Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sat Nov 11 06:56:03 GMT 2006


texlive-extra        39732   fetchmail: Hangs indefinitely while fetching certain messages (offending messages inclosed)


flumotion            397896  While trying to run flumotion-admin I get a ERROR: PyGTK could not be found
flumotion            397897  User flumotion is not added to users aof system
irda-utils           396716  irda-utils: fails to install
php5                 397625  libapache2-mod-php5: apache segfault when compiled with LFS
tuxguitar            397368  tuxguitar: tuxguitar fails to start
xchat                397312  xchat: segfault on amd64 (japanese po/ja.po)


autounit             391257  Uninstallable due to unavailable libglib-dev
bitcollider          396731  bitcollider: FTBFS: image/Makefile.am: required file `./depcomp' not found
camas                396417  camas: build fails because caudium startup times out
cmucl                397575  cmucl: FTBFS: cp: cannot stat `src/docs/cmu-user/index.html': No such file or directory
dart                 393818  dart-client: Win32 binary files
gnuradio             394533  gnuradio depends on several contrib packages
ion2                 396930  ion2: FTBFS: fail to generate doc
irda-utils           396781  irda-utils: FTBFS: undefined reference to `gzclose'
libphp-phplot        393692  libphp-phplot: ships font with no author or license
mell                 391780  mell: fails to install
mell                 391780  mell: fails to install
modconf              395229  FTBFS: build-depends on non-existing package kernel-tree-2.4.27
netdude              392399  ships architecture-dependent files in /usr/share
omake                397699  omake: FTBFS: File "omake_gen_magic.ml", line 83, characters 14-33: Unbound value Lm_string_util.trim
subversion           396435  subversion: should be buildable as root (failed test when built as root)


autofs               396191  autofs: NFS Submount still fails
enemies-of-carlotta  396275  enemies-of-carlotta: EoC fails with "Cannot MIME encode header, using original ones, sorry"
flashplugin-nonfree  393992  /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/libflashplayer.so MUST not be executable
irda-utils           394812  irda-utils: failure detecting smsc-ircc2 device
pdns                 394682  pdns-server: bind backend segfaults on zone reload
pdns                 397031  pdns-server: SOA records are wrong
texlive-lang         392474  texlive-lang-spanish: needs cathyph.tex from texlive-base
zope-common          382773  zope-common - dzhandle removes products without notice
zope-common          388253  zope-common - starts not running instances on apt calls


autounit             393225  diff for 0.20.1-1.1 NMU of autounit
cmake                391831  Broken FindMPEG2.cmake
cmake                392473  cmake: FindQT4 doesn't find qt4 if qt3 is installed
dart                 359379  dart-server: please finish /usr/doc transition
dart                 359383  dart-client: please finish /usr/doc transition
dart                 366125  dart: Wrong upstream URL (Download.shtml instead of Download.html)
erlang               394379  erlang-base(-hipe): searching for affected services can be very slow
flashplugin-nonfree  363378  flashplugin-nonfree: text fonts not displaying
gwhois               397899  gwhois: .info whois server aparently changed
hunglish             385427  hunglish: The keyboard layouts have moved to /usr/share/X11/xkb
hunglish             386572  hunglish: Please recommend kbd | console-tools instead of console-tools
irda-utils           397411  irda-utils: Postinst script fails
mell                 392602  mell: use Build-Depends to use debhelper and dpatch
mell                 392602  mell: use Build-Depends to use debhelper and dpatch
mserv                332035  mserv depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
pdns                 395885  pdns-server: allow-recursion parameter doesn't understand ipv6 addresses
pdns                 396250  pdns-server: Doesn't convert ipv4-in-ipv6 addresses to ipv4 for checking
proftpd-dfsg         397918  Cannot purge, update-rc.d in proftpd.postrm outputs to stdout, confuses debconf
serendipity          397884  serendipity: First installation with remote database not possible
texlive-base         396965  ltxtable.sty is missing
texlive-extra        397589  texlive-latex-extra does not contain beamer
tiger                397832  tiger: unaware of selinuxfs filesystem. reports as warning.
tuxguitar            396591  Dependency on libswt-gtk-3.2-jni is unnecessary
zope-common          378364  zope-common: upgrades restart all instances, not just those in /etc/default/zope*
zope-common          379169  zope-common - dzhandle location don't match manpage section


autounit             386428  libautounit-dev: contains duplicate changelog.gz and ChangeLog.gz
bitcollider          252340  Missing manpage for bitcollider
denyhosts            393461  Install fails if previous version daemon not running
flashplugin-nonfree  320849  mozilla-firefox: Firefox crashes when visiting www.banesto.es
flashplugin-nonfree  396047  flashplugin-nonfree: detect other Flash installations in debian/preinst
gsumi                397839  Please stop Build-Depending on automake
hunglish             311907  INTL:vi
mserv                312974  INTL:vi
mserv                312974  INTL:vi
pdns                 316789  pdns-server: allow-axfr-ips being ignored
texlive-bin          396904  Please document how useful texconfig is on a Debian system
user-es              350572  user-es: strange file in debian directory
vnc4                 394072  xvnc4viewer password bug remains
xchat                378273  xchat-common: Errors in spanish translation
xchat                393698  xchat: default server in server select window should be irc.debian.org
zope-common          385882  zope-common: "login into"
zope-common          392653  zope-common: lsb-release and po-debconf should be in Build-Depends


dart                 366126  dart: new upstream version?
dart                 393819  dart-client: CVS files are shipped
dart                 393820  dart-server: CVS files are shipped
denyhosts            397452  denyhosts: log file is not rotated
dhelp                332367  dhelp: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
dhelp                336068  dhelp: Spanish debconf translation
dhelp                343843  dhelp: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf tepmlates translation
dhelp                397099  [l10n:vi] Vietnamese debconf translation
flashplugin-nonfree  387263  flashplugin-nonfree: Fails to install; fails to fail to install
flashplugin-nonfree  387588  flashplugin-nonfree: suggesting verbose option
flashplugin-nonfree  388895  flashplugin-nonfree: debian/templates note or error
flashplugin-nonfree  394046  flashplugin-nonfree: new beta version available
fprobe-ulog          331476  fprobe-ulog: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
hunglish             301626  hunglish: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation
hunglish             321478  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of hunglish debconf messages
hunglish             397094  hunglish
mkvmlinuz            298972  mkvmlinuz: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates
mkvmlinuz            331020  mkvmlinuz: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
mserv                302877  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of mserv debconf messages
mserv                333714  mserv: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
tiger                386163  /usr/lib/tiger/scripts/check_accounts should use find with 2>/dev/null
timer-applet         397806  timer-applet: Timer Applet 1.3 available
user-es              317670  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of user-es debconf messages
user-es              324069  INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for user-es
user-es              333168  user-es: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
user-es              381357  user-es: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for user-es's debconf messages
vnc4                 397417  xvnc4viewer: allow command-line dialogs when started in console
vtkdata              389021  vtkdata: new upstream version
zope-common          359256  add support for non-root usage of dzhandle
zope-common          396759  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of zope-common debconf messages
zope-common          397215  [INTL:de] German translation for zope-common (debconf)

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