Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 19 23:23:42 BST 2006


gxine               310712  Remotely-exploitable missing-format-string vulnerability in some message dialogue boxes


at-spi              208991  at-spi: Needs more recent atk
fragroute           351269  fragroute: fragroute won't start
ggz-server          229623  ggzd: Fails to install - hangs
gxine               289412  gxine: segfault at startup if LANG=de_DE
gxine               295344  segfaults on startup
openldap2.3         373233  slapd fails with 2.4 kernels
pida                377432  pida: Won't start
xball               377652  xball: Can't start


at-spi              127808  at-spi: missing build-dep
at-spi              130656  at-spi_0.0.5-2(unstable/hppa): missing build-depends
at-spi              137809  at-spi_0.0.8-2(powerpc/unstable): missing build-depends
at-spi              183779  at-spi_1.1.8-1(mipsel/unstable): configure built with broken libtool.m4
at-spi              225164  at-spi_1.3.9-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing build-depends?
at-spi              246325  Missing dependency on libxtst-dev
at-spi              246325  Missing dependency on libxtst-dev
at-spi              251583  FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on libxt-dev
at-spi              377157  at-spi: FTBFS: linkage problem, undefined references
chdrv               319969  FTBFS: Invalid storage classes and labels at the end of compound statements
conglomerate        378400  conglomerate: /usr/share/doc/conglomerate missing!
dar                 378431  libdar-dev is not installable
freecraft           377991  FTBFS: undefined reference to `XOpenDisplay'
ggz-gtk-client      201137  ggz-gtk-client menu section 'Games' is forbidden  by menu policy
graphviz            377694  FTBFS: graphviz_2.8-2.1
k3d                 368246  FTBFS: build-depends on nonexistent xlibmesa-glu-dev
klibc               378426  Broken on ARM: segfaults
ldaptor             373559  Python policy transition
ldaptor             378586  FTBFS: Build-Depends are outdated and unsatisfiable
libopengl-perl      377990  FTBFS: cannot find -lXi
libxmlada2          378432  libxmlada2: FTBFS: missing build-dep on tetex-bin
mazeofgalious       377955  FTBFS: redefines abs, conflicts with libc header
monster-masher      377932  FTBFS: warning: can't parse dependency libxrender1 gconf2
opie                328923  libpam-opie: GPL/4-clause BSD/RSA license conflict
robotour            378198  robotour: FTBFS: error: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory
scalemail           377089  Uninstallable due to python transition
tnftp               285902  CAN-2004-1294: Arbitrary file overwrite vulnerability
zsnes               378574  zsnes FTBFS on sid


at-spi              215039  at-spi: Gnopernicus >0.3.4 segfaults on window-switch event
at-spi              225273  at-spi-doc: no any docs in the pacakge and fails to install
conglomerate        339917  conglomerate-common has circular Depends on conglomerate
conglomerate        369874  Needs rebuild against a newer dh_gconf
ggz-server          264739  Please use gcrypt11/gnutls11 instead of gcrypt1/gnutls7
graphviz            373256  unclean diff
gxine               327752  startup: lirc error and hanging app
initramfs-tools     359926  initramfs-tools: diskless / nfsroot boot fails at nfsmount ... , works with mount -t nfs ...
k3d                 347399  k3d: pulls in spurious deps from Magick++-config
k3d                 356037  k3d: Interface doesn't show icon images in the toolsbar
k3d                 358218  FTBFS with G++ 4.1: misc errors
kuake               300325  kuake: ftbfs [sparc] Can't find X libraries
mercurial           378835  mercurial: package depends on Python2.3 but uses Python2.4 features
openldap2.3         261696  /etc/init.d/slapd restart sometimes failes
openldap2.3         304488  Upgrade fails and slapd won't start due to change in slapd.access.conf syntax requirements
openldap2.3         369352  slapd: fails to start on 2.4.x kernel
openldap2.3         372194  slapd fails on 2.4 kernel
syslog-ng           350120  syslog-ng: certain facilities are completely ignored in the conf; goes into syslog as a result
syslog-ng           350344  syslog-ng: Filter rule and level(debug) problem
syslog-ng           352695  Please check for /dev/xconsole and fail quietly if not found
yappy               373412  Python policy transition


at-spi              123797  at-spi: Description should be changed a bit
at-spi              195974  undefined non-weak symbols / incomplete inter-library dependency information
at-spi              214800  please remove build dependency on liblinc-dev
at-spi              220532  at-spi-doc: error in doc-base file
at-spi              225229  Diff of NMU 1.3.9-1.1
at-spi              285640  at-spi-doc: missing HTML doc
at-spi              300808  at-spi: could not load typelib (Accessibility) - missing files?
chdrv               331776  chdrv depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
clustalw            374241  clustalw: lesstif1 is deprecated, transition to lesstif2
conglomerate        335362  Please build-depend on libxml-parser-perl instead of gnome-common
console-data        378841  console-data: lat9-* and lat9?-* fonts disappeared again
dpsyco              368836  dpsyco-lib: fails when filenames have blanks
ggz-server          196819  Outdated and not working: New version 0.0.7 available
gri                 378277  gri: fails if pre-existing "~/tmp" directory
gxine               225367  gxine: full screen handling is wrong with xinerama
gxine               295184  gxine: lirc support is broken
gxine               329300  On startup, gxine restoring volume when it shouldn't.
gxine               355304  gxine presents the setup wizard dialogue box on every startup
gxine               355906  video area may be blanked when using the toolbar controls
gxine               361847  gxine: FTBS with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nostrip noopt debug"
ipsec-tools         372665  /etc/init.d/racoon should be registered in rcS.d to start before or at S40
ldaptor             359444  ldaptor-utils: please finish /usr/doc transition
mercurial           378502  missing manpage hgignore
mercurial           378538  mercurial: hg serve does not respond (traceback included)
metamail            357163  metamail: dumps core with -w option
openldap2.3         292845  have to kill slapd manually when running as non-root user
openldap2.3         319477  slapd: cron job does not backup if using bdb backend
openldap2.3         349011  Segmentation Fault with moduleload <module>
openldap2.3         354450  by default, replog files can be read by anyone
openldap2.3         367981  slapd: init script lacks PATH variable
phpldapadmin        378808  apache.conf: Use static htdocs directory
prelink             338183  prelink: uses rpm database instead of dpkg
prelink             366320  /usr/bin/prelink returns 0 even if prelinking was aborted
syslog-ng           351095  texmacs: core dump on manually edited .tm file
syslog-ng           374056  syslog-ng: pppd output to local2.{info, notice} still missing with complex xconsole filter.
tex-common          366805  tex-common: Group question for tex files: too difficult IMO
tex-common          376050  please do not claim to "Manage permissions with debconf"
xkeyboard-config    342615  [xkb] no korean alphabet (hangul) mapping support
xkeyboard-config    363925  xkb-data: XF86AudioRaiseVolume defined twice for Logitech keyboards
xkeyboard-config    368885  xkb-data: symbols/inet and rules/base.* do not match
xkeyboard-config    373833  xbase-clients: hr(us) layout apparently broken


at-spi              124425  at-spi: Spelling error in description
at-spi              124426  at-spi-doc: Spelling error in description
at-spi              124890  libatspi-dev: Spelling error in description
at-spi              124891  libatspi4: Spelling error in description
at-spi              219773  at-spi: wrong FPI in at-spi-cspi-docs.sgml
conglomerate        341067  conglomerate: Please hyphenate user-friendly in ./debian/control
eventlog            371068  uses deprecated debhelper compat level 3
gajim               377309  gajim: Please suggest nautilus-sendto
ggz-gtk-client      163577  ggz-gtk-client: Should Recommend ggz-gtk-games?
gxine               291923  gxine: OK button in media marks editor not working
gxine               311462  'man gxine_client' typo: "comand"
gxine               314039  gxine: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
gxine               337521  corrections for german man page gxine(1)
ipsec-tools         340740  ipsec-tools: IPsec keys are flushed before nfs is umounted
openldap2.3         318143  slapd: post-install script does not ignore point at the beginning domain
openldap2.3         370550  slapd.conf: support for shadow password aging
prelink             337187  'man prelink' typos: "accross", "explicitely", and "outputing" x 2
tex-common          368411  tex-common keeps asking the question about group on each upgrade
ttf-bitstream-vera  378827  ttf-bitstream-vera: typo in Description, s/ttf-dejavue/ttf-dejavu/
xarchiver           378842  cannot find xarchiver.png
zabbix              377488  zabbix: typo in your debconf template


at-spi              121089  ITP: at-spi -- Assistive Technology Service 	Provider Interface.
at-spi              200303  at-spi: Please include files in tests/ as examples
at-spi              206545  at-spi: Please consider updating your package to latest upstream version
chdrv               205783  chdrv: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates
chdrv               206772  chdrv: French translation of gettext debconf templates
clustalw            359712  clustalw: Dead link in the package description
courierpasswd       378569  ITP: courierpasswd -- Authenticate courier passwords with checkpassword interface
courieruserinfo     378568  ITP: courieruserinfo -- Retrieve courier user account information
gxine               293851  gxine: -f option to toggle automatic fullscreen on startup
gxine               305106  gxine: 0.4.5 available (fixes RC and security bugs)
gxine               320411  gxine: new upstream version 0.4.6
gxine               322249  gxine: Please switch to libxaw8
gxine               338762  gxine: New upstream version available
gxine               343370  gxine: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO-template translation
gxine               343413  gxine is severely outdated
gxine               353892  gxine: Please rebuild using libmozjs-dev
gxine               354550  gxine: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation
initramfs-tools     367567  please remove the md/raid hooks and scripts and let mdadm provide them
metamail            321968  metamail: Does not provide filenames for attachments
openldap2.3         306435  slapd: Hidden file in /var/lib/ldap caused upgrade to fail (Directory not empty)
openldap2.3         365172  [INTL:nl] Dutch po-debconf translation
openldap2.3         370013  slapd: Cleanup of depedencies: fileutils
openldap2.3         378565  openldap2.3: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation
psycopg2            377956  ITP: python-psycopgda2 -- PostgreSQL adapter for Python
qemu-launcher       298229  ITP: qemu-launcher -- A launcher for Qemu
syslog-ng           355213  logcheck-database: Ignore syslog-ng lines, please
syslog-ng           369489  please add logcheck rule to ignore statistics dump
syslog-ng           376750  logcheck improvements
tex-common          376632  tex-common: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation
tex-common          377378  tex-common: [INTL:it] Italian debconf templates translation
tex-common          377388  tex-common: French debconf templates translation
tex-common          377664  tetex: s
tex-common          377945  tex-common: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation
zabbix              375811  please relax build-dependencies to facilitate backports

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