[ubuntu-ar] [Bulk] Re: google books robandun librum

Fabián Bonetti mama21mama2000 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Oct 18 16:15:23 BST 2010

Martín Cigorraga escribió:
> Creo que buscás esto:
> As you might have guessed, this is a nifty interface and reader for 
> Project Gutenberg, which you (had better!) know as repository for free 
> and classic texts, converted to digital format.If you you have a digital 
> book or something similar, you'll probably be interested in gutenpy, if 
> just for its ability to deftly arrange and manage a database of more 
> than 33,000 books, authors, languages, etc.gutenpy will download them, 
> manage them in a folder for ebooks and serve them hot and fresh whenever 
> you ask. It has bookmarking options, a slew of display preferences and 
> requires no more background software than the other two I listed. Very cool.
> Enjoy
gracias por la alternativa, pero el libro que busco no esta alli.


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