Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 24 00:36:03 BST 2006


tcp-wrappers           384289  libwrap0: access control become void


alacarte               384264  alacarte: Import error on startup
ffmpeg                 291566  libavcodec-dev: Multiple integer overflows, some of them may lead to arbitrary code execution
ffmpeg                 342207  ffmpeg: Exploitable heap overflow in libavcodec's image handling
ffmpeg                 342207  ffmpeg: Exploitable heap overflow in libavcodec's image handling
libmusicbrainz-2.1     383030  multiple buffer overflows in libmusicbrainz
xorg-server            362431  xorg: missing modules


cvsnt                  378253  FTBFS on amd64: undefined reference to `__dn_expand' and `__res_query'
duplicity              384142  fails to work with python 2.3.5
exim4                  383420  exim4-config 4.63 should conflict with exim4 < 4.63
exim4                  384058  exim4: option "forbid_smtp_code" unknown error during postinstall
ffmpeg                 319563  FTBFS: PIC register %ebx clobbered in asm
ffmpeg                 324026  ffmpeg: FTBFS on amd64: Error: `(%rdi,%esi)' is not a valid base/index expression
ffmpeg                 361215  ffmpeg - FTBFS: cannot find -lavutil
ffmpeg                 361269  Depenfing on avcodec.h in libavcodec-dev made a package FTBFS
ffmpeg                 361348  libpostproc-dev: should depend on runtime library package
pearpc                 382831  pearpc: FTBFS on i386 due to unmet build-dep nasm [any-i386] and libgpmg1-dev [linux-any]
revelation             384193  revelation: i386 build broken
swig1.3                384212  swig1.3: FTBFS: build-dep on python-dev << 2.4
xorg-server            361752  needs stricter libdmx build-dependency
xorg-server            362641  xorg-server - FTBFS: Uses inline assembler unconditionaly
xorg-server            363494  xvfb-run no longer exists
yorick                 346861  yorick: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev


bison                  383971  /usr/bin/yacc does not exist after an upgrade
exim4                  383469  exim4: exim fails to deliver mails to users whose $HOME's it cannot access
ffmpeg                 289030  missing -lvorbisenc
ffmpeg                 289033  missing /usr/include/ffmpeg/dsputil.h
ffmpeg                 290447  ffmpeg: Unoptimized is too slow, causes data corruption
ffmpeg                 299700  ffmpeg: FTBFS on amd64
ffmpeg                 300686  FFmpeg should be compiled with gcc 3.4 on powerpc
ffmpeg                 318493  libavcodec-dev: MPEG encoding broken for MMX
ffmpeg                 320150  ffmpeg: Integer overflow in MPEG encoding
ffmpeg                 328505  libavccodec-dev: libavutils needed by libavcodec
ffmpeg                 337846  Should -DRUNTIME_CPUDETECT to enable runtime CPU detection
ffmpeg                 351455  Encoding aborts with 'double free or corruption (!prev)' error
ffmpeg                 372290  ffmpeg: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
gdebi                  380810  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
gosa                   384215  Error in functions.inc prevents changing password
initramfs-tools        380649  initramfs-tools: nfs options should comply with nfsroot.txt from linux documentation
initramfs-tools        383730  initramfs-tools: incompatible with udev 0.097-1
initramfs-tools        383908  mdrun hook needs to assemble root only - initrd-tools compat
kbd-chooser            365308  Does not handle non ASCII input properly
kbd-chooser            382697  kbd-chooser: Greek keyboard layout selection fails
reportbug              337276  reportbug crashes for users with utf-8 umlaut char in user name
reportbug              384167  reportbug: dies when confronted with % characters
xorg-server            357713  xbase-clients: startx in xorg 7.0.4 forgets default wm & session manager
xorg-server            362244  moves fonts etc around w/o warning, breaking previously working configs
xorg-server            364199  xserver-xorg-core: Missing man pages
xulrunner              381291  xulrunner: Epiphany fails to launch gvim, openoffice and others to handle downloaded files
xulrunner              384200  libnss3-dev: uninstallable on ppc, because only is available
xulrunner              384203  libxul0d-dbg: binNMU-unsafe dependency on libxul0d


apt-listchanges        384165  apt-listchanges should not depend on a mail-transport-agent
bakery2.4              359304  bakery2.3: debhelper -X\\.deps behaviour change
bison                  382478  bison: doesn't remove yacc alternative after upgrade+purge
exim4                  384015  exim4-daemon-light: add_headers with an odd number of characters misreports syntax error
ffmpeg                 288906  ffmpeg: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): previous declaration of 'ac3_bitratetab' was here
ffmpeg                 290358  ffserver: buffer underruns when streaming
ffmpeg                 292102  ffmpeg should run the regression tests during a build
ffmpeg                 293284  ffmpeg-0.cvs20050108 builtin_vector check fails, no -msse flag
ffmpeg                 306023  ffmpeg: Vorbis support is disabled by wrong configure arguments
ffmpeg                 319151  libavcodec-dev: Illegal instruction in Altivec check on non-Altivec machines
ffmpeg                 338895  ffmpeg: debian/rules does not respect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nostrip noopt debug"
ffmpeg                 339803  libavformat-dev: can't link with
ffmpeg                 350750  Docs refer to ffmpeg-config without including it
ffmpeg                 354391  dsputil.h not included.
ffmpeg                 357352  libavcodec-dev: missing libvorbisenc dependency in pkg-config (.pc) file.
ffmpeg                 373765  ffmpeg: MMX patches for building with -fPIC break H264 playback
foomatic-filters-ppds  363052  foomatic-filters-ppds should only contain non-PostScript PPDs
ggz-kde-client         377490  ggz-kde-client installs KDE html documentation in the wrong place
ggz-kde-games          377493  ggz-kde-games-data installs KDE html documentation in the wrong place
gosa                   384216  Wrong field in address book edit mask
grass                  382484  grass -v does not report version
gshare                 381340  gshare: Depends on Avahi service to work
initramfs-tools        384063  mkinitramfs generates incomplete mdadm.conf
libmusicbrainz-2.1     383402  mb_Delete() fails to free memory
libxml-feed-perl       380498  parsing of atom dates is broken
mdadm                  384222  mdadm: Fails to parse mdadm.conf on upgrade
qcad                   315867  qcad: Help->Manual does nothing
reportbug              341618  seems to not support dpkg origins files
reportbug              376245  apt: traceback
videogen               345620  videogen: better error messages needed
vim-scripts            307544  vim-scripts: vimspell.vim and svncommand.vim conflict
vim-scripts            383198  vim-scripts: newer version of relaxedgreen.vim available
vserver-debiantools    307979  vserver-debiantools: dupvserver does not support the new config scheme
vserver-debiantools    310952  util-vserver: vreboot location seems to be wrong
vserver-debiantools    376087  Script newvserver needs an --xid option!
xen-tools              383492  add ability to give mac address or generic values for template
xen-tools              383703  xm.tmpl should not set ramdisk ind config file when initrd is empty
xen-tools              383736  add ability to handle noswap to xen-delete-image
xmms2                  383268  xmms2-core: GLib-WARNING when xmms2d is run with no startup.d or shutdown.d directories
xmms2                  383721  ERROR: Could not create default configfile!!
xorg-server            353168  X slowness patch
xorg-server            362077  xserver-xorg-core: Need to warn people with customized configs about changes
xorg-server            362246  error opening security policy file /usr/lib/xserver/SecurityPolicy
xorg-server            362489  xserver-xorg: Missing manpages
xorg-server            362750  xserver-xorg: 'xserver' provides dropped without explanation?
xorg-server            363229  xserver-xorg: No way to set the XKB data directory
yorick                 250903  yorick: gist man page has no one-line summary
yorick                 357679  ITA: yorick -- interpreted language and scientific graphics
yorick                 367895  FTBFS with GCC 4.2: Floating point exception


exim4                  383708  exim4-config: SPF-related documentation issues
qcad                   380221  qcad: missing about.txt referenced in the online manual
xorg-server            356813  package xdmx-tools is empty
xulrunner              367106  xulrunner: drop-down menus fail when gtkmozembed is moved to different toplevel
xulrunner              367106  xulrunner: drop-down menus fail when gtkmozembed is moved to different toplevel
xulrunner              382539  libnspr4-dev: underquoted definition of AM_PATH_NSPR
yorick                 306726  'man gist' typo: "supress"


apt-listchanges        383980  apt-listchanges: [l10n:ca] Updated Catalan debconf translation
bakery2.4              339773  bakery2.3 update
ffmpeg                 199266  ITP: ffmpeg -- multimedia streaming system
ffmpeg                 296737  ffmpeg: FireWire camera support
ffmpeg                 306752  please report differences with Christian Marillarat's ffmpeg package in README.Debian
ffmpeg                 335677  ffmpeg threading support
ffmpeg                 350027  libavcodec-dev: please include apiexample.c
ffmpeg                 368904  ffmpeg: New upstream version available
gshare                 381175  gshare: Please update French translation
kbd-chooser            339716  kbd-chooser: FTBFS (ppc64): Please support the ppc64 architecture
kbd-chooser            377355  kbd-chooser: Please add Thai keysyms support
libkolab-perl          361288  Packages refuse to build on sarge
listen                 356289  ITP: listen -- a music management and playback for GNOME
pcmanfm                355848  ITP: pcmanfm -- GPL'd lightweight file manager for X Window
php-xajax              353117  ITP: libphp-xajax -- A PHP library to develop Ajax applications
polymer                344560  ITP: polymer -- a port of KDE style Plastik without KDE libraries
quarry                 354094  ITP: quarry -- A multi-purpose GUI for several board games
xorg-server            362150  xorg-server: FTBFS (ppc64): Please add ppc64 to the architecture list in debian/control
yorick                 333074  new upstream release, this version is obsolete
yorick                 372975  yorick: debmake is deprecated

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