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Sun Apr 25 13:48:26 BST 2010

in the desktop layout and the performance on low-end modern processors. *

Miguel Sajnovsky

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Algo que no llego a entender es =C2=BFaparte del escritorio, que otras<br>
diferencias hay entre la versi=C3=B3n Netbook y la versi=C3=B3n Desktop?<br=
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--<br></div></blockquote></div><br>No hay una gran diferencia percibible, s=
alvo la distribucion del escritorio (0) que si queres se la podes poner a l=
a version desktop (mucho no me convencio)<br><br>(0) <a href=3D"http://www.=">
<br>In this short review, we&#39;ll see what Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) has=
offer. We&#39;re not going to do all of the
        complicated stuff that we normally do, as it&#39;s absolutely=20
identical to stock <a href=3D"

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