Miguel Sajnovsky miguel.sajnovsky at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 5 20:56:19 BST 2009

> By the way, sí esta basado en Ubuntu:
> Linux Mint is one of the surprise packages of the past year.
> Originally launched as a variant of Ubuntu with integrated media
> codecs, it has now developed into one of the most user-friendly
> distributions on the market - complete with a custom desktop and
> menus, several unique configuration tools, a web-based package
> installation interface, and a number of different editions.
> (...)
>    * It is compatible with and uses Ubuntu repositories. This gives
> Linux Mint users access to a huge collection of packages and software.
> De: http://www.linuxmint.com/about.php
> --
> Hernan Olivera
Hernan, lo que Lucas te dice es que Mint no es parte del proyecto Ubuntu,
seria algo asi como que Mint es a Ubuntu, lo que Ubuntu a Debian (no
exactamente, pero cerca)

Miguel Sajnovsky
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