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Sat Dec 6 17:56:37 GMT 2008

Do you have geek written over all of your face? Have you turned your back on
Windows years ago? Is Kernel your second name? Do you like to write about
Linux? Tell others what they can do with it? If that's what you like and who
you are you might be interested in joining the Ghacks team to write
exclusively about the operating system that you love.

We are looking for a dedicated writer who knows the ins and outs of the
operating system. Who is able to write articles suited for beginners who
never experienced Linux in their live but also for long term Linux users who
might know Linux as good as you do.

If you love to tell others about things you like you might want to apply for
this job. We are looking for someone who can write between 1-5 articles per
weekday. Ideally you are a English native speaker but we are happy to hire
non-native speakers as well.

Your work will be compensated obviously and you will be paid at the
beginning of each month. Preferred payment method is PayPal or bank transfer
depending on your location in the world.

Please use the contact from <> to
apply for this job. We would like to read at least one 250+ word article
about Linux written by you to get an impression of your writing skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply today..
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