Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 18 00:28:29 BST 2006


freeciv                  381378  CVE-2006-3913: arbitrary code execution in freeciv
libxfont                 383353  libxfont1: PCF Integer Overflow Vulnerability
mkvtoolnix               370144  specialy crafted WAV turns mkvmerge into a malloc bomb
mysql-dfsg-5.0           380271  SECURITY: Merge table are unaffected from later right revokations.
rdiff-backup             383415  rdiff-backup crashes with "No module named rdiff_backup.Main" error
xless                    127257  xless: depends on unavailable package xaw-wrappers


altermime                383489  altermime: Missing dependency on libc6
apticron                 381122  Bashism in /etc/cron.daily/apticron
bayonne                  334107  bayonne: FTBFS: Not using -fPIC to make shared lib.
bayonne                  342763  bayonne: ftbfs [sparc] error: expected ';' before '*' token
bayonne                  382152  bayonne_1.2.15-2(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: missing includes
debian-med               383265  med-bio: Can not depend on bugsx anymore as it was moved to non-free
festival-it              375851  Error when reading unrecognized characters
gnomemeeting             383132  gnomemeeting: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'libebook1.2-dev'
xorg-server              383334  xorg-server_1:1.1.1-1(sparc/experimental): FTBFS: "Failed to link Mesa source tree"


balsa                    383157  balsa: please, recompile with gmime2.2
cheops                   375404  cheops: FTBFS: bashisms in generate-gpl.sh
dovecot                  351828  dovecot-imapd: known bug in dovecot's IDLE handler
dovecot                  377479  dovecot: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (due to unsatisfied Build-Depends on linux-kernel-headers)
dovecot                  377840  dovecot: imap segfaults on small mbox files (2 bytes)
gcc-4.1                  321215  [PR 23454, fixed in 4.1] [4.0 regression] [sparc] ICE in invert_exp_1, at jump.c:1719
gcc-4.1                  359281  [m68k] Error: value out of range
gcc-4.1                  381710  gcc-4.1: wrong code generation for perl on hppa/mips.
gnome-blog               383354  gnome-blog: not working anymore
harvestman               380840  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
imapsync                 372271  imapsync: missing libio-socket-ssl-perl dependency
initramfs-tools          381535  resume does not work in all cases
mldonkey                 378831  mldonkey-server: mldonkey crashes on startup
openbsd-inetd            376716  /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd restart fails to  restart 10% of time
pan                      383156  pan: please, recompile with gmime2.2
perforate                356515  perforate: nodup no longer works
rdiff-backup             380928  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
slang2                   369152  libslang2: 080_wide_chars breakes slang
udev                     376349  use klibc-utils binaries when available
udev                     378512  udev: Missing entry for new palmOne Handheld devices


acpitool                 376793  acpitool: failures on SMP machines
casper                   383346  casper: set correct options for unionfs with NFSroot
dovecot                  377563  dovecot: Please support quota v2 (patch supplied)
fkiss                    381642  fkiss: Doesn't work when invoked from menu
freeguide                367992  '/usr/share/doc/freeguide' html files link to missing files
gcc-4.1                  356569  ICE on 4.1 that doesn't happen with 4.0 (3ddesktop_0.2.9-5.1)
gcc-4.1                  368397  CVE-2006-3619: directory traversal vulnerability
gcc-4.1                  381117  bug in debian/rules.conf of gcc-4.1-source
gcc-4.1                  382352  gpp 4.1 does not compile boost::date_time
gworldclock              317778  gworldclock: po/POTFILES.in is out-of-date
initramfs-tools          382013  initramfs-tools needs to honor do_bootloader in /etc/kernel-img.conf
levee                    352612  ITA: levee -- very small vi clone
mldonkey                 254000  logs to syslog instead of using own logfiles in /var/log/mldonkey/
mldonkey                 344905  mldonkey server does not support normal address/mask format in allowed_ips
mldonkey                 380222  Bashisms in mldonkey_create_chroot
mldonkey                 380222  Bashisms in mldonkey_create_chroot
mldonkey                 383187  Please update package to current CVS code
mysql-dfsg-5.0           381038  mysql-server-5.0: log entry missed by the logcheck rules
openbsd-inetd            355005  New -E option not to launder the environment
pkg-config               340904  Inclusion of .private's "-I"s
pkg-config               378570  Inability to quote ${...} in .pc files
samhain                  378320  samhain: /usr/X11R6/bin now a link
tiger                    344890  tiger: neverlogin check does not grok AD usernames
tiger                    383400  tiger: deb_checkmd5sums and udev problem
txt2html                 382557  ITA: txt2html -- Text to HTML converter
udev                     373921  i2o_block support
udev                     375299  update-initramfs: Wrong check for /etc/mkinitramfs/initramfs.conf
udev                     375389  Incorrect boot order of udev and mountvirtfs
udev                     376589  udev: z25_persistent-net.rules is no longer generated/updated during boot
udev                     379335  Shell syntax error from write_net_rules
udev                     383303  udev - net generator rules unusable on s390
xine-lib                 276728  libxine1: MRL cdda:/ fails
xine-lib                 370283  Totem-xine crashes on startup without input file
xine-ui                  228171  Could have /usr/lib/mime/packages/xine-ui entry for video/x-ms-wmv
xine-ui                  289052  xine-ui: man page confusing: "After a delimiting # you can add several stream parameters"
xine-ui                  309322  xine-ui: "playlist first" and "playlist last" --network commands broken
xine-ui                  361493  xine-ui: FTBFS on kfreebsd-amd64: unsatisfied Build-Depends
xless                    166813  Xless scrollbars gone under Woody
xless                    352549  ITA: xless -- A file browsing tool for the X Window System
xless                    359606  xless: please finish /usr/doc transition
xpuzzles                 382560  ITA: xpuzzles -- collection of puzzles for X (plain X version)
xserver-xorg-video-vesa  382040  xserver-xorg-video-vesa: Driver needs to be updated for xorg 7.1.1
zope3                    357461  python2.4-schoolbell: schoolbell sends malformed HTTP header
zope3                    378030  zope3: any http request yields Internal Server Error


acpitool                 365969  garbage in 'acpitool -c' output
altermime                362717  altermime: Spelling mistake in package description
ara                      382824  xara-gtk: uses X cursor instead of standard pointer
cron                     379230  cron: Unknown macro in crontab.5 cuts a sentence
festival-it              363408  Spelling mistake in package description
gcc-4.1                  382627  Building a cross-compiler for ia64 fails
levee                    144947  Changelog Contains EMACS settings
levee                    144956  missing work in documentation
levee                    144957  manual page points to wrong binary
mysql-dfsg-5.0           377651  stop initscript has  wrong priority
pkg-config               334896  NEWS somewhat old
pkg-config               350176  libglib2.0-dev build-depends really needed?
udev                     370540  could fail gracefully if /dev/MAKEDEV exists
udev                     374484  udev: minor cleanup of output when running in chroot
xine-ui                  286944  xine-ui: MRL format for DVD has changed, documentation is incorrect.
xine-ui                  287874  xine-ui: ugly font
xine-ui                  309320  xine-ui: xine refers to non-existant cursor glyph (9A)


apticron                 381852  [INTL:nl] New dutch po-debconf translation
ara                      382820  ara: add ability to search source packages
base-installer           383135  base-installer: Please support the ppc64 architecture
bbclone                  381738  bbclone: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages
gtranslator              382629  gtranslator: Please update the Hebrew translation mailing list
gworldclock              345181  gworldclock: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO translation
hddtemp                  383374  hddtemp: spanish debconf template translation
imapsync                 379517  imapsync: Version 1.179 is available
levee                    144943  lev should be a vi alternative
php-clamavlib            342926  php-clamavlib: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
pkg-config               254289  Options to return information about self
samhain                  381446  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for samhain (debconf)
samhain                  381859  /etc/nologin
tiger                    368713  tiger: Cleanup of dependencies
xine-ui                  351850  [INTL:eu] Please add basque translation to xine-ui

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