Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 10 01:05:43 BST 2006


glibc                 22119   libc6-dev: man page pthread_create
glibc                 35695   Debian Bug report logs - #35695
glibc                 36305   Debian Bug report logs - #36305
glibc                 36305   Debian Bug report logs - #36305
glibc                 36552   Debian Bug report logs - #36552
glibc                 36574   Debian Bug report logs - #36574
glibc                 36654   Debian Bug report logs - #36654
glibc                 36673   Debian Bug report logs - #36673
glibc                 37415   Debian Bug report logs - #37415
glibc                 37416   Debian Bug report logs - #37416
glibc                 37616   Debian Bug report logs - #37616
glibc                 37822   Debian Bug report logs - #37822
glibc                 37829   Debian Bug report logs - #37829
glibc                 37850   Debian Bug report logs - #37850
glibc                 37933   Debian Bug report logs - #37933
glibc                 37933   Debian Bug report logs - #37933
glibc                 37951   Debian Bug report logs - #37951
glibc                 37974   Debian Bug report logs - #37974
glibc                 38048   Debian Bug report logs - #38048
glibc                 38178   Debian Bug report logs - #38178
glibc                 38553   Locale zh_CN not compiled
glibc                 40467   libc6: libc6 not stripped
glibc                 40479   Debian Bug report logs - #40479
glibc                 40691   Debian Bug report logs - #40691
glibc                 40927   Debian Bug report logs - #40927
glibc                 42322   libc6: No man page for db_dump185
glibc                 42541   libc6: devpts.sh causes rc (file-rc) to abort
glibc                 42898   libc6: db_dump185 links to libdb not libdb1
glibc                 43296   libc6: devpts.sh uses bashism
glibc                 43657   glibc: Description bromen by s/any/arm ... sparc/
glibc                 43658   glibc: glibc hangs during postinst
glibc                 43659   libc6: devpts.sh doesn't test if devpts is already mounted
glibc                 43659   libc6: devpts.sh doesn't test if devpts is already mounted
glibc                 43786   [Various] libc/1235: DB2 leaks mmaps (fwd)
glibc                 45421   libc6: libc6 includes man1/ldd1.gz
glibc                 45867   libc6 needs a functional perl, which pre-depends on libc6...
glibc                 45879   libc6  2.1.2-3 postinst failing causing break of several packages
glibc                 45880   libc6  2.1.2-3 postinst failing causing break of several packages
glibc                 45885   libc6; error during upgrade
glibc                 45895   libc6: Incorrect script permissions
glibc                 47289   nscd gets stuck
glibc                 56893   libc6: syntax error in `/etc/init.d/devpts.sh'
glibc                 56941   devpts is broke!
glibc                 58367   nscd: 'broken pipe' error causes entire box to be unusable


glibc                 57005   base: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh is wrong
glibc                 88662   libc6-dev: New version of gencat refuses to process sets with contain non ASCII characters
glibc                 90770   [unstable] strange errors on upgrade
glibc                 100398  ldconfig broken.
glibc                 100398  ldconfig broken.
glibc                 106096  libc6: cp -L in preinst-script 
glibc                 106187  libc6 postinst is not working (in Israel, at least)
glibc                 108364  undefined symbol: atexit
glibc                 108364  undefined symbol: atexit
glibc                 108408  2.2.3-10 breaks dynamic linking (atexit not found)
glibc                 108415  bug report in libc6, libc6-dev
glibc                 108454  2.2.3-10 breaks rar (undefined symbol: atexit)
glibc                 108476  libc6: undefined symbol: atexit
glibc                 117551  libc6: Breaks screen's ability to detect a terminal
glibc                 126441  libc6: buffer overflow in glob()
glibc                 154992  libc6: security-relevant bug in xdr_array (Sun RPC)
glibc                 155904  apache: Apache depends on libdb.so.2 which libc6 no longer provides
glibc                 155904  apache: Apache depends on libdb.so.2 which libc6 no longer provides
glibc                 165358  libc6 2.3.1-1 breaks fetchmail/exim (and others?)
glibc                 165412  libc6: SIGRTMIN defined as -1 with libc 2.3.1, as 32 with 2.2.5
glibc                 165959  Upgrade fails to restart apache2
glibc                 169342  wrong depends in libc-udeb
glibc                 171451  libc6: summary (http://www.summary.net/) segfault
glibc                 171804  glibc 2.3.1-5 for hppa on upgrade can trash the entire system
glibc                 173913  libc6.1_2.3.1-6 breaks ls and find on alpha arch
glibc                 174027  Resolving hosts causes programs to Seg Fault
glibc                 175511  2.3.1-8 kills threaded web browsers (mozilla, galeon) on alpha
glibc                 188383  libc6-sparc64 overwriting /lib/64 - 
glibc                 202969  libgtk2.0-0: Crash with gtk_file_selection_get_selections
glibc                 209253  FTBS on hppa, possible solutions still pending.
glibc                 212224  libc6: Install glic 2.3.2-8 on my laptop has broken it.
glibc                 212224  libc6: Install glic 2.3.2-8 on my laptop has broken it.
glibc                 215010  Illegal instruction with 2.2 kernel
glibc                 215012  libc6: SIGILL in XFree86 X server, suspect libc6 upgrade
glibc                 218524  unstable libc6 2.3.2.ds1-8 ldconfig broken ???
glibc                 218524  unstable libc6 2.3.2.ds1-8 ldconfig broken ???
glibc                 218546  libc6: Version 2.3.2.ds1-8 makes all programs segfault
glibc                 218561  libc6: relocation error
glibc                 226688  libc6: i386: __libc_fork assertion in 2.3.2.ds1-10
glibc                 231538  libc6: illegal instruction on a 386
glibc                 238963  libc6: remove /etc/default/{devpts,tmpfs} etc
glibc                 300842  libc6: upgrade fails in i386 chroot on amd64 system
glibc                 300842  libc6: upgrade fails in i386 chroot on amd64 system
glibc                 321561  dlerror: /lib/libresolv.so.2: symbol __res_maybe_init, version GLIBC_PRIVATE
glibc                 321712  libc6: relocation error: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libnss_dns.so.2: symbol __res_maybe_init, version GLIBC_PRIVATE
glibc                 321796  libc6 errors with libphp4.so after recent libc6 update
glibc                 322768  libc6: sshd after upgrade not working
glibc                 323560  libc6: Relocation error: undefined __res_maybe_init (- yet another case?)
glibc                 340835  sparc: /lib64/libc.so.6: unexpected reloc type 0x4f
glibc                 341514  libc6-sparc64: All 64-bit binaries fail to execute.
glibc                 369636  seems to be missing libgcc_s.so.1, totally breaks d-i
realtime-lsm          382161  realtime-lsm-source: Unpacks source files with non-root owners


asis-doc              380530  asis-doc: asis_rm.info lacks proper description
cvs-autoreleasedeb    381958  svn-autoreleasedeb: depends on nonexistent "svn" package
drupal                382087  CVE-2006-4002: drupal XSS vulnerability
glibc                 56343   mmap64 fails entirely
glibc                 57885   date misses /etc/localtime
glibc                 57922   libc: /etc/localtime missing
glibc                 72764   nss problem, hosts vs files resolving
glibc                 93167   libc6: 2.2.2 broke regcomp, use electric-fence to find
glibc                 103586  Grave dependency problem with libdb2 (breaks upgrade)
glibc                 161700  libssl0.9.6: Using libssl0.9.6g-3 on an AMD K6-III, I get "illegal 	hardware instruction" when trying to use ssh
glibc                 161717  libssl0.9.6: libssl fails (illegal instruction) on AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
glibc                 161720  SSH Package On Unstable Doesnt Install
glibc                 161740  open-ssl has invalid instruction
glibc                 161773  openssl: postfix stops working with latest openssl
glibc                 161774  openssl: postfix stops working with latest openssl
glibc                 161786  libssl0.9.6: Illegal instruction with ssh
glibc                 161788  libc6 always loads i686 libraries from cache when available, ignoring the host arch
glibc                 161813  ssh reports "Illegal instruction" when ssh-ing to a host
glibc                 168890  libc6: needs to update conflict against libnss-db
glibc                 170385  libc6 should conflict with wine (<< 0.0.20021007-1) and perhaps other packages
glibc                 170385  libc6 should conflict with wine (<< 0.0.20021007-1) and perhaps other packages
glibc                 174040  libc6: 2.3.1-6 breaks errno
glibc                 178217  libc6: Fails to install on hppa
glibc                 181556  /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst: line 53: cd: /etc/rcS.d: No such file or directory
glibc                 181606  libc6
glibc                 183143  libc-udeb: Should provide libc6
glibc                 185508  CERT Advisory CA-2003-10 Integer overflow in Sun RPC XDR library routines (fwd)
glibc                 204711  libc6: PAM broken, login impossible, possibly NIS related
glibc                 205234  libc6: vsyslog() call hangs su and login
glibc                 206839  libio incompatibility with GLIBC_2_0
glibc                 206895  arm: popen() broken by waitpid
glibc                 207221  libc6-dev: gcc3.3 complains bits/mathinline.h fails ISO C++
glibc                 208016  g++-3.3.2 -O3 -ffast-math does not accept <math.h> with all warning options enabled.
glibc                 209139  rpc.mountd 1.0.5 requires restarting to avoid crashes with glibc 2.3.2
glibc                 218717  libc6: update wine conflict to libwine (<< 0.0.20031118-1)
glibc                 219176  libc6.1: Fails to install on ia64 because of libc in ia32-libs
glibc                 221969  libc6.1 2.3.2.ds1-10 & 2.3.2-9 causes Segmentation fault in Java JDK1.3.1 programs on Alpha
glibc                 222886  libc6-sparcv9: v9 libs renders system completely unusable
glibc                 223769  libc6 won't upgrade on mips
glibc                 225466  libc6.1: thread-creation fails after setting non-page-aligned stack limit
glibc                 229461  libc6 - fails to install - uses awk in preinst
glibc                 231438  locales fails to install due to locale-gen segfault
glibc                 234691  mkisofs: SIGBUS on sparc32 + sparc64
glibc                 259211  apache segfault after upgrade from woody
glibc                 278278  insecure use of temp files in catchsegv
glibc                 292673  NPTL vs. LinuxThread sizeof(struct pthread) conflict causes memory corruption
glibc                 297769  glibc: sched_setaffinity() provides obsolete interface
glibc                 312406  gnome-core: Does not install in SID
glibc                 313219  gnome-vfs2 crashes in read_entire_file with HAL and Linux 2.4
glibc                 315198  libc6-dev: FTBFS with gcc-4.0: Fix xdr.h lvalue casts
glibc                 315198  libc6-dev: FTBFS with gcc-4.0: Fix xdr.h lvalue casts
glibc                 318429  libc6.1-dev: failure with g++-4.0 caused by ucontext.h
glibc                 320240  g++ 4.0 doesn't compile ucontext.h on ia64
glibc                 320963  libc6-dev: broken headers prevent compiling util-linux and others
glibc                 322011  libc6: assertion fails when logging in to NIS account
glibc                 325504  libc6: Installation fails
glibc                 326581  [hppa] glibc-2.3.5 lets python FTBFS
glibc                 326581  [hppa] glibc-2.3.5 lets python FTBFS
glibc                 331293  libc6: atd needs to be restarted on upgrades
glibc                 333766  libc6: SIGBUS in libm on hppa breaks qt-x11-free
glibc                 342545  qt-x11-free build fails
glibc                 342545  qt-x11-free build fails
glibc                 345641  libc6: libnss_dns-2.3.5.so incompatible with libc-2.3.5.so : version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined
glibc                 350501  nscd: [hppa] error while loading shared libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x42
glibc                 370523  libnss-dns-udeb and libnss-files-udeb are empty, breaking d-i
isakmpd               320393  isakmpd is uninstallable
isakmpd               325849  isakmpd: uninstallable in sid: please rebuild against libgmp3c2
jesred                381984  jesred does not work with current squid
multipath-tools       382214  multipath-tools: Multiple serious bugs in 0.4.7
python-biggles        348514  python2.3-biggles: not installable in sid and unavailable build-deps
zhcon                 292210  FWD: [SECURITY] [DSA 655-1] New zhcon packages fix unauthorised file access


adabrowse             373247  adabrowse: FTBFS: transition to GNAT 4.1 (waiting for asis)
adacontrol            378160  adacontrol: FTBFS: missing build-dep on debhelper
apt-watch             380728  non-debianized GConf use
avarice               381505  avarice must not link with the shared version of libbfd
beecrypt              376832  beecrypt - FTBFS: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `stmg'
glibc                 93280   netkit-rpc: rpcgen no longer works with libc6 2.2.2-4
glibc                 100382  libc6-dev must replace netbase (<< 4.0)
glibc                 101308  glibc fails to build on m68k
glibc                 108015  potato -> woody upgrade failure
glibc                 109072  s390 specific patch 
glibc                 114724  glibc fails to build on hppa
glibc                 120383  glibc-2.2.4-6 does not build on mipsel
glibc                 130922  glibc fails to build on m68k
glibc                 131216  doesn't build on hppa
glibc                 133315  locales: scribbles /etc/environment without asking or preserving admin changes, violates policy
glibc                 133315  locales: scribbles /etc/environment without asking or preserving admin changes, violates policy
glibc                 134613  locales: locale postinst script throwing error; can't install
glibc                 135314  ia64 glibc does not ignore R_IA64_NONE relocs as it should
glibc                 139284  locales: debconf answers seem to be ignored
glibc                 151956  FTBFS: assembler complaining
glibc                 152866  rules file contains duplicate install rule
glibc                 154133  glibc: FTBFS on powerpc
glibc                 159923  libc6-dev: msq.h is broken for mips{,el}
glibc                 169919  FTBFS on s390
glibc                 170507  glibc: header goofup on hppa breaks XFree86 compilation
glibc                 170507  glibc: header goofup on hppa breaks XFree86 compilation
glibc                 173874  FTBFS on s390
glibc                 174267  FTBFS on s390: install: `debian/libc-s390x/CVS' is a directory   
glibc                 174436  glibc: no .diff.gz
glibc                 175529  regex: re_compile_pattern gets segfault
glibc                 178645  glibc: needs to export __umoddi3 et al. on sparc
glibc                 179781  dcgui: relocation error: /usr/bin/dcgui: undefined symbol: __fixunsdfdi
glibc                 180330  libc6, relocation error (dcgui)
glibc                 181494  glibc: contains non-free docs
glibc                 186331  alpha static adjtimex
glibc                 200215  perl: test failures on mips
glibc                 201221  Bug in dlopen/dlclose leads to segfaults with kdecore
glibc                 204728  python2.3 distutils and glibc-2.3.2: no timestamps set.
glibc                 204768  FTBFS (unstable) glibc fails to build on m68k, arm, mips, mipsel
glibc                 204958  "Leave it alone" option in fresh install breaks future upgrades of locales
glibc                 215273  kernel-patch-2.4.22-mips: sysv msq broken, need newer cvs
glibc                 217593  perl doesn't build on mips and mipsel
glibc                 218131  glibc: LSB test failures tcgetattr
glibc                 220983  libc6 must conflict with cyrus-imapd (<< 1.5.19-15)
glibc                 221010  roy_1.0.7-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: configure failure
glibc                 221317  latex2html moved to non-free
glibc                 223891  kdeutils_4:3.1.4-1(mips/unstable): FTBFS: SYS_* seems to be missing from bits/syscall.h ?
glibc                 226483  MIPS getdents syscall(2) entry has gone missing
glibc                 234347  file overlap with kerberos4kth-dev
glibc                 247241  FTBFS: no rule to make target build_tree when running 'debian/rules binary'
glibc                 262646  glibc_2.3.2.ds1-14_mips: FTBFS: {standard input}:162: Error: junk at end of line
glibc                 262669  Replaces libc6 instead of libc6.1, libc0.3 on appropriate systems, prevents upgrade
glibc                 263601  m68k: workaround for binutils problem
glibc                 264884  globfree() double-frees
glibc                 266598  glibc: FTBFS on sparc
glibc                 266637  libc6-dev: kerberos4kth-dev misspelled in Replaces
glibc                 280445  libpthread miscompiled (wrong pic options) on s390
glibc                 284449  Can't mkdir /var/run/sudo/$user
glibc                 284563  -19 FTBFS on ia64
glibc                 313404  glibc update needed for dpkg-architecture changes
glibc                 313404  glibc update needed for dpkg-architecture changes
glibc                 314855  tr_TR.ISO-8859-9...LC_MONETARY: `int_curr_symbol' does not correspond to valid name
glibc                 315793  glibc: FTBFS with new dpkg
glibc                 315793  glibc: FTBFS with new dpkg
glibc                 317674  libc6: can't link a program with -static
glibc                 317946  binutils: [amd64?] cannot link libc.a
glibc                 318956  glibc: causes static builds to FTBFS on amd64
glibc                 318963  libc6: current unstable version causes zsh to FTBFS on amd64
glibc                 324450  glibc: ftbfs [sparc] current build architecture sparc does not appear in package's list (s390)
glibc                 324455  regression from 2.3.2 in __divqu on alpha
glibc                 325471  libc6: Error in /etc/init.d/glibc.sh at line 100
glibc                 325511  libc6: bashisms in /etc/init.d/glibc.sh script
glibc                 326492  Please conflict with libterm-readline-gnu-perl << 1.15-2
glibc                 326856  sparc/sarge: perl leads to *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00777898 ***
glibc                 329043  /usr/include/bits/syscall.h incomplete
glibc                 335821  glibc: ftbfs [sparc] tls-macros.h:735:3: error: #error "No support for this architecture so far."
glibc                 339415  FTBFS: Redefinitions of __divdi3, __moddi3, __udivdi32, and __umoddi3
glibc                 342755  glibc: ftbfs [sparc] Error: symbol `__bind' is already defined
glibc                 343571  libc6: FTBFS [powerpc] weak alias issues
glibc                 351704  nscd 2.3.5-12.1 uninstallable on Alpha
glibc                 360126  glibc: FTBFS glibc235-gcc4-ppc-procfs.diff listed in debian/patches/series but not present
glibc                 361048  locales: locale settings lost after upgrade
glibc                 361091  locales fails to be installed - LANGUAGE vs LANG
glibc                 365547  manpages-dev uninstallable because of conflicting file sem_destroy.3.gz from glibc-doc
glibc                 368587  invoke-rc.d: initscript nscd, action "stop" failed.
glibc                 369492  glibc - FTBFS: error: syntax error before 'CFI_STARTPROC'
heroes                381272  heroes-ggi needs to be rebuild against libgii1
isakmpd               334624  FTBFS: struct x506_store_st has no member named flags
multipath-tools       381068  multipath-tools: missing dependency on dmsetup
ntp                   380233  package transition leaves a mess of old ntp-server and ntp-simple stuff, including dangerous purge possibilities
ocaml-sha1            381620  ocaml-sha1 - FTBFS: ocamlfind: sha1.a: No such file or directory
python-adns           351137  Please stop build modules for python2.1/python2.2
python-biggles        326234  python-biggles: FTBFS: Failed to satisfy Build-Depends dependency for python-biggles: python2.2-numeric
python-biggles        331003  Needs rebuild for C++ transition
zh-autoconvert        297142  zh-autoconvert: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): invalid lvalue in assignment
zhcon                 200071  zhcon: FTBFS with g++-3.3: Missing #include <cassert>
zhcon                 293324  zhcon: FTBFS (amd64/gcc-4.0): cast from 'char*' to 'unsigned int' loses precision
zhcon                 356438  FTBFS: b-d unicon-im no longer available
zhcon                 381649  zhcon needs to be rebuild against libgii1


apt-show-versions     352960  postinst doesn't use full path to apt-show-versions
apt-watch             367088  apt-watch-gnome: apt-watch's package lacks a dependency with xterm
devmapper             376283  lvm2: pvmove doesn't work
evms                  381391  evms: implicit pointer conversions
glibc                 42343   libc6: gethostbyaddr() can hang indefinitely
glibc                 48120   gconv-modules would not be loaded properly when setgid
glibc                 48786   libc6: source package missing debian/libc-doc directory
glibc                 48914   libc6: maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644
glibc                 50311   libc6: libc6 ships binary programs: please split.
glibc                 50341   libc6 installs binary packages: please split.
glibc                 50913   sysvinit should have /etc/init.d/devpts.sh [PATCH]
glibc                 52195   getaddrinfo() with PF_UNSPEC hints returns EAI_NODATA
glibc                 53659   locales: Russian locale does not seem to be correct
glibc                 53842   devpts.sh missing in latest release
glibc                 54154   libc0.2: zoneinfo missing
glibc                 56487   libc6: typo in devpts.sh
glibc                 56507   libc6: devpts.sh broken
glibc                 56534   locales: overlap with libc6-bin prevents any other package installation
glibc                 56536   locales: overlap on upgrade, halts dpkg and apt totally
glibc                 56559   libc6: syntax error in /etc/init.d/devpts.sh
glibc                 56659   devpts not working anymore
glibc                 56659   devpts not working anymore
glibc                 56687   libc6: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh has typo
glibc                 57456   libc6: setting timezone fails horribly
glibc                 57482   locales: install failure (overwrite)
glibc                 57580   postinst fails
glibc                 57584   libc6: problem with devpts during configuration
glibc                 57698   libc6: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh: line 63: syntax error: unexpected end of file
glibc                 57914   libc6-dev: sys/io.h doesn't work with g++
glibc                 59257   libc6: libc6 2.1.3-5 breaks wine
glibc                 59790   libc6: Argentine time was changed!!!
glibc                 59962   sys/ucontext.h shouldn't define ERR
glibc                 60869   ld-linux.so problem breaks ldd and dpkg_shlibdeps on pure libc6
glibc                 62173   i18ndata: Contains non-free file.
glibc                 65276   libc6: devpts not mounted
glibc                 69544   textutils: sort problem
glibc                 70658   ldso: ld reports that it has a bug
glibc                 70806   locales: Security upload to stable broke es_AR locale
glibc                 70876   Security upload to stable broke zh_TW.Big5 locale (Missing LC_COLLATE)
glibc                 72596   OpenSSH and libc6-2.94
glibc                 72723   libdb2-dev: /usr/include/db1 absence breaks apache build
glibc                 72905   libc nss resolving problem
glibc                 74158   libc6: upgrading broke wu-ftpd
glibc                 74367   telnet: temporary nameserver resolution problems
glibc                 74692   libc6: getaddrinfo() fails for no apparent reason
glibc                 74692   libc6: getaddrinfo() fails for no apparent reason
glibc                 74692   libc6: getaddrinfo() fails for no apparent reason
glibc                 74692   libc6: getaddrinfo() fails for no apparent reason
glibc                 74911   ttyname() does not work with set[gu]id on devfs systems
glibc                 75019   libc6-dev 2.1.95-1 breaks iostream
glibc                 75865   [OT] Help with glibc memory streams
glibc                 75956   Segfault searching a NIS+ table with a program using gethostbyname()
glibc                 76830   locales: locales for Woody/Alpha still depends on libc6
glibc                 76830   locales: locales for Woody/Alpha still depends on libc6
glibc                 77170   _dl_close: Assertion `new_opencount[0] == 0' failed.
glibc                 78881   libc6: postinst doesn't display any output while checking status of packages
glibc                 79043   base-passwd: PostInst script fails with cryptic message
glibc                 79221   i386, printf(), %hhn
glibc                 79830   /etc/init.d/devpts.sh has incorrect grep statements and doesn't work as expected.
glibc                 79926   add autofs to list of programs needing a restart
glibc                 84237   Chapter are missing and misplaced
glibc                 85788   Possible memory leak in libc6 2.2.1-2
glibc                 86715   libc6: libc6 upgrade should restart inetd
glibc                 86877   readdir() broken in libc6-2.2.2
glibc                 87655   libc6: shlibs file is broken
glibc                 90830   libc6: did libc6 version 2.2.2-2 break RPC based services?
glibc                 96913   libc6: post intalation scripts should make dpkg-reconfigure locales
glibc                 96968   [alpha] problems with 'getconf LFS_CFLAGS'
glibc                 100279  netkit-inetd: Bad path to rpcinfo in /etc/init.d/inetd
glibc                 100605  locales: locales installation hangs when generating locales
glibc                 100605  locales: locales installation hangs when generating locales
glibc                 100605  locales: locales installation hangs when generating locales
glibc                 102826  glibc: [hurd]fts.c patch broken
glibc                 105249  ldconfig: Incorrect search order of library directories ?
glibc                 106043  Using LC_TIME locales completely breaks libc6 upgrade
glibc                 109850  locales: package configuration never completes, cannot be configured
glibc                 110615  debootstrap hangs on sparc due to sysvinit not being configured
glibc                 113273  libc6-dev: mising || __USE_UNIX98 on sparc causes _XOPEN_SOURCE definers to lose SA_RESTART
glibc                 113457  libc6: Dynamic loading bug crashes galeon
glibc                 113481  libc6 2.2.4-2 breaks mozilla
glibc                 113708  libc6: 2.2.4-2 breaks perl's Gnome::Applet
glibc                 114483  /usr/include/inttypes.h:37: invalid preprocessing directive: defined
glibc                 118909  glibc: incorrect bits/resource.h on m68k
glibc                 122980  ftp: segfault for "ls -l *./a"
glibc                 128969  locales: Problem with locale-gen
glibc                 130259  â&sbquo;¬uro, revisited
glibc                 131040  generated locales cannot be selected as the system-wide option
glibc                 131846  general: Locale definition for sr_YU is not correct
glibc                 131999  locales: postinst fails if /etc/environment is (mostly) empty
glibc                 132025  locales: Upgrading to 2.2.5-2 yields error code (1) in post-installation script
glibc                 132244  locales.postinst breaks with a one line /etc/environnent
glibc                 132310  libc6: use ip6.int instead of ip6.arpa
glibc                 133666  [patch] needed for hppa
glibc                 134094  locales: execute bit on /var/lib/dpkg/info/locales.config
glibc                 134381  libc6: postinst must test if DEBIAN_FRONTEND is noninteractive
glibc                 135748  [patch] glibc 2.2.5 has broken profiling support 
glibc                 140054  locales; error generating de_CH
glibc                 146489  libc6: PPC ld.so: missing icache flushes cause occasionnal SEGV's
glibc                 153548  generic cos gives wrong result for some operands
glibc                 155606  provide symbols .hidden in gcc 3.1/3.2 when building glibc for ppc
glibc                 155794  pthread man pages missing from glibc-doc
glibc                 156386  locales: After installation of woody no locales have been generated
glibc                 159723  libc6-dev: MADV_* undefined on m68k
glibc                 162414  coreutils: rm -rf does not delete dir/ with trailing slash
glibc                 164719  Wrong timezone info for America/Sao_Paulo
glibc                 165258  libc6 should restart services when upgrading from versions prior to 2.2
glibc                 165456  libc6.shlib must lib* (>= 2.3.1)
glibc                 165603  man-db: SEGV in apropos when running "apropos xkb"
glibc                 165892  libc6-dbg seems to have no debugging infos in libc-2.3.1.so
glibc                 168189  libc6: Consider restarting 'samba' on upgrade
glibc                 171550  [ia64] [patch] strncpy.S segfault patch
glibc                 171695  relocation errors at OOo with libc6 2.3.1
glibc                 177940  AC_FUNC_MKTIME fail when timezone is set to GMT-2
glibc                 178159  can not install on parisc64
glibc                 181409  libc6: devpts no longer mounts with grep 2.5.1-2
glibc                 181661  opie-libs-fb: [m68k] FTBFS
glibc                 181834  libc6: incorrect conflicts
glibc                 182654  glibc: glibc_2.3.1-14(alpha): ntp_adjtime not defined
glibc                 184036  libc6: xscreensaver can no longer authenticate me
glibc                 184257  libc6: Restart cups, too
glibc                 184495  libc6.postinst needs to restart postgres
glibc                 184589  opie-libs-fb_0.9.1-0.snapshot.20030303-2(m68k/unstable/poseidon): FTBFS on m68k
glibc                 188159  es_EC.ISO-8859-1...LC_MONETARY: Error during postinstall config => corrupt installation of package
glibc                 190785  locales: int_curr_symbol still a problem (2.3.1-17)
glibc                 192096  openoffice.org-bin: relocation error
glibc                 193020  locales: locale-gen breaks on  es_EC.ISO-8859-1
glibc                 193278  libc6: When restarting, if one fails, rest isn't done
glibc                 193508  locales: locale-gen breaks on es_EC
glibc                 193509  locales: locale-gen breaks on  es_EC.ISO-8859-1
glibc                 193510  locales: locale-gen breaks on  es_EC.ISO-8859-1
glibc                 193656  [hppa] patch to fix funcptr for _start
glibc                 194637  Buffer overflow (1 byte) in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ttyname_r.c
glibc                 194791  locales: ar_SD.ISO-8859-6...LC_MONETARY int_curr_symbol
glibc                 200386  libc6: oracle does not install cause of a typo, fixed in 2.3.2
glibc                 202243  utimes() broken
glibc                 205110  scp -p no longer preserves modification time
glibc                 207391  glibc: fails to build if /bin/sh != bash
glibc                 207806  libc6-dev: [ppc] source code compatibility broken 2.3.1->2.3.2
glibc                 210347  libc6: pthread_cond_timedwait.dpatch breaks Wine
glibc                 210441  [patch/ia64] memccpy segfault fix
glibc                 210613  libc6.1: generic atan gives wrong results for some operands on alpha
glibc                 212080  libc6: EUC-JP-MS missing
glibc                 216800  libc6: Broken rint function for the powerpc
glibc                 218449  libc6: refuses upgrade if libc5 or libc4 (a.out) installed
glibc                 219459  NPTL breaks abort()
glibc                 220992  libc6: statfs.f_frsize incorrectly set with linux kernel 2.2
glibc                 222953  libc6 did not restart nscd on upgrade
glibc                 226716  libc6: TLS doesn't work with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL < 2.6.0
glibc                 226716  libc6: TLS doesn't work with LD_ASSUME_KERNEL < 2.6.0
glibc                 228375  hppa glibc, elf_machine_runtime_setup() segv, with patch
glibc                 229273  nscd cannot be purged when the daemon is stopped
glibc                 229484  postinst fails when nscd already running
glibc                 230219  [PATCH] libc6: SIGSEGV in sunrpc/pmap_prot2.c
glibc                 231358  libc6: ppc32 stat reports bogus nanosecond data
glibc                 233301  linker reference count error among dependencies of dlopen()ed object
glibc                 237681  sed: SEGV with UTF locale on specific byte sequence 789 bytes and specific command
glibc                 241395  libc6: preinst fails for kernel 2.4.23dual
glibc                 245563  libc6: causes errors on linux-2.6.5 with PaX and CONFIG_PAX_NOVSYSCALL
glibc                 245643  libc6: problem with $kernel_ver in preinst
glibc                 245657  ro_RO ISO-8859-2 generation broken
glibc                 246355  [patch] A couple of required libraries are missing in libc0.3-dev
glibc                 247681  libc6 - symbol _fp_hw is not exported, breaks mklibs
glibc                 252284  nscd: Initscript reload method fails
glibc                 253119  Wrong exit status on start if nscd already running
glibc                 257658  locales in testing: fails during compile of locales
glibc                 258956  Starting sshd fails because of missing libutil.so.1 and libcrypt.so.1
glibc                 260221  setlocale() kind-of not affecting threads when compile static
glibc                 264920  file on mips needs too much memory
glibc                 265678  fakeroot gdb segfaults on mips
glibc                 270745  libc6-i686: does not re-exec init
glibc                 270998  locales: byn_ER.UTF-8 is listed in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED but fails to be generated
glibc                 271526  locales (2.3.2.ds1-16): Infinite loop generating the "es_ES.ISO-8859-1" locales
glibc                 275997  seq24: FTBFS on amd64: mutex.cpp:24: error: parse error before `.' token
glibc                 276309  NPTL pthread.h has initializers that doesn't work with C++
glibc                 276312  NPTL: race in implementation of pthread_cond_broadcast
glibc                 283461  new patch glibc232-nptl-pthread to build g++/libsupc++ with nptl headers
glibc                 290551  UTF-8 LC_COLLATE with non-UTF-8 LC_CTYPE causes segfault in re_exec()
glibc                 293653  libc6.1: getcontext does not seem to be implemented on alpha
glibc                 295118  libc0.3-dev: undefined references to setres{g,u}id
glibc                 299137  regexec bug leads to segfault
glibc                 300943  libc6: Java VM locking on highly multithreaded Java apps
glibc                 302458  libc6-dev: ceill and floorl on amd64 return wrong result in (-1, 0)
glibc                 304022  libc6: getaddrinfo/freeaddrinfo leaks memory
glibc                 304257  libc6: libc.preinst may break noninteractive install under some locales
glibc                 304426  [mips/mipsel] Incomplete clobber spec for syscalls
glibc                 309489  FTBFS on hurd-i386: known failure when building with TLS enabled
glibc                 310047  libc6-amd64 upgrade conflicts with unrelated libc6-x86
glibc                 310443  gedit: segfaults viewing multi-charset diff files
glibc                 310635  some programs segfault when run with belocs-locales-* installed
glibc                 311053  libc6: sched_setaffinity broken on ppc
glibc                 312488  libc0.3: Indirect linking to libpthread fails [patch]
glibc                 314350  libc6: sysconf(_SC_HOST_NAME_MAX) always returns -1
glibc                 314408  libc6: Fix pthread_rwlock_wrlock hang with nptl
glibc                 314892  nscd package missing /var/run/nscd directory
glibc                 321580  locales: installation fails because of sr_YU at cyrillic
glibc                 321580  locales: installation fails because of sr_YU at cyrillic
glibc                 321717  cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Error 14
glibc                 321718  Upgrade caused many libs to complain about "executable stack"
glibc                 322655  sr_CS.ISO-8859-5...LC_MONETARY: value of field `int_curr_symbol' does not correspond to a valid name
glibc                 323352  nscd segfaults when persistent database files are not available (seemingly)
glibc                 323409  libacl.so.1: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Error 14
glibc                 323487  nscd segfaults because /var/db doesnt exists
glibc                 324165  glibc: FTBFS on hurd-i386: sysdeps/gnu.mk no longer included
glibc                 324549  glibc: FTBFS on hurd-i386: gcc-4.0 build failures [patch]
glibc                 324550  linux-image-2.6.12-1-686: install fails with "cannot stat `(0xffffe000)': No such file or directory"
glibc                 325226  libc6: Wrong dynamic linker on amd64.
glibc                 325802  libc6: glibc.sh uses dpkg
glibc                 326554  libc6: upgrade to 2.3.5-6 needed to restart exim4 too
glibc                 328088  libc6: /etc/init.d/glibc.sh uses /usr/bin/dpkg to check for kernel versions.
glibc                 334101  libc6: postinst needs to restart saslauthd
glibc                 334112  libc6: SIGSEGV in linear_search_fdes
glibc                 339389  glibc: FTBFS on amd64: sem_trywait.S:59: Error: symbol `sem_trywait' is already defined
glibc                 339389  glibc: FTBFS on amd64: sem_trywait.S:59: Error: symbol `sem_trywait' is already defined
glibc                 339482  libc6: /etc/init.d/glibc.sh uses /usr/bin/dpkg before /usr is mounted.
glibc                 340147  /etc/init.d/glibc.sh must use ': exit 0' instead of 'exit 0'
glibc                 340871  [m68k] packages ftbfs due to mathinline.h
glibc                 340871  [m68k] packages ftbfs due to mathinline.h
glibc                 340871  [m68k] packages ftbfs due to mathinline.h
glibc                 343365  libc6: strfry() SEGVs
glibc                 352620  locales 2.3.6-1 fails to install
glibc                 355109  libc6.1: ia64 build failure for coreutils
glibc                 357419  bits/resource.h doesn't have _RTLIMIT_RTPRIO on mips
glibc                 361642  i386 gconv modules not found on amd64
glibc                 363644  locales: fails to install/postinst
glibc                 364666  installing libc6-xen does not run ldconfig
glibc                 369641  libc6-i686: 2.3.6-11 has a dependency cycle with /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
glibc                 370122  nscd: please create /var/run/nscd from init script
libcairo              376858  Apps using libcairo2 die on startup under VNC
linux-wlan-ng         376048  linux-wlan-ng: action "reload" failed: pcmciautils requires udev to be enabled
pvm                   379543  pvm: FTBFS: bashisms
python-adns           373510  Python policy transition
python-biggles        373514  Python policy transition
qterm                 380925  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
realtime-lsm          382194  realtime-lsm: typo in the Recommends
snacc                 377083  snacc: FTBFS: bashisms
supybot               380966  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
tightvnc              335849  tightvncserver: Unable to set fontpath in AMD64
tightvnc              366881  xtightvncviewer: fails to run: font problem
ucf                   378334  ucf: missing versioned dependency on coreutils
vnc                   370701  vncserver: Xvnc (started from inetd for XCMP support) fails after recent dist-upgrade
xpp                   356238  FTBFS with G++ 4.1: extra qualification
yiyantang             345239  yiyantang: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD
zh-autoconvert        355842  zh-autoconvert: autogb does not exit correctly on ppc machine
zhcon                 382116  zhcon 0.2.6-1.1 NMU patch


apt-show-versions     321398  apt-show-versions: does not remove cache when purged
apt-show-versions     323214  apt-show-versions: Use defaultrelease as first official_releases
apt-show-versions     326235  apt-show-versions: doesn't remove /var/cache/apt-show-versions on purge
apt-show-versions     376835  apt-show-versions: Misbehaves for mailman, probably due to explicit zero epoch
bottlerocket          322817  finish /usr/doc transition
bottlerocket          331766  bottlerocket depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
bottlerocket          357503  ITA: bottlerocket -- Utility to control X10 Firecracker devices
bzr                   375405  bzr: UnicodeEncodeError when launching editor to merge after local commit and update
ggi-doc               378919  ITA: ggi-doc -- General Graphics Interface project documentation
glibc                 9888    TCPOPT_EOL, TCPOPT_NOP, and TCPOPT_MAXSEG not documented
glibc                 10358   locales: localedef fails with ISO_10646
glibc                 10686   spanish ch and ll are just c+h and l+l for ordering purposes
glibc                 11300   netstd: rlogin: Connection refused
glibc                 11560   libc6-dev: incomplete headers for semaphores
glibc                 11839   asprintf()'s behaviour when out of memory is not described
glibc                 12207   libc6-dev header conflict
glibc                 13800   libc6 doesn't define sgttyb
glibc                 14590   libc6-doc: undocumented getline() return value
glibc                 17874   libc6-doc: no entries in the info pages for modfl/fmodl ...
glibc                 19168   netstd: rlogin/rsh not reading automounted .rhosts file
glibc                 19264   libc6: missing infnan() function
glibc                 19646   libc6-dev: yet another header order of inclusion problem
glibc                 20973   libc6-doc: fcloseall documentation is wrong
glibc                 20988   No prototyping for llseek()
glibc                 21676   gcc -static is outrageous
glibc                 23547   libc6-dev doesn't include libdb1 documentation
glibc                 24090   nis broken when using Netware NIS server.
glibc                 24414   libc6/linuxthreads runs out of thread memory space
glibc                 24652   sigsev on fork, fputs (2.0.35, glibc2.0.7r-5)
glibc                 25773   getcwd() call fails...
glibc                 25879   libc6 (libpthread) pthread_create broken
glibc                 26226   Parent flushing data to child not working
glibc                 26514   libc6-doc: broken paragraph in info
glibc                 27146   egcc emits erroneous code for call to asinh()
glibc                 27227   libc6: getcwd doesn't malloc correctly
glibc                 27397   strange definition of LC_TIME in de_CH locale (differs   from de_DE)
glibc                 27516   g++ optimisation gets NaN and Inf confuses
glibc                 29619   sys/io.h produces warnings with eg++
glibc                 29675   setresuid stub missing
glibc                 30054   libc6: Local host name not recognized while connected to the internet
glibc                 30427   Missing "stat"/libc6 install incomplete?
glibc                 30683   static libc6 can't resolve hostnames
glibc                 30987   glibc-doc: errors in postinst
glibc                 31415   libc6: mkstemp(3) braindead
glibc                 31465   libc6: Memory functions not returning
glibc                 31502   /usr/include/scsi/scsi.h disappeared...
glibc                 31983   bad _PATH_DEFPATH in /usr/include/paths.h
glibc                 32345   libc info menus broken
glibc                 32468   Conflict between .../sys/ptrace.h and .../asm/ptrace.h (libc6-dev 2.0.105-1.2/sparc)
glibc                 32792   not upgrading glic-doc, or at least libc6-dev recommends glibc-doc
glibc                 32801   glibc-doc not upgraded, at least recommended by libc6-dev
glibc                 33197   buffer overflows and missing NULL terminations on compat-style NIS lookups
glibc                 33686   libc6: wrong parsing in __ivaliduser leads to stupid DNS queries
glibc                 34110   libc6-dev: _G_config.h defines _G_HAVE_BOOL unconditionally, even under non-C++ code
glibc                 34442   libc6: Different format for /var/db/*.db
glibc                 34442   libc6: Different format for /var/db/*.db
glibc                 34452   Libguile4-dev breaks when libc is upgraded
glibc                 34461   /usr/lib/libc_debug/libpthread-0.8.so is missing
glibc                 34538   odd behaviour of daemons after glibc 2.1 upgrade
glibc                 34550   glibc-doc: missing info for struct argp->argp_domain
glibc                 34699   octave: Bad segfaulting
glibc                 34702   makedb is free software as in free beer.
glibc                 34729   libc6: /var/db/*.db not made
glibc                 34816   Unresolved _IO_stderr_ when linking statically
glibc                 34940   nscd: nscd ignores # of threads option
glibc                 35035   gcc: mktime() returns inconsistent results
glibc                 35049   The bash segfault problem
glibc                 35089   Slink's libc6 breaks linked internet apps (ftp, telnet, etc)
glibc                 35094   tzselect rejects UTC as timezone
glibc                 35113   libc6-dev: not able to compile itself with headers in this package
glibc                 35123   gcc: mktime() ignores input tm_isdst
glibc                 35131   libc6: glibc2.1 breaks a glibc2.0-compiled libglib1.2
glibc                 35250   octave crashes on glibc2.1 system
glibc                 35334   libc6-dev: xdr.h needs to include stdint.h
glibc                 35389   glibc2.1 segfaults for C++ stream code from glibc2.0 system
glibc                 35497   libc6-dev version in Slink (still) has bad FD_ZERO
glibc                 35624   libc6: pclose() is broken
glibc                 35644   libc6: ldd crashes on old binaries
glibc                 35694   dlerror declaration is missing const
glibc                 35731   libc6: reorder on in /etc/host.conf does not work
glibc                 35948   nscd starts instead of restarting
glibc                 36030   libc6: Segmentation fault in setvbuf() when called thru libguile4
glibc                 36075   libc6: Compiling Linux 2.2 under 2.0
glibc                 36076   octave: Octave segfaults on startup
glibc                 36080   subject: adduser: Broken adduser?
glibc                 36139   linking error: undefined reference to `_fxstat'
glibc                 36212   gcc: clear_bit() only defined with -O1 and above
glibc                 36498   mikmod /glibc 2.1 segfault
glibc                 36578   libc6 downgrade(remove) script doesn't work
glibc                 36621   nscd: nscd should not be started if the machine is configured as NIS server
glibc                 36655   ddd segfaults
glibc                 36762   libc6 (2.1.1-1) breaks OSF/Motif libXm.so: undefined reference to `_xstat'
glibc                 36775   incompatible mktime() behavior under Debian Linux 2.2.1 (formerly used 2.033)
glibc                 36932   tzconfig doesn't handle localtime system clock
glibc                 36933   libc6.1: libc6.1 preinst script fails on file not found error.
glibc                 36952   sysvinit: Don't mount devpts in mountall.sh (?)
glibc                 37014   gconv-modules: wrong alias in /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules
glibc                 37154   Error in optimizing exp(-Inf) using egcc or g++
glibc                 37162   locales: Lacks locale for es_AR
glibc                 37162   locales: Lacks locale for es_AR
glibc                 37296   nis: /etc/init.d/nis stop should kill nscd
glibc                 37307   bad logic in /usr/sbin/tzconfig
glibc                 37409   tzconfig does not work
glibc                 37604   libc6: dlopen() returns non-NULL even if it fails to resolve with RTLD_NOW
glibc                 37681   ldso: 1.9.11-2 (libNoVersion.so.1)
glibc                 37902   libc6: SEGV in fflush
glibc                 38028   libc6-dev: The directory /usr/include/linux doesn't include the file joystick.h
glibc                 38392   glibc-doc: documentation of snprintf return value is deceptive
glibc                 38556   libc6: tzconfig and UTC
glibc                 38742   recommending locales may be overkill
glibc                 38897   repeatable netscape crash
glibc                 38998   libc6 2.1.1-10 causes programs to SIGILL on 386sx/16
glibc                 39071   libc6-dev: ctype.h contains "-pedantic -O" warning
glibc                 39077   libc6-dev: db.h errors when compiling
glibc                 39080   lib-tricks depends on libc6, but libc6 conflicts with it
glibc                 39562   libc6: No Makefile in /var/state/glibc/
glibc                 39578   No slibs information for libdb.so.2
glibc                 39582   ddd: segfaults
glibc                 39584   libc6-dev, missing AX25_PIDINCL definition in <netax25/ax25.h>
glibc                 39585   tzconfig from libc6 2.1.1-11 broken
glibc                 39594   fmemopen() absent from glibc
glibc                 39648   N_AX25 definition missing in <bits/termios.h>
glibc                 39693   libc6: error in _IO_old_proc_open (libio/oldiopopen.c)
glibc                 39705   libc6: DB module is compiled with /var/lib/misc
glibc                 39762   iconv() with NULL inbuf gives strange results
glibc                 40053   libc6: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh breaks file-rc
glibc                 40184   libc6: off-by-one error in strerror
glibc                 40768   nscd causing SIGBUS on debain-sparc
glibc                 40870   libc6: Segfault from getpwuid
glibc                 41064   /etc/init.d/devpts.sh does not grok EXTRAVERSION of the kernel
glibc                 41389   devpts.sh gets the uname wrong
glibc                 41455   libdb
glibc                 41800   sshd 1.2.27 dies after a while
glibc                 41947   libc6: /var/lib/misc/Makefile refers to /var/db directory which does not exist.
glibc                 41952   libc6: SIGILL from fprintf
glibc                 42088   libc6 2.1.2-0pre2 causes StarOffice 5.1 to segfault
glibc                 42135   bug in ld.so
glibc                 42490   Incorrect include file /usr/include/bits/string2.h
glibc                 42512   Rlogind and .rhosts name lookups.
glibc                 42579   libc6-dev: bits/socket.h has bad definition of MSG_DONTWAIT
glibc                 42726   nscd: nscd resolves not every resolvable host
glibc                 42727   nscd: nscd doesn't respect /etc/resolv.conf changes
glibc                 42850   nscd: resolving names is broken
glibc                 42867   <sys/stat.h> sometimes doesn't define S_IFLNK
glibc                 42912   glibc changes break gdm (maybe others?)
glibc                 42944   running xnest brings out bug in dynamic linker
glibc                 43530   lrint not defined but exists in library
glibc                 43729   Add an option to flush specific caches
glibc                 43950   libc6: Huge wtmp files.
glibc                 44093   libc: ioctl can cause errno=EIO
glibc                 44491   -Wpointer-arith produces warnings in /usr/include/bits/string2.h
glibc                 44619   libc6: Weird stuff - performance problem
glibc                 44697   libc6-dev: Compile warnings in bits/string2.h
glibc                 45041   pthread/throw causes abort()
glibc                 45693   Bizarre Multia clock behavior
glibc                 45824   <string.h> is not -Wpointer-arith warning free any longer
glibc                 45848   when network is down, most programs block talking to nscd
glibc                 45903   glibc-doc: cannot find nodes
glibc                 46173   xserver-s3 xkb keymap not found
glibc                 46547   glibc-doc: typo
glibc                 47457   grep 2.3-7 is broken (was Re: compiler issues and some booboos)
glibc                 47560   libc6: calling binary /usr/etc/keyenvoy [PATCH]
glibc                 48184   localtime and friends does not watch for timezone changes
glibc                 48324   Missing /usr/doc symlink
glibc                 48371   libc6: setresgid(2) not available on alpha
glibc                 48476   latest libc6 breaks xemacs bootstrap
glibc                 48705   timezones and libc5 compatability
glibc                 48713   Potato libc6_2.1.2-[6|7] wont install
glibc                 48716   nscd: control does not list all functions
glibc                 49459   glibc: does not patch on the Hurd
glibc                 49539   libc6 -- broken install?
glibc                 50261   libc6-dev: Malformed define in /usr/include/bits/mman.h
glibc                 50672   libc6 2.1.2 breaks staroffice 5.1a
glibc                 51877   poll() rejects the rlimit.rlim_cur fds
glibc                 52222   File descriptor leak in glibc-2.1 with NIS
glibc                 52420   getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN broken on sparc
glibc                 52455   O_LARGEFILE can�t be used
glibc                 52914   libc6: postinst fails if '/etc/init.d/foo restart' not supported
glibc                 53530   spelling mistake
glibc                 53680   libc6: Some locales have broken
glibc                 53705   locales 2.1.2-11 breaks perl locale support
glibc                 53748   defective debian/package-rules/libc-64.mk
glibc                 53754   Problem with locales
glibc                 53786   locales: zh_TW.Big5 locale has missing LC_COLLATE
glibc                 53894   Critical dependancy problem in potato: libc6-dev
glibc                 54096   libc6-dev: warnings compiling string2.h
glibc                 54156   libc6: timezone not setup correctly
glibc                 55367   base-passwd: long group lists in /etc/group cause update-passwd to fail
glibc                 55377   libc6: tzselect missing
glibc                 55439   libc6-dbg: dangling symlink for libthread_db
glibc                 55578   libc6-dev: header files containing constructs fixincludes does not like
glibc                 56195   en_US locale breaks sorting
glibc                 56540   locales: dependency bug wrt. libc6-bin
glibc                 56609   Missing glibc HTML documentation
glibc                 56726   libc6 /etc/init.d/devpts.sh
glibc                 56770   libc6 2.1.2-12: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh
glibc                 56782   libc6: Misdetection of devfs in devpts.sh
glibc                 56850   devpts.sh is wrong ?
glibc                 57026   nscd: nscd just hangs there with 100% CPU after 'addgroup'ing a user to another group
glibc                 57031   libc6: Please add it.po
glibc                 57049   libc6: fouled-up devpts.sh
glibc                 57081   libc6: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh should be conffile
glibc                 57101   sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) always returns 0 on m68k
glibc                 57156   libc6: syntax error in /etc/init.d/devpts.sh
glibc                 57183   devpts.sh NOT fixed in libc6_2.1.2-13 !!!
glibc                 57297   localedef does not allow use of UTF8
glibc                 57729   libc6: fgets() doesn't work properly on socket
glibc                 57797   glibc_2.1.3-2(frozen): Missing build dependencies
glibc                 58226   locales 2.1.3-2 conflict with libc6
glibc                 58270   advertising clause conflicts with the GPL
glibc                 58385   libc6: libc6 fork(): child dumps core (sig11) before reaching code after fork
glibc                 58586   locales needs overwrite
glibc                 58713   SSH does not use /etc/hosts information
glibc                 58954   Problems upgrading to libc_2.1.3-4.deb on fresh 2.1 (slink) system
glibc                 59110   ldso not using $LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable
glibc                 59165   glibc: [hurd] lacks ldd
glibc                 59350   glibc_2.1.3-5(frozen): Missing build dependencies
glibc                 59429   ldso assertion failed with x
glibc                 59576   libc6: kernel flavours break /etc/init.d/devpts.sh
glibc                 59613   Preinst uses bashims
glibc                 59622   gconv-modules: bad dependancy
glibc                 59789   Patch for Alpha glibc to fix some unaligned accesses
glibc                 59800   RPC in glibc doesn't work with IP aliases
glibc                 59802   libc6: setlocale(LC_ALL, "") causes segfaults if LANG or LC_ALL is not set
glibc                 59806   TZ for Argentina is still -003 no -004. Goverment stupidity.
glibc                 60034   nscd: nscd fails to switch back to uid=root
glibc                 60099   sethostid returns '-1' when trying to set the hostid
glibc                 60113   The shlibs file needs altering, doesn't it?
glibc                 60255   lt locale not supported?
glibc                 60320   Bug in localeconv() !
glibc                 60743   libc6: getaddrinfo tries to resolve in an order disobeying /etc/host.conf
glibc                 60744   lusers can't read /etc/localtime, if root has umask 077
glibc                 60960   Maildrop: Can't build from source
glibc                 61163   libc6: /etc/localtime missing after upgrade
glibc                 61257   libc.html is one *big* page
glibc                 61497   glibc-doc: Incorrect prototypes for Custom Stream Hook Functions
glibc                 61610   libc6: tzconfig man page refers to obsolete /etc/default/rcS syntax
glibc                 61613   libc6: tzconfig man page still says that /etc/localtime is a link.
glibc                 61746   ru_RU.KOI8-R has misplaced dot ?
glibc                 61963   sys/un.h should include linux/un.h
glibc                 62397   libc6: chmod o-x /usr/sbin/tzconfig + mv /usr/share/man/man1/tzconfig.1.gz /usr/share/man/man8/tzconfig.8.gz
glibc                 62511   libc6-dev: stdio.h does not define ssize_t
glibc                 62586   locales: /etc/locale.alias points to wrong locale for 'russian'
glibc                 62826   libc6-dev: ntohl causes warning with -Wtraditional -O2 (bits/byteswap.h)
glibc                 62990   problems with socket.h and -pedantic
glibc                 63511   libc6-dev: PTHREAD_ERRORCHECK_INITIALIZER_NP not defined as claimed in docs
glibc                 63569   locales: /usr/share/locale/gl_ES/LC_CTYPE is a copy of /usr/share/locale/gl_ES/LC_COLLATE
glibc                 63897   getconf has no manual page
glibc                 64074   slink->potato: Restarting services possibly affected by the upgrade does not work
glibc                 64192   libc6: getaddrinfo bug
glibc                 64327   sortlist and glibc-2.1.3
glibc                 64865   error messages from glibc-doc setup
glibc                 64878   `localedef foobar' segfaults
glibc                 64906   libc6 breaks upgrade from 1.3.1 [+fix]
glibc                 65132   /usr/share/i18n/charmaps does not exist.
glibc                 65634   localedef bla segfaults
glibc                 65683   glibc-doc says trunc == floor
glibc                 65684   glibc-doc says trunc == floor
glibc                 66138   libc6: may need to create /etc/rcS.d when upgrading old Debian
glibc                 66365   No man-pages for binaries
glibc                 66757   patch needed to sucessfully bootstrap gcc main branch with libstdc++-v3 enabled.
glibc                 66769   libc6: gethostbyname() doesn't when linked statically
glibc                 66803   [PATCH] Problem with signals and LinuxThreads.
glibc                 66913   libc6: /etc/rcS.d not found
glibc                 67204   /etc/locale.alias does not have thai alias in the list
glibc                 67296   recursive dlopen with RTLD_GLOBAL segfaults
glibc                 67921   glob(3) doesn't treat \ correctly
glibc                 68424   bug in dynamic linker ld.so
glibc                 68510   segfault in getopt (glibc)
glibc                 68873   libc6-dev: O_LARGEFILE produces compile error.
glibc                 68918   libc6: obstack_* should use const void * when possible
glibc                 69041   netbase: rpcgen(1) doesn't handle 64 bit types
glibc                 69045   libc6: [PATCH] tzconfig doesn't allow choices that are substrings of other choices.
glibc                 69172   locales: Bogus LOCALEDEF definition
glibc                 69278   libc6 sscanf gives inconsistent results.
glibc                 70012   DNS problems with servers that do not support IPv6 name lookup
glibc                 70740   libc6: No manpage for catchsegv
glibc                 71060   [PATCH] missing /etc/localtime causes timezone to be set to /etc/localtime
glibc                 71928   int fesetround (int ROUND) returns 0 if ok, !0 if not ok
glibc                 71938   locales: Problem with gl_ES
glibc                 72095   libc6: zic : A minor error in the 'SEE ALSO' part of its man page
glibc                 72165   personality() call is damaging
glibc                 72648   new libc6 package is missing ldconfig(8) man page and others
glibc                 72663   ldso: latest version has predependency problem
glibc                 72686   "ja_JP.eucJP and ja_JP.ujis symlinks are required by X/Gnome applications"
glibc                 72710   libc6: ldd prints libraries twice
glibc                 72727   latest libc6 full of bugs
glibc                 72752   German locale does not behave nicely
glibc                 73003   strings.h and SUSv2
glibc                 73018   locales: non-US chars are replaced with "?" sometimes. Demo   programincluded with some tests.
glibc                 73058   glibc 2.2 (2.1.94) and i18n in argp
glibc                 74046   FAQ.linuxthreads.html is missing, but mentioned in /usr/share/doc-base
glibc                 74061   netinet/tcp.h, unknown initializers
glibc                 74164   libc6: restart wwwoffle after upgrade, too
glibc                 74290   libc6: postinst does not restart daemons with file-rc
glibc                 74345   glibc segfaults in dlclose()
glibc                 74362   locale has incorrect name(not euckr but eucKR)
glibc                 74611   locale nl_NL makes ls sort case insensitive
glibc                 74945   db 1.85 dev support has gone missing
glibc                 75163   libc6: race condition with getenv() in multi-threaded program
glibc                 75249   libc6 should recommend i18ndata
glibc                 75295   libc broken
glibc                 75334   WCHAR_MIN evaluates to maximum value
glibc                 75349   " on its on" should be "on its own"
glibc                 75388   apt: apt-get not reading /etc/hosts
glibc                 75473   ldconfig does not respect /etc/ld.so.conf
glibc                 75488   libc6: broken /dev/pts check
glibc                 75601   Smoother potato upgrades
glibc                 75685   glibc: shlibs.mk doesn't honour %ifdef & config.h
glibc                 75689   apt-get gives "Could not perform immediate configuration"
glibc                 75720   Possible glibc bug: LONG_BIT != 8*SIZEOF_LONG ???
glibc                 75982   patch for arm dynamic linker
glibc                 76126   libc6: "chicken and egg problem" with ldso; conflict with older ldso not specified
glibc                 76168   printf "%La" segfault
glibc                 76246   Unable to link staticly with libc6-dev
glibc                 76390   glibc_2.1.96-1(unstable): version problem in Build-Depends
glibc                 76451   Static linking against libc6
glibc                 76678   split libc.html into multiple files
glibc                 76954   Locale not set after fresh install
glibc                 77191   locale-gen generate files bad permissions when umask 066
glibc                 77312   libc6-dev: iconv.h incorrectly prototypes iconv.
glibc                 77416   glibc-doc: getloadavg(3) undocumented
glibc                 78085   locales: perl goes wonky if LC_ALL=eo_EO
glibc                 78132   libc6: lprng daemon should be added to the list of daemons to restart
glibc                 78495   locales: can't find character map files on m68k woody
glibc                 78585   libgii0: needs to dlopen the soname of libpthread.so
glibc                 78656   libc6-i686 and IBM Java problems
glibc                 78937   [PATCH] glibc 2.2, m68k and (l)chown
glibc                 79224   memprof is broken when using optimized libc6.
glibc                 79666   libc6-dev: Buggy cdefs.h
glibc                 80453   add autofs to list of packages to restart during libc6 upgrade
glibc                 80454   libc6.postinst too slow checking for pkgs to restart
glibc                 80991   libc6 2.2-8: dlerror() bug 
glibc                 81628   _POSIX_PATH_MAX definition error
glibc                 81736   libc6: 'snmpd' needs to be restarted on upgrade
glibc                 81990   i18ndata: i18ndata's /usr/share/doc is a symlink without a dependency
glibc                 82026   catchsegv doesn't work
glibc                 82384   please add ia64 to control file
glibc                 82468   ssh: IPV6 problem with getnameinfo
glibc                 83171   libc6-dev: db1/ndbm.h includes db1.h from the wrong place
glibc                 83443   ndbm.h: wrong include of db.h
glibc                 84287   weird command in postinst
glibc                 84711   glibc-doc: typo in libc info pages or stdint.h?
glibc                 85304   libc6: getaddrinfo() doesn't work well
glibc                 85322   libc6-dev: do not use `?:' in public header files
glibc                 86676   madvise constants are missing
glibc                 86728   regexec with small regexp and moderately large text segfaults
glibc                 87903   [hurd]: corrected hurd siocs patch
glibc                 88440   services question should not be asked if there are none
glibc                 88677   regexec suddenly _very_ slow
glibc                 88775   New libc breaks old strace.
glibc                 89382   glibc-doc missing several html-files
glibc                 90173   libc6-dev: /usr/include/linux directory contains editing backup files
glibc                 90753   libc6_2.2.2-2_i386
glibc                 90758   libc6: Does not install
glibc                 90763   Upgrade 2.2.2-1 -> 2.2.2-2 is hosed if libc6-i686 is installed
glibc                 90773   glibc; Build-Depends: m4, maybe file
glibc                 90778   Installation/upgrade error
glibc                 90779   Upgrade warning, 2.2.2-1 -> 2.2.2-2  && i686 broken
glibc                 94501   libc6: readdir needs to set errno on success
glibc                 95782   libc6: Build-Depends-Indep should be on perl, not perl5
glibc                 96013   Character range [x-] doesn't match "x".
glibc                 96767   locale warnings on upgrade, postinst should run locale-gen
glibc                 97600   libc6 build assumes TAPE is unset
glibc                 97663   libc_nonshared.a needs to be built with -fPIC on m68k
glibc                 98638   glibc; Fails to build under fakeroot
glibc                 98708   libc6: Tries to overwrite files
glibc                 98710   libc6: replacing netkit-rpc loses rpcgen, rpcinfo man pages
glibc                 98735   Unable to update libc6-dev - overlapping files
glibc                 98735   Unable to update libc6-dev - overlapping files
glibc                 98763   [PATCH(untested)] : create ld.so.conf if it doesn't exist
glibc                 99344   locales: can be installed with libc 2.2.2
glibc                 99530   glibc-doc: Missing symlinks for some man pages
glibc                 99763   locales: docs insufficient for upgraders
glibc                 99990   rpcgen in both netbase and libc6.1
glibc                 100055  bug in <sys/cdefs.h> prevents GCC 3.1 from bootstrapping
glibc                 100461  tzconfig's zone_info() sucks
glibc                 101034  locales generation is broken on my box
glibc                 101622  Current glibc fails `make check' because of typo in Makeconfig
glibc                 101662  glibc; Build-Depends-Indep: latex2html, etc
glibc                 101795  dist-upgrade fails: perl: /lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.2' not found (required by /lib/libdb.so.3)
glibc                 103251  libc6 2.2.3-6 contains cvs breakage
glibc                 103742  UTF-8 locales
glibc                 105580  [PATCH] tzconfig does not resolve incomplete city names
glibc                 105902  installation of locales packages can't be noninteractive
glibc                 105915  /etc/locale.gen mention missing file SUPPORTED
glibc                 106078  libc6: weird message during pre-install
glibc                 106081  libc6: post-configure failed with LANG=fr_FR
glibc                 106117  Missing manual pages for locale.{alias,gen} and locale-gen
glibc                 106120  libc6-2.2.3-7 preinst broken
glibc                 106215  libc6: problem installing libc6 on jul 22.
glibc                 106291  libc0.2: depends on too old a hurd
glibc                 108373  locales: Fix for Argentina's locale
glibc                 108619  random() declaration vs _USE_BSD feature macro
glibc                 109162  glibc; Need to redo fakeroot fix
glibc                 109600  Where's is iconvconfig?
glibc                 110661  dist-upgrade: /etc/locale.gen don't exist after a dist-upgrade
glibc                 110980  /etc/locale.gen should be managed by postinst script
glibc                 113459  installation fails in chroot
glibc                 113731  gcj complains about missing version
glibc                 113816  libc6-dev: /usr/include/bits/confname.h:565: warning: comma at end of enumerator list
glibc                 114078  german template file [locales 2.2.4-2]
glibc                 114303  russian templates file [locales]
glibc                 114672  libc6: obnoxious warnings from bits/confname.h with -pedantic
glibc                 115155  locales: Missing Depends: debconf
glibc                 115536  shellutils: date display for de_DE is wrong
glibc                 115784  ldd: /lib/ld-linux-ia64-ia64.so.2: No such file or directory
glibc                 119197  locales doesn't give explanation
glibc                 120410  Request option for preserving user-modified /etc/locale.gen
glibc                 121942  /etc/init.d script output
glibc                 123679  tzselect(1) vs. tzselect(8)
glibc                 123821  libc6: uses obsolete, superseded version of BSD license
glibc                 126459  libc6: preinst fails upgrading from version
glibc                 127560  sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN) not implemented on PowerPC
glibc                 128451  115784 not fixed
glibc                 128699  glibcbug: breaks on bad $EDITOR, doesn't honour $TMPDIR [patch]
glibc                 128701  glibcbug.1: manpage missing [attached]
glibc                 129903  undefined reference to profile_fixup on powerpc
glibc                 130866  glibc-doc: libc.info manual copyright is not accurate
glibc                 131367  hppa patch needed for gcc 3.1 support
glibc                 132245  locales: debconf "C," ?
glibc                 133379  Typo in categories.def
glibc                 133383  re-enabling el.po file
glibc                 135334  locales: Missing 'se_NO UTF-8' in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED
glibc                 135343  locales: error message during install
glibc                 136815  libc6: nice return code
glibc                 136815  libc6: nice return code
glibc                 136990  libc6: sigaction has a race condition
glibc                 137020  libc6-dev: Incorrect macro _FPU_SETCW in <fpu_control.h>
glibc                 137020  libc6-dev: Incorrect macro _FPU_SETCW in <fpu_control.h>
glibc                 137348  Check for noninteractuve DEBIAN_FRONTEND should be case insensitive
glibc                 137513  [patch] define hppa libm tolerances
glibc                 138094  libc6: syslog output at varience with sprintf
glibc                 139042  glibc-doc: pthread_attr_*stack*() have no man pages
glibc                 139052  glibc-doc: pthread_mutexattr_setkind_np() not declared in pthread.h like the man page says
glibc                 139433  nscd runs as root
glibc                 139682  locales.config can't execute
glibc                 139902  /var/lib/dpkg/info/locales.postinst: [: missing `]'
glibc                 139977  locales: Syntax error in postinst.
glibc                 140048  locales: Fails to execute postint with euro locales
glibc                 140464  locales postinst
glibc                 140788  libc6: Incorrect timezone info for Estonia
glibc                 141384  second part of locales.config is asked before preinst, and first part while postinst phase
glibc                 141408  locales: arithmetic comparison between strings in locales.postinst
glibc                 141515  Script typo?
glibc                 141558  locales: Problem in postinst script
glibc                 141617  bug in locales.postinst
glibc                 141786  locales: error in postinst
glibc                 149862  libc6: Timezone has changed in Estonia
glibc                 151631  en_CA: LC_IDENTIFICATION: unknown character in field `address'
glibc                 151784  locales: dist-upgrade from potato, locales chosen in debconf are not built
glibc                 152968  locales-2.2.5-10.0 won't install
glibc                 153107  glibc patches for building/running openoffice.org
glibc                 154244  locales 2.2.5-10
glibc                 154556  locales: en_AU.UTF-8 is not available in standard locale list
glibc                 156821  Patches for LSB 1.2 compliance
glibc                 156923  segmentation fault in nscd
glibc                 157142  libc6: O_DIRECT missing in ppc headers
glibc                 157143  libc6: Add missing O_DIRECT definition on ppc
glibc                 157374  libc6: [parisc] sys/ucontext.h and asm/ucontext.h disagree
glibc                 157374  libc6: [parisc] sys/ucontext.h and asm/ucontext.h disagree
glibc                 158354  libc6: Missing MD5SUMs for libc6 package
glibc                 158651  lire: Lire doesn't like crontab entries in syslog
glibc                 159298  manpages-dev: Incorrect return type for strerror_r()
glibc                 159417  glibc-doc: The HTML documents are entitled ``Untitled Document: ...'' 
glibc                 159636  DN_* and F_NOTIFY definitions are missing in (bits/fcntl.h) for hppa
glibc                 160040  locales: sr_YU.ISO-8859-2...LC_MONETARY error
glibc                 160462  glibc: mcontext_t doesn't match what kernel returns
glibc                 160846  [patch] fcntl64 support for hppa-linux
glibc                 161340  libc6: syslog(3) shouldn't use current locale to generate timestamp
glibc                 163260  libapache-mod-perl: crypt() returns bogus results after going into background
glibc                 164523  locales: Doesn't automatically generate locales after apt-get
glibc                 164638  libc6-dev: SIOCSIFNAME needs to be added
glibc                 165287  libc6: ip6-fix.patch should be removed
glibc                 165374  glibc upgrade breaks when /usr/lib/debug is in ld.so.conf
glibc                 165554  __ctype_b symbol no longer available?
glibc                 165915  libc6: Upgrade may break kdm?
glibc                 166979  Locales simply wont work
glibc                 168481  libc6.postinst shows dpkg error output
glibc                 168483  libc6.postinst type and needlessly excessive punctuation
glibc                 169370  libc6: strerror_r() is implemented incorrectly
glibc                 169878  glibc-doc: dangling symbolic link
glibc                 171017  libc6: man page doesn't say where to find timezones
glibc                 171022  libc0.3: missing tmpfile64 function
glibc                 172123  libc6: mysql should be restarted on upgrade
glibc                 173201  libc6: JBuilder 7 Personal edition , installation reports undefined symbol
glibc                 173963  locales: ar_SD.ISO-8859-6, sr_YU.ISO-8859-5 at cyrillic, sr_YU.ISO-8859-2, zh_CN.UTF-8 broken
glibc                 174004  qmail can't run after update to 2.3.1-6
glibc                 175163  libc6-2.3.1-8 causing mutt SEGV when opening folders with messages in
glibc                 176661  locale.1 does not mention LOCPATH
glibc                 176701  glibc-doc: broken symlink
glibc                 177242  libc6: MALLOC_CHECK_ broken on hppa?
glibc                 177472  locales: lt_LT.UTF-8 is not offered in the configuration interface
glibc                 180040  locales: bad LANG setting in /etc/environment
glibc                 181541  libc6: devpts.sh fails due to bad quoting
glibc                 181551  libc6: libc6.postinst's file-rc detection is broken
glibc                 181591  libc6: /etc/init.d/devpts.sh has an error
glibc                 181683  libc6: Postinst fails if /etc/rcS.d missing.
glibc                 181701  libc6: sendmsg used incorrectly in sunrpc/svc_udp.c
glibc                 181910  libc6: Incorrect fall-back case in byteswap.h for i386
glibc                 182320  libc6 postinst breaks file-rc 
glibc                 182542  libc6-dev: strerror_r totally messed up
glibc                 183139  libc-udeb: Should be renamed to libc6-udeb
glibc                 183449  locale-gen ignores errors from localedef
glibc                 183477  libc6's conflict against php4 is pretty much bogus and useless
glibc                 183694  problem of 32 bit uid or gid in glibc
glibc                 184091  php4: libc6 2.3.1 conflicts with php4
glibc                 184129  bugs.debian.org: libc6 upgrade should restart proftpd
glibc                 184696  libc6: Outdated libc6 ? (problem with recent OpenOffice snapshots)
glibc                 185342  locales: generating ar_SD.ISO-8859-6... yields error
glibc                 185648  libc6: sparc64 sysdep.h typo
glibc                 185649  libc6: conflicting sscanf prototype
glibc                 185688  libc6: debian/control.in/opt file missing one empty line at the end
glibc                 185924  locale-gen breaks with POSIXLY_CORRECT
glibc                 186210  libc6: tzdata2003a is available, please update
glibc                 186654  FW: IMPORTANT bug fix for setjmp()/getcontext()
glibc                 187142  locales doesn't generate ar_SD.ISO-8859-6
glibc                 187475  libc6: regcomp triggers an infinite loop when given a particular (bogus) pattern
glibc                 188724  libc6 upgrade should restart xdm
glibc                 189792  libc6: devpts.sh needs to mount devpts even on devfs > 2.5.68
glibc                 189854  I still have /usr/doc/libc6 and /usr/doc/libc6-dev ..
glibc                 190322  Lithuania is in different time zone now (daylight saving rules apply)
glibc                 191295  libc6-dev: malloc_stats() segfaults if you don't first allocate memory
glibc                 191952  Bad version index computation in dl symbol resolution
glibc                 192091  ssh: Ip Address assumptions (10.7 -> changed
glibc                 192577  libc-udeb should include libnss_dns and libresolv
glibc                 193327  libc6.1: IA64 umount needs to set second paramter for sys_umount
glibc                 193331  libc6: [sparc] update error from testing to woody
glibc                 193467  libc6-dev: rpcgen man page: -M option not documented
glibc                 196382  libc6 - don't respect DEBIAN_FRONTEND = noninteractive for setup timezone
glibc                 197988  pthread_cleanup_push broken on Alpha
glibc                 199134  libc6: ioperm() bug on some ARM targets
glibc                 202197  libc6-dev: _POSIX_MESSAGE_PASSING should be defined to -1
glibc                 202209  libc6: strerror_r should return int, not char *
glibc                 204696  locales dependency on libc6 of the same version breaks building packages
glibc                 205084  libc6: doesn't detects lpd (from lpr) as to be restarted
glibc                 205118  locales: lo_LA.UTF-8 is broken
glibc                 205527  libc6: Should use chown with ':' not with '.'
glibc                 205679  (no subject)
glibc                 206015  libc6-dev math.h conflicts with g++-3.3.1
glibc                 206464  locales: tail command in postinst should be changed to new format
glibc                 206783  Should restart cucipop on upgrade (NSS)
glibc                 206784  locales: locale-gen doesn't actually seem to generate locales?
glibc                 207199  locales: locale-gen should complain about malformed /etc/locale.gen files
glibc                 207266  libc6: Norwegian translation confuses free-as-in-freedom and free-as-in-beer.
glibc                 208238  locales: wrong charset for et_EE
glibc                 208997  libc6: apache-perl needs to be restarted
glibc                 210301  locales 2.3.2-6 won't configure
glibc                 211135  /usr/lib/libm.a: Programs using fesetround don't static link: undefined reference to _dl_hwcap_mask
glibc                 211607  Bad catalan locale currency format
glibc                 211825  libc6: breaks xdm on libnss_compat upgrade
glibc                 213159  typo in tzconfig
glibc                 213535  vsftp service should be reset on NSS upgrade
glibc                 214233  libc6-dev: problem including errno.h
glibc                 214349  russian PO-file translation for glibc package
glibc                 214468  libc6-dev: does not provide libc-dev
glibc                 214470  libc6: ldd needs execution permission
glibc                 214504  libc6-dev: conflict with libc6-prof
glibc                 214512  libc6-dev: we need /usr/include/asm-generic
glibc                 215463  libc6: Running /lib/libc-2.3.2.so gives ld.so error
glibc                 215466  fi_FI locale doesn't contain first_weekday
glibc                 218645  glibc 2.3.2.ds1-8 on ia64, query_module() not implemented
glibc                 219025  libc6 upgrade broke ldconfig
glibc                 219205  libc6: Need update to libpthread locking code
glibc                 219271  libc6 - statvfs broken
glibc                 219352  Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72: _dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <= _rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed!
glibc                 219476  has antique version of sys/vm86.h
glibc                 221657  russian PO-file translation for glibc package
glibc                 222130  [PATCH] : fix invalid __libc_dlclose() in nsswitch.c
glibc                 222171  glibc-doc: Floods info-dir with entries.
glibc                 224744  patch to allow gcc-snapshot (java) to build on mips
glibc                 224756  locales: Please add interlingua locale
glibc                 226047  libc6: Bad strfmon() formatting should be fixed (patch in upstream CVS)
glibc                 227097  gdb: Can't get a usefull backtrace after abort
glibc                 227214  locales: LC_MONETARY wrong in pl_PL
glibc                 229196  libc6: add rsync to list of nss-dependent packages
glibc                 230008  please respect policy-rc.d
glibc                 230758  libc6: mountkernfs check for tmpfs availability is useless and attempts to mount even if unavailable
glibc                 230765  info file has been flattened
glibc                 233390  Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package libc0.3
glibc                 233391  Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package libc6.1
glibc                 233392  Inefficient packaging of arch independent data in package libc6
glibc                 234813  libc6 postinst overmounted my /tmp
glibc                 235876  glibc: patch for backtrace support on ia64 and x86-64
glibc                 238213  NPTL per char IO locking very slow
glibc                 239020  [hppa] add /usr/hppa64-linux/include
glibc                 239170  getconf does not belong in the -dev package
glibc                 243394  [s390 patch] Improved backtrace for s390*
glibc                 245208  nscd hangs and then segfaults on ctrl-c
glibc                 245836  glibc is returning NULL instead of "" for nl_langinfo(ERA)
glibc                 246170  locales: no_NO ISO-8859-1 missing ?
glibc                 246270  locales: byn_ER.UTF-8 cannot be generated
glibc                 248192  setpshared on amd64 not working?
glibc                 248377  locales: Wrong thousands_sep value in fr_FR locale
glibc                 249408  asm/ headers in LINUX_SOURCE not used unless it is a real directory
glibc                 249559  vsyslog fails
glibc                 252753  Possible error in /usr/include/libintl.h - compiler error with g++ -O3
glibc                 253303  libc6 nptl cond wait and cacelation bug
glibc                 258647  libc6-sparc64 has no reason to depend on lib64gcc1
glibc                 258647  libc6-sparc64 has no reason to depend on lib64gcc1
glibc                 259302  base-files: Support for amd64.
glibc                 259878  libc6: posix timer SIGEV_THREAD notification broken
glibc                 260377  libc6: strtold() fail on number with many fraction digits
glibc                 261035  libc6: relocation errors again ...
glibc                 261135  regexec(): segfaults in UTF-8 locales under some circumstances
glibc                 261237  NPTL: pthread_cond_timedwait with timespec in the past destroys cond variable
glibc                 261541  sys/epoll.h: missing #define for EPOLLONESHOT
glibc                 262782  free(valloc()): invalid pointer
glibc                 263959  libc6: gcc-3.4 does not support --param max-inline-insns
glibc                 264948  libc6: /lib/libc-2.3.2.so permissions
glibc                 266438  zdump -v causes core dump on IA64 Linux
glibc                 266507  NPTL (0.60) quirks with pthread_create (ignores attributes)
glibc                 267442  libc6-dev: /usr/include/sys/uio.h - vector keyword used in file
glibc                 267594  libc6 depends on bash
glibc                 270823  atan2 never terminate for certains values of x,y on amd64
glibc                 274390  memory leak in iconv_open/iconv_close
glibc                 274491  Please drop UTF-8 at euro locales from SUPPORTED
glibc                 275240  libc6: mplayerplug-in crashes
glibc                 275403  preinst NSS restart does not work with file-rc
glibc                 277667  libc6: printf formats using parameter numbers and floats has internal error
glibc                 278837  ia64 problems
glibc                 279294  libc6: feclearexcept() error on CPUs with SSE
glibc                 281775  PTHREAD_CANCEL_DISABLE broken for NPTL
glibc                 281863  glibc-doc: sbrk returns 'void *' and not 'int'
glibc                 281993  [patch/hppa] add unwind information to plt fixup routine
glibc                 282091  libc6: pthread_exit called in main exits the whole process even if other threads are running
glibc                 284137  locale -a reports misleading values for UTF-8 locales
glibc                 288710  setfacl with many files at cmdline -> Too many open files
glibc                 289853  glibc-doc: errors in strcasestr examples
glibc                 289945  please add support for long long dev_t
glibc                 292013  manpage for /usr/bin/iconv (/usr/share/man/man1/iconv.1.gz) contains unescaped hyphens
glibc                 292154  NPTL: pthread_create has a race condition
glibc                 294816  upgrade text is not clear. please reword it
glibc                 295117  libc0.3: [patch] Add SIOCGIFHWADDR support for pfinet
glibc                 295457  gcc-snapshot: FTBFS on amd64: /usr/include/pthread.h:655: error: array type has incomplete element type
glibc                 295810  locales: [INTL:tl] fix yesexpr/noexpr/yesstr/nostr for tl_PH locale
glibc                 298488  libc6-dev - O_NOATIME needed for lvm
glibc                 299139  libc6: missing support for large dev_t
glibc                 300806  (Seemingly) All programs fail to start, with the error message: relocation error: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6: symbol _dl_starting_up, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file ld-linux.so.2 with link time reference
glibc                 300806  (Seemingly) All programs fail to start, with the error message: relocation error: /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6: symbol _dl_starting_up, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file ld-linux.so.2 with link time reference
glibc                 304500  g++ -pendantic -ffast-math -O compile failure in <math.h>
glibc                 304668  libc6.1: calls to clock_settime() fail with "invalid argument" error always
glibc                 304963  libc6-dev: /usr/include/sys/procfs.h broken on ppc
glibc                 304963  libc6-dev: /usr/include/sys/procfs.h broken on ppc
glibc                 307984  libc6: 2.3.5 ppc built without NPTL
glibc                 308824  tight versioned dependencies between locales and glibc cause problems
glibc                 309846  locales: new localedef.1 manual page
glibc                 312036  libc6: Valgrind reports invalid memory access for printf("%1$e", 1.);
glibc                 312297  /usr/sbin/locale-gen: locale-gen fails to generate ja_JP.eucJP locale
glibc                 312404  nscd: want status option for init script
glibc                 312902  Missing UTF-8 locales
glibc                 314717  [locales] Maintainer scripts may misbehave under et_EE locale
glibc                 315345  gcc 3.3.5-12 freaks out cause __GNUC_PREREQ(maj, min) doesn't exist/isn't defined in getopt.h
glibc                 315347  glibc: debuild fails when applying first patch
glibc                 315347  glibc: debuild fails when applying first patch
glibc                 319115  Can't do gcc -static
glibc                 320273  libc0.3: ioctl() incorrectly decodes argument
glibc                 321634  locales: vi_VN locale generation fails for lack of LC_NAME, LC_ADDRESS, LC_TELEPHONE
glibc                 321719  libc6: locale -a returns values even if locales package is not installed
glibc                 321740  glibc-doc: html documentation missing due to incorrect path in build process
glibc                 322506  libc6-udeb has an unnecessary dependency on libnss-files-udeb
glibc                 323013  locale generation fails for several locales
glibc                 323159  locales: [patch] en_DK locale LC_MONETARY definition fails for ISO8859-15
glibc                 323552  64bit -dev packages should depend on libXXgcc1
glibc                 324526  Compiling and linking Verilog simulations with VCS 7.2 does not work after libc6 upgrade
glibc                 324795  libc6 in stable broken on arm4vl
glibc                 325373  Syntax error of glibc.sh
glibc                 325460  glibc: Fails to notice build failures due to | tee
glibc                 326583  [hppa] add /usr/hppa64-linux-gnu/include
glibc                 327025  C locale has bad default for _NL_TIME_FIRST_WEEKDAY
glibc                 328831  Errors while generating mn_MN.UTF-8 locales
glibc                 331838  glibc depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
glibc                 343885  nl_BE wrongly has sunday as start of week
glibc                 344105  libc6: [powerpc] _dl_map_object_from_fd removes data segment execute permission
glibc                 344836  libc6: strtold is broken on hppa
glibc                 344954  validlocale needs a new home
glibc                 345310  Missing leap second on 2005 December 31, 23h 59m 60s in "leapseconds" file
glibc                 345479  Summer time in 2006 Australia/NSW is incorrect...
glibc                 346342  tzconfig should create a copy of timezone data in localtime rather than a symlink
glibc                 347315  libc6: Daylight saving time handling for Australia needs altering for 2006
glibc                 347323  locales: locale en_US incorrectly starts week on Monday
glibc                 347686  libgtk2.0-0: calendar week starts on Monday instead of Sunday with en_US locale
glibc                 347762  libc6-dev: broken ld scripts under /usr/lib/ntpl
glibc                 348518  Week starts from Sunday in ru_RU locale
glibc                 349204  libc0.3: mlock() fails on anything else than stack on hurd/mach
glibc                 349503  locales doesn't leave dpkg knowing it owns /etc/environment
glibc                 351036  libc6 should restart Dropbear sshd (or provide a generic mechanism for other packages)
glibc                 351049  libc6: America/Havana DST info wrong for 2005/2006
glibc                 351375  sk_SK: week should start on Monday
glibc                 352500  libc0.3: getresuid has misordered arguments
glibc                 355264  argp.h:  Inconsistent declaration of argp_usage
glibc                 357390  Collating is broken in Czech locales
glibc                 357523  /etc/locale.gen not created
glibc                 358041  libc0.3: bits/siginfo.h typo
glibc                 361064  glibc: [patch] make building glibc-2.4 without __thread support possible
glibc                 361338  errors in wo_SN locale corrected.
glibc                 362514  locales: et_EE causes "sed -e expression #1 char 19: Invalid range end"
glibc                 364251  impossible to generate all locales
glibc                 365647  "error while loading shared libraries" Does libc6 2.3.6-7 break Sarge?
glibc                 365838  libc6: Another copy of the C library was found via /etc/ld.so.conf.
glibc                 368022  libc6: rational rose license manager fails to start since last glibc update
glibc                 368116  libc6: robustness problem in preinst causing errors displayed by expr
glibc                 368326  libc6: LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 no longer works
glibc                 369657  dh_install error of copy librpcsvc,.a at cross-compiling.
glibc                 370124  /etc/init.d/nscd: restart prints out: option `--invalidate' requires an argument
glibc                 371052  Remove libc_cv_gcc_unwind_find=yes from m32r/configure.
glibc                 378191  locales-all: Documentation is misleading
gnome-doc-utils       353503  bug in gnome-doc-utils.m4 leads to unintended copy of gnome-doc-utils.make
isakmpd               318241  isakmpd: FTBFS with gcc-3.4/gcc-4.0: label at end of compound statement
isakmpd               324753  isakmpd tries to do NAT-T where it shouldn't
isakmpd               346214  isakmpd might use wrong SPI for outgoing packets
isakmpd               358800  ITA: isakmpd -- The Internet Key Exchange protocol openbsd implementation
libsepol              382020  libsepol1: Should run "telinit u" in postinst script
linux-wlan-ng         381764  linux-wlan-ng-source: postinst/postrm depmod -- update templates to use dh_installmodules instead
manpages              379297  epoll_ctl manual error
multipath-tools       294066  Pid file handling broken
ntp                   363513  DoS could be caused by ntpdate installation
ntp                   378480  should not run init script from postinst and prerm
pan                   381945  pan: spellcheker is not working in 0.106
pan                   381948  pan: posting dialog_window
psmisc                361639  psmisc: fuser -s allways returns 1
psycopg2              381462  python-psycopg2: Missing dependency (plus a superfluous one)
python-support        378773  python-support: "Can't list /var/lib/python-support/python2.{3,4}"
ucf                   377980  ucf: Broken manpage for ucfq
ufraw                 341471  ufraw: Canon 20D: "Error reading EXIF data from img_3968.cr2"
ufraw                 361009  Version 0.7 of ufraw now available
ufraw                 361060  ufraw: FTBFS (ppc64): "-m64 requires a PowerPC64 cpu" - Please do not use -mcpu on powerpc64
vnc                   229645  vncserver: Fonts in gimp messed up under vnc.
vnc                   365594  Xvnc have wrong default font paths.
xpp                   374144  xpp: drop-down menus are broken on amd64
yiyantang             300386  yiyantang: FTBFS (ppc64/gcc-4.0): Please update config.guess and config.sub
zh-autoconvert        334401  zh-autoconvert: no copyright information about the example files
zhcon                 112355  german template file [zhcon 0.14-2]
zhcon                 136609  russian template file [zhcon]
zhcon                 323419  zhcon: rebuild against libstdc++6
zhcon                 332164  zhcon depends on debconf without | debconf-2.0 alternate; blocks cdebconf transition
zhcon                 355948  zhcon: Debconf abuse


bzr                   370099  confusing error with sftp without paramiko installed
bzr                   374674  Progress bar doesn't pay attention to terminal width
fvwm                  380025  fvwm: EWMH acronymn is erroneous in the description field.
glibc                 94058   Slightly improved man pages
glibc                 95189   ldconfig should not ignore wrong uses
glibc                 101691  libc0.2: ldconfig stub relies on getopt
glibc                 105581  tzconfig script has no copyright/licence notice
glibc                 106253  assert.h not protected against multiple inclusion
glibc                 106254  unistd.h, pthread.h declare pthread_atfork()
glibc                 110554  locales: locale-gen(8) could be better written
glibc                 117680  libc6-dev: minor typo in argp.h comment
glibc                 125092  locales: Spelling error in description
glibc                 133247  locales: Typo fixes for Catalan templates
glibc                 158410  libc6-dev should suggest manpages-dev
glibc                 164571  libc6-dev: assert.h warnings: redundant declarations
glibc                 167564  Running Quake 3 Arena v1.32 installer results into segfaults on debian/unstable, while stable works ok.
glibc                 171502  locales: improve localization of locales.templates
glibc                 180916  libc6: ldconfig(8) says ldconfig is run at bootup
glibc                 182981  tzconfig has no manpage
glibc                 183652  locales: debian/po/fr.po updated
glibc                 185275  libc6 upgrade should restart spamd (spamassassin) too
glibc                 187621  libc6: localedef -h: invalid option
glibc                 189958  libc6: iconv(1) manual page outdated
glibc                 193083  locales: updated debian/po/fr.po file
glibc                 202161  libc6: error in iconv(1) manpage
glibc                 205600  libc6: glibcbug sends to a black hole (?)
glibc                 209145  libc6: ldd output ugliness
glibc                 211733  iconv(1) typo about standard output
glibc                 211984  libc6-dev: typo in rpcgen.1 man page
glibc                 217865  locales: Update of the French debconf translation debian/po/fr.po
glibc                 218424  locales: Should list nb_NO in SUPPORTED file
glibc                 218595  glibc: FTBFS with make 3.79.1-14
glibc                 218642  locales: Please update Dutch translation
glibc                 224665  misleading error text `FATAL: cannot determine library version'
glibc                 225601  ugly error from dpkg -l on fresh install of libc
glibc                 229340  libc6: Typo in comment of /etc/init.d/mountkernfs
glibc                 230997  please include greek debconf translation
glibc                 235759  libc6: iconv's replacement for "German quotes in UTF-8" to latin1
glibc                 239555  libc6-i686: misleading info in the package description, about "commercial software"
glibc                 242546  libc6-i686: Package description: unclear about 2.6 requirements
glibc                 246557  locales: Typo in locale(1): LOC_PATH instead of LOCPATH
glibc                 264020  locales: /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive not removed on purge
glibc                 269747  libc6: Error in tzselect(1) manpage
glibc                 276223  ldd output is ugly (indented)
glibc                 276527  The language 'Telugu' is mis-spelled in /usr/share/i18n/locales/te_IN
glibc                 279685  gencat: manual page fixup
glibc                 303478  "forcely" is not a word
glibc                 305662  'man ldconfig' typo: "spearated"
glibc                 305662  'man ldconfig' typo: "spearated"
glibc                 305666  'man tzconfig' typos: "privilegies", "reliablility" and "truely"
glibc                 305666  'man tzconfig' typos: "privilegies", "reliablility" and "truely"
glibc                 306136  libc6: (newly) bad English in libc6 postinst
glibc                 309618  INTL:vi
glibc                 309618  INTL:vi
glibc                 310477  localedef: typo in --help
glibc                 311793  INTL:vi
glibc                 311793  INTL:vi
glibc                 314084  glibc: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
glibc                 314084  glibc: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
glibc                 315448  iconv: no glibcbug script found
glibc                 316148  iconv.1.gz: no indentation, no grouping
glibc                 318982  locales: locale.gen man page typo
glibc                 319422  glibc: typo in po/pt_BR.po
glibc                 333565  glibc-doc: Hooks for Malloc example code bug (info pages)
glibc                 345481  Wrong thousand separator for Swiss locale
glibc                 347173  locales:Romanian locale broken in several ways
glibc                 348804  te_IN.UTF-8...LC_ADDRESS: invalid escape `%n' sequence in field `postal_fmt'
glibc                 352263  libc6-amd64: unneeded dependency on lib64gcc1 creates a dependency loop
glibc                 352597  locale.1.gz: remove quote marks
glibc                 356328  please add am_pm formatting information to en_NZ
glibc                 358771  glibc can not be cross-compiled
glibc                 358772  glibc can not be cross-compiled with softfloat for ARM
glibc                 362460  glibc: typo in changelog may cause confision
glibc                 362763  locales.NEWS.Debian is installed in the wrong location.
glibc                 364198  libc6: manpages for "woody" distribution
glibc                 365676  nscd: restart should cause a cache refresh
glibc                 365677  nscd: restart should cause a cache refresh
glibc                 367145  tzconfig: should not pay attentiont to umask when it creates /etc/localtime
glibc                 372510  libc6: iconv(1) man page has syntax errors
glibc                 375741  iconv -s: suppress warnings, but not errors
manpages              378544  Undefined macros in manpages
ntp                   168585  ntp fails sighlently when local clock bad
psmisc                358880  psmisc: minor typo in fuser.1
python-biggles        381829  python-biggles: Erroneously marked as dummy package
skyeye                378517  skyeye: control file formatting fixes
skyeye                379618  skyeye: Description improvement


apt-show-versions     332465  apt-show-versions: [INTL:sv] Swedish PO-template translation
bottlerocket          205769  bottlerocket: Please switch to gettext-based debconf templates
bottlerocket          206736  bottlerocket: French translation of gettext debconf templates
bottlerocket          265850  Description improvements
bzr                   381920  bzr-0.9 release candidate 1
debian-edu            273801  education-tasks: installs general file which might lead to name space problems
debian-edu-install    382003  debian-edu-install: [INTL;da] Updated Danish debconf translation
fvwm                  360418  Default Charset is wrong
glibc                 10689   libc6's strstr() is much slower than before (?)
glibc                 14093   base-passwd leaves .pwd.lock in /etc
glibc                 17528   libc6: getlogin() uses stdin rather than /dev/tty
glibc                 21272   timezones -> timezone
glibc                 22301   bash: interpreter not found errors
glibc                 24949   libc6-dev may delete kernel headers
glibc                 27544   /usr/include/bfd.h typo?
glibc                 27586   basename() is undocumented
glibc                 28250   should libc force programs to check stdout/stderr/stdin for errors?
glibc                 28251   libc should cause programs which leave stuff in stdio to fail
glibc                 33759   All C library functions are in the top info dir node
glibc                 34793   a more advanced mkstemp() would be cool
glibc                 35875   small discs: locale/timezone etc
glibc                 38413   (fwd) Re: DHCP and Samba
glibc                 39440   libc6: Please merge these strings to help localisation.
glibc                 41388   locales: locale.alias: italian
glibc                 41917   ldso: Missing manpage
glibc                 42155   libc6: Fix TZ inconsistencies
glibc                 43105   libc6-dev: linux/coda.h needs to include linux/types.h
glibc                 54051   locales: The default Lithuanian locale charmap is ISO-8859-13
glibc                 58606   libc6-dev installs strange archive libs
glibc                 59316   sys/ucontext.h defines ERR when _GNU_SOURCE defined
glibc                 61154   libc6: Why must programs linked with libdb.so.3 require libdb2?
glibc                 62803   textutils: sort is _very_ slow when LANG is set
glibc                 65510   Mount shmfs on /dev/shm
glibc                 67205   locales: strcoll sorts incorrectly in sv_SE locale
glibc                 68923   Getopt long options example needs rewriting
glibc                 74057   locales: locales is huge -- split it?
glibc                 75310   please handle missing init
glibc                 77791   Athlon?
glibc                 80485   glibc-2.2/elf/dl-open.c (_dl_open): suspicious objname handling
glibc                 82347   package description needs updating: refers to now merged-in i18ndata package
glibc                 83394   libc6: locale-gen disclaimer
glibc                 86372   Please add "zh_{CN,HK,TW}.UTF-8 UTF-8" to /etc/locale.gen
glibc                 97718   glibc: IBM S/390 patch
glibc                 99460   netkit-inetd: /etc/init.d/inetd: wrong path for rpcinfo
glibc                 99623   add UTF-8 variants for all entries in /etc/locale.gen
glibc                 99683   clarify errno.texi
glibc                 113498  libc6-dev: Problems in system header files.
glibc                 114174  locales: locale(1) should document all environment variables
glibc                 114174  locales: locale(1) should document all environment variables
glibc                 116435  locales: Brazilian portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translation
glibc                 117216  locales: Feature request: Possibility to set locale environment settings
glibc                 117413  locales: spanish template file [locales 2.2.4-3]
glibc                 117509  locales: Message grammar
glibc                 119773  libc6: IPv6 reverse lookups broken
glibc                 125825  glibc-doc's info and HTML files should be in separate packages
glibc                 127740  glibc: SuperH support.
glibc                 128181  locales: Change locale.alias for the Euro
glibc                 128530  correction for debconf's template translation for pt_BR
glibc                 130517  locales: please add he_IL.UTF-8 to the list
glibc                 133380  Update iso-4217.def with changes in latest public standard
glibc                 144670  locales: please add alias "breton" for br_FR
glibc                 144670  locales: please add alias "breton" for br_FR
glibc                 149529  [patch] Bump MIN_KERNEL_SUPPORTED in glibc to 2.2.0
glibc                 155690  libc6: More detailed logging during build
glibc                 155751  sed: woody version more than 1000 times slower than potato version
glibc                 156273  SuperH support
glibc                 158589  libc6: please provide an udeb
glibc                 159633  strncpy on alpha/libc broken
glibc                 166450  glibc: s390x support
glibc                 169176  Please add biarch support for s390
glibc                 174270  libc6: debians i386 build of glibc incompatible with coroutines
glibc                 181025  glibc: please build IDN support
glibc                 181025  glibc: please build IDN support
glibc                 183155  libc-udeb: libpthread is needed for the gtk-frontend
glibc                 185991  locales: /etc/locale.alias should include "bulgarian"
glibc                 185991  locales: /etc/locale.alias should include "bulgarian"
glibc                 189879  libc6: 2.5.68 changed the way devfs+devpts works
glibc                 191785  initscripts: Add support for current 2.5 kernels
glibc                 194289  definition errors in an_ES locale
glibc                 195873  libc6: [wishlist] Update Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translation
glibc                 198099  Please make localedef support PAX
glibc                 205090  dutch po-debconf translation
glibc                 205566  Please add dovecot to the list of services restarted on an upgrade
glibc                 206474  locales: nb_NO should be a real locale, not an alias
glibc                 206663  glibc: some GNU/KFreeBSD fixes
glibc                 206663  glibc: some GNU/KFreeBSD fixes
glibc                 214898  Create /etc/default_locale containing the selected locale
glibc                 215624  locales: no_NO.UTF-8 generation killed by grsec
glibc                 215821  PAX segfault - locales + grsecurity
glibc                 218396  Package description hides vital information
glibc                 219145  libc6.1-dbg: should provide libc-dbg
glibc                 219839  glibc: [wishlist] Please include updated Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translations
glibc                 220693  [INTL:nl] updated dutch po-debconf translation
glibc                 221740  /usr/sbin/locale-gen: Post install script fails
glibc                 223241  mixmaster: Please supply FAQ document.
glibc                 225516  locales: please add ru_RU.CP1251 to the package
glibc                 230669  New Danish po-debconf translation
glibc                 230969  Czech translation of locales debconf messages
glibc                 231907  Simplified Chinese translation to locales debconf templates
glibc                 233308  locales: Esperanto locale should be called eo_XX rather than eo_EO
glibc                 235850  Ukrainian depconf templates translation
glibc                 240654  [INTL:tr] Turkish po-debconf translation
glibc                 240901  Add am_pm strings to the en_GB locale
glibc                 246547  glibc: amd64 support is missing
glibc                 246689  PPC libc6 should be built with TLS and NPTL
glibc                 247430  libc6-udeb: please add libnss_files
glibc                 251732  [INTL:de] Updated po-file for german
glibc                 254417  New locales proposed for South Africa
glibc                 254993  Please add the sr_CS and sr_CS at cyrillic locales
glibc                 257840  locales: Please add the eu_FR locale
glibc                 261082  glibc: Please add the '-fno-unit-at-a-time' patch from upstream for amd64/gcc-3.4 support
glibc                 271549  locales: Please add the mg_MG locale for Malagasy in Madagascar
glibc                 274367  glibc: [amd64] New GLIBC pass to create 32bit libc6-i386 and libc6-dev-i386 packages
glibc                 276062  libc6-dev: Different thread model when linking in static mode or dynamic mode on 2.6 kernel
glibc                 276062  libc6-dev: Different thread model when linking in static mode or dynamic mode on 2.6 kernel
glibc                 279423  libc6-dev: libc6-dev should ship /usr/include/nptl
glibc                 279423  libc6-dev: libc6-dev should ship /usr/include/nptl
glibc                 279697  locales: Please add the wo_SN (Wolof in Senegal) locale
glibc                 280030  libc6: sprof location
glibc                 280030  libc6: sprof location
glibc                 280137  libc6-dev: Cannot access mq_* Posix function
glibc                 282128  please refer to other locale manpages
glibc                 283668  Command-line installs show an incorrect list of "automatically installed packages"
glibc                 284131  libc6-dev: support O_NOATIME
glibc                 288472  bsdmainutils: [cal] formats the Finnish calendar erroneously
glibc                 294444  locales: Polish debconf translation [INTL:pl]
glibc                 295855  glibc: please include multiarch support in ld-linux
glibc                 297010  libc6-dev: O_NOATIME documented but missing from headers
glibc                 298784  /etc/locale.alias should be removed
glibc                 298784  /etc/locale.alias should be removed
glibc                 298913  locales: option to locale-gen to avoid regenerating existing locales?
glibc                 301438  glibc: FTBFS (ppc64): Please add support for the ppc64 architecture
glibc                 303816  glibc: [intl:fi] Finnish translation
glibc                 305400  locales should print a patience message
glibc                 305400  locales should print a patience message
glibc                 308020  locales should provide locales-all package
glibc                 316217  libc6 - please loose dpkg assertion in preinst
glibc                 318885  libc6: please drop libdb1-compat dependency for etch
glibc                 328504  libc6: Wrong computation of tanh
glibc                 329428  [INTL:it] glibc italian debconf templates translation
glibc                 331377  locales: Please add a locale file for Sanskrit/India
glibc                 334762  locales: Please consider adding a locale for Khmer/Cambodia
glibc                 334864  glibc: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
glibc                 335116  glibc: Please add big-endian arm (armeb) support
glibc                 335308  glibc: Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script
glibc                 335343  nscd: Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script
glibc                 339110  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for glibc (Debconf)
glibc                 350103  debconf PO translations for the package glibc are outdated
glibc                 351638  glibc: update for GNU/kFreeBSD
glibc                 352416  libc6: [INTL:pt_BR] Please consider applying attached patch to update pt_BR debconf translation
glibc                 352416  libc6: [INTL:pt_BR] Please consider applying attached patch to update pt_BR debconf translation
glibc                 352600  /usr/share/i18n/locales/zh_TW: don't say "western years"
glibc                 352636  libc6-dev: Please define RLIMIT_RTPRIO and RLIMIT_NICE
glibc                 353611  debconf PO translations for the package locales are outdated
glibc                 354074  libc6: Please document -u option in ldd.1
glibc                 360383  libc6: tzconfig doesn't check if /etc/localtime exists
glibc                 361101  [INTL:gl] Galician debconf templates translation
glibc                 361972  Valencian (southern Catalan) locale
glibc                 365651  file collision with lliurex-belocs-locales-data
glibc                 366962  [Patch] Support M32R target
glibc                 374365  [INTL:lt] Lithuanian debconf template translation
glibc                 375451  glibc: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation
glibc                 376811  libc6: forwarding ubuntu ticket about gconv-modules.cache
glibc                 379395  glibc: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf templates translation
gnome-doc-utils       373770  New upstream version 0.7.1 available
gradm2                377253  [INTL:nl] Updated dutch po-debconf translation
hddtemp               382130  hddtemp: Please add TOSHIBA MK1032GSX
liblog-log4perl-perl  378956  liblog-log4perl-perl: new version (1.06)
ntp                   319776  ntp: adjust default config files so ntpdate is unnecessary
ntp                   319776  ntp: adjust default config files so ntpdate is unnecessary
ntp                   340781  ntp-server: Please use logrotate for rotating ntp logs
ntp                   376019  /etc/default/ntpdate:NTPSERVERS could be initialised from ntp.conf
post-faq              381735  post-faq: [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for debconf messages
ser                   244526  ITP: ser -- SIP Express Router
wbxml2                376567  Please stop Build-Depending on automake
wbxml2                381985  libwbxml version 0.9.2 to Debian reposity
wbxml2                381987  libwbxml2 version 0.9.2 to Debian reposity
zabbix                379995  zabbix: French program translation
zhcon                 198270  zhcon: Using the new gettext format for the debconf templates will help the translation of them
zhcon                 198751  zhcon: French translation of the debconf templates
zhcon                 250139  [l10:ca] catalan debconf templates
zhcon                 285970  Danish translation of the Debconf-template for zhcon.
zhcon                 287695  [l10n] Initial Czech translation of zhcon debconf messages
zhcon                 324284  zhcon
zhcon                 324285  INTL:vi Vietnamese translation for zhcon
zhcon                 330619  zhcon: [INTL:sv] Swedish debconf templates translation
zhcon                 378224  zhcon: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update
zhcon                 381198  [INTL:pt] Portuguese translation for zhcon  (debconf)

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