Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 4 09:29:36 GMT 2006


mailscanner              212763  mailscanner cronjob killed my system
mailscanner              230692  Install of mailscanner *breaks Apt / dpkg*


mailscanner              146987  mailscanner fails to install
mailscanner              152481  mailscanner: Mailscanner fails to install
mailscanner              209154  mailscanner: hangs on apt installation
mailscanner              266599  mailscanner: fails to install
mailscanner              267794  mailscanner: /etc/MailScanner/CustomConfig.pm not installed by package
mailscanner              276199  since last upgrade, mailscanner refuses to process new messages
twiki                    401303  CVE-2006-6071: TWiki Authentication Bypass Vulnerability


emacs21                  396875  emacs21-common: Must include a copy of the GFDL
gaim                     401295  gaim: Adjust build-dep libsasl2-2-dev -> libsasl2-dev
libapache-dbi-perl       361031  Version 0.94 is ancient and should not be used
mailscanner              293667  Mailscanner Wont Upgrade Or Install After Removing Old Version
mailscanner              299922  mailscanner: lock/pid file location violates fhs
mailscanner              306220  mailscanner: Should be moved to contrib: dependency on unrar unsatisfiable in main
mailscanner              318137  mailscanner: /usr/sbin/update_virus_scanners don't update virus scanners
zeroc-icee               400916  zeroc-icee: FTBFS: No rule to make target `IceAtomic.o'


gaim                     398399  gaim: Cruhes when request contact info from icq, msn contacts using jabber-transports.
mailscanner              138903  mailscanner: The check_mailscanner script is wrong
mailscanner              141331  mailscanner: mailscanner does not restart if it had stopped while processing a message
mailscanner              174731  mailscanner: anti-virus wrapper script for clamav has incorrect mode
mailscanner              193424  Missing -D File Causes Infinite Loop
mailscanner              221671  /etc/cron.d/mailscanner does not respect run_nice
mailscanner              230274  mailscanner: missing dependencies
mailscanner              230320  mailscanner: mistake in README.exim4
mailscanner              238173  mailscanner: conffile handling broken
mailscanner              238173  mailscanner: conffile handling broken
mailscanner              255897  mailscanner: freezing on start
mailscanner              256430  mailscanner: /usr/sbin/update_virus_scanners does not honour /etc/MailScanner/autoupdate directory
mailscanner              256430  mailscanner: /usr/sbin/update_virus_scanners does not honour /etc/MailScanner/autoupdate directory
mailscanner              259596  mailscanner: Missing dependency on coreutils
mailscanner              262074  mailscanner: updated version that "Sanity Checks" directories in startup script doesn't have stat package as a dependency
mailscanner              262079  mailscanner: New version of Messages.pm required to allow detection of MyDoom.O
mailscanner              263810  mailscanner: init.d script's "sanity checks" require "run as" lines in conf file, but MailScanner doesn't
mailscanner              263810  mailscanner: init.d script's "sanity checks" require "run as" lines in conf file, but MailScanner doesn't
mailscanner              264676  mailscanner: dirs installed with multiple user/group values, but are checked for single user/group
mailscanner              265282  4.32.5-{1,2} upgrades broke with at least new 'move CustomFunctions' code
mailscanner              265950  mailscanner: hangs on install
mailscanner              269050  mailscanner: upgrade fails when trying to mv CustomFunctions on themselves
mailscanner              270365  mailscanner: Problems upgrading
mailscanner              295442  mailscanner: README.exim4 should mention logrotate.d/exim4-base
mailscanner              305496  mailscanner: exim split spool support seems broken
mailscanner              319258  mailscanner: respawn broken - what happenned to MailScanner.off lock ?
mozplugger               401418  mozplugger isn't seen by iceweasel
twiki                    400212  twiki: Requires apache-common when apache2.2 installed
twiki                    400213  twiki: Reconfiguring package leads to warning in Apache 2.2
twiki                    400226  twiki: tools/mailnotify not included in package
twiki                    400226  twiki: tools/mailnotify not included in package
twiki                    400977  twiki: Accessing wiki with .../twiki/  URL should not display pub contents


directfb                 354624  Module linux_input does not handle correctly devices wich
directfb                 375402  g-i: weird touchpad behavior
directfb                 383608  debian-installer: touchpad doesn't work
directfb                 383866  Synaptic touchpad does not work on HP/Compaq NX7010
directfb                 395067  installation-report: No touchpad and other issues for HP Pavillion dv1117 Laptop
directfb                 395118  installation-report: No touchpad and other issues for HP Pavillion dv1117 Laptop
directfb                 400579  Please apply this patch to DirectFB 0.9.25
distributed-net          99954   the shutdown process should not freeze when a /etc/init.d script freezes
distributed-net          398454  distributed-net: on AMD64 restart doesn't work because stop exits non zero
emacs21                  381484  emacs21-common: ldap.el fails to parse literal values in ldapsearch output
emacs21                  395501  emacs21: M-x yow signals an error
gaim                     394989  gaim: Doesn't notice resolv.conf changes
gaim                     400002  gaim segfaults in DigestCalcResponse()
gaim                     400496  keybindings not working in gaim-text beta5
gauche-gl                388577  gauche-gl: glXGetProcAddressARB vs glXGetProcAddress
gnomebaker               398364  gnomebaker: In-project directory creation is buggy
libcache-memcached-perl  399734  stats does not work
mailscanner              134781  mailscanner: does not allow exim-tls in dependency
mailscanner              142686  mailscanner: messages rejected by exim messages due to leftover cruft in defer
mailscanner              144736  mailscanner: When "Use SpamAssassin = yes", marks all mail as {SPAM?}
mailscanner              154160  mailscanner: The current instructions for sendmail are wrong
mailscanner              154781  mailscanner: Please reduce 'tnef' dependancy to 'recommends' or 'suggests'
mailscanner              156553  mailscanner: please patch stable/unstable versions to fix security issues
mailscanner              157851  mailscanner: files remain in exim's msglog
mailscanner              161537  mailscanner: apt-get --purge remove mailscanner fails
mailscanner              165653  f-prot-installer: mentioned script for use with mailscanner does not exist
mailscanner              175196  mailscanner+razor: won't write configuration files
mailscanner              185068  mailscanner & f-prot-installer
mailscanner              187653  mailscanner: Mailscanner outdated - Problems with f-prot
mailscanner              187763  mailscanner and f-prot 3.13 changes
mailscanner              190282  mailscanner: f-prot-output parser obsolete
mailscanner              193423  mailscanner won't upgrade if not running
mailscanner              194179  mailscanner: Exim instructions are wrong
mailscanner              207228  mailscanner: /etc/MailScanner/virus.scanners.conf points to /opt/MailScanner/lib/*
mailscanner              207371  virus.scanners.conf entries are wrong
mailscanner              212395  mailscanner: changed headers not reflected in spamassassin conf
mailscanner              217464  mailscanner: upgrade_MailScanner_conf is not included
mailscanner              227004  mailscanner: does not erase input spool per-message log files when using exim
mailscanner              232048  Wrong permission on /var/lib/MailScanner
mailscanner              232350  MailScanner: MailScanner.conf defaults to "Notify Senders = yes", which is a major source of spam
mailscanner              232385  Upgrade choices confusing.
mailscanner              234721  Quarantined email is not saved as queue files with default configuration
mailscanner              236139  mailscanner: Some Attachements go through unscanned
mailscanner              237224  CusomConfig.pm should be a config file ?
mailscanner              241345  mailscanner: Autoupdate script for virus signature is broken
mailscanner              241346  mailscanner: Autoupdate virus signature script is not put in cron.daily by default
mailscanner              244231  mailscanner: CustomFunctions in MailScanner.conf
mailscanner              244282  mailscanner: f-prot autoupdate not working
mailscanner              247632  mailscanner: ConfigDefs.pl debianization, calls upstream /opt/MailScanner paths
mailscanner              247633  mailscanner does not depend or suggest libnet-ldap-perl
mailscanner              247699  cron.daily script too restrictive
mailscanner              257304  mailscanner: new check_dir code in /etc/init.d/mailscanner breaks when there is no RunAs entry in MailScanner.conf, breaks install.
mailscanner              260235  Init script checks for existence of user info in conf file which is not required for sendmail
mailscanner              265962  Symlinks trying to be created to non-existent files?
mailscanner              266303  Unable to install mailscanner
mailscanner              267177  mailscanner: it wont upgrade because of "wrong" owner of directory /var/spool/MailScanner
mailscanner              304168  mailscanner: DCC path in spam.assassin.prefs.conf is wrong
mailscanner              304589  mailscanner: sophos-autoupdate broken (uses wrong VDLDir)
mailscanner              309641  mailscanner: superfluous file /etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf
mailscanner              309778  mailscanner: why dependency on ncftp | wget ?
mailscanner              321039  mailscanner: postinst fails when run non-interactively
mailscanner              332020  mailscanner depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
twiki                    40212   MySQL is changing timestamp fields on an update without being told
twiki                    333679  [Waiting for submitter] twiki: dpkg-reconfigure error for all apache conf.d
xxdiff                   390091  xxdiff-scripts: xx-sql-schemas and xx-cvs-revcmp missing modules
zeroc-ice-csharp         400227  libzeroc-ice-cil: description line start by ' .NET'


distributed-net          212871  distributed-net: debian/apm misuses on_ac_power
hddtemp                  401428  Please mention SATA and PATA in the description
jsch                     391988  advpng: makes 2-bit PNGs become 8-bit
mailscanner              136124  mailscanner postinst message contains wrong configfile location
mailscanner              138735  mailscanner: README.exim-daemon has swapped src/dst in ln command
mailscanner              164051  check_mailscanner should honor /etc/default/mailscanner
mailscanner              165656  mailscanner: /etc/mailscanner/wrapper/f-protwrapper has wrong directory
mailscanner              165673  mailscanner: default headers should use rfc822-compliant capitalization
mailscanner              165673  mailscanner: default headers should use rfc822-compliant capitalization
mailscanner              197291  mailscanner: fills logs with clamav on SMP
mailscanner              206940  mailscanner: cron script too noisy
mailscanner              207604  mailscanner: Displays error message in cron.daily
mailscanner              220369  mailscanner 4 complains it can't upgrade config on a clean (config-purged) machine
mailscanner              225825  mailscanner: Proofread Spanish messages
mailscanner              234115  mailscanner: update_virus_scanners fixes
mailscanner              235767  mailscanner: logcheck filter file
mailscanner              244343  mailscanner: wrong regular expressions in logcheck
mailscanner              246127  Garbage under "Minimum Code Status" in mailscanner.conf man page.
mailscanner              293892  mailscanner: README.exim4 should mention using split configuration files
mailscanner              312747  INTL:vi
mailscanner              320734  mailscanner: tweak to logcheck rules
mailscanner              330451  mailscanner: [INTL:de] German translation


distributed-net          155845  distributed-net: undocumented update of buffers when ppp link comes up
distributed-net          346168  distributed-net: Uses 5% CPU when other processes are active
fonty                    337007  fonty: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
hylafax                  400029  hylafax:  [INTL:ja] Updated Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)
libexception-class-perl  392322  libexception-class-perl: old version
libimager-perl           388575  Please package new upstream release 0.54
libtest-mockobject-perl  348889  libtest-mockobject-perl: New upstream version
mailscanner              128646  ITP: mailscanner - An email virus scanner and spam tagger
mailscanner              144522  mailscanner: Sophos installation paths do not work with packaged version
mailscanner              147887  mailscanner: missing support for clamav
mailscanner              148031  mailscanner: please do more automatic MTA setup
mailscanner              173462  RTF is safe, I think
mailscanner              173814  MailScanner Suggestions
mailscanner              176676  mailscanner: avoid auto-mail errors
mailscanner              177028  mailscanner: block .exe and .com by default
mailscanner              180185  mailscanner: Mailscanner v4.x is out, but v3.x is in Debian
mailscanner              185694  mailscanner-3.27 doesn't support Trend.  4.x does.
mailscanner              228595  mailscanner: Please update Dependencies to exim4
mailscanner              234610  mailscanner: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates
mailscanner              236004  Please package 4.28.4 - Includes ability to deal with passworded zip's
mailscanner              239219  mailscanner: Japanese po-debconf template translation (ja.po)
mailscanner              242226  mailscanner: French debconf templates translation
mailscanner              242280  mailscanner: shorten conf file upgrade process
mailscanner              243276  mailscanner: wrong character code with Japanese po-debconf template (ja.po)
mailscanner              266928  mailscanner: Please add German translation of the debconf templates
mailscanner              274904  [INTL:nl] new dutch po-debconf translation
mailscanner              298779  Czech po tepmplates for mailscanner
mailscanner              330780  mailscanner: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
ruby1.8                  396304  soap4r should not request USE_SOAP_PROXY, or it should be standardized
ruby1.8                  399706  soap4r should not request USE_SOAP_PROXY, or it should be standardized
twiki                    211237  [Waiting for submitter] twiki: crontab and .mailnotify time stamps

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