Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 3 21:21:31 GMT 2006


belpic              400171  belpic: FTBFS: src/beidcommlib/MessageQueue.h:42: error: 'QMutex' does not name a type
gcc-4.0             280803  [NONFREE-DOC:GFDL1.2olisfcbc] contains non-free documentation
gcc-4.0             321780  [NONFREE-DOC:GFDL1.1] contains non-free documentation
gcc-4.0             321781  [NONFREE-DOC:GFDL1.1ol] contains non-free documentation
goobox              401450  debian/contrl "Uploaders:" field is corrupted
python-omniorb2     400490  python-omniorb2: FTBFS: file movelist missing
python2.5           401451  Move /usr/bin/python2.5-config to python2.5-dev package?
xxdiff              399764  xxdiff: include non-FHS directory /usr/man/man1


autogen             373666  autogen: FTBFS: bashisms in build commands
geneweb             401449  geneweb: uses debconf unconditionally in postrm purge
kwlan               398032  kwlan: totally undocumented
linux-wlan-ng       401356  linux-wlan-ng-source doesn't compile with linux 2.6.19
python2.5           397000  python2.5: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD


cl-mcclim           400504  cl-mcclim-examples: sbcl dependency
g2p-sk              400003  some words are transcribed improperly, despite being in the dictionary
g2p-sk              400497  g2p-sk hangs on standalone diphthongs
kid                 356563  kid:   stripped from element content
libcommoncpp2       399481  libcommoncpp2: reverting patch 01_debian from ./ ... fails durring rebuild
lintian             399392  lintian: cannot process wnorwegian_2.0.8-2_all.deb
lintian             399456  lintian: cannot process openoffice.org-qa-ui-tests_20060817-2_all.deb
lintian             399525  lintian: shlib-with-non-pic-code false positive on ia64
lintian             399857  [checks/infofiles] detetcs usr/share/infon as info dir
lintian             400338  lintian: unpack/list-udebpkg does not handle Packages.gz
lintian             400342  lintian: root/reporting/harness -i does not work
lintian             400957  lintian: [checks/po-debconf] needs --use-untranslated when invoking msgcmp (getext 0.16)


backup-manager      396876  [INTL:de] backup-manager: German debconf template translation update
lintian             401442  lintian: not-using-po-debconf false positives
python2.5           396394  python2.5: README.Debian provides incorrect information about distutils
slashem             401133  slashem: [INTL:de] German po-debconf template translation


backup-manager      398568  [l10n:eu] backup-manager debconf basque translation update
console-data        401436  [INTL:ml] Malayalam translation update
hicolor-icon-theme  381062  Upstream released 0.9, Download-URL outdated
kbedic              393656  kbedic: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
lintian             401070  lintian: Consider not complaining about files in /var/lib/aspell without md5sum
xfonts-terminus     399927  xfonts-terminus: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages

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