Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 21 23:27:35 BST 2006


amule            372279  amule-utils fails to update due to overwriting ed2k.1.gz not allowed
ctwm             364239  ctwm: uninstallable, FTBFS with Xorg 7.0
democracyplayer  376979  democracyplayer: Segmentation fault on start
gnus             339541  gnus should clean up old absurd /etc site-start.d link


f-spot           377158  f-spot: FTBFS: undefined references
hiki             378059  hiki: CVE-2006-3379 remote denial of service
libdumb          379064  dumb: CVE-2006-3668: arbitrary code execution
regina           358960  FTBFS on mips: expected ';', ',' or ')' before '*' token
stardict         378807  FTBFS: bzip2: Cannot exec: No such file or directory
tapiir           378531  tapiir: FTBFS: missing fltk
xtel             362406  xtel: X fonts transition


aleph            359632  aleph: binNMU will FTBFS
amule            374806  amule-utils: problem replacing diversion
ctwm             375240  ctwm: right click for TwmWindows crashes ctwm
diacanvas2       373313  Python policy transition
firehol          359221  firehol: missing support for ipv6 should be mentioned in the docs or description
gforth           342411  gforth(GNU/k*BSD): FTBFS: out of date config.sub/config.guess
klineakconfig    344655  klineakconfig: Settings- and Keyboard-config dialogs not properly resizable
liferea          370434  liferea has circular Depends on liferea-gtkhtml|liferea-xulrunner
mercurial        378835  mercurial: package depends on Python2.3 but uses Python2.4 features
php4-tclink      375547  php4-tclink_3.4.0-4(armeb/unstable): issue with php4 depends generation
rt2400           379085  rt2400-source fails to compile against recent kernels (>=2.6.17)
sfs              373988  sfs-server: Unable to remove package -- Stopping SFS server software: No process in pidfile `/var/run/sfssd.pid' found running; none killed.


cron             338051  Cron sends malformed mails
cron             361458  cron: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: unsatisfied Build-Depends
firefox          352195  firefox: List of search engines is overwritten often
firehol          335328  helpme function missing
firehol          335602  firehol: man page references wrong config file
firehol          349409  firehol: unnecessary dependency to package 'bc'
firehol          357250  firehol: List of RESERVED_IPS is out of date
firehol          371832  firehol: [manual] Description of subcommand "proctection" lacks information
firehol          379127  RESERVED_IPS needs updating
gftp             302811  gftp: unstable handling of bookmarks
gftp             373851  gftp-gtk: Gftp-gtk crashes when connecting to server that doesnot exists
gftp             376236  gFTP bookmarks
guile-1.6        291551  Segfault with call/cc on ia64 (at least)
liferea          304830  liferea: Can't open atthachments
liferea          364084  liferea: don't blindly call dbus-launch on startup
liferea          366822  when both summary and content are present, only shows the first
liferea          372724  dbus-daemon sessions are launched and never exit
liferea          376849  liferea: leaks memory
liferea          378389  ITA: liferea -- feed aggregator for GNOME
regina           361079  regina: FTBFS (ppc64): syntax error before '*' token
sfs              351060  sfs-common: can't use userdel when purging
sfs              378126  sfs-server cannot be removed if not running
space-orbit      375575  diff for 1.01-8.1 NMU
unalz            378833  unalz: Please enable iconv support.
xfishtank        362906  xfishtank: please follow xorg migration
xtel             374231  xtel: lesstif1 is deprecated, transition to lesstif2


amule            377760  'man amulegui' typos: "functionnality" & "than" x 2
amule            377761  'man ed2k' & 'alcc' typo: "SYNOPSYS"
cron             369153  cron: weirdly structured sentences in crontab man page
fetchmail        374473  fetchmail: postrm needlessly removes conffile
firefox          320957  Doesn't honour previously deleted search engines from /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/searchplugins/
firehol          357034  firehol: make default client ports from 1000, pls
firehol          363413  Spelling mistake in package description
gajim            366725  gajim: python warning during installation
gftp             375912  gftp-gtk: Queue stopping segfaults
sg-utils         354957  sg-utils: Typo


cron             271747  cron: Add option to control logging
cron             309150  cron: Add CHARSET special variable
cron             318247  cron: Please (optionally?) log end of job as well as start
cron             378153  Make crontab parsing less permissive
democracyplayer  376360  Build-Dep on mozilla (library), please transition to xulrunner
firefox          296425  mozilla-firefox: No way to remove an accidently added search engine
firefox          308005  mozilla-firefox: crowded search engine menu
hddtemp          379024  hddtemp: please add WDC WD2500JD-75HBB0
liferea          374194  liferea: 1.0.15 is released 2006-06-13
liferea          374428  liferea: sessions stopped working
opendb           370062  opendb: New upstream version available

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