Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 19 00:29:44 BST 2006


adept              359065  adept: Adept fails to open apt cache
libvncserver       376824  libvncserver: authentication bypass [CVE-2006-2450]


at-spi             377157  at-spi: FTBFS: linkage problem, undefined references
countrycodes       378646  countrycodes: makes obsolete /usr/doc symlink
db4.2              256332  db4.2-doc: non-free
db4.2              357528  db4.2-doc: doc package is not DFSG-free
gmp                376353  FTBFS on AMD64: assembly issues with x86_add_n
gnusound           377608  FTBFS: error: request for member...
hwinfo             378653  13.0-3 FTBFS on sparc
ia32-libs          367435  lib32gcc1: Will not install: conflicts with libgcc1
libgksu            378199  gksu should conflict with libgksu0
libtexttools       377721  libtexttools: FTBFS: Build depends on gnat << 3.16
libxmlada2         378432  libxmlada2: FTBFS: missing build-dep on tetex-bin
phpmyadmin         377748  phpmyadmin: CVE-2006-3388: cross-site scripting
python-apt         377615  python-apt does not depend on apt
sdljump            378206  sdljump: FTBFS: debian/tmp/usr/man/man6/sdljump.6: No such file or directory
xmms-wma           378370  xmms-wma - FTBFS: cannot find -lffwma
zope-cmfforum      378723  Uninstallable due to unmet dep on zope-cmf | zope-cmf1.4
zope-cmfphoto      378729  Uninstallable due to unmet dep on zope-cmf1.4 | zope-cmf


adept              376784  adept-manager: Crashes always when previewing changes (already filed upstream)
adept              377149  adept-common: Overwrite error at installation when adept 1.88.4 is installed
aide               244917  aide segfaults (--config-check and @@ifnhost)
charmap.app        372167  charmap.app: charmap.map crash on startup
libgksu            349652  gksu: failure with X authentication (wrong .Xauthority entry)
libgksu            377746  gksudo: tells me it's going to run 'halt' without a password, but doesn't run halt at all
sauce              215237  sauce: Log rotation
zope-cps           376876  Recommends unavailable python-pydot


adduser            378539  Yet more fixes for the program output
aide               377383  aide: Wrong FILES section in man page
blender            354936  Missing french translations in .desktop
blender            364473  blender: Blender can't find libtiff even when it's installed
console-data       375635  console-data: latarcyrheb-sun16.psf.gz gone missing?
console-data       378624  unicode-data: Bogus conflict with console-common and console-data?
console-tools      364797  console-tools: console-screen.sh will grep noise instead of LANG/LC_ALL/LC_TYPE
dtmfdial           377869  ITA: dtmfdial -- A DTMF Tone Dialer
dvdauthor          345943  dvdauthor: spumux fails when using action tag in xml file
erc                369897  erc: resolving ssl.el dependency could be better documented
grouch.app         373564  grouch.app: Doesn't belong in "games" section...
grouch.app         378601  problems with multiple groups in contact list; fixed upstream.
less               358704  lesspipe: treat catdoc and isoinfo like other helper programs
loop-aes-utils     378688  checkfs-loop: should not try fsck of loops with random keys
mpfr               378356  [m68k] Please move from gcc-3.4 to gcc-4.1
partman-crypto     378687  Cipher modules for loop-AES need to be in /target/etc/modules
postgrey           376910  wrong permissions on unix socket
python-qt4         378086  python-qt4-doc: simpletreemodel.py demo does not work on AMD64
rain               299315  rain: FTBFS (ppc64): config.guess and config.sub are too old
rain               359566  rain: please finish /usr/doc transition
records            359563  records-common: please finish /usr/doc transition
records            359570  records-gnuemacs: please finish /usr/doc transition
records            359573  records-xemacs: please finish /usr/doc transition
redhat-cluster     378677  diff for 1.02.00-7.1 NMU
rotix              359569  rotix: please finish /usr/doc transition
sauce              359574  sauce: please finish /usr/doc transition
sauce              367759  sauce: must use invoke-rc.d
sciplot            374248  sciplot: lesstif1 is deprecated, transition to lesstif2
sipp               359571  sipp: please finish /usr/doc transition
sipp               359575  sipp-dev: please finish /usr/doc transition
sleepenh           359595  sleepenh: please finish /usr/doc transition
smtp-refuser       359578  smtp-refuser: please finish /usr/doc transition
stardict           289996  stardict: 'debian/rules clean' is not clean enough
svgalib4libggi     359577  svgalib1-libggi2: please finish /usr/doc transition
syncbbdb           359586  syncbbdb: please finish /usr/doc transition
tclex              359579  tclex: please finish /usr/doc transition
textchk            359590  textchk: please finish /usr/doc transition
wmaker-data        359600  wmaker-data: please finish /usr/doc transition
wmaker-usersguide  359601  wmaker-usersguide-ps: please finish /usr/doc transition
xruskb             378650  xruskb: fails to clean up /usr/doc symlink


aide               378438  aide: Typo in documentation
blender            348374  FutureWarning: hex/oct constants > sys.maxint will return positive values in Python 2.4 and up
hpodder            378287  hpodder: A silly error in the man page
kanjisaver         363996  Spelling mistake in package description
rain               140879  Capitalization
syncbbdb           279617  syncbbdb: typo in description
textchk            361784  textchk: Please clarify the nativeness of your package


aide               247685  aide: No such file or directory error messages
aide               369242  aide: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation
aide               370312  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of aide debconf messages
asterisk           372527  asterisk: Please package version
console-data       375137  console-data: [INTL:th] Typo fixes in Thai translation
console-data       378369  [INTL:hu] Fixed Hungarian console-data translation
ia32-libs          369931  ia32-libs: addition of libusb and lib cairo2 to package
ia32-libs          370191  please add libpng12-0 to ia32-libs
libvncserver       373808  Please package x11vnc 0.8.1
postgrey           377517  postgrey: Support exim4
stardict           361667  New upstream version 2.4.8

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