[ubuntu-ar] Ubuntu Global Bug Jam!

Mariano Mara mariano.mara at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 20:12:20 BST 2008

Nos llega esta sugerencia de Jono para organizar un evento presencial 
para solucionar bugs: queda tiempo por delante hasta Agosto pero por ahí 
podríamos considerarlo y ver si da para hacerlo.

Por el momento, la noticia:

Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi all,
> People of the world rejoice for I am delighted to announce our very
> first Ubuntu Global Bug Jam (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam) which
> will take place from Fri 8th August to Sun 10th August 2008.
> So, what is the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam? Well, let me explain. Put simply,
> it is a world-wide online and face-to-face event to get people together
> to fix Ubuntu bugs - we want to get as many people online fixing bugs,
> having a great time doing so, and putting their brick in the wall for
> free software. This is not only a great opportunity to really help
> Ubuntu, but to also get together with other Ubuntu fans to make a
> difference together, either via your LoCo team, your LUG, other free
> software group, or just getting people together in your house/apartment
> to fix bugs and have a great time.
> ...believe me, a collection of Ubuntu geeks, some pizza and some cans of
> something delicious make for a fun time, that's for sure.
> If you are in a LoCo Team, the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam it a great
> opportunity for LoCo Teams (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList) to get
> together and have a physical bug-jam, which in turn becomes a great
> opportunity to drink tea, eat biscuits, and possibly listen to death
> metal if you are so inclined (well, you can ignore the death metal bit).
> To get started there is a Running a Bug Jam guide
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam), which offers some helpful
> advice for getting your jam organised. If you are in a Linux User Group
> why not try and organise a bug jam for your LUG too?
> If you are planning on organising a jam for your group, just follow
> these steps:
>   1. Decide on a venue and dates, and start letting people know about
> where and when the jam is. You might want to post to other local groups
> to let them know so they can attend. Take a read of the Running a Bug
> Jam page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RunningBugJam) to help you get
> started.
>   2. Update the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam page
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam) and add your jam to it. Be sure
> to add any specific applications your local participants are interested
> in in the *Interests* box - we will then try to get upstream specialists
> to the Jam who can help with debugging on IRC.
>   3. Blog about it, post to mailing lists, put flyers up in computer
> shops and other places and otherwise spread the word. :)
>   4. On the day we will post more information about getting involved in
> the jam
> We will be posting more information about  how the global bug jam will
> work closer to the time. :)
> Also, could everyone go and Digg this over at
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Global_Bug_Jam_Announced :)
> Woo! :)
> 	Jono

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