Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Tue Nov 21 02:44:33 GMT 2006


libapache2-mod-python         398680  libapache2-mod-python: Python version mismatch, expected '2.4.4c1', found '2.4.4'


kqemu                         399540  kqemu-source: needs to depend on dpatch
proftpd-dfsg                  399070  proftpd: ProFTPD Unspecified Vulnerability (CVE-2006-5815)


antigrav                      398248  antigrav - FTBFS: error: *** OpenAL is required ***
at76c503a                     399422  at76c503a: FTBS without installed kernel sources for the running kernel.
cdrkit                        387783  license needs to be clarified
gcc-h8300-hms                 398377  gcc-h8300-hms: FTBFS on 64 bit arches.
imhangul                      398391  imhangul: postinst fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/imhangul.postinst: line 9: /usr/sbin/update-gtk-immodules: No such file or directory
jffnms                        398624  jffnms: postinst fails: No pgsql createuser to execute. (have you installed postgresql-client?
libtm-perl                    399317  libtm-perl: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'libwww-perl'
petsc                         363122  libpetsc2.3.1-dbg: package overlap with libpetsc2.3.1-dev
tamil-gtk2im                  398375  tamil-gtk2im: /var/lib/dpkg/info/tamil-gtk2im.postinst: line 7: update-gtk-immodules: command not found
xfonts-baekmuk                398369  xfonts-baekmuk: installation fails: /var/lib/dpkg/info/xfonts-baekmuk.postinst: line 11: /usr/bin/defoma-font: No such file or directory
xfonts-knickers               398370  xfonts-knickers: installation fails: /usr/X11R6/bin/mkfontdir: No such file or directory
yasr                          398107  yasr: breaks FHS shipping aclocal stuff


cdrkit                        392342  Cdrkit possibly made non-free by former upstream, refuses clarification
cdrkit                        398465  k3b uses wrong cdrecord/wodim syntax
debian-edu                    396231  Recommends unavailable koffice-i18n-nn and koffice-i18n-se
dpkg-sig                      387016  Update dependency on libconfigfile-perl to libconfig-file-perl
gdis                          399132  gdis: gdis program look for gdis.elements in /usr/bin/
hwdata                        395780  hwdata: missing build target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)
icewm                         395465  libqt4-gui: QT4 GUI applications cause IceWM to crash when closing
libexif                       398426  libexif12: libexif crash when getting tags for some pictures
madwifi                       398241  madwifi-source: Build fails on powerpc-be-elf (PPC32) with message "TARGET powerpc-elf is invalid"
mplayer                       396450  mplayer: FTBFS: bashisms in build scripts
mplayer                       396531  mplayer: OSD missing numbers/letters
mplayer                       397891  mplayer: depends exclusively on debconf (debconf-2.0 should be an alternative)
nn                            335270  nn: broken templates/config/postinst files
nn                            376430  nn: FTBFS: bashisms
petsc                         379540  petsc: FTBFS: bashsms
rlplot                        395742  rlplot: missing binary-indep target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)
xfonts-knickers               395796  xfonts-knickers: missing build target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)
zile                          398761  FTBFS: emacs: unrecognized option `-l'
zile                          398858  FTBFS: emacs: unrecognized option `-l'


bluemon                       399021  bluemon: Depends: libdbus-1-2 (>= 0.62) but it is not installable
c-cpp-reference               390841  ITA: c-cpp-reference -- C and C++ programming reference
cdrkit                        278071  File addresses printed by mkisofs do not reflect sorting
cdrkit                        388595  diff for 5:1.0~pre4-1.1 NMU
cdrkit                        388770  wodim: BURN-Free turned off and on again
cdrkit                        398043  wodim: Does not die after unsuccessful burn
feed2imap                     385855  Ugly error message when passing wrong option
gaim                          398133  gaim: Seems to leak memory
gaim                          398969  When given an XMPP URI, gaim-url-handler crashes
gaim                          399230  gaim doesn't first try the SRV record when registering to jabber servers
gnupg2                        352326  gnupg-agent: wrong regexp in 90gpg-agent
gnupg2                        353232  gpgsm: pcsc-wrapper misplaced
gnupg2                        398493  gnupg2: info files improperly installed
iceweasel                     387639  firefox: RSS feeds preview does not work
iptables                      398082  iptables ignores /etc/networks after upgrade to 1.3.6
jack-audio-connection-kit     399246  jack-audio-connection-kit: libfreebob uploaded: please, rebuild jackit
jove                          398749  jove, xjove packages should provide virtual package editor
libapache2-mod-python         393927  Must not provide libapache2-mod-python2.3
libctl                        393104  ITA: libctl -- Library for flexible control files
mdadm                         399315  debian-installer: [powerpc] miboot-floppies kernel bump missing ...
mplayer                       397749  mplayer: Error on using Caca output
mplayer                       397819  mplayer: Proofreading of debconf template
mplayer                       397867  mplayer: win32codecs.sh will not uninstall
netenv                        398614  upgrade fails due to bashism in /var/lib/dpkg/info/netenv.config
php5                          398367  php5: PHP Warning:  Module 'PDO' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
php5                          399248  rkhunter: Daily cronjob returns error: "PHP Warning: Module 'PDO' already loaded in Unknown on line 0"
pyracerz                      384659  ITA: pyracerz -- multiplayer top view 2D racing game
rest2web                      399359  rest2web: compile errors with python 2.5
sysprof                       381769  sysprof-module-source: postinst/postrm depmod -- update templates to use dh_installmodules instead
xdebconfigurator              398450  xdebconfigurator: mouse defaults should be consistant with dexconf
xfonts-knickers               362388  xfonts-knickers: X fonts transition
xmms2                         399339  xmms2 source package should build faad plugin (mp4)


cdrkit                        389135  wodim: Spelling error in output of -checkdrive
gnupg2                        399551  Description reports gnupg2 as not up-to-date
libapache2-mod-python         394949  libapache2-mod-python: [INTL:de] German debconf translation
msmtp                         398660  msmtp: typo in debconf templates


debian-edu                    394329  education-standalone: please suggest "avahi-autoipd" instead of "zeroconf"
deborphan                     374969  [l10n:eu] deborphan basque translation
dov4l                         399159  ITP: dov4l -- program to set and query settings of video4linux devices
ejabberd                      399560  ejabberd: Please add the http-bind patch
gaim-libnotify                359955  ITP: gaim-libnotify -- display notification bubbles in gaim
gambc                         283299  ITP: gambc -- Gambit-C Scheme Interpreter and Compiler
ipw3945                       399491  Please stop providing /etc/modprobe.d/ipw3945-modules
jove                          374528  jove: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
jove                          381195  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for jove (debconf)
jove                          387507  jove: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
jove                          389213  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of jove debconf messages
jove                          396421  jove: [INTL:de] Updated German debconf translation
kbfx                          385466  Kbfx changes the panel size without confirmation from user
libgeo-helmerttransform-perl  399427  ITP: libgeo-helmerttransform-perl -- Perform transformations between geographical coordinates in different datums
libnet-ipv6addr-perl          398096  ITP: libnet-ipv6addr-perl -- Check validity of IPv6 addresses
mplayer                       397822  mplayer: [INTL:de] Initial German debconf translation
mplayer                       398515  mplayer: French program translation
msmtp                         398075  [l10n] Czech translation of msmtp debconf messages
nn                            331351  nn: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
nn                            331351  nn: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
nn                            361657  nn: [INTL:ru] Updated Russian translation for debconf template
nn                            381633  nn: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages
proftpd-dfsg                  399252  proftpd: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation
rlplot                        375768  rlplot comes with no .desktop
xorg-docs                     369461  xspecs: text file versions of specs
xorg-docs                     383642  xspecs: Build the files as PDF

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