Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 30 01:27:20 BST 2006


gnopernicus              383616  Breaks Scrollkeeper database


dovecot                  385101  dovecot segfaults after upgrade
gnokii                   384162  gnokii-smsd-mysql fails to start, /usr/lib/smsd/libmysql.so: undefined symbol
istanbul                 384781  Istanbul doesn't run - Problem with gconf?
knights                  366181  knights: Can't play against AI (gnuchess, sjeng, crafty)
omniorb4                 383331  omniidl4 uninstallable due to python transition
python-numeric           383278  depends: python-2.3
tkfont                   381236  tkfont: tkfont fails to start
wxglade                  384096  fails starting looking for /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/wxglade/wxglade.py
xdiskusage               322232  xdiskusage: uninstallable in sid (depends on libfltk1.1c102 (>= 1.1.6) which is UNAVAILABLE)
zope-textindexng2        384828  zope-textindexng2: postinst fails


chmlib                   383915  libchm-bin: installs binaries into /usr/bin/bin/
g-wrap                   382131  libgwrap-runtime0-dev: ia64 version contains bogus pkgconfig file
gnopernicus              382958  gnopernicus: FTBFS: gdk/gdk.h: No such file or directory
kismet                   380084  ethereal has been renamed to wireshark
libcairo-perl            382245  libcairo-perl: FTBFS: tests failed
omniorb4                 383426  omniidl4: FTBFS: build-depends on python < 2.4
powersave                384168  does not install on ACPI systems without acpid
pypanel                  380912  uninstallable because of python transition
pysvn                    383524  python-svn: FTBFS when locale != C
pysvn                    383525  pysvn contains non-free material in Kit/Win32/vc6redist/
pysvn                    383532  python-svn: FTBFS when locale != C
python-imaging           382190  python-imaging-sane: missing dependency on numarray.libnumarray
python-numarray          195440  python-numarray-doc: Conflicts with python-numarray on /usr/share/doc/python-numarray
python-numarray          198705  python-numarray: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on bzip2
python-numarray          342875  python-visual - FTBFS: error: expected type-specifier before ';' token
qt4-x11                  327618  libqt4-dev: Missing dependency
vnc4                     384418  Same problem, new file, FTBFS!
xdiskusage               346781  xdiskusage: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev


dovecot                  377840  dovecot: imap segfaults on small mbox files (2 bytes)
gnokii                   379496  gnokii: FTBFS: bashisms
initramfs-tools          377643  initramfs-tools: Should retry if nfsmount fails.
klibc                    347827  broken statfs on mips/mipsel
krusader                 380063  krusader: Security hole that is fixed in new upstream version 1.70.1
kwlan                    378284  kwlan: doesn't show up as unprivileged user
pioneers                 378196  pioneers: FTBFS: bashisms
python-imaging           378596  python-imaging: missing dependencies of .so module
python-numarray          209693  The package description does not follow Debian policy
python-numarray          209693  The package description does not follow Debian policy
python-numarray          257977  FTBFS: duplicate case labels
python-numeric           377569  Recommends unavailable python-imaging-tk (>= 2.4.3)
xkeyboard-config         364435  ralt_switch_multikey broken again
xwota                    384277  xwota: more implicit pointer conversions


autounit                 374124  ITA: autounit -- Development files for C unit testing framework
chbg                     374254  ITA: chbg -- tool for changing the desktop background image in X11
devscripts               365372  devscripts: dpkg-genbuilddeps is Posix shell clean
devscripts               370208  bts: arguments to mail reader can't contain spaces
devscripts               370388  debdiff -m does not work any more
devscripts               370463  rc-alert: some packages missing in output
devscripts               372546  bts: always invokes mail reader from ~/.devscripts_cache/bts
devscripts               373664  bts: don't hardcode sendmail -t option
devscripts               374773  nmudiff: better handling of broken changelogs
devscripts               377518  uscan doesn't handle absolute HREF's to a local directory
devscripts               384835  UTF-8 support for who-uploads
dh-make-perl             381148  dh-make-perl: build-depends-indep-without-arch-indep when building NetAddr::IP::Lite
dovecot                  383883  dovecot: pop3_uidl_format variable is not set in default config file
epos                     340053  ITA: epos -- Text-to-speech system
gnubiff                  378233  gnubiff can not store long password correctly
knetworkmanager          380316  Should Recommend: pppconfig
krusader                 361933  FTBFS with GCC 4.2: invalid pure specifier
libconfigfile-perl       384645  libconfigfile-perl: Should handle config file errors more gracefully
libungif4                384773  libungif-bin: giftext segfault on image with no global colour map
octave2.9                383097  function freqz(<column-vector>) doesn't work
octave2.9                384195  octave2.9 crashes for cumsum(zeros(1,0))
pioneers                 367568  editor crashes on (wrongfully?) invalid game
pioneers                 380262  pioneers-ai: pioneers AI goes into infinite loop after playing Monopoly development card
python-numarray          194948  better description for python2.3-numarray-ext
python-numarray          194949  better description for python2.3-numarray-ext
python-numarray          196964  python-numarray-ext: wrong dependencies
python-numarray          196965  python-numarray-ext: wrong dependencies
python-numarray          203181  python-numarray-doc: File conflict w/ python-numarray
python-numarray          229098  python-numarray-doc: fails to install; cannot create dhelp file
python-numarray          229098  python-numarray-doc: fails to install; cannot create dhelp file
python-numarray          287433  python-numarray: Patch from CVS
python-numarray          334971  python-numarray: segmentation fault matrixmultiply
python-numarray          343329  segmentation fault on dot
python-numarray          348800  diff for 1.5.0-1.1 NMU
wacom-tools              384873  xserver-xorg-input-wacom: /lib/udev/checkdriver does not have executable permission
wmfishtime               324587  ITA: wmfishtime -- Dockable clock app for WMaker, BlackBox, E, SawFish etc
wmmisc                   356588  ITA: wmmisc -- Dock app that monitors your system
wmtz                     266462  ITA: wmtz -- A WindowMaker dock app that displays the time in different zone
xdg-utils                382836  xdg-utils: xdg-open not finding applications in XFCE4
xkeyboard-config         111905  xlibs: [xkb] apple/command key no longer works as alt key
xkeyboard-config         121297  xlibs: [xkb] xfree86/macintosh/de users out in the cold with iBook keyboards; no AltGr key available
xkeyboard-config         234113  xlibs: AltGr doesn't work with xfree86/macintosh/fr_new//ctrl:nocaps
xkeyboard-config         370564  xkb/symbols/macintosh_vndr/us without srvr_ctrl(xfree86)
xkeyboard-config         379292  xkb-data hr layout broke the normal AltGr+numbers behaviour
xkeyboard-config         379917  xkb-data: microsoft keyboard data disappeared?
xkeyboard-config         381882  please add latitude to $inetkbds


devscripts               369851  checkbashism misses an arithmetic bashism
initramfs-tools          340494  initramfs-tools: make dir and node creation more robust
krusader                 378138  krusader doesn't get into kickerrc's RecentAppsStats variable
xkeyboard-config         319423  xlibs: hard use of square brackets keys


cacti                    373886  Using cacti with other web servers than apache variants
devscripts               369050  bts: Add support for the forcemerge control command
devscripts               373809  dd-list: Recognize lists.alioth.debian.org in parse_developer
devscripts               377195  /usr/bin/checkbashisms: checkbashisms: doesn't complain about echo -e
devscripts               378406  checkbashisms: fails to warn about exec -a
devscripts               380041  devscripts: [bts] want support for new BTS "forcemerge" command
devscripts               383613  checkbashisms: check for let
devscripts               384676  debchange/dch: no way to edit packagename.NEWS
dh-make-perl             382027  Allow dh-make-perl to require dependencies and fail if apt-file fails
gfslicer                 377762  Please stop Build-Depending on automake
klibc                    374982  klibc-dhcp-client and D-I
knetworkmanager          379606  network-manager-kde: knetworkmanager always accesses kde wallet on startup
nvidia-graphics-drivers  384608  nvidia-kernel-source: New upstream version out with xorg7.1 support
pioneers                 373673  pioneers: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation updated
python-numarray          192816  ITP: python-numarray -- An array processing package modelled after Python-Numeric
quota                    384759  [l10n] Updated Czech translation of quota debconf messages
xkeyboard-config         256442  xlibs: want new gb_new symbols file for 2004 iBook G4 British keymap
xkeyboard-config         257626  xkb: New keymap, Dvorak Classic (out of order numeric row)
xkeyboard-config         264647  xlibs: new keymap dvorak-classic (features rearranged numeric row)

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