Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sun Nov 12 02:38:35 GMT 2006


apache2                       397310  apache2: silently breaks website authentication
crosshurd                     338855  fails to bootstrap
dbconfig-common               397288  dbconfig-common: random generated password is not UTF-8 encoded
duplicity                     396158  Package config fails: "pycentral pkginstall: duplicity needs unavailable runtime (2.3)"


blender                       397560  blender: FTBFS: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lsh
ktorrent                      395897  FTBFS: now: No such file or directory
libextutils-autoinstall-perl  395857  libextutils-autoinstall-perl: FTBFS: test fails
libfile-homedir-perl          395858  libfile-homedir-perl: FTBFS: tests failed
libmail-dkim-perl             395860  libmail-dkim-perl: FTBFS: tests fail
mesa                          396498  libgl1-mesa-dev: glx.h needs X headers, but no Depends: libx11-dev
mypasswordsafe                382645  mypasswordsafe: FTBFS with sudo as gain-root command
openbox                       391917  openbox: menu use section Window-Managers instead of WindowManagers
openldap2.3                   393404  Source package contains non-free IETF RFC/I-D's
ptex-bin                      390199  ptex-bin FTBFS on hppa: ICE
python-central                397494  python-central: missing dependency on apt
update-manager                397716  please provide a debian-icon on the default desktop install, not an ubuntu one
www-sql                       358822  www-sql: Upgrade build-depends from libmysqlclient10-dev to 15
xoscope                       397243  xoscope: oscope gone missing when rebult


apache2                       391393  apache2.2-common: missing modules cern_meta, dumpio and ext_filter
apache2                       392349  apache 2.2 upgrade breaks, missing Order (authz_host module)
apache2                       392352  apache2.2-common: install does not enable replacement modules for default config
apache2                       392701  apache 2.2 upgrade didn't notice AuthUserFile
apache2                       393913  apache2: After an upgrade index.php wouldn't load automatically
apache2                       395976  apache2.2-common: missing mod_auth_ldap
apache2                       396678  syntax error in default config file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
exim                          375965  Bad dependencies on libdb3-util.
libapache-mod-acct            322215  [Fwd: Log for successful build of libapache-mod-acct_0.5-18 (dist=unstable)]
msttcorefonts                 290971  When upgrading to actual version msttcorefonts tried to use a wrong pathname
msttcorefonts                 369962  msttcorefonts postinst fails
openldap2.3                   389369  documentation errors in slapd
openldap2.3                   397673  CVE-2006-5779: OpenLDAP BIND Denial of Service Vulnerability
squid3                        397829  squid3: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
squid3                        397829  squid3: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
vtk                           384908  libvtk5-dev: missing QVTKWidget.h header
vtk                           389521  libvtk5-qt4-dev: does not depend on libvtk5-qt4


archivemail                   203282  archivemail: --delete option doesn't work with IMAP
archivemail                   250402  archivemail: maildir-to-mbox needs to quote From in body
archivemail                   250410  archivemail: maildir-to-mbox needs blank line to terminate each message
cppunit                       396865  cppunit: CPPUNIT_ASSERT_DOUBLES_EQUAL and nan
dlint                         396959  dlint: Deprecated syntax for sort and tail
elog                          397875  ELOG Web Logbook Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
emacs-snapshot                397447  emacs-snapshot: emacs should do charset conversion when pasting cut buffer
exim                          332303  [Not4Etch] exim: please drop /usr/doc symlink
exim                          359397  [Not4Etch] eximon: please finish /usr/doc transition
exim                          359404  [Not4Etch] exim: please finish /usr/doc transition
exim                          367741  [Not4Etch] exim: must use invoke-rc.d
frozen-bubble                 395836  Fails in colourblind mode
frozen-bubble                 396013  frozen-bubble: missing versioned Build-Depends on dpkg 1.13.19
gnome-hearts                  396043  gnome-hearts: crashes when started
gsetroot                      387474  ITA: gsetroot -- a C/Gtk-based front-end for Esetroot
hal                           397302  hal should prefer hibernate to uswsusp
libnet-ip-perl                397941  libnet-ip-perl: error in 'ipcount' example script
man-pages-it                  397963  storing data in /usr/X11R6 is deprecated
man-pages-it                  397966  files stored in /usr/X11R6
smartmontools                 391999  smartmontools: sata_nv controller (CK804) triggers HSM incorrectly
vtk                           397186  libvtk5: fails to read two-dimensional PLOT3D solution files [patch]


hal                           387374  hal-doc: short description conflicts with hal
jpilot                        392787  jpilot: Buttons 'Clear' and 'Remove' right of sync progress window are too small
kazehakase                    394029  kazehakase: Validity dates interchanged in certificate overview
libextutils-autoinstall-perl  382843  libextutils-autoinstall-perl: Insufficient / misleading error message on permissions
pioneers                      389165  pioneers: DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt is ignored


blender                       394224  blender: outdated manpage
cppunit                       379968  libcppunit-doc: please add all the upstream example directory
findlib                       389758  New findlib version is around
ia32-libs                     394230  ia32-libs: Please add more lib*.so symlinks for wine
openldap2.3                   396096  openldap2.3: [INTL:de] Updated German debconf translation
smartmontools                 398054  please increase MAXLINELEN to 256 or even more
smartmontools                 398055  please updated CVS snapshot in experimental
update-manager                397132  update-notifier: Spanish translation update
vtk                           389549  libvtk5-dev: uppercase vtkdata path in some files
vtk                           395566  vtk: new upstream version (5.0.2)

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