Bugs closed in Debian

Ubuntu Merge-o-Matic mom at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 2 08:49:43 BST 2006


at-spi                        380254  yelp crashes on start
azureus                       380721  azureus: Azureus won't start, calls script from swt-3.1
beagle                        380616  beagle: Beagle version 0.2.7-1 uninstallable due to unmet dependency
cscope                        340177  CVE-2004-2541: Buffer overflows in parsing file names from #include statements
exim4                         187008  exim4-base's postinst fails
exim4                         205716  exim4: buffer overflow in HELO/EHLO
exim4                         215432  exim4-base built with broken po-debconf on hppa - installation fails
exim4                         223862  After log rotation exim can't write to logs anymore
heartbeat                     379904  heartbeat: Local DoS due to world-writable shared memory [CVE-2006-3815]
heartbeat                     380180  heartbeat: portblock syntax errors in 1.2.3-9sarge5
kiwi                          379359  Installation failure
nut                           358696  Avoiding halt and rebooting blindly is dangerous
sylpheed-claws-gtk2           380369  sylpheed-claws-gtk2: It depends on libetpan6 (>= 0.45-3), but libetpan6 is no more in the pool
zaptel                        378864  zaptel-source 1.2.7 fails to build


exim4                         224617  /usr/sbin/update-exim4.conf: bashism in update-exim4.conf
exim4                         246742  exim4-config: Debconf infinite loop
exim4                         262607  debian/rules clean insufficient, *repeated* invocation of dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo fails.
exim4                         280213  exim4: Thinks it's always out of spool space
exim4                         280213  exim4: Thinks it's always out of spool space
exim4                         285371  exim4-daemon-heavy: gnutls-params not being re-created and hangs STARTTLS connections
exim4                         297282  exim4: option "local_scan_path" unknown
exim4                         315650  exim4-daemon-heavy: TLS error (gnutls_handshake) - 4.51-1; was OK in 4.50-8
exim4                         342619  DNS logic error: Delivers to MX query's additional section only, causing mailloss
exim4                         362852  Undeclared conflicts: pathname conflict at usr/share/man/man8/sendmail.8.gz between hula-mta, exim4-base
exim4                         365467  exim4-base: Depends on priority optional package (libdb4.2) but is priority standard itself
fillets-ng                    379275  FTBFS: SysVideo.cpp:63: undefined reference to...
goobox                        380729  non-debianized GConf use
greasemonkey                  364374  Build-Dep on mozilla (library), please transition to xulrunner
heartbeat                     380593  ldirectord: unwanted emailalerts
kdbg                          379811  FTBFS: doesn't recognize autoconf 2.60
ksubtile                      379822  FTBFS: doesn't recognize autoconf 2.60
ldaptor                       380723  ldaptor-webui: Fails to install -- overwrites a file from python-ldaptor
libjessie-java                380139  libjessie-java: FTBFS: The import gnu.crypto.auth cannot be resolved
lilo                          374477  lilo: creates devices in postinstall with mknod not MAKEDEV
ntlmaps                       379700  ntlmaps: FTBFS: Missing Build-Depends on 'python-support'
postfix                       379357  Upgrade of postfix fails (init script fails to stop postfix with non-standard queue directory)
rsrce                         379878  reading files fails with "wild name offset" on big-endian architectures
soya                          281348  Segfault due to python-soya on AMD64 arch when running Slune
soya                          380697  FTBFS: AL/al{,c}.h: No such file or directory
spandsp                       376249  spandsp: runaway `extern "C"' in <spandsp/mmx.h>
statdataml                    379479  statdataml: FTBFS: Error: package 'XML' could not be loaded
usplash                       380618  ftbfs on ppc
zaptel                        379458  zaptel: Non-DFSG firmware distributed with source!


exim4                         136276  exim: SPAM addressed to non-user bounces to fake sender.
exim4                         205104  passwd.client is word readable
exim4                         223860  exim4-base: logrotate.d/exim4 creates new log file with wrong permissions
exim4                         224294  exim4-base: hangs during installation
exim4                         225477  exim4: exim doesn't provide a fully-qualified hostname
exim4                         231678  exim4 - dependencies with explicit version between arch any and all packages
exim4                         237524  Question about redirecting mail for root not asked when running under Debian-installer.
exim4                         237657  does not correctly create Debian-exim account
exim4                         241475  Minimal DNS does not work anymore (since 4.30-5)
exim4                         263665  Please use gcrypt11/gnutls11 instead of gcrypt7/gnutls10
exim4                         269448  exim4-base: using install to set directory permissions ignores dpkg-statoverride settings
exim4                         270681  exim4-base: cleanup failure on package removal
exim4                         273279  exim4-daemon-heavy: [update-exim4.conf] included files shoudl always have newlines
exim4                         281840  [INTL:tr] A comma character in the Turkish translated message confuses exim4-config
exim4                         283538  exim4: perl calls setlocale() behind exim's back
exim4                         290954  return_path macro generates invalid syntax
exim4                         291205  exim4-4.34-10 fails to authenticate via AUTH LOGIN
exim4                         297501  exim4-config: syntax error in argument for "control" modifier "submission/sender_retain"
exim4                         301906  mailname is no longer a local domain
exim4                         336979  exim4: Using courier_authdaemon authentication accepts wrong passwords
exim4                         347908  exim4-base: contains rmail.8.gz but does not replace: old exim4-daemon-light
exim4                         348067  Problem with upgade package exim4-base
exim4                         369351  exim4-daemon-heavy: Insecure quote escaping in PostgreSQL backend
exim4                         376953  LSBize init script
lprng                         360788  lprng prints garbage when using libnss-ldap
mbot                          380940  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
modlogan                      315898  borked permissions check on state/output dir
planner                       380890  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
speech-dispatcher             380959  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
svnmailer                     380967  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
wireshark                     380986  Python transition (#2): you are building a private python module !
xmlsec1                       379445  libxmlsec1-gnutls: Overrides package provided shlibs in debian/shlibs.local


adzapper                      367747  adzapper: must use invoke-rc.d
exim4                         131679  exim: No manpage for exim_lock (referred by http://qa.debian.org/man-pages.html).
exim4                         134379  exim: postinst must test if DEBIAN_FRONTEND is noninteractive
exim4                         135069  Possible overflows in exim 3.34
exim4                         136450  galeon-beta: 'Reload-Bypass [cache and] proxy' doesn't bypass proxy
exim4                         188828  exim4-config: Client side smtp-examples broken, expansion of "${extract{1}{" failed
exim4                         195329  exim4-config: config autogeneration broken
exim4                         197136  exim4-config: Uses nonstandard email-addresses file
exim4                         198410  exim4: Don't deliver to the highest priority MX if it's local
exim4                         201280  exim4: return_output used instead of return_fail_output in default address_pipe
exim4                         201827  real .forward processing disabled by default
exim4                         202136  /usr/sbin/exim4: say what file a configuration error is in
exim4                         202920  exim4-config: improve documentation for SMTP AUTH
exim4                         204228  default file delivery transport doesn't unset mode_fail_narrower like it used to
exim4                         209720  exim4-config: installation script fails - prevents exim4 install
exim4                         210847  exim4: -oP option does not work
exim4                         217931  exim4-config: wrong debconf questions order
exim4                         219101  russian PO-file translation for exim4 package
exim4                         221838  exim4: Debconf templates "polishing" for debian installer purposes
exim4                         222521  exim4: HELO syntactic check does not conform to RFC2821 in case of IPv6 address literals
exim4                         222720  please try to shorten the debconf question
exim4                         222773  config script could exit 30 on backup for better base-config integration
exim4                         228978  exim4: Satalite mode doesn't rewrite Sender: header
exim4                         229902  exim4-config: shorten debconf question uncertainity
exim4                         229909  exim4-config: smarthost with 'no local mail' doesn't deliver mail for root & postmaster
exim4                         229911  exim4-config: doesn't support smarthost with local mail and rewriting
exim4                         230423  exim4-config won't install with very old _unstable_ versions of passwd
exim4                         230836  exim4-config will not configure: bad group name
exim4                         231111  exim4-config: Fails to install
exim4                         231597  exim4-base: exim_dbmbuild segfaults on files with large right-hand values
exim4                         231979  exim4-daemon-heavy: truncates expanded strings leading to errors
exim4                         235938  segfaults using libpam-mysql
exim4                         236478  Unexpected behaviour with empty tls_verify_certificates file/directory
exim4                         239030  PT Translation for exim4 package
exim4                         241725  Documentation that tls_verify_certificates has to point to a *file* with GnuTLS is incomplete
exim4                         242227  exim4-daemon-heavy: removal of local_scan_perl might break existing installs
exim4                         242303  template too long again
exim4                         242730  exiscan and SpamAssassin can't check Received header
exim4                         243822  unnessary and suspicious actions (IP packages) on startup
exim4                         244296  [INTL:pt] Exim4 debian package PT translation update for d-i
exim4                         245694  [INTL: PT] Exim4 package translation update
exim4                         248370  relay_domains: Get sent to smarthost.  Why would I relay to a smarthost?
exim4                         248810  [l10n] Translations for norwegian nynorsk
exim4                         248854  exim4: init script takes too long
exim4                         249026  exim4: updated Korean debconf template
exim4                         249298  exim4: [INTL:ru] Russian debconf update
exim4                         249550  exim4-config: config depends on other's current sub version number
exim4                         250367  exim4-daemon-light: doesn't honor search clause in /etc/resolv.conf for smarthost
exim4                         251316  Spanish translation of templates has some display problems
exim4                         254026  Hebrew translation
exim4                         254038  [Intl:de] Errors in german debconf-interface-translation
exim4                         257508  Finale Hebrew translationfor exim4
exim4                         258311  exim4: Needs db4 support
exim4                         260114  exim4: verify = header_sender does not respect callout options
exim4                         261511  exim4: possible very long delay with callout verification
exim4                         261994  exim4: Exim daemon doesn't stop on purge
exim4                         264842  Catalan translation
exim4                         269501  exim4: Exim4 documentation suggests using relays.osirusoft.com -- obsolete address
exim4                         274597  dovecot-imapd: EXim 4 instructions are missing from README.Debian
exim4                         274597  dovecot-imapd: EXim 4 instructions are missing from README.Debian
exim4                         276958  exim4: file /etc/email-addresses should be documented in /usr/share/doc/exim*
exim4                         276958  exim4: file /etc/email-addresses should be documented in /usr/share/doc/exim*
exim4                         278011  exim4: Norwegian Nynorsk translation is broken
exim4                         279205  /etc/cron.daily/exim4-base return error 1 on exit
exim4                         279205  /etc/cron.daily/exim4-base return error 1 on exit
exim4                         280282  exim4-daemon-heavy: files in /var/spool/exim4/scan are mode 666
exim4                         280647  exim4: Segfault in smtp delivery process
exim4                         283230  Exim4 drops connection with "too many syntax or protocol errors"
exim4                         286074  eximstats: uses message count as data for the "volume" charts
exim4                         286721  "exim4 -bV -C /path/to/file" does not validate incorrect control= statements
exim4                         296492  exim4: remote_smtp transport should fallback to ipv4 with fallback_hosts too
exim4                         297607  dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config hangs, blocks debian installation
exim4                         299051  exim4+libnss-ldap: Loops infinitely on startup
exim4                         299733  exim4: $primary_hostname not expanded in cyrus_sasl authenicator
exim4                         299743  exim4: Only try configured mechs in cyrus_sasl authenticator
exim4                         299858  exiwhat needs killall from psmisc
exim4                         302060  Should be able to leave DEBCONFvisiblenameDEBCONF empty
exim4                         303351  shell syntax error in update-exim4.conf
exim4                         304838  exim4-config: "mail sent by smarthost; no local mail" causes weird behavior wrt local delivery
exim4                         305957  Postinstall script replaces configuration escape sequences with their expansions on upgrade
exim4                         310703  'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config' restarts MTA, but with old config
exim4                         310771  Today's exim4 update broke TLS configuration
exim4                         311906  invalid login_saslauthd_server example in 30_exim4-config_examples
exim4                         313023  acl: accept postmaster at relay_to_domains just like at local_domains
exim4                         313246  exiwhat.8.gz: exiMwhat?!
exim4                         315173  exim4-base: purge fails if debconf already removed
exim4                         315656  exim4-config: Split config files with names containing full stops silently ignored
exim4                         315775  exim4-config: Debian tells me to enter a comma-separated list when exim wants a colon-separated list
exim4                         323565  exim4-config: smarthost always tries to authenticate if AUTH is advertised
exim4                         329729  exim4: [l10n] incorrect substitute value in Japanese debconf translation
exim4                         331299  exim4: bashisms in init script
exim4                         337229  exim4-config: update-exim4.conf ignores dc_use_split_config if -d|--confdir is used
exim4                         340002  exim4-base: cron job incorreectly uses hardcoded spool directory
exim4                         341442  Variable substitution for ca, nl, tl translations
exim4                         342242  [INTL:lt] Variable substitution
exim4                         343074  exim4-daemon: ignores group set on router
exim4                         345363  exim4: [INTL:pt_BR] Variable substitution
exim4                         360162  exim4-config: IPv6 localhost (::1) is not parsed properly
exim4                         365928  grep on inetd.conf only considers numeric addresses
exim4                         369241  Esperanta traduko de exim4/debian/po/eo.po
exim4                         370790  Debian README for exim4 misleading re TLS.
exim4                         376460  exim4-config: response of yes to Hide local mail name in outgoing mail? seems to produce dc_hide_mailname='false'
exim4                         378581  bad parsing of CHECK_RCPT_DOMAIN_DNSBLS
exim4                         378935  accepts mail without HELO/EHLO
exim4                         380357  INTL:vi
gst-plugins-bad0.10           379867  enable v4l2 plugin ?
lftp                          379690  lftp: mirror -c gets stalled
libapache-mod-musicindex      379567  libapache2-mod-musicindex fails to play files with '&' in path
lprng                         358628  hotplug: postremoval script exits indicating success when given an unknown commandline argument
modlogan                      245832  modlogan: does not report access from Mozilla/5.0 on Debian/Linux
postfix                       380285  prng_exch back in /etc/postfix (again)
rt2x00                        379762  rt2x00-source: clarify difference to other rt2x00-source packages
sanduhr                       378560  Suggests obsolete package, python-orbit
sanduhr                       379551  Please drop suggests on obsolete software
slrn                          355437  slrnpull: after purge /etc/news/server remains, /var/log/news is gone
slune                         338913  slune: Slune segfaults on amd64
spandsp                       377374  diff for 0.0.2pre25-1.1 NMU
sylpheed                      375531  sylpheed: Crashes when switching folder
sylpheed-claws-gtk2           372899  sylpheed-claws-gtk2: Creates new folders on IMAP mailboxes without asking (and you can't get rid of them after)


exim4                         132068  exim: bad hyphens in manual pages
exim4                         136756  exim: smtp_accept_queue_per_connection comments wrong in config file
exim4                         193018  Don't link to gnutls' dependencies directly
exim4                         202165  description in 30_exim4-config_remote_smtp confusing
exim4                         203307  /etc/exim4/conf.d/transport/30_exim4-config_remote_smtp: assume auth is the default 
exim4                         210404  exim4-config: Reading old exim config doesn't support line continuations
exim4                         211934  exim4-base: debconf question mentions non-existing README
exim4                         214853  /usr/share/man/man8/exim.8.gz: -d: scrambled table
exim4                         216639  /u/s/d/e/README.Debian in update-exim4.conf
exim4                         216979  TLS Readme in exim-gencert
exim4                         221468  adding a spool dir macro for use with mailscanner
exim4                         222715  use a custom debconf title
exim4                         223973  change to the SPOOLDIR config macro
exim4                         225149  Typos in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz
exim4                         226627  exim4: inetd not supported any more, not documented!
exim4                         226809  exim4-config: debconf messages clarification
exim4                         230545  Typos in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/filter.txt.gz
exim4                         236483  example.conf refers to /tmp/exim4-4.30/debian/exim4-base/usr/share/doc/exim4-base/examples
exim4                         240862  exim4: 30_exim4-config_check_rcpt better log message default
exim4                         242426  Queue runner interval > retry interval
exim4                         243687  exim4: README.Debian has a slight inaccuracy
exim4                         244464  another template too long
exim4                         248922  debugging message for remote_smtp_smarthost still says "remote_smtp"
exim4                         253931  exim4-config: perhaps set tls_tempfail_tryclear = false
exim4                         255645  exim4-config: fools debconf-show
exim4                         259148  exim4: Russian translation of the Configuration type choices are too long
exim4                         262592  exim4-base: Man pages render hypens incorrectly in UTF-8 locales
exim4                         267708  verify sender should be after the header checks in the 30_exim4-config_check_rcpt acl file
exim4                         267708  verify sender should be after the header checks in the 30_exim4-config_check_rcpt acl file
exim4                         271864  exim4-config: debconf version check stops dpkg-reconfigure
exim4                         274246  exim 4.42 available upstream
exim4                         274398  exim4-config: [INTL:it] Some information missing in Italian translation
exim4                         276448  exim4-base: [README.SMTP-AUTH] Typo in the documentation
exim4                         277686  exim4: [intl:ca] Catalan translation has too long choices for configuration type
exim4                         277817  exim4: lots of warnings with exipick man page
exim4                         278016  exim4-config: [intl:pt_BR] Too long choices in Brazilian translation
exim4                         281249  exim4-config: typo in Hebrew translation
exim4                         281249  exim4-config: typo in Hebrew translation
exim4                         281249  exim4-config: typo in Hebrew translation
exim4                         283560  update-exim4.conf.8.gz: dc_smarthost can in fact be a list
exim4                         283568  exim4: Wrong info in README.SMTP-AUTH
exim4                         285235  Message-ID shouldn't be added if Resent-Message-Id is present
exim4                         286302  FTBFS: Build-Depend on dpatch >= 2.0.10
exim4                         286302  FTBFS: Build-Depend on dpatch >= 2.0.10
exim4                         288930  exim4-config: incorrect Finnish Debconf translation "kaksoispilkulla"
exim4                         291671  exim4: bad translation/explanation in exim-conf
exim4                         296864  exim4-base: wrong binary name in manpage
exim4                         305443  smtp-auth documentation is incomplete
exim4                         306094  exim4: local part restrictions became inconsistent with comments, changelog is silent
exim4                         307370  update-exim4.conf.8.gz: implications of multiple hosts
exim4                         309174  exim4 documentation: doc shows space after -d; exim4 refuses it.
exim4                         310118  exim4-config: /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz should be included
exim4                         311023  exim4-config: documentation for update-exim4.conf misleading (dc_other_hostnames)
exim4                         325901  exim4-config: leaves cruft on purge
exim4                         327847  exim4-base: documentation for running exim from inetd is wrong
exim4                         330975  update-exim4.conf: "sensible" on man page
exim4                         330980  update-exim4.conf: undocumented DEBCONF variable
exim4                         331698  There are some hunks with offset and fuzz in EDITME.exim4-light.diff
exim4                         332520  update-exim4.conf manpage more undocumented variables
exim4                         338579  'man exim' typo: "sucessfully"
exim4                         338580  'man exim_db' typo: "crossreferences"
exim4                         338581  'man exim_lock' typos: "writeable" x 2
exim4                         338582  'man update-exim4' typo: "configration"
exim4                         338583  'man update-exim4' typos: "immidiately" and "overriden"
exim4                         338584  'man update-exim4defaults' typos: "begining", "successfull" and "unsuccesful"
exim4                         339671  [INTL:pl_PL] Wrong translation of debconf template (colon confused with comma)
exim4                         342233  exim4-config: mailname_in_oh not documented in man page
exim4                         344576  [INTL:el] Greek language update
exim4                         344826  exim4-config.templates refers to nonexistent README.SMTP-AUTH
exim4                         346222  exim4-config: should probably allow ' in local parts
exim4                         356354  exim4: Typos in README.Debian
exim4                         365546  exim4: missing preposition in discussion of /etc/mailname
exim4                         366003  smalls Typos in /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/README.Debian.gz
exim4                         366491  improve CHECK_RCPT_LOCAL_LOCALPARTS documentation
exim4                         368242  README.Debian: clarify mailing list sign-up
exim4                         374216  exim4-config: README.Debian typos
exim4                         376459  exim4-config: issues with ACL documentation
grc                           378981  PATCH: conf file for ping
libcommons-collections3-java  268223  libcommons-collections3-java: Missing collections-testframework jar
lprng                         311774  lprng: Fails to print to localhost when named pipe is missing
lprng                         368482  lprng: missing letter in lp.1; s/optios/options/
modlogan                      313983  modlogan: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections
modlogan                      375046  unknown country code: eu -> 0x65750000
postfix                       358935  postfix: missing manpage smtp.8
python-uncertainities         142860  python-uncertainities
soya                          325540  SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level
sylpheed-claws-gtk2           333501  syl...plugins misses vcalendar-plugin
wise                          380451  unique not unqiue


commons-httpclient            340307  commons-httpclient: New upstream version
exim4                         130698  exim: Please enhance short description
exim4                         179066  ITP: exim4 -- EXperimental Internal Mailer -- a Mail Transport Agent
exim4                         184099  debconf and exim4-conf.conf
exim4                         190498  exim4-config: include "local_interfaces" option in config file
exim4                         193596  exim4-daemon-light: "daemon-light" should include crypto (TLS)
exim4                         196178  exim4-config: maildir delivery should add Return-Path
exim4                         202040  may store the path of config snippets in the config comments
exim4                         204698  Create a Exiscan-enabled package?
exim4                         208404  Further specify light vs heavy differences
exim4                         208524  exim4-base: please make eximstats "log_file_path = syslog" capable
exim4                         208782  Add log_info option in acl.c
exim4                         212893  exim4-config: Can now use dh_installppp
exim4                         215579  Please add a menu entry for eximon4
exim4                         219781  exim4: [wishlist] Please include updated Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) debconf template translations
exim4                         220694  [INTL:nl] updated dutch po-debconf translation
exim4                         221458  indentation for the init script
exim4                         224269  exim4-daemon-heavy: a cron job should periodically delete gnutls-params
exim4                         224584  exim4: Please update Japanese debconf message
exim4                         224828  Split config file is worrying...
exim4                         225713  Czech translation of debconf messages for Exim4
exim4                         226844  Please add Greek translations (attached)
exim4                         226992  [cosmetic] does not dump error message about missing db_settitle to /dev/null
exim4                         228001  /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/exim4: -qqf should be default
exim4                         228062  exim4-config: system_aliases allows pipe deliveries by default
exim4                         229063  CRL support with libgnutls10 would be nice (dpatch included)
exim4                         229792  Finnish translation of exim4-4.30/debian/po/fi.po
exim4                         229910  exim4-config: Simplified Chinese translation to exim4's debconf template
exim4                         230403  exim4: Please specify 'domains = +local_domains' for local transports
exim4                         232207  exim4: [INTL:es] New po-debconf spanish translation
exim4                         236609  Document client certificate checking
exim4                         237500  exim4: [INTL:it] New po-debconf Italian translation (it.po)
exim4                         237680  Norwegian Bokm translation for exim4-config
exim4                         237947  exim4: please add support for ACLs run at _start_ of data (acl_smtp_predata)
exim4                         238987  Swedish translation of debconf questions
exim4                         239118  exim4: Lithuanian translation
exim4                         241499  exim4: Korean translation
exim4                         242931  exim4: Hungarian debconf translation
exim4                         244354  [INTL:el] Update for Greek debconf translation
exim4                         244368  [l10n:cs] Updated Czech translation of exim4 debconf messages
exim4                         244401  [INT:eu] exim4 debconf templates Basque translation
exim4                         244508  exim4: Updated Danish debconf translation
exim4                         245120  exim4 Indonesian translation of template
exim4                         245174  exim4: [INTL:it] Updated Italian translation
exim4                         245342  exim4-config: : Update of the french translation of the debconf templates
exim4                         245342  exim4-config: : Update of the french translation of the debconf templates
exim4                         245430  exim4: Please update Japanese debconf messages
exim4                         245491  Exim4 for po template Indonesian translation
exim4                         245716  Updated Swedish translation of debconf messages
exim4                         245751  [INTL:tr] Turkish po-debconf translation
exim4                         245809  [l10n] Slovak translation for Exim4
exim4                         248338  exim4-config: please consider adding option to build exim4.conf.template after installation
exim4                         248464  [INTL:zh_CN] Updated Simplified Chinese translation of exim4 debconf templates
exim4                         249269  exim4: Lithuanian debconf translation
exim4                         249925  exim: [INTL:de] German debconf translation update
exim4                         250113  [l10:ca] exim4 catalan debconf templates
exim4                         250344  exim4: [INTL:nb] Updated norwegian b\r okmal translation
exim4                         250908  exim4: Polish debconf translation
exim4                         251137  exim: [INTL:bs] Bosnian debconf templates translation
exim4                         251932  [INTL:tr] Turkish po-debconf translation update
exim4                         251987  exim4: Revised Spanish translation
exim4                         253959  exim4: max hostlist is 16
exim4                         261014  exim4: [INTL:ar] Arabic debconf templates translation
exim4                         261912  exim4: [INTL:eu] debconf Basque translation upgrade
exim4                         265818  exim4: enable ssmtp (port 465) support; useful for Outlook 2000
exim4                         267524  exim4: [INTL:zh_TW] Translation Chinese debconf templates translation
exim4                         267603  [INTL:bg] [sarge] Bulgarian translation
exim4                         267706  exim4: Exim should use procmail if it is installed even if there is not a ~/.procmailrc file
exim4                         267792  please provide add-exim-user for smtp auth configuration
exim4                         267994  exim4: 4.4x package
exim4                         268083  exim4: [info] File inclusion section does not explain default directory
exim4                         268168  [INTL:nl] updated dutch po-debconf translation
exim4                         270578  exim4: [INTL:hr] Croatian debconf templates translation
exim4                         271179  Please update the exim4/uucp-README
exim4                         271686  exim4-daemon-heavy: Add command force-stop to /etc/init.d/exim4
exim4                         273302  exim4-daemon-heavy: [30_exim-config_check_rcpt] better local_parts test
exim4                         273505  exim4: [INTL:uk] Ukrainian debconf templates translation
exim4                         275090  [l10n:sl] Slovenian debconf translation
exim4                         275414  exim4: [l10n:ro][sarge][patch] Romanian debconf templates translation
exim4                         275772  exim4: [l10n:mk] Macedonian translation of debconf templates
exim4                         276450  exim4-daemon-heavy: [30_exim4-config_examples] Add Apple "LOGIN" saslauthd
exim4                         276450  exim4-daemon-heavy: [30_exim4-config_examples] Add Apple "LOGIN" saslauthd
exim4                         277682  exim4: [l10n:he] fixed hebrew translation
exim4                         282731  exim4: Welsh translation
exim4                         282731  exim4: Welsh translation
exim4                         284529  exim4: Albanian Translation
exim4                         284529  exim4: Albanian Translation
exim4                         284529  exim4: Albanian Translation
exim4                         285973  exim4-base: Please allow option passing to /usr/sbin/update-exim4.conf from init script
exim4                         290464  SPF support in 4.43
exim4                         290945  "dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config" does not apply new configuration
exim4                         291184  exim4-base: [INTL:tl] Tagalog debconf templates translation
exim4                         291832  exim4-config: !verify=reverse_host_lookup logs but does not warn on defer
exim4                         292607  exim4: [INTL:ko] Korean debconf templates translation
exim4                         292906  exim4-daemon-heavy: Compiled without cyrus_sasl authenticator
exim4                         294815  exim4: [INTL:de] Minor German translation update
exim4                         295562  exim4: [INTL:gl] Galician (gl) debconf translation
exim4                         295735  exim4-config: ue4.conf: make --keepcomments configurable
exim4                         296203  exim4 'heavy' daemon doesn't support cyrus_sasl auth mech
exim4                         296597  exim4-config: Please add -o (output file) option to update-exim4.conf.template
exim4                         299732  exim4: Add examples for cyrus_sasl authenticator
exim4                         300967  FTBFS on kfreebsd-gnu (again)
exim4                         301940  exim4: [intl:bs] Bosnian translation update
exim4                         302215  exim4-config: allow update-exim4.conf to choose default name for Maildir
exim4                         304436  running exim4 from inetd
exim4                         306349  exim4: updated translation for Welsh
exim4                         306613  exim4: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation
exim4                         306970  exim4-daemon-heavy: [Reminder] Switch to newer libmysqlclient12
exim4                         310057  [INTL:l10n] Typos fixed in Portuguese translation
exim4                         312474  exim4: [INTL:et] Estonian exim4_debian_po templates translation
exim4                         315126  exim4-config: No provision for tls_certificate without tls_privatekey
exim4                         317429  [l10:ca] exim4 catalan debconf templates
exim4                         319316  Add /usr/sbin/exim
exim4                         320231  patch l10n, exim4
exim4                         329988  internal cross-references in the README.Debian
exim4                         330967  add cross-reference to update-exim4.conf from exim4 man page
exim4                         338928  exim4: [INTL:zh_CN] wrong string in debconf template translation
exim4                         342077  exim4-config: Please consider prompting for config type at high priority
exim4                         343767  Please upgrade build depends to libmysqlclient15-dev
exim4                         349644  'debconf' update Punjabi (pa-IN) for exim4 package
exim4                         359668  [INTL:km] exim4_debian_po translation
exim4                         363671  [INTL:km] exim4_debian_po_km.po translation
exim4                         363672  [INTL:km] exim4_debian_po_km.po translation
exim4                         364268  [INTL:pa] exim4 punjabi Translation
exim4                         367351  exim4: [INTL:th] Thai Translation
exim4                         368593  [INTL:dz] Dzongkha translation of Exim4
exim4                         369126  multiple valid configuration issues
exim4                         369526  [INTL:ne] Nepali exim4 templates translation
exim4                         374616  [INTL:hu] Hungarian exim4 templates translation
exim4                         378131  allow overriding smtp codes
exim4                         379155  please add an option to verify recipient first
exim4                         379898  exim4-base: Could create cronjob to check paniclog
kdmtheme                      380661  ITP: kdmtheme -- theme manager for KDM
keep                          380747  ITP: keep -- backup system for KDE
libcommons-net-java           377064  libcommons-net-java: New upstream release (1.4.1) available
libgd-barcode-perl            263831  ITP: libgd-barcode-perl -- Create barcode image with GD
lprng                         377249  [INTL:nl] Updated dutch po-debconf translation
modlogan                      315244  please document -o option in manpage
ndisc6                        380654  ITP: ndisc6 -- IPv6 diagnostic tools
njplot                        380633  Desktop file for njplot
openoffice.org                336284  python-uno: python2.4-uno would be appreciated
openoffice.org                376134  please build amd64 debs
postfix                       379951  postfix: [INTL:ja] updated Japanese debconf translation
slrn                          375015  [Patch] Bump default so you won't as often get be asked how many headers to download
spandsp                       262032  ITP: spandsp -- software DSP library for telephony applications
sylpheed-claws-gtk2           368963  sylpheed-claws-gtk2: please add icon for debian-menu entry

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