sign() method generates wrong gpg call and hangs
libmailtools-perl        247009  libmailtools-perl: wording issue in pod area describing get
libmailtools-perl        287262  libmailtools-perl: Patch from bug #177710 causes breakage
libmailtools-perl        316160  libmailtools-perl: qmail is listed twice in man 3pm Mail::Mailer
libmailtools-perl        346008  libmailtools-perl: Mail::Address taints its data
libmailtools-perl        400363  ITA: libmailtools-perl -- Manipulate email in perl programs
libphp-adodb             398121  ITA: libphp-adodb -- The 'adodb' database abstraction
libx11                   354315  libx11-dev: XGetWindowAttributes man page is misleading
mail-notification        388174  mail-notification-evolution: crash when configuring
mldonkey                 341615  mlnet.pid should be in a boot-time cleaned directory
mldonkey                 396754  mlguistarter dies when answering yes to start the gui
openal                   361472  openal: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: unsatisfied Build-Depends
openct                   399682  openct: cm4000 driver fails with "cm4000: setting parameters failed"
partman-auto             399951  RC1 on a NSLU2, 1GB usb drive
pengupop                 400116  pengupop: Pengupop gone from Gnome menu
pyx                      392634  pyx has a hardcoded dep on python2.3
pyx                      400087  ITA: pyx -- Python module for generating PostScript graphics
regina                   399137  regina3: Removed field::mathematics tag
rootskel                 394971  [powerpc64] load the fan control modules.
rootstrap                400135  rootstrap: should install etch by default
sitebar                  297812  sitebar: upgrade fails if mysqld not running
smlnj                    319801  ITA: smlnj -- standard ml compiler
smlnj                    328486  smlnj-runtime: leaves files on filesystem
smlnj                    329875  smlnj: /root/SML/ infects installed version
splashy                  309806  splashy: postinst should also look for grub in /boot/boot/grub
splashy                  309806  splashy: postinst should also look for grub in /boot/boot/grub
splashy                  314162  postinst fails to find XF86Config-4
splashy                  314162  postinst fails to find XF86Config-4
splashy                  314474  splashy: init scripts contains bashisms
splashy                  314474  splashy: init scripts contains bashisms
splashy                  329436  splashy searches config.xml in the wrong place
splashy                  339574  reduce amount of init.d scripts to one
splashy                  349520  Not installable in unstable
splashy                  354027  splashy: Uses binaries from /usr/bin before /usr is mounted
splashy                  365836  splashy: 'command not found'
splashy                  380235  FTBFS with GCC 4.2: address of 'buf' will always evaluate as 'true'
spong                    391656  diff for 2.7.7-12 NMU
spong                    400412  ITA: spong -- A systems and network monitoring system --
sysvinit                 391673  initscripts: TMPFS_MTPTS in umountfs must be ordered (one line patch)
sysvinit                 392861  sysv-rc: Reboot fails with "exited outside the expected code flow"
sysvinit                 398644  logger(1) call fails due to PATH issue
traceroute               400088  O: traceroute -- traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network
ttf-dejavu               399901  ttf-dejavu: New upstream version available (2.12)
udev                     392580  udev: (Some) Epson SCSI scanners not recognized as scanners
udev                     392623  NAME="" for dm- devices confuses gnome-mount / hal
udev                     399624  udev: CONFIG_KOBJECT_UEVENT option removed in recent kernels
udev                     400258  installation report: cdrom drive no more automatically found
udftools                 360527  udftools: serious lack of documentation
udftools                 369660  udftools: Installation should create /media/cdrw0 and suggest /etc/fstab
uptimed                  383516  uprecords.cgi will not use default template files in /etc/uprecords-cgi
uptimed                  389834  diff for 1:0.3.7-3.1 NMU
uswsusp                  395171  uswsusp: Installs surplus config file /etc/suspend.conf
uswsusp                  398839  asks encryption debconf question at too high priority
util-vserver             383794  util-vserver: vserver-copy - rsync missing -H --numeric-ids on dirs
util-vserver             391088  util-vserver: $BACKGROUND in default config file seems related to legacy only
vtun                     332139  vtun depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
vtun                     373134  ITA: vtun -- Virtual Tunnel over TCP/IP Networks
wifi-radar               390677  wifi-radar: manpage incorrectly states location of config file
wifi-radar               391923  wifi-radar: .desktop file is invalid, and fails to display in a normal user's menu
wmmount                  274875  wmmount: no way to escape '%' in mount cmd
xorg-server              291100  XRandR extension has endianess issues
xorg-server              392453  compiz-gnome: BSOD on ppc/radeon
xorg-server              393991  xdmxconfig binary is missing
xpuzzles                 53716   Fails on machines where chars are unsigned.
xpuzzles                 84966   xpuzzles: xcubess typo in /usr/lib/menu entry
xpuzzles                 344461  ITA: xpuzzles -- collection of puzzles for X
xpuzzles                 349456  xpuzzles: Should conflict and replace xabacus
xpuzzles                 382560  ITA: xpuzzles -- collection of puzzles for X (plain X version)
xterm                    347790  ignores boldMode setting
xterm                    349462  xterm: wrong update-alternatives man page x-terminal-emulator.1.gz


cdrdao                   400245  'man cdrdao' typo: "temporay"
control-center           393549  gnome-control-center: add iceweasel and icedove to preferred apps menu
dnprogs                  313566  INTL:vi
dnprogs                  314123  dnprogs: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
emacs-chess              363387  Spelling mistake in package description
enigma                   363687  enigma: typo, invalid C++ (though gcc accepts)
enigma                   381571  Typo/grammar in manpage
enigma                   400492  s/addicting/addictive in package description
kio-apt                  399604  little english fault
libmailtools-perl        304155  libmailtools-perl: Mail::Field manpage refers to Mail::Head where it means Mail::Header
livehttpheaders          399946  mozilla-livehttpheaders: multiple issues in package description
mldonkey                 293016  mldonkey-server: Logical '-not' in searches not supported
mldonkey                 399962  mldonkey: [INTL:de] Update for German po-debconf template translation
mp3blaster               302668  'man mp3blaster' typos: "Dont't", "blater", "feeature", "independant", etc.
mp3blaster               302670  'man nmixer' typo: "independantly"
openct                   399728  openct: needs source dependency on cdbs
quack-el                 331286  When I remove emacs21, it removes quack-el (I have emacs-snapshot).
splashy                  309715  splashy: Two copies of the same picture files
splashy                  309715  splashy: Two copies of the same picture files
splashy                  319447  whines about splashy not running after F2 has been pressed
splashy                  325654  splashy: typo in error.jpg
splashy                  352109  splashy: Graphic problems when kdm starts X server
splashy                  352109  splashy: Graphic problems when kdm starts X server
sysvinit                 397525  initscripts: Remove extra fd usage from mtab init script
sysvinit                 399715  typo "accound" in sulogin
tetex-bin                396823  tetex-bin: How useful is texconfig on a Debian system
udev                     396149  udev: [INTL:de] German po-debconf template translation
udev                     397476  udev: support no_static_dev in initramfs
udev                     397528  udev: Set SELinux contexts for device nodes created in initramfs stage
udftools                 335327  'man mkudffs' typo: "Versital"
udftools                 386962  misc improvements
util-vserver             398015  /etc/init.d/util-vserver status doesn't detect the kernel
util-vserver             400101  util-vserver: Link to the FAQ about procfs-security is outdated
vtun                     262416  maybe vtund-start.conf should be /etc/default/vtun ?
wmmount                  392502  wmmount: crashes on startup if loading a font fails
xorg-server              308899  'man XF86Config-4' typo: "This make all ..."
xorg-server              337703  xvfb: typo breaks xvfb-run's --error-file argument
xorg-server              364556  'man Xserver' typos: "maxmium" and "unqouted"
xpuzzles                 267669  Description: xmpuzzles [...] installing over/with xmpuzzles
xterm                    301173  xterm: ctlseqs doc has disappeared
xterm                    346377  xterm: Now that manpages are in /usr/share/man, they should drop the .1x


acidbase                 395055  [intl:fr] acidbase debconf template translation
adduser                  379476  [INTL:ca] Catalan update
adduser                  396737  adduser: [INTL:fr] French translation update
adduser                  396948  adduser: [INTL:it] Italian translations updated
adduser                  397131  [INTL:de] Updated German translation of adduser
adduser                  399552  adduser: [INTL:eu] basque translation update
advi                     388435  advi: Texlive support
boa                      381352  boa: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages
cdw                      353609  cdw: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation
chntpw                   390025  chntpw: new upstream version (0.99.3) available
cjk                      392359  tex-common: Please provide dh_installtex functions for packages that need only mktexlsr
cutecom                  400388  ITP: Cutecom - Graphical serial terminal, like minicom
dictionaries-common      399220  [INTL:hu] Hungarian dictionaries-common translation (was: Re: Please fix spellchecking)
git-core                 400191  git-core: please package new upstream
git-core                 400284  Please support subdirs in gitweb example index generator
grdesktop                320464  grdesktop: bigger window size
ibam                     333593  ibam: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
ipw2200                  339438  ipw2200-source: Should mention in the description that ipw2200 is merged mainline as of 2.6.14
libcrypt-gpg-perl        329521  libcrypt-gpg-perl: New upstream release
libmailtools-perl        329583  libmailtools-perl: New upstream release
libphp-adodb             393205  libphp-adodb: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)
listadmin                399730  listadmin: New upstream version available
lomoco                   398159  Please support Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks
nginx                    398009  nginx: please add functionality to update version "on-the-fly"
phpmyadmin               321529  Permissions for files in /etc/phpmyadmin incorrect
postgresql-common        395554  pg_createcluster: enable timestamps in log file by default
postgresql-common        399979  call adduser with --quiet
proftpd-dfsg             400152  proftpd-dfsg: [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)
sabayon                  315891  ITP: sabayon -- system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings
sitebar                  301474  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of sitebar debconf messages
smlnj                    283407  smlnj: New upstream version available
smlnj                    283407  smlnj: New upstream version available
smlnj                    375537  smlnj: new version available
splashy                  349492  better documentation for other fb drivers
splashy                  400347  New version upstream (0.2.1)
stgit                    396982  stgit: 0.11 released
subtitleeditor           396519  New upstream Version: 0.11.1
typo3-src                374141  typo3-src-3.7: please remove fonts duplicated from other packages
udev                     389743  udev: persistent-net generated rules are sensitive to case of MAC addresses
udev                     393433  [intl:sv] Swedish debconf translation for udev
udev                     394897  udev: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation
udev                     395160  please add a symlink for /dev/rtc
udev                     395340  udev: French debconf templates translation update
udev                     396072  udev: [INTL:da] Danish debconf translation
udev                     396841  lirc: provide udev rules
udev                     396933  net.agent and ide.agent
udev                     398724  udev: [INTL:eu] Basque debconf translation
udev                     399107  udev: [INTL:it] Italian debconf templates translation
udftools                 334212  [INTL:pt_PT] Portuguese translation for udftools (debconf)
uswsusp                  396680  uswsusp: French debconf templates translation update
uswsusp                  398829  uswsusp: [INTL:it] Italian debconf templates translation
uswsusp                  398829  uswsusp: [INTL:it] Italian debconf templates translation
util-vserver             400132  util-vserver: on shutdown, init script should do "forcestop"
wifi-radar               391481  [l10n] Czech translation of wifi-radar debconf messages
wmmount                  300907  wmmount: User supplied commands should use the PATH environment and report errors
xfce4-utils              397085  xfce4-utils: Should not depend on thunar
xpuzzles                 141329  the colors on the cube (xrubik) are bad
xpuzzles                 261289  Adoption pending, new release will be uploaded soon...
zope2.9                  387643  Add /usr/share/doc/zope-common/README.Debian.gz to zope2.x packages as well

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