StableReleaseUpdates process tweak

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Tue Nov 21 13:40:19 GMT 2006

Colin Watson wrote:
> I think it would help to smooth the SRU process if the wiki page asked
> people to subscribe ubuntu-archive to the appropriate bug after
> uploading the proposed change. That way, it would be less likely for
> uploads to sit forgotten in the queue for ages, as they would be listed
> on the page that archive administrators regularly check for other
> pending actions such as sync requests. May I make this change to the
> wiki page?
> --- StableReleaseUpdates.orig
> +++ StableReleaseUpdates
>   1. Upload
> +  Once you have uploaded the package, subscribe the `ubuntu-archive` team to the bug report so that it shows up on the archive administrators' to-do list.
> +
>    The upload will be reviewed by the archive administrators during regularly scheduled processing, and approved if it meets the above criteria.  Archive administrators should verify that the package delta matches the debdiff attached to the bug report.
>   1. Test
Sounds sane to me.  I, in fact, did this on my last SRU upload anyway,
as it seemed the sane thing to do.  +1 from me.

... Adam

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