Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Sun Aug 6 23:26:06 BST 2006


apache2                 380182  CVE-2006-3747: off-by-one security problem in mod_rewrite
apache2                 381376  CVE-2006-3918: Missing Expect header sanitation may lead to XSS vulnerabilities
cloop                   381639  cloop-src: m-a built cloop package includes only documentation, no .ko
fbi                     322236  fbi: uninstallable in sid (depends on libexif10 which is UNAVAILABLE)
initramfs-tools         381475  initramfs-tools: resume from hibernation broke after change to klibc resume


amrita                  367923  amrita: please consider removing ruby1.6 module
apache2                 374160  apache2 does not build with apt-build
aswiki                  366605  aswiki: Please upgrade to ruby1.8
aswiki                  367677  aswiki: upgrade to ruby 1.8 or remove
bittorrent              381586  bittorrent: Breaks programs that imports BitTorrent.
cloop                   381626  cloop - FTBFS: error: expected primary-expression before ';' token
drivel                  337872  FTBFS (alpha): invalid va_list* usage
fbi                     262805  rebuild with libtiff4, upload with urgency=medium
fbi                     282890  Source: Dependencies Incorrect
fbi                     346726  fbi: FTBFS: build-depends on removed xlibs-dev
flex                    379763  flex: warning in generated code
gmetadom                381406  gdome2-xslt: FTBFS: ld: cannot find -lz
libalgorithm-diff-ruby  366565  libalgorithm-diff-ruby: Please stop building ruby1.6 packages
libexif-ruby            366567  libexif-ruby: Please stop building ruby1.6 modules
libmp3tag-ruby          366573  libmp3tag-ruby: Please stop building ruby1.6 modules
libnet-jabber-perl      380270  libnet-jabber-perl: FTBFS: Test failures
libnet-xmpp-perl        380269  libnet-xmpp-perl: FTBFS: Test failures
perl                    374396  perl: FTBFS on MIPS/hppa
python-defaults         381673  python: buggy preinst
wxwidgets2.6            381110  wxwidgets2.6: FTBFS: dh_pycentral: not found


apache2                 349416  FTBFS: apr_sendfile for the Hurd
aswiki                  377105  Recommends unavailable libdb3-ruby1.6
dnsmasq                 375409  dnsmasq: FTBFS: bashisms
fbi                     356897  fbi: Missing dependency on gs-gpl
fbi                     361370  fbgs: uses insecure tempfiles
fbi                     369049  fbi assumes long=32 bit, so images are stretched on amd64
gtkmathview             365799  needs to be rebuilt to stop specifying libXcursor.la
orage                   370273  orage: segfaults when saving events
papercut                380886  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
postgresql-7.4          380896  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
xbase-clients           363198  xbase-clients: implicit pointer conversion


abcde                   349951  CDDB protocol in config file
abcde                   355296  abcde: fails to quote filenames properly
abcde                   375710  abcde -d filename fails if filename includes spaces
abcde                   378407  abcde -d option fails on flac files: cue2discid not found
amrita                  322016  libalgorithm-diff-ruby: Dummy package still needed?
amrita                  366757  Amrita tries to instantiate non-existent class
apt-build               296320  apt-build bug with debian-amd64
apt-build               374306  apt-build: "LANG=C apt-cache policy <package>" don't work
apt-build               381605  Problem with apt-build-wrapper
cmake                   366663  cmake: Move .vim files
cmake                   376587  cmake: .F90 files are not recognized as a fortran files
cmake                   378998  cmake: Dependency broken; please not recommend or require emacs
dnsmasq                 377506  erroneous forwarding table overflows
drivel                  333868  drivel: Crashes when trying to get unexistent last journal entry
drivel                  353704  drivel: Editing old entries gets wrong userpic
electricsheep           365652  electricsheep: 2.6.5-1 Sheep saved in home dir
fbi                     320057  don't build-depend on a virtual package only
fbi                     320058  missing package libcurl-ssl-dev, only a virtual dependency
fbi                     361383  fbi: document and fix interactive 's' (scale) option
fbi                     379250  ITA: fbi -- Linux frame buffer image viewer
kernel-package          380292  linux-image-2.6.16-2-k7-smp: upgrade re-ran lilo
libexif-ruby            381278  diff for 0.1.2-7.1 NMU
libmp3tag-ruby          381286  diff for 1.0-1.1 NMU
linux-kernel-headers    381296  linux-kernel-headers: <linux/futex.h> can't be included
nautilus-sendto         375154  nautilus-sendto: Should depend on either evolution or gaim, not both
phylip                  381140  phylip: Incomplete copyright statement
predict                 379731  Outdated description: map is now built
rt2x00                  381519  rt2x00-source: Missing module crc-itu-t


abcde                   351775  'man cddb-tool' typo: "fold" (folk)
abcde                   359156  abcde: Modify usage of nice values
abcde                   364978  Typo in abcde(1) -a option.
abcde                   364978  Typo in abcde(1) -a option.
amrita                  316078  libamrita-ruby1.8: obsolete method warning
apt-build               368651  apt-build: ./apt-build:261: my $src_name = $_[0] or die "Missing source pakcage name for source_by_source().\n";
apt-build               378094  apt-build: Improvement of debconf templates
aswiki                  362740  aswiki: Spelling mistake in package description.
fbi                     266811  fbi: Please mention fbgs in the package description
fbi                     311226  'man fbi' typos: "througth" and "Probaby"
fbi                     379047  fbi: wrong upstream url
kernel-package          379434  kernel-package: When overwriting modules, bad suggestion on moving modules dir
libalgorithm-diff-ruby  260661  diff.rb:198: warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix
skippy                  380448  reference to non existent skippy-xd
tetrinetx               362469  tetrinetx manpage contains grammatical errors
wordpress               367001  "Publish" produces broken links
wordpress               372128  examples/setup-mysql doesn't work with dash
wordpress               379118  installs apache AND apache2 by default


abcde                   282332  abcde: Make cddb results always UTF-8
adolc                   381483  adolc: FTBFS: gawkism/bashism
apache2                 299855  apache2: bash completion for administration tools
apt-build               375994  apt-build: No pentium-m in debconf dialog
drivel                  381664  New upstream release
fbi                     279566  fbi: fbgs should display color documents
fbi                     361388  fbi: option to keep the zoomlevel between images
fbi                     367344  fbi: new upstream version available
flex                    381235  [INTL:lt] Lithuanian debconf translation
gnome-python-extras     378228  Missing XB-Python-Version
kernel-package          380338  please handle the s,/sbin/update-grub,update-grub,g transition from here (needed for #361929)
lftp                    381686  New version 3.5.3 is out
libx11                  355957  libx11-data: Please include Khmer Compose file (km_KH)
libxevie                377196  libxevie-dev: missing man pages
phylip                  367237  phylip: New upstream release

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