[Bug 54332] Please sync postgresql-common (main) from unstable

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 28 09:35:19 BST 2006

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 affects distros/ubuntu/postgresql-common
 status confirmed
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Please sync postgresql-common (main) from Debian unstable.

Changelog since current edgy version 57:

postgresql-common (58) unstable; urgency=low

  * pg_wrapper: Improve manpage POD, describe the precise rules for cluster
  * t/090_multicluster.t: Check for proper error message of pg_wrapper (no
    suitable default cluster) if several local clusters exist and none are on
    the default port.
  * pg_wrapper: Print proper error message if no cluster is suitable as
    default target and point to man pg_wrapper.
  * pg_upgradecluster:
    - Support /etc/postgresql-common/pg_upgradecluster.d/ hook scripts. These
      are called after creating the virgin new version cluster (phase 'init')
      and a second time after the upgrade is complete (phase 'finish').
      PostgreSQL extensions like PostGIS can use these hooks to initialize
      metadata which must not be upgraded from the old cluster, but
      initialized from scratch. Closes: #351571
    - Document this feature in the manpage POD.
    - If upgrade scripts are present, call pg_restore with the new -X
      no-data-for-failed-tables option to not clutter already existing tables
      in the new cluster with data from the old cluster. Abort with an error
      if the installed pg_restore does not support this option.
    - debian/postgresql-common.dirs: Ship
  * Add t/120_pg_upgradecluster_scripts.t: Selftest for pg_upgradecluster.d
    hooks and proper pg_restore -X no-data-for-failed-tables behaviour.
  * PgCommon.pm, get_cluster_locales(): Fix parsing of locales out of
    pg_controldata output by calling it under the locale 'C' and being more
    liberal in the regular expression. (https://launchpad.net/bugs/50755)

 -- Martin Pitt <mpitt at debian.org>  Tue, 25 Jul 2006 22:34:42 +0200

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** Affects: postgresql-common (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Untriaged
         Status: Confirmed

Please sync postgresql-common (main) from unstable

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