[ubuntu-ar] [OT] Nuevo Linux Counter???

Angel S. Cadoppi ubuntu2kdo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 22:53:53 UTC 2011

Hola a todos, y perdón por el [OT] tan extenso, pero es que rtecibí lo 
que les pego a continuación,
  y me gustaría saber si ustedes están al tanto de un nuevo proyecto de 
Linus Couter.


Hello Angel2kdo

my name is Alexander Mieland and I'm the new manager of the Linux
Counter Project. Since I love statistics and because counter.li.org was
not developed at all since over four years, I've started to develop a
completly new and reworked project with the same but modernized design
and the same target.

Let me first say, that this is NOT a phishing attempt! As you can see
on counter.li.org, this new project is real and official. So please
don't be afraid about your data or something.

Last week, Harald Alvestrand and I have decided that this new project
will be the New Linux Counter Project and replace the good old counter
of counter.li.org. The url of the new project is:

I've worked hard to develop the first version of this new project and
some days ago I've imported all active users from the old, original
database of counter.li.org.

I now want to ask you to come to the new project, to login with your
old, known access data and then to update your personal data and your
Linux machines.

  - Your counter.li.org number is: 499702
  - The url to the new project:http://linuxcounter.net

With this number and your password, you are able to also login to the
new project. If you don't know your password anymore, you will be able
to request a new password from the lost password page. To access this
page, you have to click on "Login". There you'll find the link to
the lost password page.

If you have problems accessing the new project or with the login, then
don't hesitate to contact me atalex en linuxcounter.net.

If you find a bug or have other problems with the project, then please
visithttp://trac.linuxcounter.net, our new wiki and bugtracker.
So if you have found a bug or have feature requests or wishes, don't
hesitate to register on the wiki and file a ticket in the bugtracker.

Another possibility to discuss the new project, to ask questions and
report bugs or feature requests is our mailinglist. Please register
for our mailinglist by sending an email with "subscribe" in the body
tointerest-request en beth.counter.li.org. After registration you can
send your emails tointerest en beth.counter.li.org.

This new project now also has a twitter account! So please follow us:

And one more thing: We also have an rss 2.0 feed that shows you the
most recent changes and news and announcements from the project:

So, please come tohttp://linuxcounter.net, login and update your data.

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Mieland

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